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um. it doesn’t. pretty much no republicans want…invade other countries. most, in fact…

“i don’t know any republicans in the history of ever who believe that anyone’s religion is less than theirs”

  • I don’t even know how to respond to that. I’ll give you a perfect current example: Rick Santorum. The guy’s a nut job. 
  • ALSO: anyone who has ever made a law based on their religious beliefs and not based on moral code. This is putting their religion before all others and even trying to make it into law. We are not a theocracy last I checked.
“we advocate full rights for absolutely everybody”
  • Really? Is that why gay marriage just passed in North Carolina? Oh, wait…

“most democrats don’t realize that the majority of america is not racist”

  • Well, most people are not racist. Or at least do not believe they are. But there is still entirely too much institutional racism. Most (white) people are completely ignorant of it because it’s simply not part of their reality.
“people really overestimate the stupidity of business owners”
  • Eh. Not so much. I believe small business is a great thing, but big businesses… They scare me. And they definitely aren’t stupid. They’re smart. Much too smart. That’s why they can get away with exploitative policies, scam their employees, and make enough profit to funnel money into lobbying for laws that directly benefit them and not people. Big businesses own us.
“many republicans…” “most republicans…”
  • If many or most republicans really are such great people, why do they keep electing extremist, racist, ignorant, intolerant idiots? Why isn’t there equality for everyone? Who are all these people who snarl at the government telling them how to live their lives, yet jump at the chance to tell me exactly how to live my life?
“most democrats are simply uneducated. it’s that simple.”