Imagine jays horrible first attempt to flirt with Carlos. He nonchalantly strides over to Carlos and does that signature Jay smile and he just says “Carlos De Vil, I’m here to steal your heart” and Carlos just blinks and says “Why steal something that you already have” aND JAY JUST DOESNT KNOW HOW TO REACT AND HE MUMBLES “you sly dog”  BUT THEN CARLOS STARES AT HIM LIKE ARE YOU FUCKING SRIOUS GDI JAY DOGS ARE MY TRIGGER

  • Evie *smirks*: So you like Carlos, huh?
  • Jay *nervous laugh*: Carlos??? nah what a nerd, what a— [trips] [hundreds of photos of Carlos de Vil spill out of leather jacket and scatter on the floor] w-what a fuckign loser i swear these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [drops the photos of Carlos again] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen

Okay, I want to address something that people have been talking about, and that’s the characters of “Descendants”. Like not the main four, but the side characters. Like everyone’s like “Cinderella wouldn’t raise a kid like that.” But think about it. The kids haven’t had to do SHIT their whole life. Their parents are queens, Kings, princess, and princes. They aren’t their parents because they haven’t gone through the same things as them. Chad never had to deal with an evil step mother and evil step sisters. Chad never had to do chores day in and day out. Audrey didn’t have to deal with the emotional struggles of growing up without parents. Audrey never had to deal with growing up never knowing who she actually was. Lonnie didn’t have a sick father who couldn’t fight in the war. They’re just like any other spoiled rotten rich kid. That’s why Chad gets everything he wants. Cinderella doesn’t want him going through the same thing she did. That’s why Audrey always puts emphasis on her status, because her mother doesn’t want her to grow up without knowing her identity. If you think about it, how they act isn’t actually wrong. It’s genius.

some more headcanons because i hate myself 

  • carlos getting glasses but being worried that he looks nerdy, despite jay assuring him that he looks cuter than ever 
  • jay being like carlos’ personal trainer and helping him become stronger
  • they normally get distracted and have intense make out sessions on the equipment anyways
  • sometimes carlos has really bad nightmares about his mom. jay usually crawls in bed beside him and wraps carlos up in his arms while he hums soft tunes like “you are my sunshine” and then lets carlos shake and cry into his shirt 
  • carlos gets his ears pierced so be can be more like jay 
  • then jay learns that if he breathes/nibbles on carlos’ ear, he’ll start squirming esp with the earrings in 
  • during practice when taking breaks, carlos somehow always winds up with his arms wrapped around jay, listening to his rapid heartbeat become even quicker when he pulls him closer 
  • jay loves carrying carlos for no reason, so sometimes he just walks over to him and forces him to jump onto his back 
  • carlos really likes jay’s hands like he just can’t get enough of those hands just HANDS 
  • whenever they argue, carlos pulls a chair up and stands on it so he’s taller than jay. it usually makes them laugh too much for either of them to stay mad at the other anyways