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I am done with this whole “Big Four” crossover. It was okay when it was just a fun little thing but now some people are treating it as if it were canon, as if it wasn’t impossible. But really, what gets me the most is that it’s starting to feel like HTTYD isn’t it’s own fandom anymore. I’ve seen people talk about how our fandom has “merged” with Brave, Tangled, and RotG. This is not true! HTTYD is still seperate from those fandoms! We just have a lot of crossover fans.
Breaking The Silence
Terese Fredenwall
Breaking The Silence

I was listening to this song when I suddenly realised that it’s perfect for The Big Four and I just NEED to see a video of it. Would anyone be up for it?

It’s your life, it’s your moment
And they’re holding their breath cause tonight
It’s your time to step into the light
They have kept you for years now
And they’ve told you how you should behave
Now it’s you and your own ways

Breaking the silence, break the chains
Welcome to freedom, to a new day
Where all of the teardrops turn to gold
You’re gonna be all right, so let go

Don’t look down on your feet dear
Don’t start pulling your shirt when you know
It’s your life and it’s beautiful
Who said perfect is pretty?
Who said you’re the mistakes you have made?
Lift your eyes and stand up straight
‘Cause you have no idea how strong you are


That’s a point, which is why in RoB his first girlfriend was a dragon. XD Yet we do know there’s something up, since in Heather Report Astrid was in some ways jealous. They’re on a pet name basis, per GotNF (“milady”). I do take GotNF as evidence over RoB for relationships, too, since in RoB we have all cooties and in GotNF (which takes place canonically before RoB) we have them perfectly comfortable in a long, close hold and a kiss. (the cooties angle is a whole ‘nother mess I see RoB pandering to its Cartoon Network audience). I still see the personality factors acting as friction for Mericcup, though again, that doesn’t make it wholly impossible but for me, less likely.

The Big Four: whom I relate to:

I’m gonna start from least to most.

I relate to Rapunzel the least. Yeah I love to draw and sing as much as she does, and I’m a bit hyperactive like her, but other than that, there’s not much else to relate to, considering I’ve never really been locked up in a tower by a random stranger posing as my “mom,” nor do I have unusually long blonde hair that glows when I sing or that people can climb on.

Next comes Merida. Yeah, the majority of the quarrels I have are usually with my mom, and in the end, we bond like best friends. I’m single, and I intend to keep it that way…for now. I don’t want to be forced to be with someone for unreasonable social matters (even though Merida’s marital issue was political), and what irritates me is when people suggest I go with “this guy” or “the guy who says ‘you should go with me.’” That’s like an arranged marriage waiting to happen. I’ve been cheated on thank you very much. I want to be independent and focus on finishing college and see what the future has in store for me.

By all out appearances, you’d probably expect me to relate to Jack the least, right? Well…no. Actually I relate to Jack a lot because I often felt lonely growing up, and I still do. But I joke around a lot and I love to have fun. As much as I don’t have patience with kids at times, I know some kids that consider me their big sister or favorite cousin because I’m often the one that plays with them and looks out for them when they visit, and I look forward to every minute of it.

And last but definitely not least, the character that I can relate to the most, Hiccup. I click with this kid, I really do. I was often picked around because I was small and autistic. I couldn’t talk to the other kids and it made me more prone to being the target. I know I took karate when I was younger, but I’m not strong and like I’d ever want to harm a fly. I have my share of being clumsy, I’m socially awkward, a bit shy on some levels, I’m underestimated at times but I’m also sassy as fuck, I draw a lot of ideas, I love to learn new things and take the time to study them out, even if it takes me forever to observe, I’ll still do it. My dog is like Toothless in many ways, it’s too funny for words. Physically and mentally, I relate to Hiccup TEN TIMES MORE THAN ANY OTHER CHARACTER, even in the movie and the books, I’ll still relate to him, even to this day.

tarch-7-deactivated20140223  asked:

I've been thinking... Disney's Frozen is coming soon, and I've seen there's quite some interest in it on Tumblr. Would that mean birth of the "Big Five"? Like... Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons? :D

Ah these fandom things, who can predict them really. We’ll have to see what clicks with people once the movie’s out. It’s hard to infiltrate the Big Four with anything new, because that’s what was special about the Big Four. They were the first, and who knows if adding new people would click with the dynamic many imagine in that group as it is.

But I’d LOVE to see the Snow Queen interact with Jack Frost, because snow, ice, come on!!

anonymous asked:

Why are you reblogging so much Mericcup? Dont you hate the ship?

Ah my dear anon! Thanks for asking. Interestingly, I also don’t like hijack (it’s my NOTP) but I’ll still reblog a quality, respectable gifset or edit which has both Hiccup and Jack Frost.

I never said I “hated” Mericcup, unless I’m mistaken, but I don’t really hate it as much as I viciously dislike the Mericcup shippers who war with the Hiccstrid shippers, and vice-versa, or take Astrid out of character to make room for Merida. It’s all about the OOCness of the relationship or the way RotBTD handles them.

Yes, I don’t believe Hiccup would leave Astrid for Merida (he’s a loyal person and she was his first crush he’s always longed for), but AvannaK pointed me in some direction about their characters in general, on how it could be possible. I’m more of the opinion that Hiccup, as a quiet thinker and introvert, would not be able to handle the very spirited extroverted nature of Merida. Astrid shares Hiccup’s introverted, quiet nature.