NATO Soldiers, Serbs Injured In Kosovo Violence

Four NATO peacekeepers and six Serb protesters were reportedly injured when violence erupted at a disputed crossing point between Serbia and Kosovo.

Witnesses said NATO peacekeeping troops (KFOR) fired teargas and rubber bullets to disperse a crowd rallying against the removal of a Serb-held barricade from the Jarinje border post linking Kosovo’s north with Serbia.

A KFOR spokesman, Kai Gudenoge, said four peacekeepers were wounded by a pipe bomb during the clashes, one of them badly.

Meanwhile, a medical official in nearby Kosovska Mitrovica told local media that six Serb protestors who clashed with KFOR at the Jarinje border post were seriously injured by gunfire.

KFOR said its forces had responded with rubber bullets after Kosovo Serbs fired at the border checkpoint. (via Radio Free Europe)

Konuzin Ante Portas
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Ambassador Konuzin is at it again. Twenty seven trucks of Russian humanitarian aid to Kosovo Serbs are being held up by EULEX at the Jarinje checkpoint. This convoy is led by Ambassador Konuzin and he claims that as the Russian diplomatic representative to Serbia, his jurisdiction include the province of Kosovo and Metohija. EULEX requested to escort the convoy to Kosovska Mitrovica, which Konuzin refused. Serbs in Mitrovica, in turn, blocked the path of a convoy of EULEX SUVs heading north towards Jarinje to purportedly serve as the escort. Thus, an impasse was created, a stalemate to be resolved at the highest level, between Moscow and Brussels.

Without going into who’s right – read the related posts – I want to talk about the surrounding effects of this Russian move. To be clear, Aleksandr Konuzin has a boss, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who in turn is an underling of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Konuzin is not acting on his own, but following orders. Kosovo Serbs brought Russian attention onto their plight by submitting 22,000 Russian citizenship requests, a seemingly desperate move that resulted from the feeling of abandonment by official Belgrade.

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