These were actually sitting in my folder for a bit, I decided to clean up the sketches. I don’t know if I’ll ever color these since there’s other stuff I rather and need to work on. I figured to show these though to show and prove Jarida is still in my heart, they are still my otp, and I’ll never forget where I came from with them. Maybe someday I’ll color these, or just work on a whole new piece for them, but only time will tell. ^^. 


I feel so happy to have inspiration enough to color (somewhat) xD. This idea came to me the other night of the big four as kids (I can’t help but to love them as kids D:)and doing a sort of “story time” or “pretend” skit. Jack and Merida sort of fought for the “knight’s” role, you can guess who won and who lost ;). 


J: Wait, Merida! I wasn’t being… Way to go, Jack. Maybe someday you’ll be less of a screw up. At least you’re right about one thing. You are never going to be good enough to deserve her.


Jarida Week- Day 3 [Sacrifice]

“The snow can’t hurt me now”
“I’m here”
“That’s all I need to know”

Merida gets hit by a snowball, and Jack weeps at the loss of his teammate…and at the fact that a guardian with ice powers and a skilled archer are no match for Rapunzel and Hiccup. 

Was supposed to be a sad Les Mis inspired fanart, but I thought I’d shed a little humour.


You know, the worst thing in cohabitation is a common bathroom. And Jack Frost as a neighbor. He does not respect other people’s personal space, eating someone else’s foods from the fridge and turns the music on at full volume.
And when Jack gets stuck in the bathroom for a couple of hours, it is twice as bad.

Housemates!AU (master post with links)