for the fist time in a long time it was cold in the small town that was born on a land of love and peace but some people who lived among the town did not see it in that way. rovers, rapists, druggies, and killers. the town was full of sin and regret as men come home drunk to there wives and children, or he goes to a bank and attempts to rob it. 

even though the people of the town where happy, because they never went threw any of that stuff, as a wife, child, or husband. out of all those people there was one boy who went threw all the pain till he could take it no longer, he had taken risks and lost those who where closer to him…but on this cold day, he steps out of hiding hopefully to find someone to be at his side, or at least not kill him.

jarico slowly stepped out of what looked to be two peices of wood stood up on each other with some leaves and blankets over top to provied heat for him as he slept, and lived all the time; at the edge of the town, in the woods…where no one could hurt him. sadly jarico ran out of food and had to make a trip into the town, and to the market the most dangerous place he could possibly go; yet he wrapped his scarf around his small neck and began his trip.  

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