So I just thought of something. An angel can enter a vessel as long as they give permission, and may reside in said vessel however long they want and whenever they want until the vessel no longer grants permission and casts the angel out.

Sam never cast Lucifer out.

Sam never told Lucifer to get out of his body.

Lucifer still has permission to enter Sam’s body.

5SOS Preference : He's Alone With The Baby

(It was heavily requested forever ago after i wrote my 1D one, sorry for the long wait, but here it finally is)

Ashton: He brought the bouncy seat with him into the band practice room in your house and found some soundproof headphones, placing them around his son’s tiny head. “There, now i can practice my drums while watching you and mommy can’t complain that i’m doing neither.” Your son just started talking baby jargin and Ashton sighed. “If you could speak, i’d swear you just told me that you were going to tell your mom on me.” Your son stopped laughing after Ashton said that and his eyes perked up. “Oh, you’re a mommy’s boy for sure. How about i let you play drums even though you’re only a month old? Huh, how about that?” Your son started to laugh and Ashton took him out of the bouncy seat and onto his lap. “Here’s a drumstick, you hit it here on the drums.” And the drum lessons had begun. “Don’t tell your mother.” he warned and the boy just giggled on his daddy’s lap.

Calum: “Crawl!” Calum yelled out playfully while laying in front of his son, his chest on the ground patting the ground in front of him where his son just stared at him while eating some cookies. “Come on, please do it, mommy said you did it for her, and i just wanna see it, please?” he was now begging and sounded pathetic and he knew it. “I never beg for anyone, okay maybe i beg for your mother, but she teases like no tomorrow and what the hell am i doing telling my seven month old son this?” Calum sat up and had a mini staring contest with his son. “You’ll crawl for mommy but not for me? What did i ever do to you?” Your son had enough and leaned forward into the crawling position and crawled the short distance to Calum. Once Calum took him in his arms, he smiled at his son. “I think you only did that to get me to shut up, but i don’t care, it worked! You crawled!”

Michael: “Hey!” he shouted hiding behind the island in the kitchen. Your guys’ 10 month old daughter sat in the highchair throwing food at her father for the past 10 minutes. “No baby girl, no!” he shouted again, ducking behind the island as she just chucked some applesauce towards him. Coming back up to see if it was safe he saw that she was out of food. “Haha, now you can’t throw food! What are you going to do now?” he teasingly taunted his baby girl who began to cry with the lack of food on her little tray. Michael’s slight smirk faded like a flash of lightning and he sprinted the short distance to your daughter in a panic, quickly pulling her out of her seat and patting her back. “No no baby girl, please don’t cry, daddy didn’t mean to yell at you. You didn’t do anything wrong besides mess the kitchen up and get daddy all dirty, but it’ll be okay.” her tears didn’t stop. “Where’s your mother, she’s going to kill me when she gets home!”

Luke: The 8 week old baby laid on the changing table, staring up at her father with her teething ring in her mouth, her dirty diaper still clinging to her body. Luke groaned as he poked at it trying to undo it that way. When he realized that wasn’t working he sucked in a breath, plugged his nose and outstretched his hands to undo the dirty diaper. His baby girl only stared at him, not making any noise, clearly taking amusement with her daddy’s reaction to changing her diaper. Taking the diaper off, Luke dumped it in the trashcan and groaned when he saw the mess that was left on his daughter. “God help me.” he muttered and grabbed the wipes, cleaning her up. Throwing the wipes away he put a fresh clean diaper on her and let out a relieving breath. “Oh thank god that’s done.” the baby girl resting against his chest let out a whimper then he felt something in his right hand. Staring down at his daughter with one tear in his eye, he groaned and turned around. “You’re so lucky i love you baby girl.”

(Okay i loved these haha)