Another one, what are you doing me? There’s suppose to be another one that follows after this but I’ll post it up later. If the story confuses you, Sinbad and Jafar got their bodies switched.

hahaha….It’s even messier then the other one, and damn tumblr making me have to crop. >8T

I’m really starting to like this damn group of misfits.

So stoked for my boy @booboostewart who plays Jay Jarfar from Aladdin’s son on the new movie #DISNEYDESCENDANTS i interviewed him about this movie a couple months ago hence the pictures. This is the biggest movie to ever come out by Disney. The trailer has over 1 m views in 1-2 weeks on You Tube! Who’s not going to want to see a movie about Disney villans kids! Its good to see your freinds grow…. #Disney #EZWAY
Ill be posting the green screen interview on Youtube.com/ezwaytv very soon!