jareth doll

This is something you don’t get everyday - a new Labyrinth picture! This scan was kindly provided by Tink, so mega kudos to her! It’s a scan from the Labyrinth songbook.

While we’re on the subject of this image, does anyone else think that baby isn’t Toby Froud? It looks a completely different baby? Maybe this was the stunt baby?

Jade Cooper has very helpfully pointed out that the Inside the Labyrinth doc shows that they used at least two babies to ‘play’ Toby on the set, probably to circumvent child labour laws (I was speaking in jest when I referred to the baby as a 'stunt double’ btw - the actual 'stunt double’ was quite clearly a doll!)

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Just letting my fellow Bowie/Labyrinth fans know that there’s an alternate version of the Jareth Funko Pop doll with the feathered costume from the end of the film and holding the crystal ball. It’s a Hot Topic Exclusive and it *is* currently on store shelves (The regular version doesn’t seem to be released yet?). Just letting you know because I had no idea and found out by accident thanks to a helpful store clerk who pointed me to it.