As you may of just heard, Phi Phi has made the decision to not attend the Drag Race reunion show, and I completely understand why. The way the show has treated her is disgusting and unfair.

From the very beginning of this season, the producers have continuously tried to manipulate everything that concerns Phi Phi to make her look bad, and no point did they consider that by giving Phi Phi this edit, and manipulating every situation the way they have, how this would effect her personally, or effect Phi Phi’s career. All they want is a villain, and there is NOT a villainous bone inside Phi Phi.

My biggest fear from the second I found out Phi Phi was confirmed to be on All Stars 2, was that the producers would do exactly what they did on Season 4 and treat her completely unfairly, and that is what has happened. They twist constructive criticism into ‘mind games’ and a ‘game-plan’. They completely dismiss Phi Phi’s progress and art, and try and show her as the ‘bitch’ (I use that term loosely.) that the audience saw her as on Season 4.

As I’m sure we all know, Phi Phi is my favourite drag queen, and one of my favourite people ever. I have endless love and respect for her, and I care about her so much, and I hope that Phi Phi is seeing the love I, and many others, send her. Though I know sometimes it’s difficult to see the love amongst so much hate.

I hate to think how much this must be hurting Phi Phi. To see how desperate people are to portray such a good person, as such a bad person, shatters my heart, and I can imagine it hurts her too. 

I just want Jaremi/Phi Phi to be happy. After seeing such a huge outpour of love, turn to such a huge wave of negativity due to the show, I am heartbroken. This show clearly does not have Phi Phi’s best interests at heart. She was promised a redemption, and they have not provided that, and it’s so fucked up.

This is a person who deserves the absolute best, and bundles of love and respect, but that get’s treated so badly on social media and by producers and editors. So, so sad.

I love you, Phi Phi. Always.