In Ten Years’ Time (Shalaska) - jazz

Summary: In which Sharon and Alaska attend their ten-year high school reunion together.

A/N: Showing the judges versatility by writing a lesbian AU and by trying out present tense! This fic goes out to my loves, Alaska del Needles & Dottie, and to @alaskasthighs for the inspiration. ~5k words.  

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•  Addam Tyrell is the oldest son of the Lord of Highgarden and heir to the house. He’s a skilled swordsman and excels at riding, hunting, and jousting, but he also takes interest in the aesthetically inclined arts. He’s a talented musician who prefers to play the harp and sing to sparring, but that is something he keeps secret, knowing his father wouldn’t approve.

•  His father is a cruel, hard man who is harsh towards Addam and wants him to be the perfect son he’s dreamed up in his head. There was an incident with a kitchen boy when he was 16 that led to his father beating him. Addam made sure never to show interest in another man again. His father, in defiance, starts looking for a potential wife for his son to marry. Somehow the ladies never seem to be maidens when they leave the castle.

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