Sam and Dean were back on the road and on their way to another town, after they finished a hunt on a pure blood werewolf. Dean was tensed up and instead of focusing on the road he was looking at his brother all the time.
“You okay, Dean?”
Now Dean pulled up and parked the Impala on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Sam looked at him confused at first, but when his brother lifted his body up, his hips rocking in the air, then rolling onto Sam’s lap his legs wide apart, wrapped around Sam’s waist, his eyes full of lust, Sam smiled darkly.
“Ugh Sam, I need you, I need you right now babe,” Dean said, breathing heavily, his hips now rocking at his brother’s. Dean kissed him roughly and never stopped fucking onto his little brother.
“I guess you couldn’t wait untill we get into a motel, huh Dean?” Sam laughed, as his hand was slipping down Dean’s back and another one already unzipping his jeans. Dean moaned as Sam pressed onto his crotch, wanting more of his little brother. Sam pulled down his jeans and finally boxers, Dean’s dick already hard as Sam wrapped his fingers around him, squeezing gently and sliding his fingers up and down slowly. Dean unzipped Sam’s pants. He was in a too big need of his little brother inside him. He pulled all of Sam’s clothes off him, Sam’s cock getting harder as their dicks touched, Dean ridding him, kissing his neck and moaning as Sam rubbed their dicks together. Sam’s hand on Dean’s back slipped onto his older brother’s ass, squeezing it and preparing his ass hole for his hard dick. As Sam was still rubbing their dicks, Dean moaned he was close
“Sam, I need you, babe, I need you in me! Now!”
Dean turned around, Sam helping him, with his hands on Dean’s waist now. Dean finally sat onto Sam’s hard cock, Sam’s hips rocking into his older brother, both of them moaning in pleasure as they came at the same time, breathing heavily.
“I love you, Sammy.”
“I love you too, Dean.”

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