what you have to do
  • you must be following the booty lover
  • you must reblog this post
  • likes dont count, you can like to bookmark though
  • all asks must be open
what im looking for
  • mostly supernatural blogs but multifandom is okay
  • and you gotta post/love jared and especially adore his booty
  • if you make edits and such that’s a bonus but is not required
  • a hella rad theme and a cute tagging system
  • pretty padabooty loving peoples (◕‿◕✿)
what you'll get if you're accepted
  • a place on the padabooty network’s wall of fame!
  • promos when you want! 
  • and my ever lasting friendship! 
  • as well as all of your fellow members love and adoration!
if you get accepted
  • i’ll message you as soon as i start accepting members
  • but i’ll need a short description and an icon (preferably of jared and maybe his booty)
other information
  • this network post needs to get atleast 35 notes before members are picked!
  • so, other than that, have fun and start reblogging!

         Ladies and gentlemen,may I present you our very first Tumblr Awards.Credits go to Zuzia for this amazing graphic.

The basics:

  • Must be following Cas and Dean
  • Reblog this post(you can like to bookmark, but it won’t count as an entry)
  • Must have a good amount of supernatural on your blog
  • One winner per category
  • Runner ups depending on the notes 


  • Best URL
  • Best theme
  • Best icon
  • Best updates tab
  • Best creations
  • Nicest blogger
  • Best Up&Coming blog (must have 500 followers or less to enter this category)
  • Best multifandom
  • Zuzia’s favorite
  • Andreea’s favorite

Winners get:

  • A follow from both of us(if not already)
  • A spot on our updates tab for 2 months
  • 3 promos from both of us whenever you want
  • Promo when winners will be announced 

Runner ups get:

  • A follow from both of us(if not already)
  • 2 promos whenever you want
  • Promo when runner ups will be announced

If you have less than 500 followers please let me know,just send me a message ! If you have any other questions please ask u s. :)

Well hello my little ducklings and welcome to my first ever botm can i hear a HELLS YEAH AYAYAY nwn

r u l e s:

  • must be following me ofc
  • reblog to enter
  • likes are fine for bookmark but will not count as an entry
  • must reach 30 notes or i’ll cry like a baby

w h a t   i   a m   l o o k i n g   f o r:

  • fandom blogs
  • can be multifandom bc is hella fine
  • a rad blogger
  • nice theme
  • great posts
  • amazing url
  • tagging system is cool but not obligatory

w i n n e r   g e t s:

  • a place in my updates tab for August
  • 4 promos throughout August
  • whenever i do blog rates or promos i’ll include you
  • promo when announced
  • you can request a gifset if you want
  • my help with anything (polls,html,editing,photoshop,reblogging selfies and so on)

r u n n e r   u p s   g e t:

  • a spot in my updates tab for August
  • 2 promos throughout August
  • promo when announced
  • my help with anything (polls,html,editing,photoshop,reblogging selfies and so on)

m o r e   i n f o:

  • ends june 23th
  • winner and runner-ups will be announced on june 24th
  • there will be 3 runner-ups
  • if you have any questions ask me

that’s it sweethearts ,reblog away  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Do you guys just love Jared and everything about him, especially his sexy beautiful arms? Then this is a network for you! ♥

(the beautiful edit was made by Maria! ♥)


must be following Maria & Jasna 

• reblog this post, likes don’t count as entries (; 

• must love Jared to the moon and back! ♥

• must reach at least 30 notes

• we’ll choose the first 5-8 members when it reaches enough notes :)

• most important rule: have fun! ♥


if you get accepted, we’ll message you with further information

• if you’d like to be in the chat, you’ll have to be comfortable with giving us your emails (: 

• you’ll have to submit us an icon and a description and you will be added to the network page (we’re still making it but we’ll send you the link) ♥ 

• track the tag #jaredsarmsnetwork :3

 no need to follow your network buddies, butat least check out the other members’ blogs? (: 

• you’ll get new friends in the network who are hella rad yeaaaahhh! ♥

• that’s it loves, reblog! (;