Bonds & Roadtrip | Jared & Baelfire

Covaire was two hours behind them. It felt fucking surreal to Baelfire, but he was more preoccupied by the phone call he was about to do. They had left right before the sun had came up, just to avoid being seen by too many people. Jared had drove for a while before they had found a store to by a burner phone. They were in the parking lot as Baelfire dial a number. He knew Jared would hear the conversation, so he didn’t put it on speakerphone.

Welcome to Duke and associate. If you know the extension number you are trying to reach, please dial it now.” said a feminine voice.

He pressed a series of numbers, gazing up at Jared and smiling, cause he knew the man would be confused. His alpha may have been a peaceful man, but he wasn’t one to answer to people at random. This was a way for his pack to reach him from anywhere and for him to know who was calling– the extension number was pretty much Baelfire saying it was him on the line. The phone picked up and his heart almost stopped at the sound of his slightly panicked alpha’s voice.

Baelfire! Son, are thou alright? What happened to thou?

“I’m okay… But I don’t have much time… I– we need to see you alpha, it’s really important…” he replied voice shaking.

Is the sun watching over thou? Are thou in the moon’s company?” he asked. But what he meant was if they were followed and if the person with him was a friend.

“I can’t be sure and yeah, the moon is with me all the time.”

The alpha sighed on the other side. “We will meet in Arizona, in the Mojave desert, I will send the coordinate to thou and thou can text me back how long it will take thou to get there. Be careful son.” he hung up.

Baelfire wasn’t offended, he just knew his alpha wouldn’t talk much in case someone else could listen in from around them. He was texted the location– about 30 hours from here and he texted back the time, then closed the phone. He turned back to Jared, heart drilling in his chest, this was really going to happen. “I guess this is when I tell you I don’t have a driver’s license and I don’t know how to drive?”