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Jared on stage - Perfect Vodka Amphitheater, West Palm, Florida, 20-05-2017

Credits to lisa.e.berry on instagram


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Jared on stage - Ascend Amphitheater, Nashville, 03-06-2017 

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Jared arriving and leaving the Gucci Cruise 2018 Fashion Show - Florence, Italy, 29-05-2017

Credits to Maura Santacrøce on instagram


On a far more serious note….

How insaaaanely pretty did he look in that Saratov Dangerous Flying Conditions apology video?

Answer: like, sooo pretty.

p.s. I feel like he must still wake up, groggy-minded, perhaps still on SoCal time, despite Toronto-ing and Parsisianing-shit-up — these long days in Russia, longer nights even — and look in the mirror and forget who he is.

He must just live every day in continuous shock.