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Aww, Jared Jeffries shut down Stephen A Smith when he was defending Jeremy on ESPN radio today. What a good big brother!

Sorry late reply. But still….Dáwww…… *cue big kid hug big bro* 

Another heartwarming bit which Jared said. Glad they have each other’s backs.

This was essentially Jeremy Lin’s rookie year and he worked into a successful rookie year, he had an unfortunate injury. Next year, he can pick off where he left off. He can work his way to a comfort level. … There are a lot of what if’s in the world, but with Steve Nash, I don’t feel like is going to come somewhere for the veteran’s minimum. I have in full confidence in Jeremy [being the leader for this team] because a guy that plays as hard as he does, understands the game the way he does, you can’t help but follow his example and he’s going to help your team.”

On whether or not Lin should’ve played in the playoffs: “If you go out there as a basketball player in the playoffs – and I’m sure we all agree that the playoffs is a higher level of basketball; it is the highest level of basketball in the NBA consistently – and to go out there at 85 percent isn’t fair after not playing for a large portion at the end of the season. Even him going out there, it doesn’t give us the kind of edge we needed to get over the hump.


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I know it's completely irrelevant because you only like Lin and Fileds but do you know if Jared Jeffries will be staying to the Knicks because Zwerling tweeted this "Also an interior scorer/rebounder. Jeffries will help but #Knicks could get younger down low. That's where trade could happen. TD, Jordan?" I want Jeremy's big brother to stay in the team :(

Hey, I DO TOO love Jared Jeffries cos he’s Lin & Field’s Big bro yo! ;D

In an ideal world (mine), i’m hoping they’ll keep everyone currently on the Knicks and allow them a full season to try and work things out together. Alas…ideality is just an illusion. Anyways, nothing’s confirmed for sure at this point on who’s staying or going and it’s all just speculations and assumptions until July 11th. So instead of worrying over loose sand, let’s just wait till everything’s cemented before we waste our tears. ;) And I totally have no idea what I’ve just said.