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can i get kleinsen hcs? youre hcs are beautiful thanks for putting time into them i really enjoy them! happy pride month!


  • Jared totally drags Evan to their first pride and Jared goes H.A.M 
  • He’s fully painted his body rainbow colors and wants Evan to do the same and Evan is a nervous wreck
  • He manages to wear his regular blue shirt and if anyone asks where his pride is he has a tiny flag he waves
  • Evan gets antsy in the crowd for a bit, specially after Jared starts getting lots of positive attention from pride goers
  • There is one guy who points out Jared and calls him a bad name from the sidelines, unaware that the undressed Evan is with Jared
  • Jared is too busy having a good time to hear and Evan wants to say something…
  • He decides love answers everything (literally) and goes over to Jared and kisses him in the middle of pride
  • By the end of pride they are exhausted, and Evan’s shirt has most of Jared’s body paint stained on him. He’s got rainbow kisses
  • Its a good day
dear evan hansen + instrument headcanons


  • evan tried to play clarinet in the beginning of his freshman year of high school
  • he went through a phase where he really liked the sound and found it really calming
  • but the first time he performed at the winter concert, he burst into tears halfway through the second song because he was getting so nervous about the crowd that his fingers kept locking and he played all of the wrong notes
  • heidi returned it after one week’s worth of “you can get better at it evan!!!” that didn’t seem to work
  • (he also tried to play xylophone and the wind chimes in middle school too, but… he always missed the right notes)


  • connor plays guitar and drums
  • or, he used to. he doesn’t do it much anymore because of everything that’s going on in his life but he did
  • when he was a child, he wanted to learn electric guitar solely so he could get one with flames on it
  • larry never got it for him, even though connor asked it for 3 christmasses straight, but he did eventually get an acoustic - and he worshipped it. it was beautiful dark brown, with such nice strings…
  • it sits unattended in his room now, although occasionally he catches himself admiring it


  • alana plays first flute in marching band, concert band, and plays second jazz flute in jazz band
  • and she adores it.
  • like, she’s named her flute (Petunia), decorated the case, started a blog about it in various places when she goes on band trips….
  • she even got the normal, silver lip plate replaced with a golden lip plate, which took…. quite a bit of money…
  • she used to take piano and violin lessons when she was younger, and she still dabbles in the violin when she needs to, but she dropped piano a few weeks after starting
  • (she always wanted to learn how to play the cello, too. she’s considering lessons)


  • jared learned how to play saxophone purely to play careless whisper (not only because it’s a hilarious meme, but also because he genuinely likes the song)
  • and it turns out he’s… really good at it???
  • his fingers are used to moving fast because of all the computer-ing he does, so learning the fingerings for notes was rather easy
  • and then he was just… good
  • he doesnt play it in the school band, of course, because that’d be lame, but he’s part of a four-man saxophone group outside of school with 50 year old men where he is the star
  • he gets to play all the solos. especially careless whisper
Blue Hair

So I guess this is a songfic for a song called Blue Hair by Joe Iconis. If enough people like it then I might write about Evan’s reaction.


            I walk down the narrow aisles at Sally Beauty. I grabbed a bottle of Ion “aqua” hair dye and a bowl and a brush thing.I purchased it and walked out. When I got home I double checked that my mom would not be coming home until later, I did not need her trying to stop me. I took out the bleach powder and poured it into the mixing bowl.Oh God that, that smells like a dirty cat box. I put on the rubber gloves and started to rub the disgusting bleach mixture into my hair. I can just imagine what the response will be from Chris (my step dad), he’ll make a snotty face and I’ll say; “You’re not my dad”. Whatever not like I care what he or mom thinks, they don’t even care about what I really want. “Ow, fucking shit!’ The bleach is making my scalp itch and burn.It will all be worth it, I remind myself. It will be all be worth it to see Evan’s face. No, I’m not one of those boys who does things for guys, screw their compliments I know they’re all lies. I’m dying my hair blue because I want blue hair… But, honestly part of the reason is that people with dyed hair tend to get compliments and if I can up the amount of those maybe I won’t feel so bad about myself. Another part (the biggest part) is that I think that blue hair looks cool and I’m young, now is as good a time as any. And finally, I know that Evan has an affinity for the color blue, he rambles about it half the time and it’s the cutest thing ever. I sit there in extreme pain for twenty minutes while I hit my hands against the counter to keep my mind off the pain. When the alarm on my phone goes off I vigorously wash the mixture from my scalp. “I’m free,” I think. Now time for the actual blue, there’s no going back now. I squeeze the tube and start the process again. The blue dye smells significantly better than the bleach. I put a shower cap on my head and look in the mirror. I start laughing because I look like an ugly fifty-year-old lady (not that I don’t look like that most of the time) I stop laughing. I pull out my phone and see I have a missing text from Evan.

Evan: I’m sorry that I didn’t have the review.

Jared: No problem I cheated off of Alana.


Jared: Calm your tits Hansen it was just a joke.

Jared: Are you going to be at school tomorrow?

Evan: Yeah, why?

Jared: Uh no reason in particular.

If I’m trying to impress him maybe I should be nice to him, just this once.

Jared: Just wanted to make sure that you were okay and nothing was wrong.

Oh my god, I did it. He hasn’t answered and it’s been one minute. Two minutes, three minutes.

Evan: Oh that’s nice. Thank you.

Jared: Well I’ll see you tomorrow.

It’s now been an hour and I think it’s safe to wash the hair dye out. I take a look in the mirror. I gasp. It’s still wet so it’s messy and a bit dark and it kind of feels like hay but it looks kind of cool. I move it around and try to style it. I smile it looks nice. I’m not the coolest but my hair is.


This video features the epic J2 afternoon panel at SPN Jacksonville. This panel ranks in my top 5 all-time favorite J2 panels. Lots of flirting, innuendo and touching.

Highlights include:

Sweaty Jared

Jared puts on a show with a bath towel that leads to him removing his belt and giving it to Jensen.

Jared asking Jensen if he will be his Christian Gray.

Sam and Dean’s version of heaven.

Jared whispering “taste the rainbow” to Jensen and sweet nothings stay between us.

The “Tiny Dancer” story.

The Season 4 song and Jared’s reaction when Jensen starts singing.  You can tell how much Jared loves to hear him sing.

Accidents Don't Just Happen Accidentally

Imagine: You’re an actress on set of Supernatural and your character has a love interest with one of the Winchesters (alternate endings).

Single!Jensen and Single!Jared because I don’t have the heart to write it any other way!

Accidents Don’t Just Happen Accidentally Series

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