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trans community is mad because apparently to them a “trans” person should’ve played the role lol

Well I mean I could understand that. its like how you’d want a black person to play a black role, or a man to play mans role, or a woman to play a woman, But It’s also acting, and I personally have never seen the movie he was in so i can not give my opinion on his performance, but he obviously did a very good job in said role since he got an academy award for it. 

while, yes, it would have been way better to have someone who is in fact trans, play the character, the fact that a movie involving a trans character at all even if played by a cis white man is amazing and to see it get this much attention is a good thing. Let’s take the small victories we can get. 

plus, Jared thanked all the trans women who helped him get into character and said that he is a supporter of anyone who has been treated like shit for who they are I do not know his exact words on that in his speech 

so in my opinion his award is a small win

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I accidently noticed your answer in the previous post and I just wanted to clear the mess up. He never ever got in relationships with anyone under 20. His only relationships were with about 5 women in his whole life, and about the rape thing - the story is made up. There's actually no other source at all to argument the story, and the person who spread it around deleted her Tumblr months ago. So please do not believe this whole bullshit stories that people have.

Well i hope it’s not true. Since there’s no solid evidence to prove or disprove i’m trying to stay tentative

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You really shouldn't believe everything you read, the so called story itself was posted 4 years ago, maybe even earlier, and it's from the gossip forum haha. So really, do not believe everything you read because I believe calling him such bad names is an insult to us and to him because he actually reads what people say about him. It's not surprising at all, now that he has got more recognition, people are bringing back all the gossip stories. Eh.

Hmm. I’m torn. Like I def don’t want to spread false information but I also don’t wanna be duped if this shit is true. i’ll just stay neutral for now since i really don’t know + gossip can be harmful, especially if there’s really no credible sources as you’re saying. Well thanks much for the input on this.