“What’s the difference between love and devotion professor ?" 

"Well…you can love many people but devotion is too deep and too strong to be shared. It is when the world is falling apart all around you and people think you’re drowning in the darkness because they don’t see it.  His soul shining so bright that you are blind for everything but him. Your soul finds comfort only in his light and your body’s only purpose is to make sure it never fades. It’s almost…religious , extraordinary. You smile when you should be crying." 


We relate to the fans. Jensen and I are pretty casual guys, we’re pretty laid back, we’re Texas boys. He and I are just like ‘People are people!’ Not to say that people on other shows don’t know that, but I’ve been to conventions where there are people from other TV shows where there’s a distinct air of ‘I am the actor, and you are the fan, and I will use the royal ‘we’ when I address you.’ And it’s just like, f*** you, who do you think you are? These situations could be switched. Jensen and I get that. We know what it’s like to be a fan. —Jared Padalecki


“You know, Sammy is a chubby 12 year old. It’s Sam, okay”


Sign the Card

Hey everyone!

Jared is going through something right and while we don’t know what he has asked us to send our love. So I set up a groupcard for all of us to sign. All you have to do is click the link and from there you can add your own messages and pics. I plan to get the card physically to him somehow 


What if …your greatest dream and your worst nightmare was the same person ? What if the first and last word that you ever said was his name?

Always on your lips , you whisper it , you scream it ,  knowing once he answers, your world will be whole again and everything will be okay. But what if he doesnt answer you anymore ?


“Same circumstances”…this isnt about Sam not wanting to save Dean , it’s absurd. It’s all about choices/free will and the way they love equally each other. Dean’s love for Sam is consuming and beautifully selfish , he needs Sam like he needs air , he lives for him and him only.

Sam’s love for Dean is more hidden and selfless , he would put Dean’s choices before him  even if it means being miserable or/and killing himself. 

They are both the embodiement of two powerful and extreme kinds of love , no middleground for the Winchesters codependancy.