“Same circumstances”…this isnt about Sam not wanting to save Dean , it’s absurd. It’s all about choices/free will and the way they love equally each other. Dean’s love for Sam is consuming and beautifully selfish , he needs Sam like he needs air , he lives for him and him only.

Sam’s love for Dean is more hidden and selfless , he would put Dean’s choices before him  even if it means being miserable or/and killing himself. 

They are both the embodiement of two powerful and extreme kinds of love , no middleground for the Winchesters codependancy.


Title: The Execution of the Last Steal [AO3]
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Thief!Jensen, Hacker!Jared, Protective!Jensen, BAMF!Jared, BAMF!Jensen, Jealous!Jensen, Friends To Lovers, Pretended Couple (between the Js), Mild Violence, Top!Jensen, Bottom!Jared, Happy Ending
Word Count: 97k
Summary: Anyone who meets Jared Padalecki would think he has the perfect life: a college degree, a normal life and an apparently perfect fiancé, Stephen Amell, the son of a Senator with a bright future. Except for one thing: it’s all based on a lie. Five years ago, he created a new identity for himself to cut all ties to his criminal past and ex-boyfriend Jensen Ackles, a world-renowned thief.

But Jared can’t run forever. A threat from his past comes back looking for him and the only person who can help him is the man he thought he left behind forever, the only person Jared’s never been able to forget.

Incredibly charming and just as cocky, Jensen Ackles is a thief that is too good at his job for his own good, who would do anything to protect Jared now that his life is in danger. Years have gone by, but he has never been able to forget Jared either.

And perhaps now that they are forced to escape together, Jensen might be able to do what he’s best at: steal Jared’s heart one last time and win back the only person Jensen has ever loved.


“What’s the difference between love and devotion professor ?" 

"Well…you can love many people but devotion is too deep and too strong to be shared. It is when the world is falling apart all around you and people think you’re drowning in the darkness because they don’t see it.  His soul shining so bright that you are blind for everything but him. Your soul finds comfort only in his light and your body’s only purpose is to make sure it never fades. It’s almost…religious , extraordinary. You smile when you should be crying." 


Like with my photo op with Jared, I loved when I got close enough in line to see him interact with other fans. He’s so sincere and attentive, and it was lovely to watch him try to have a special moment with each person in line. 

When it was my turn, I handed the Creation employee my picture and she passed it to Jared. When he saw it he laughed so loud and uninhibited I was taken aback a bit. I’m pretty sure I’m never going to forget that sound. Then he took a few seconds to really look at it. It’s a bit hard to tell from the scan, but all but one of the pictures is pretty big so I think he was reading the tweets and the little stamps I’d added. Then he looked up at me smiling and said, “This is awesome!” I watched his hands as he signed it (guh) and then I gave him The Sam Girl’s Guide to Sam Winchester and did my best to explain what it was before walking away. I got so nervous as I was telling him about the booklet that so many other things I wanted to say slipped my mind. In particular, I wanted to apologize for being an unsocialized dolt during my photo op and thank him for being so patient with me. I also really wanted to tell him how happy I was that we saw Gen and that I hope she got to see how much we really love her. (The cheering when she came on stage during Jared and Jensen’s panel felt longer and louder than when even the boys first walked out, and I was really happy about that.)

He doesn’t even go here!

Jensen’s autograph table was across the room from Jared’s, with them facing away from each other. When I got close enough in line to see the boys, I spent the time soaking up the view of Jared’s head and back (through the throng of six Creation employees circling him, that is). When I got to the point in line (which went straight, then turned in a U so you could get your autograph, and then walk straight out without running into anyone) where I was directly behind the person getting their autograph, I was still gazing at Jared like a weirdo. After Jensen finished with that person and before he moved onto the next one, he looked up at me for a moment. He must have thought I was creepily staring at him lol but I was looking across the room at Jared, trying to savor my last look at him.

Then when it was my turn about 2-3 people later, I handed the employee my picture (already signed by Jared at the bottom) and Jensen tried to take it but when he saw it he did a double take and ended up bending the page (which you can see a bit in the white creases along the bottom, on the picture of the cheek kiss and the bottom right most pic– Jensen did that). He stared at it silently for a moment while I waited with bated breath, then he said in a completely, 100% serious voice, “I can tell this isn’t from our show because we don’t do cheesy shit like this” and he pointed at the center-most picture of Stephen lifting up his shirt. I was pretty surprised to hear him curse and it was on the tip of my tongue to ask if he was jealous, but he did not look like he was kidding around and I didn’t want to poke the bear.

Technically, only the bottom left picture is from Stephen’s show, but that was probably not really Jensen’s issue. So instead I went with distraction and pointed out shirtless Jared and said, “Jared’s in it, too!” Completely contradicting the first thing he said to me, Jensen goes, “Yeah, but that’s from the show.” ?? Okay, buddy. I told him that no, Jared tweeted that picture (and since the whole theme of the collage is Stephen and Jared, he probably took that to mean he tweeted it to Stephen, which Jared technically did). Jensen then looked at me like ummmm, no and said, “That’s not from our show?” and pointed at the anti-possession tattoo on Jared’s chest (side note: Jensen’s hands are even more glorious in person and if I hadn’t been busy arguing with Jensen Ackles about shirtless pictures of Jared I probably would have swooned). So then I pointed out Thomas and told him that Jared had tweeted that picture from set and said that Thomas was “the white arrow.” He didn’t say anything for a moment and I…can’t really describe his face as anything other than bummed out. His eyes were wide like he was surprised (I’m pretty sure he was going to look it up later or ask Jared to confirm I wasn’t lying) and finally said, “Whatever you say” LIKE A PETULANT BABY WHO CAN’T ADMIT WHEN HE’S WRONG. It was honestly kind of cute getting to see grumpy Jensen up close and personal. So he turned the picture sideways and signed it and he had trouble lifting it up to hand back to me. (Stop creasing my autograph, Ackles.) As I was getting ready to move on, I told him I marathoned Friends With Benefits on Netflix and thought Danneel was awesome in it. He was very gracious; nodded his head and thanked me, but i’m pretty sure it was too late to improve his overall of opinion of me (eek, sorry, man).

As I left the room, I started laughing because I felt like I’d just walked into a fanfic. Overall, it was an amazing experience to meet them both and I still get giddy thinking about it. I’m so, so blessed to have Ela as a friend. Without her, neither of these autos would have been possible for me, but she insisted I not only use her Jared auto, but also her Jensen one, as this was probably the only con I’ll ever get to go to.