The Conservatory, Part 3

Title: Where Angels Fear to Tread

Part One: Fools Rush In
Part Two: When We Met

Pairing: Sam x Reader, past Cas x Reader

Other Characters: Charlie, Jo

Word Count: 2,805

Warnings: Language. Ex-boyfriend being a douche. Mentions of alcohol abuse. Shades of emotional and physical abuse from significant other and possible TW for abuse, it’s VERY BRIEF. I promise more happy in the next part.

A/N: Jared with a guitar. I am not immune. Also, I am SO SORRY for this taking for-freaking-ever. First it gave me fits, then life happened, and then more writer’s block. BUT IT‘S HERE NOW! Please forgive me for the, what, month delay?

Summary: Both the Reader and Sam go to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and meet by happenstance. Could it be true love or will the past intervene to separate them?

Tags: At the bottom.

It had been almost as you hoped, too good to be true; a quiet weekend. Too quiet.

You had heard nothing from Cas, which had been relieving, but also unsettling. You weren’t sure if it meant he was planning something or if he really had gotten the hint and left. But that’s not how Cas was, the other shoe had to drop soon.

There had also been nothing from Sam, which had been depressing, but you tried to shake it off. No matter how many times you checked your phone over the course of Sunday, it stayed silent and blank. You tried hard not to overthink everything, but your eyes remained glued to your phone anyway.

The only people you had talked to had been Jo and Charlie. Charlie was beyond concerned after you told her Cas had shown up at the school on Saturday and you wished you could take that little conversation back. Jo knew something was up but wasn’t pushing. Not at the moment at least. You knew she would soon, and if she heard about Cas, she’d turn into a mama bear.

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I read that the Jensen and Misha panel this year at JIB con was a bore fest while the Jared and Misha panel was full of dirty flirty innuendos.  

Apparently Jensen killed time by being on his phone, talked about Jared, and did some singing and guitar playing.  Isn’t that what Jensen does every year in his panels with Misha?  To me it sounds more of the same.

Masterlist *Current as of 05/19/16*


Kiss My Lips You Fool (Dean x Reader. Mainly just lots of Neighbor!Dean fluff. He’s a sweetie. To be continued in the NEAR future.)
Part One 
Part Two 

Red (Dean x Reader. Smidgen of fluff, little bit of smut, lots of angst.)

I Am Yours (WARNINGS: TRIGGER WARNING: Anxiety. Implied smut. Language. Angst. Fluff if you squint.)


The Conservatory: (Sam x Reader. Born out of a mini ongoing Jared-with-a-guitar crisis that may have turned into a full blown Sam/Jared crisis. But shhhh, that’s a secret. So far some Sam fluff, little bit of angst, but there will be lots more of everything to come.)
Part 1: Fools Rush In
Part 2: When We Met
Part 3: Where Angels Fear To Tread
Part 4: Open Your Heart (Coming Soon!)

200 Follower Celebration Masterlist

(Contains the drabbles from the song requests sent in for my 200 follower celebration…There’s some Dean, Sam, Demon!Dean, fluff, angst, smut, and just an all around good time. Not complete but will be updated as fics are completed.) 

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Aaw. That video, Shannon was such a cutie 😍😍😍 Is it too much to ask to see him in the studio? With Tomo and Jared? Maybe they are using technology and he makes music and sends it in files. lol, I litetally LOL'd after typing that 😩

Jared sits in the Lab listening to Taylor Swift, Tomo strums on his guitar in Detroit whenever he has a free moment from hating Hillary, and Shannon bangs eh… drums away on the Hollywood Hills with his muse(s) cheering him on.


From their bio – Relentless. It’s the word that best describes Symmetry, a progressive pop/rock band based out of Los Angeles. Striving to touch one’s heart and soul through their music, this innovative band consists of Michael Campbell (vocals), Jared Hara (guitar), Will Weiner (bass) and Max D’Anda (drums). These four accomplished and determined musicians fatefully met each other in California and aim to inspire hope through their powerful music.

[bbit bandname=”Symmetry”]

Symmetry, 5/19/2016, Parish, Austin, Photos From their bio - Relentless. It’s the word that best describes Symmetry, a progressive pop/rock band based out of Los Angeles.
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If pop songs were metal (POP GOES SHRED)

The 8th Chill Zone features none other than my longest favourite band ever! @beat_connection. Read the full article on www.knewyu.com to find out what song was featured (link in bio). #beatconnection #music #reed #jared #tom #mark #jordan #feature #reveal #series #chill #ambient #relaxing #band #singer #producer #musicproducer #production #wildheart #single #surfnoir #ep #album #electronic #experimental #jordankoplowitz #reedjuenger #tomeddy #jarredkatz #markhunter #bass #drums #guitar #instrumental

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I remember a couple of years ago or so during VyRT Jared actually made up a new song (few notes with his guitar and few lyrics) on 2 different VyRTs. For 1 of them he asked his staff if they had recorded it 😉 So yeah we can say we actually saw the birth of 2 songs.


@murielb - ooooh I remember this! 😀

And btw asking his staff if they had recorded it… HA!
As if there aren’t 2000 people recording the VVs… 😂😂😂

*waves to the Hive*

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"The guitar is of Jared and is old." So it confirms that it can't be JC in the pic🙌


anonymous asked:

Jared snapped a pic of a guitar anyone knows if that's his own? Not sure I've seen this one before.

He probably has a lot of guitars in the studio. 

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Who is the blonde woman on guitar Jared posted on Snapchat? photo Jared on guitar and a blonde woman and have a heart?


No idea…

anonymous asked:

Who is the blonde woman on guitar Jared posted on Snapchat?

What blonde woman on his snapchat?

I don’t see anything there?