How to play metal guitar (for beginners)

Greenlight sounding nasty as fuck with a dark-ass beat based around an acoustic guitar but like, Jared screaming the whole time

his fucking backing vocals are killing me holy shit

American Candy

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m going to compare each member of The Maine to a type of candy. They are all so sweet and always make everyone happy, so it just makes sense! 🍭

•Garrett is Peanut M&Ms because, let’s face it, he’s a little nutty.
•Jared is a Milky Way because his guitar playing abilities are out of this world.
•John is Conversation Hearts because he loooves to talk and always has words of wisdom to share.
•Kennedy is a Snickers because he is always smiling.
•Pat is a Mr. Goodbar because he is a great friend and does everything he can to please the fans.

This morning was the celebration of Pointwest’s 13th anniversary and of course free lunch for everyone! 😍

The club wherein I’m one of the active members served as the entertainment during lunch however I did not perform this time simply because I don’t feel performing. Most of the members that I am close with have already resigned. Oh well, I’m still having separation anxiety with the “imba” members. Though, I served as their mentor/coach while I am on hiatus.

Honestly, I miss performing. We miss performing. Jared (rhythm guitars), Rgie (drums), and Kevin (lead guitars). We all love to perform again.

With that we have decided that we will be having our comeback performance this Valentines. 😄

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I really hope the new album isn't pop. now there isn't anything wrong with pop but then you think of THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS its not really pop. if anything I hope this album sounds more experimental. I am a little worried for many reasons. tomo seems uninterested. jared is making huge changes like genre. where did Shannon go? why does tomo barely play guitar on tracks anymore? jared seems to be doing everything. why is pete producing? SOMEONE PLEASE TWEET TOMO ABOUT HOW THE RECORD IS GOING!

I wouldn´t mind a pop album.

But I think the more “rock” songs on LLF+D (Conquistador etc.) will be featured on the next album too. That may be more to T & S´s taste too.

And I do agree that on some songs Shannon for example seems to have very little to do. Like Bright Lights: when they perform it live, all Shan does is operate that little drum machine thingy (I don´t know what it´s called!). Seems like he would grow tired of that reaaaaaaally fast…

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"But sometimes lead vocalists treat guitars as a prop" GASP. That reminds me of the moment during hollywood bowl [the last one?] where there's that crazy guitar part in Conquistator [I think?] and at that second Jared intentionally turns away from the camera and hams it up like he's actually playing the guitar part. Maybe I'm am rude and paranoid but sometimes I don't think Jared plays the guitar parts in some songs. Sad bc ppl pay big money to see and hear that in person!!

He actually does it a lot of times. I am surprised a lot of people don’t talk about it. But I guess that’st part of the show since Jared talks a lot during each show. Tomo is the one who is saddled with handling the sound. Playing how many instruments per song. Oh Tomo.

And someone else who I heard does that is Courtney Love.




                                    Photo Cred: Greg Diamond

LISTEN & SHARE: Original Sharks - “Capital Size”

The Original Sharks, New York’s post-pop-punk newbies, are happy to share “Capital Size,” the first single from their forthcoming debut album, via Alt Press. Slated for a Spring 2016 release,Dirty Little Weekend will be the groups first full-length and marks their transition from party-rockers to slightly-more-put-together ragers. They also have a couple of upcoming shows around the NYC area - see below details.

The Original Sharks are an American rock band from New York that originally formed as a collective recording project in 2010 between Joey Bunick (vocals/guitar) and Jared Diamond (bass) from Allentown, PA, and Dan Garmon (drums) and Mikel McCavana (guitar) from Lexington, MA. The band’s first EP, Sessions, was self-released in 2011 and followed by The Angel Ross EP in 2013. Two years later, Joey Bunick recruited members to polish off a full line-up and the foursome began playing show around New York  area with bands like The Ataris, Such Gold, and Captain, We’re Sinking.

In July 2016, the band began tracking their debut full-length, Dirty Little Weekend, with Jon Markson (Such Gold). In an interview, Markson described the album as “[11] songs under 2 minutes each that are reminiscent of saves the day but rip the whole time.”

01.31 - Black Bear Bar - Brooklyn, NY
w/ Captain, We’re Sinking
02.03 - The Studio @ Webster Hall - New York, NY
w/ Secret Space, The Flats

01.Old Standards
02. Absolutely, Baby
03. Little Chop
04. Dirty Little Weekend
05. Physical Stuff
06. Capital Size
07. Ambrosius
08. Dentface
09. Swim And Stay Fit
10. Chai Takes
11. Entwined

Live Your Moments: Make Space

Live Your Moments: Make Space

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Last week, I got an up close look at the guitar of Jared Green of The Howlin Brothers. He has actually played another hole in his acoustic. Does it affect the sound? As far as I can tell, this extra hole in Jared’s hands only make it sound better.

One thing I know for sure, without holes, an acoustic guitar doesn’t make any music. Most of an acoustic guitar is space. Without space, it’s just…

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