Just remembered that Jared used to always say:

Ladies and Gentlemen TOMO FROM EARTH on the guitar.

And on the drums my loving brother Shannon the mother-fucking animal.

intergalactic-jesus asked:

F I and M for the band question thingy :)

F: best bassist
I don’t really know (I don’t have that good of an ear for bass tbh + I have really crappy headphones) mark hoppus I guess?

I: one band that I like that a lot of people don’t….
I have a guilty pleasure for nickelback HAHAHAH FUCK (I’m gonna loose all my followers for this aren’t I? pls forgive this loser) but burn it to the ground is my spiritual anthem…I’m sorry

M: put together band with any vocalist, guitarist, bassist and drummer and why

- vocalist: jared leto (30stm) cause his voice is sex omfg
- guitarist: slash because his guitaring is the bomb and probs be really cool with jared’s vocals
- bassist: chris wolstenhome (muse) he’s just really awesome idk
- drummer: tre cool (green day) because I love his drumming-ness
[idk what kinda band I’m looking at but personally I think it would be pretty damn rad]


3 Steps Away - Sunburst | Lyric Video
The lyric video for 3 Steps Away's single, "Sunburst," written by Luke Pillarelli. I hope you guys enjoy this song as much as we did creating it. 3 Steps Awa...

I’m in a band called 3 Steps Away, and this is our single, “Sunburst.” It was written by my best friend Luke, who passed away over a year ago, and this is the last recording we ever made with him. I took the recording and made a lyric video in honor of Luke, who will always be a member of our band. Please check it out and give it a listen. A lot of hard work went into creating this song and the video. Rest in peace, buddy.


kutiman | inner galactic lovers

“Inner Galactic Lovers” is a collaborative project between Kutiman and Fiverr.
This original song was produced by Kutiman, with music created by the contributing Fiverr users:

Fender Rhodes - Marcus Horndt: https://www.fiverr.com/marcushorndt
Vocals - Marcellis Felton:
Backing Vocals - Élan Noelle:
Backing Vocals - Anastasia Ramanenka: https://www.fiverr.com/emphavoice
Drums - Paul Atkins:
Tambourine - Mihail-Bogdan Mihaylov Yanov: https://www.fiverr.com/musicmasta
Tabla- Yatziv Caspi:
Cymbals - Kyle willfrid:
Bass - Marcin Palider:
Bass - Jair-Rohm Parker Wells:
Electric Guitar - Jared Cattoor:
Electric/Acoustic Guitar - Oded Kahn: https://www.fiverr.com/oded_k
Acoustic Guitar - Ahilan Anandasivam: https://www.fiverr.com/ahilan
Piano - Ricardo Meschini:
Electric Piano - Damian Shima: https://www.fiverr.com/damianshima
Strings’ synth - Leemarc:
Cello - Jamie Clark:
Violin - Hana Piranha:
Violin - Marisa Frantz:
Sax - Glenroy Charles:
Flute - Henry Koperski:
Trombone - Ross McCrae: https://www.fiverr.com/scottishcheddar
Trumpet - Matt Giella:


Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. The site is primarily used byfreelancers who use Fiverr to offer services to customers worldwide. Currently, Fiverr lists more than three million services on the site that range between $5 and $500.

anonymous asked:

Can you name your favorite song from each album?

I love this question so much because my answers change every month! But you have to reply with yours as well.

LLFD - Without a doubt Birth. It is just so badass, and if I need an energy boost I listen to it.

TIW - Vox Populi. I love the drums on that song and the beginning is pretty amazing. Not to mention Tomo: “Personally, it was a great song to play the guitar to. It’s fun and energetic and uplifting. And it was another track where we tried to challenge ourselves with the guitar sound, going from something that was very processed to a very raw, organic kind of vibe. I used a vintage Fender Jazzmaster on it - it’s Jared’s guitar, actually - and it was the perfect choice.” — Yas.

ABL - Battle of One. I mean come on. It’s just a perfect piece. All the energy in it and the craziness. And the screams.

S/T - Capricorn. Without a doubt. I just really love that song. 

Valise I had the pleasure of attending 91.7- KXT's "Till Midnight at the Nasher" this month. It is a typical occurrence for me during the summer months. The usual menu of events: free admission to their permanent collection of sculptures, a full-length feature film, and a band that's featured regularly on KXT's independent radio station.The movie this month, "Big Eyes", the band "Valise". Before I go any further, the only thing “regular” about this band, was the pre-arranged event.  A little background first, if I may: Valise is mostly a 4-man operation (more on this later), with Vince Penick on lead vocals and guitar, Jared Travis on guitar and keyboard, Casey Newton playing bass, and Ricky Johnson on drums. Friday’s show kicked off their summer tour and will likely set the tone for the rest of them. Let me tell you: it's going to be a GOOD summer for the boys...err...men of Valise. Both of their sets were about 45 minutes long and from the beginning, I was impressed with their stage presence. Each member occupied and moved freely in his (and one another's) space, feeding off each another's palpable energy. There is a strong sense of closeness with this group; each member loving their collective sound more than the individual’s ability. Between a mix of simple melodies and arrangements like those heard in "Dialogue", and those that are heavier on the special effects, like "Airplane II" and "Charlie Gray”, this band has a versatile sound that this writer would bet even the most discerning ear will like something about. Valise, for all intents and purposes, struck this writer as a brotherhood more than a band. I think if he were here, front man Vince Penick might agree. "Bros" is how he described his fellow band-mates after finishing a few solo crowd-pleasers to open the second set. And they were available to join him, too. Vince joked they were probably "just playing Angry Birds back stage anyway". But “bros” aren't the only family in this band- Vince’s uncle was controlling the sound booth, which truly makes the group a "family affair". Valise’s accessibility to it’s fans leaves nothing to be desired, either. They regularly respond to their fan’s Twitter posts, and even hung out after  Friday’s concert in order to meet & greet us. Unfortunately, this just isn’t always the case.  Overall, Valise's unique sound, comfort level (despite the 97 degree weather) on and off stage, and their accessibility will keep Valise’s fans coming back for more. With a group like this to entertain, it’s easy to do. Valise just kicked off their summer tour and their hit “Charlie Gray will be featured on tonight’s episode of ABC Family’s “Chasing Life”. This writer's recommendation: Valise is an energetic show from a band of brothers, and you don't want to miss it.