First Kick (Joker x Reader)

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@dibs-on-mikey requested: “Can I have a request with the joker please where you are pregnant and he takes you to the club (VIP lounge of course) because he wants to be with you at all times and when he’s with a client the baby starts to kick a lot and it gets really fluffy please ❤️❤️”

A/N: I’m sorry for this being so short D:

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I Guess (Jared Kleinman X Reader)

WC: 2601

Warnings: Swearing, underage drinking, sexy stuff, a BMC cross over

Summary: Y/N and Jared spend Valentine’s Day drinking and playing video games, but things get a lil out of hand

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A/N: This request was awkward Valentine’s Day fluff and light smut with Jared. Enjoy, my children.

My phone rang aggressively and I cursed, picking it up without checking the caller ID. “Yes?” I said sharply, still waking up from my nap.

“Oh, I forgot. It’s Grandma Mell’s nap time.” Jared said and I sighed in annoyance, wondering why I was friends with him.

“Shut up Jared! Nap time is important, you bastard.” I said aggressively. “Easy, easy. Anyway, I called because I have a proposition for you.” Jared said and I arched my eyebrows in intrigue.

“Ok. Continue, my strange friend.” I said and I imagine Jared was rolling his eyes.

“Well, I was wondering if you wanted to come over tomorrow for a Super Smash Bros competition. My parents are out of town, and they haven’t used their liquor cabinet since Rosh Hashanah 1994, so we can drink whatever we want.” Jared said and I felt a smirk cross my face.

“Underage drinking and whooping your ass at Smash Bros? I’m in.” I said and Jared cheered. I suddenly remembered what day tomorrow was, and I cursed under my breath.

“Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, and my dorky older brother and his boyfriend Jeremy are visiting.” I said and Jared was quiet on his end of the phone.

“Jared?” I said, trying to gain his attention. “I forgot your brother was gay.” Jared muttered and I cackled, putting the phone on speaker and setting it on my desk.

“Michael is the gayest of gays. He has a goddamn Pride flag patch on his favourite hoodie. Anyway, I reckon I can stop by at about 2 because I want to catch up with my brother and future brother in law.” I said and Jared chuckled to himself.

“Awesome. Now, do you prefer vodka or tequila?” Jared said and I snorted, running a hand through my hair. “You know I’m a tequila girl. Anyway, I should probably go, but I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said, a wide smile on my face.

“I can’t wait. See ya Mellie.” Jared said and I shook my head slightly. “I hate you Jared.” I said, hanging up the phone as I picked it up from my desk.

“Y/N! Can you come downstairs please?” Mom called and I sighed, stomping down the stairs.

“Hey mom. What’s up?” I said and before mom could answer I gasped, my jaw dropping.

“Michael!” I shouted, smiling brightly at my brother. “Hey Y/N/N!” He responded, pulling me into a tight hug. I wrapped my arms around his waist and squeezed, eliciting a chuckle from him.

“Easy squirt.” Michael said and I frowned, breaking away from him. “I told you not to call me squirt. We’re only, like, two years apart.” I said and Michael chuckled, ruffling my hair.

“Where’s Jeremy?” I asked, looking around for the familiar indigo cardigan Jeremy always wore. “Oh, he’s getting the bags from the car. He should be here soon.” Michael said and I nodded, sitting down next to him.

“So, has my baby sister got any plans for Valentine’s Day?” Michael said, wiggling his eyebrows as he spoke. “I’m going over to Jared’s to play Smash Bros and get smashed.” I said and Michael’s eyes widened.

“Shit. Drunk, Michael. Smashed is a synonym for drunk.” I added quickly and Michael nodded, a smirk crossing his face.

“Won’t his parents get, oh, I don’t know, suspicious and or enraged?” Michael said and I shrugged my shoulders. “His parents are going to be out of town.” I said and Michael’s smirk grew wider.

“So you’ll be alone… with a boy… probably shitfaced drunk… with no parental supervision? That is the perfect formula for sex.” Michael said and my cheeks went bright red as I punched his shoulder.

“You and Jeremy were always high as kites when you played games in the basement, and you two didn’t have sex.” I said and Michael’s cheeks flushed pink.

I gasped, my eyes widening. “Oh my god, you did! Jesus.” I muttered and Michael shrugged his shoulders, the blush still on his cheeks. “Hey guys!” I heard a voice say and I turned to see Jeremy, a suitcase in each hand.

“Jeremy! Hi!” I said, wrapping him in a quick hug. “Hey Y/N. How you doing?” Jeremy asked and I shrugged.

“I’m doing alright. Your wonderful boyfriend, my dumbass brother, has just been mentally scarring me.” I said and Michael let out a wounded cry.

Jeremy chuckled and dumped the suitcases, walking over to Michael. “Hey babe.” Jeremy said and I fake gagged as Jeremy kissed Michael’s cheek.

“I’m gonna go before you two get it on in the kitchen. Bye!” I said, storming upstairs to the offended cries of my brother and his boyfriend.

“I’m off to Jared’s you guys!” I called, slinging my messenger bag over my shoulder. “Don’t stay out too late!” Mom called and I chuckled, shaking my head slightly.

I waved goodbye to Jeremy and Michael, who were curled up on the couch together. “Tell Jared to be safe.” Michael said and I gave him the finger, eliciting a laugh from Jeremy.

“Bye!” I shouted, slamming the door behind me. I started Michael’s car (he let me borrow it because he and Jeremy weren’t going out until later) and drove over to Jared’s place.

I parked my car in the empty driveway, and raced up to his front door. I rung the doorbell, rocking back and forth on my heels as I waited.

The door swung open to reveal Jared, a bottle of tequila clutched in his right hand. “Miss Mell, it’s a pleasure to see you.” Jared said and I chuckled, walking into his house.

“Thank you, Mr Kleinman. You’re far too kind.” I said and Jared snorted, unscrewing the lid on the bottle. He pulled out two shot glasses and poured some of the clear liquid in each one.

“Bottoms up.” Jared said and I nodded, swiftly downing the liquid. It burned as it ran down my throat, but it was a good burn.

Jared, however, didn’t look like he was handling it very well.

“First time with tequila?” I said and Jared nodded, his face contorted in a rather unattractive grimace.

“The first time is always the worst. I remember Michael brought some home from a party when I was about 15. I tried some and oh boy was my throat on fire.” I said and Jared let out a laugh, his face still screwed up.

“Anyway, how about I bring some beers down to the basement and we fire up the PlayStation?” Jared said and I nodded eagerly, walking swiftly down the stairs to the basement.

Jared had, with the permission of his parents, converted the basement into his ‘den of solitude’, complete with a PlayStation, a stereo system, and a bar fridge.

There were various posters plastered on the walls, and I stared at them as I sat down on the couch. “For you.” Jared said suddenly, passing me a can of beer.

I took it gratefully and cracked it open, taking a generous swig. “Jesus Christ. For a 17 year old, you can really handle your alcohol.” Jared mused and I shrugged my shoulder, picking up a controller.

“My abuela was always a little loopy. She was always giving me glasses of cerveza, instead of agua. She insisted it was water, but we think it was because her hearing was degenerating and she thought we said beer.” I said and Jared’s eyes widened.

“Holy shit.” He muttered, and I chuckled, drinking a little more of my beer as Jared turned on the PlayStation.

The Smash Bros logo crossed the screen, and I smirked, feeling adrenaline rush through me. “I call dibs on Seamus.” I said and Jared groaned, rolling his eyes.

“You’re always Seamus. Kirby is just as good as Seamus.” He said and I snorted, selecting my character.

“Kirby is nowhere near Seamus’ level, Kleinman.” I retorted and Jared huffed, pressing play after he selected, no surprises here, Kirby.

I drained the rest of my beer and clutched the controller, ready to fight. The first round passed quickly, and I beat Jared with ease.

“Even tipsy, you’re still better at this game than me.” Jared huffed, selecting the next location. “You’re just a sore loser. Hey, you got any more beers in the fridge?” I said and Jared nodded.

I smiled and set my controller down, walking over to the fridge and taking out two beers. “To spending Valentine’s Day in the best way possible.” I said and Jared’s cheeks flushed a pinkish colour.

I shrugged, blaming it on the alcohol in his system. I tapped my can against his and set it down, ready to play.

We went through three more levels, and drank a can of beer at the end of each one. I was starting to feel a little dizzy, and I could tell I was drunk now.

“You know what Mike said before I left?” I said, my words slurring together slightly. “What?” Jared said, his voice a little higher than usual.

“He said that we’d probably be having sex, because this.” I said, gesturing to the basement littered with beer cans. “Is the perfect formula for getting it on.”

Jared’s entire face went red and he chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his neck. “Would it be that bad if you did?” He muttered and my eyes widened as I contemplated.

“I don’t think so. I mean, I’m still a virgin, but let’s be real, you are too.” I said and Jared scowled at me.

“So, uh, you’re saying that having sex with me wouldn’t be weird? That you might actually consider it?” Jared said and I nodded, a contemplative look on my face.

“Ok, ok, cool.” Jared muttered and I took in a deep breath, looking over at him.

Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe our previous conversation, but I saw him in a different light when I looked at him.

His hair was messed up in a way that looked rather attractive, and his cheeks were flushed slightly. His glasses added a nerdish quality that I found quite hot, and I had come to the conclusion that I actually found Jared rather attractive.

I took in a deep breath and leaned over, pressing my lips to Jared’s. He tasted like the cheap beer we had been drinking, as well as something I couldn’t quite identify.

I tangled my hands in his hair, tugging on it gently. This made Jared let out a low moan and I melted further into the kiss. His hands were toying with the hem of my shirt and I smirked, pulling away from the kiss.

I pulled my shirt off, suddenly feeling my vision sharpen up a little. Jared gaped a little and I chuckled, pulling him back into a kiss. This one was a little bit rougher, and I let out a soft moan.

I tugged at Jared’s shirt and he caught on to what I wanted, pulling his shirt off. I trailed my hands down Jared’s chest and he shuddered under my touch.

“Y/N.” Jared gasped when my hands trailed across the top of his pants. I moved my lips to Jared’s neck, and he let out a moan as my lips and teeth gazed his skin.

Jared’s hands were around my waist, and they dipped a little under the waistband of my pants. I gasped and took my lips off his neck, smirking at the mark I left.

Jared needily tugged my pants down, the denim material discarded at the end of the couch. I returned the favour, undoing the button on Jared’s pants and swiftly pulling them down.

“We’re drunk, Y/N. Are you sure you want to do this?” Jared asked, although his breathing was laboured. I gave Jared a half smile and grabbed his hips, shifting my position so my head was hovering over his crotch.

“Y/N…” Jared trailed off as I looped my fingers under the waistband of his underwear. “If you want to stop, just tell me.”

I rested my head on Jared’s chest, slightly exhausted. “Jesus Christ. That’s one way to sober up.” Jared muttered, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Agreed. I seriously did not think that I’d lose my virginity today, but here we are.” I said, earning a chuckle from Jared.

“So, Y/N, I was wondering if maybe, you wanted to go out later in the week? We could go get dinner or something.” Jared said awkwardly and I nodded, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek.

“I’d love to. I should probably head off, because mom and Michael both warned me about staying out too late, and it’s already 5:30.” I said and Jared nodded, taking his arms off my waist.

I immediately missed the warmth Jared gave when I stood up, pulling on my discarded items of clothes. “I’ll, uh, I’ll see you at school, I guess.” Jared said and I nodded, bringing him into a brief kiss.

I pulled away and watched a dopey smile cross his face. “You’ll see me on Friday at 5. We can go catch a movie, then dinner.” I said and Jared nodded, pulling up his underwear.

“Bye Jared.” I said, kissing his cheek as I left. I drove back home quickly, the sky darkening as I drove. I walked inside, noticing that Michael and Jeremy were still on the couch.

“Hey little sis. How was it?” Michael said, wiggling his eyebrows at me. “It was good. I completely thrashed Jared in Smash Bros, and also managed to handle my liquor better than him simultaneously.” I said and Michael chuckled, kissing Jeremy’s forehead before standing up.

“You can thanks Abuela Rosa for that.” Michael said and I nodded, grabbing a Coke from the fridge. “Anyway, did anything go down between you and Jared that I need to know about?” Michael said and I blushed bright red.

Michael’s face lit up, a wide smirk on his face. “You two had sex, didn’t you?” Michael said and my blush darkened.

“Awe, my baby sister finally lost her virginity!” Michael said and I put a hand over his mouth, desperately trying to silence him.

“I don’t want mom knowing. She’ll probably ground me for fifty years if she finds out.” I said, taking my hand slowly off Michael’s mouth.

“Ok, fine. I’m proud of you Y/N/N. You’re growing up.” Michael said, wiping away a fake tear. “Shut up Michael.” I said, gently shoving him.

“When Jeremy and I first.” Michael said and my eyes widened. “No no no! Please stop talking!” I shouted, covering my ears as I ran off to the living room.

“Hi Jeremy.” I said and Jeremy chuckled, waving at me. “Michael tormenting you again?” He said and I nodded, sitting down next to him.

“It’s not tormenting, babe. It’s simply offering my opinion.” Michael said and I scoffed, rolling my eyes at my brother’s comment.

“Whatever Mike. Anyway, how long are you guys staying here?” I asked as Michael sat down on the other side of Jeremy, throwing his arm around Jeremy’s shoulders.

“We leave next Sunday. We’re here for a while, Y/N/N.” Michael said and I smiled, pulling my knees up to my chest.

“Awesome. Just so you know, I’m going out with Jared on Friday.” I said and Jeremy shot Michael a look. “Well, we’ll make sure we’re out of the house when you two come back.” Michael said, winking at Jeremy.

“You two are the worst.” I muttered, shoving Jeremy’s shoulder as I spoke. “You know you love it.”

Slow Burn - Part 2

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,385

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned. Is there an instant spark or is it a slow burn?

Part 1

“Your brother? Well, this is a first.” You laugh. “I’ve never had my date try to set me up with someone else.”

“Yeah, this is a first for me too.” He says chuckling. “But I think you two would hit it off, so why not?”

This could either go very good or very bad.

“What’s his name?”

“Not telling.”

“How old is he?”

“Not telling.”

“Um, what’s he do?”

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thepromiseofanend  asked:

Question of the day : What's was your favorite Vyrt memory?

Oh wow! I don’t know… I’m just rewatching them and there are so many great moments. I think one of my favorite vyrt is the Haiti one. But Mars Lab I is so hilarious with Jared almost burning down his house. One of my all time favorite performances is the reggae-version of Conquistador from Paris Curch of Mars. The whole MarsX is fabulous with Buddha the Palmtree and the faces of the boys listening to their first demo of Fallen! The dandelion extra and all the hilarious Vyrt Violets with “Dressing with Jared Leto” or Jared and Tomo getting into a giggle-fit over “The first half is the hardest!” I really can’t decide! I loved so much about them and I miss them soooo much! What’s yours, if you have one? @thepromiseofanend, @avaj99, @loveforhimispain, @boughtmyfate, @fyeahproudglambert, @hazeleyedleto, @clockgirl94, @athousandburntoutyesterdays, @theendeavor

Always You

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Summary: Reader’s now ex-fiance calls off the engagement and leaves her high and dry. She finds comfort in Jared. (Anything else will spoil the story, so I’m just leaving it at that :) )

Word Count: ~2,800

Warnings: language, drinking, so much sweet Jared fluff, smut, definite slight objectification of Jared Padalecki’s body.

A/N: Quick reminder that this is fiction and I adore Genevieve, so let’s all pretend she’s happy with someone else for the sake of this story! This is very unedited, and I apologize for anything that doesn’t make sense, grammatical or spelling errors, and anything else you might find. 

*If you’d like to be tagged in the future, just let me know!

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You threw your head back, pulling a mouthful of whiskey from the bottle and swallowing it with a hiss. It burned like hell, but that was nothing compared to the heartbreak you were feeling. You felt tears falling off your face, but didn’t bother to wipe them away. You were alone - truly, actually, completely alone - and quite frankly, you didn’t give a fuck what you looked like. Hearing your phone ring for what felt like the millionth time that night, you finally decided to pick it up.

“Yeah,” you grunted, unable to say much else without breaking.

“[Y/N]?” Jared’s voice filled your ear.

You sucked in a breath through your teeth and closed your eyes. He’d be able to tell there was something wrong.

“Hey, Jare.” You didn’t even try to sound alright, and of course, he picked up on it right away.

“Be there in fifteen. Don’t move.” He had his keys in his hand before he even hung up the phone.

You didn’t leave your spot on the couch, but you did polish off the bottle of whiskey and toss it to the floor. Jared walked in without knocking, something he hadn’t done in a long time. Seeing the bottle and then you laying across the couch, he walked to you quickly and knelt next to your head. He brushed hair away from your eyes as you looked up at him.

“What happened?” He sat back on his heels while his fingers ran through your hair.

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Pranks are not that bad after all
Misha x Reader
3 091 words

Summary: You were promoted as series regular and now you had to deal with Jared and Jensen’s welcome prank. 

A/N: So, this is my first finished and published fanfic. English is not my first language, so I hope some of my wording doesn’t feel awkward, hahaha. Just FYI, I love Vicki and Misha’s relationship and what happens between them here is just written for the sake of the story. Also they have no kids, either.  Tell me what you think.

Hope you don’t mind me tagging you: @mishawh0, @bkwrm523 and @castielgirl21 because she asked for a Misha fic when I was already working on this, so yas!

It was your first day filming after you were promoted as series regular. Finally, after being on the show for two entire seasons. Everybody saw it coming, Val, the character you played, was a badass hunter after all, and a great complement for the Team Free Will and, why not mention it? The fandom loved her and you.

It was all very exciting, you were so happy yourself for finally seeing the product of your job, but not everything could be as sweet as honey. Now you had to deal with the curse. The two biggest pranksters on set; Jared and Jensen.

It was not a secret that they enjoyed pranking their coworkers, especially the ones being promoted, so you were prepared for whatever they might had planned. You were scared and what not, you even felt a little paranoiac, always watching your back, even though it seemed like nobody else had arrived yet.

You hadn’t had breakfast yet, so you walked to the food area to grab some coffee when you saw him sitting there on a table for the first time after a couple of months of break. The man you had been crushing on even before you started working there. It didn’t surprise you when you started spending time with him, that it wasn’t just another TV crush you had, but something more, and after seeing much deeper into the man behind the crooked smile, messy dark hair and bright blue eyes, you couldn’t blame yourself. It was his noble heart, kind soul and his lame jokes. It was his selfless spirit, his puns and all the witty comebacks. Sometimes you thought it was too good to be true, and for a while it was, because, until last month, he was married, or so the rumor going around the fandom said. More than once you found yourself thinking why or how on earth would someone let him go, but never came with an answer to your question. You never got the nerve to ask him if it was true, so you had to wait to confirm. But it didn’t stop you to fantasize that maybe it was your time to make a move and stop watching like a kid behind a counter, craving the candy and having no money to buy. The problem was that you didn’t really know how to do that and let alone how to confirm a divorce. You grew closer the couple of years you’ve known each other, being nothing more than… friends. So, friends ask about each other’s lives, right?  

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The blue glow from the computer screen was starting to dry out Jared’s eyes, burning all the way through them. He’d been working for hours – if he wanted to, he could stop and just leave, go home and fall asleep. But if he did that he’d have to see Jack and he wasn’t sure if he could handle that. His cheek was still sore from his knuckles knocking him to the floor that morning, he didn’t want it again.

He never wanted it. But right then he couldn’t handle it and that was the point.

“Hey,” a coworker walked past, pulling on her jacket and holding her handbag. She was really staring at him, her eyebrows knitting together in concern. “You alright?” She looked at her watch. “It’s past eleven, what’re you still doing here?”

Jared smiled through obligation and rubbed his eyes. It felt good until he stopped. “Just… finishing up.” He said, gesturing at the screen, intentionally vague. He didn’t care to explain.

She only glanced at it. “They really have you working this late?”

Jared shrugged. No, they didn’t. “Overtime, I guess.” It was hard to meet her eyes, he knew he looked a mess.

She didn’t believe him anyway, it was obvious. Her eyes kept flicking down to his split lip and the bruise on his cheek. “Yeah, well… don’t you stay in much longer, huh? Go get some rest, you look exhausted.”

As if she was joking, Jared forced himself to laugh. He didn’t meet her eyes again.

He was the only person left in the office when she left, not counting the unblinking red eyes of the security cameras in each corner of the room. Nobody would be watching them though, he really was alone.

Sighing, he reached under the table and pulled over his backpack by the loop, hoisting it up onto his lap and fishing around inside until he found his pills. No one was around, no one would know. If they did, they might not have even cared. They were standard medication, even if he did take too much of it. It was easier to justify it if he thought of it like that.

So he did, as he rolled up four of them in his t-shirt and hit them until they were crushed into power. He thought of it like it was nothing because it was better that way – it was easier. It wasn’t a problem.

He glanced up at the nearest security camera before leaning forward and snorting half of the powder, coming up for air before he inhaled the rest of it. After that, things only blurred together more. The program he was working on seemed to move together so smoothly and easily, as though he didn’t even have to try.

Everything just… fit together, without his help.

All he had to do was slip into the haze and let it work for him.

Save Me - Chapter 105

“Good girl. That’s what I hoped to hear.” Jared said, “Relax your body, baby girl.”

Taking a deep breath and letting it go slowly, I felt Jared move behind me with his hands on my ass, kneading my globes.

Without another word, he separated my cheeks, using his thumb and index finger to hold them apart, I heard him pop open the bottle of anal glide. Cool drops hit my skin and it sent a shiver of anticipation up my spine. Memories of Jared pushing himself into me, even just slightly made me flinch. Part of me was scared and the other part excited..

“Don’t tense up, baby. It will only cause this to take longer…” Jared said as he used his fingers spread the gel slightly in and around my puckered hole. “This lub should help the discomfort, it has a bit of a numbing agent in it.”

If this was the same stuff he used earlier, he needs to get his money back. It didn’t really seem to numb much of anything, in my opinion!

Jared was careful and I felt as he gently slipped a single finger into my puckered hole, slowly moving it around then inserting it a bit deeper. This felt so good. My limbs went limp, even my arms that were restrained relaxed.

One hand was playing with my ass and the other he used to smooth over my back and the globes of my ass. Pulling his finger almost completely out, he added a second finger, sliding it in with ease. This gel might just be working a little bit after all. Jared used his two fingers to dip in and out, pushing them as deep as he could then as he pulled back, spreading them apart to loosen my tight hole.

I couldn’t help myself. This felt so good, I moved my hips in time with his fingers. If I tilted my hips just so, the edge of the armchair would rub my clit and it felt so amazing. I know Jared had to know what I was doing but since he didn’t tell me to stop, I kept going.

“I’m gong to take my fingers away, baby girl. Don’t move. Stay just as relaxed as you are.”

I swallowed hard, whimpering as he pulled his fingers from my ass. “That’s my good girl…” He praised, watching intently as I stayed relaxed as he instructed.

Sliding his palms up my back, Jared reached over me to take the anal plug in hand. I kept my mind as relaxed as my body knowing what was happening next. I felt as the ridged metal made contact with my hole and I flinched.

It felt huge… Oh my god.

“This plug is a bit wider than the last one, baby girl. I want you to push out as I push the plug in. It’ll make it easier for you.” Jared advised, “Are we still green?”

“Yes, Sir, we’re green.”

Was I a bit more scared…absolutely. But I wanted this. Because I wanted to give him everything.

As soon as the words left my lips, he began to push the metal phallus into my tight hole. This felt much wider than the last one, slightly bigger?! I don’t think so.

“Ahhhh…” I moaned as he continued to push the plug into me. No matter how relaxed I thought I was, in this instant, I realized I wasn’t relaxed enough. Not by a long shot.

“Push out, baby.” Jared instructed.

“This really burns, my god!” I said through gritted teeth.

Fuck me! This was becoming painful. I was fisting my hands so tight my nails were breaking the skin of my palm.

“Yellow!” I shouted, I needed a break. I just couldn’t go on and push through the pain.

Jared immediately stopped his forward motion. “Ok, baby. I’m not pushing anymore. I’m not taking it out though. We’re almost there. I know it’s tight, I want to start stretching you out.”

Even leaving it right where it was, gave me some relief.

“Come on baby,” Jared soothed, “Take a slow deep breath for me.”

I did as I was told and concentrated on his voice. Taking in another deep breath, I felt Jared bend and pick up something from the table. Suddenly I felt the tendrils of the flogger softly land in the middle of my back.

My favorite….

Jared held the anal plug in place so that it wouldn’t move and with the other, he began to create a figure eight as he swooshed the flogger against my delicate back. This is what I needed.

“That’s my good girl.” He said, “I love to watch your body react baby.”

With my mind occupied, my body relaxed and I could feel myself began to adjust to the intrusion.

“Are you ready to continue, baby girl?” Jared asked.

I was relaxed but didn’t know how much I still had to go. Swallowing hard again I wished desperately that I could wipe my sweaty forehead but I couldn’t.

It was now or never, I just needed to go for it.

“Yes, Sir, I’m ready. Green.”

Again without a word, Jared started twisting the anal plug as he pushed in slowly and as gently as possible. Thankfully, he continued using the flogger. There wasn’t anything else he could do to ease my discomfort, I just needed to ride it out.

He was right though, one more push and it finally seated in my body. It was uncomfortable as fucking hell at the moment but it was in.

I did it!!!!!

“Very good, baby girl, it’s in.” He said proudly, “I want to wipe the excess lub off so stay still.”

Carefully, Jared used a warm, wet washcloth to wipe me clean, being careful to not get any of the numbing gel in my pussy or on my clit.

“My god, that plug looks beautiful in your ass, baby.” Jared praised as he pulled me by my elbows to stand.

Holy shit did I feel full. And already sore. This anal plug was way bigger than the glass one, no doubt in my mind. I already knew, pulling this puppy out was going to suck, big time.

As soon as I stood, Jared turned me around, cupping my face in his palms. His lips desended onto mine in a passionate kiss that left me breathless. His tongue slipped into my mouth sliding against mine and so deep I almost choked around him.

I wanted to wrap my arms around him but my binds prevented that from happening. Instead, I pushed my body into his, soaking up his heat. Moving his hands down my body, his fingers danced over my ribs and across my hips as he took the globes of my ass in his hands. His hard length slipped between my legs as he pulled me closer.

“I can’t wait to fuck you, baby girl.” Jared said between kisses I never wanted to end.

I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me too. As full as I felt already, I can’t imagine how it’ll be when his thick cock was in my pussy too. All these thoughts made me ache to be touched.

I was never really much of a dirty talker but I thought maybe I’d try it. Especially since Jared gave me permission to speak at will. I had a 50/50 shot here. Fifty percent of me thought I wouldn’t look like an idiot and the other fifty percent thought I would.

This could end up being completely embarrassing but what the hell, right?!

“I can’t wait for you to fuck me either, Sir.” I said in my most sultry voice. “My pussy is throbbing for you.”

I can’t say that felt totally natural but after hearing a soft moan fall from his lips, I threw all caution to the wind.

“Is it now…” Jared murmured letting his hands roam my chest, taking my breasts in his hands and tweeking my nipples between his fingers.

“Very much, though I am a little worried. This plug feels so big, I’m not sure you’ll fit too, Sir…”

Yes, it was a kind of cheesy line but still, it was actually partially true. This plug felt so thick and knowing it was bigger than the glass one, I really was a bit concerned I was going to rip at the seams.

anonymous asked:

I would love you 5ever if you recommend some good j2 fics <333

Sorry for the long wait! This was buried somewhere in my inbox. So I went through my pining!Jared bookmarks past weekend and I thought I’d rec some of those fics for you:

Driving Jared Padalecki by matalinolukaret
Summary: Jared’s a movie star. He really shouldn’t be having lusty thoughts for his driver. Tell that to his dick. Words: ~2,800
Tags: jared/jensen, au, boss/employee, oblivious!jensen, drunk!jared, frottage

Our Only Valentine by brokenhighways
Summary: Unrequited love is one thing, but Jared Padalecki just happens to be in love with a hot, awesome (and very much taken) guy called Jensen that he only sees once a year – on Valentine’s Day. Words: 14,300
Tags: jared/jensen, au, valentines, jensen/danneel, jealous!jared

Dream A Little Dream Of Menagerie by cherie_morte
Summary: Jared’s got the perfect job. He runs a pet store for his boss Misha—but it’s not just any pet store. Misha’s Dream a Little Dream of Menagerie is full of creatures most people only ever imagine: tiny lantern dragons, judgmental unicorns, songbirds that sound better than any radio, and even a baby Loch Ness monster. Lately it’s been kind of hard to concentrate, however, thanks to the new on-site vet, Jensen, who has everything Jared’s perfect man would have…and a serious boyfriend on top of all that. Words: 16,139
Tags: jared/jensen, au, petstore, fairytale

Slowly (through the numbered gate) by alasse
Summary: Jared works in airport security in Vancouver’s YVR. Jensen’s an actor filming in Vancouver, and he travels a lot. Their paths cross every time Jensen has a flight home and, little by little, they get to know each other. Sequel available with Jensen’s pov. Words: 2,400
Tags: jared/jensen, au, schmoop, famous-averagejoe

Quite So, Sir and Other Code Words by forelyse
Summary: Being housekeeper to novelist Jensen Ackles should be a simple, safe job—just what Jared needs. Once burned, Jared wants to lead a pleasant but otherwise generic life. Jensen is attractive, intelligent, thoughtful and very charming! Soon Jared wants to wear all colors of the rainbow just to get Jensen to notice him, especially in that way. Words: ? (2 chapters)
Tags: jared/jensen, au, powers!jensen,boss/employee

Quite so new a thing by radiophile
Summary: Jared has got it really bad for Jensen, the hot, tattooed guy working at the local bookstore. But it takes some good timing and extreme weather conditions for him to do anything about it. Words: 7,161
Tags: jared/jensen, au, inked!jensen, bookstore, shy!jensen, christmas, bottom!jensen, top!jared

Introductions by bewaretheides15
Summary: Jensen’s stalker is cute, in a puppy rottweiler kind of way (he’s tall and huge, but obviously really shy). He seems harmless unless you watch his reactions what Jensen is on a date, or even kissing some other man… then his face changes. Oh, the look on his face makes Jensen shiver, and want. Words: 4,400
Tags: jared/jensen, stalker!jared, teasing!jensen, manhandling, bottom!jensen, top!jared, dirty talk

There’s Beauty In the Broken by righteousbros
Summary: Jared works for his family’s garden center as a landscape designer in Los Olivos, CA. He loves his job working alongside his sister Megan and his friend Stephen but at the end of the day he was no one to come home to other than his dog, Harley. One day, a young woman named Mackenzie walks into his shop and hires him to revive the grounds of the estate she just bought nearby. Jared then meets her brother Jensen, a reclusive former model and all around Hollywood bad boy who is now confined to a wheelchair and angry at the world after his losing his leg in a motorcycle accident. Words: 27,370
Tags: jared/jensen,au, landscaper!jared, boss/employee, famous-averagejoe, amputated!jensen, rps, bottom!jared, top!jensen

Never Been Called a Lovely Person by longsufferingly
Summary: Jared Padalecki’s life got fucked up the day he met Jensen Ackles. He didn’t realize just how fucked up at the time; yeah, he’d realized he was in deep shit because Jensen was clearly hot and funny and straight, which was a combination Jared felt far too familiar with, but he hadn’t known that Jensen would stick around, that the two of them would stick around each other, become friends, and actually stay together once Milo’s old lease ran out. Words: 6,000
Tags: jared/jensen, au, straight!jensen, schmoop, friends-to-lovers

Marriage And Other Modern Conveniences by scintilla10
Summary: When Jensen’s housing situation changes, Jared comes up with the perfect solution to let them both live in the married student’s dorm: a marriage of convenience. Words: 12,490
Tags: jared/jensen, au, college!fic, fake marriage, rps, bottom!jensen, top!jared

Looking For A Lesson In The Periodicals by matalinolukaret
Summary: Every week Jared brings his niece to the library like any good uncle should. The hot librarian that works there is the reason he stays. Words: 9,600
Tags: jared/jensen, au, library, nerd!jensen, frottage

Ante Up by truelyesoteric
Summary: Jensen owns a lot of hotels all over the world. Jared is his personal assistant who has been with him all over the world. They come to Vegas a couple times of year. This time is a little different. Words: 9000+
Tags: jared/jensen, au, boss/employee, drunk!jensen, rps

Imagine having dinner with Jared

I start calling Jared after the third time ringing the doorbell, it takes him a while to answer and when he finally does, he sounds tired.

“What are you doing, Jared? I’ve been at the door for fifteen minutes” I say almost growling at him.

“I’ll be there in just a second” He says in a hurry and I can hear from the outside how he runs to open the door, “Hey” He says, with a big smile and the phone still on his ear.

“You can hang up the phone now” I giggle, he laughs nervously taking the shopping bags from my hands, “Oh, thanks, they were actually quite heavy”

“Did everything go alright? Did you have a nice time?”

“At the supermarket? Well, yeah, of course. What can possibly go wrong while getting groceries?” I ask confused, I stop at the living room when I start smelling something strange, Jared’s eyes widen as he sees my face, “Is that…? Are you cooking? Because it seriously smells like something is burning”

Jared runs to the kitchen with the bags still on his hands, I follow him at my own pace and once I enter I get to see him pulling a tray out of the oven.

“Fake chicken?” I ask, trying not to laugh, Jared’s face changing from confused to upset.

“It’s vegan chicken” He corrects me, leaving the smokey tray on one of the cabinets, “Burned vegan chicken. I found this recipe online, it says 30 minutes in the oven”

“Are you sure those were 30 minutes?” I ask him standing by his side, getting a closer look to the infamous fake chicken, “Did you check it from time to time? Knowing you as I do, you left it in the oven and started doing other stuff, and came to check it when you remembered it, which probably was when I started ringing the doorbell”

“I did check it” He answers with a frown.

Jared’s chicken ends up in the garbage before I can get to suggest anything, there’s plenty of stuff in the kitchen island and I can’t help but ask what’s going on.

“Why don’t you go upstairs to freshen up? I’ll try to fix things up here”

I take Jared’s hand and give it a little squeeze, to try to calm him down, I receive a smile for an answer and a kiss on the lips.

I do as Jared says and head upstairs to change clothes into something more comfortable, remove my makeup and tidy up the room. Hurricane Jared has left the house a mess in less than three hours.

“Dinner’s ready” I hear Jared’s voice coming from the door, while I’m folding some clean clothes.

A little smile escapes from my lips as I stand from the bed to walk towards Jared, he holds my hand taking me to the dining room. At least he cleaned the first floor before calling me for dinner.

When we get to the dining room the whole table is set up for us with candles and flowers decorating the middle. I gasp at the beautiful look in front of my eyes and my free hand goes straight to cover my mouth.

“Please tell me I didn’t forget our anniversary” I beg, holding his hand tighter.

“What? Oh no, of course not”

I feel Jared’s lips on my temple as my head starts thinking of reasons for all this. I’m dragged away from my thoughts when Jared pulls me to the table and helps me sit, he sits in front of me, but then he remembers something and runs back to the kitchen. I check the table for signs of something that isn’t food, but there aren’t any small boxes or presents, so I calm down a bit.

“I forgot I’m the one serving dinner tonight” He apologizes placing a plate of soup in front of me, “It’s tomato, garlic and onion soup… Or at least that’s what it is supposed to be” He adds, shrugging embarrassed.

“It looks like tomato soup” I comment holding my spoon over the soup, “You have one thumb up”

I see a smile on his face as he watches how I take the spoon to my mouth. At first the taste of garlic blinds all the other flavors and I prepare myself to comment something nice to make Jared feel good about his food, but then, after a second bite I’m able to taste all the things I missed in the first bite, the fresh tomatoes and the pinch of onions.

“And?” Jared asks, concern all over his face.

“It’s amazing” I answer with a smile before getting another bite, “Really, I love it! Have you tasted it?”

“I did, but I didn’t thought it was that great” He mumbles, his cheeks getting a bit red, “You really liked it or you’re just saying it to make me feel good?”

“I’m being honest, J, I really really liked it, from now on you’ll be cooking the appetizers whenever we have guests, ok?”

“Ok” he accepts.

I finish the dish in seconds and wait for him to finish his. Jared gets up again and takes our plates back to the kitchen, I use the spare time to sneak on Jared, who’s serving the new plates, I can see how concentrated he is while decorating the new meal with vegetables. When he’s done, I get back to my sit and act natural. The new plate is placed in front of me and Jared gets back to his sit.

“Since the stupid vegan chicken decided to take a free ticket to hell, I had to improvise” He comments, resting his chin on his hand, “So, now we have stir-fried vegetables, rice with a special something and mushrooms”

“I didn’t forget our anniversary, it’s not my or your birthday, and this definitely isn’t a special dinner to tell me you’re pregnant” I joke while tasting the vegetables, I manage to make him laugh and continue, “So, what’s going on?

"I just wanted to make something special for you” Jared answers, sipping his water, “You’re always making nice things for me, cooking dinner, baking sweets, following me around the world in uncomfortable tour buses and planes… I thought you deserved something nice for once on my behalf”

I take his hand as I feel a lonely tear falling from my eye, I notice how embarrassed he is now that he confessed the reasons behind this special dinner and a little laugh comes out of my lips.

“You know I do all that because I love you” I say, caressing his hand on mine.

“And I love you too” he says and I finally get to see his smile again.

The special something on the rice is a mix of spices, mixing all the ingredients on the plate, an explosion of flavors covers my mouth and I notice my eyes closing at the maximum pleasure that my mouth is getting

“Another thumb up” I mumble, and I can hear him laughing while holding my hand, “I’m seriously quitting the kitchen, it’s yours now as long as you check your fake chicken whenever you cook it”

“Vegan chicken” Jared corrects me again, this time with a smile on his face, “I’m really, really glad that you liked it”

“I don’t like it, I love it, this is wonderful” I play with his fingers as I speak, “All this is simply amazing, thank you, Jared”

I can see how moved he is by my comment, his eyes watering a bit and a smile on his lips. I’m able to feel how he holds my hand tighter before letting go to keep eating.

“Mom helped a bit, I called every five minutes to ask her how much salt, or pepper and stuff like that” Jared shrugs with his eyes focused on his plate, “I seriously never thought how difficult it is to prepare something like this, how the hell do you make it seem so easy?”

“I’m glad you can finally see that cooking ain’t that easy, next time you leave half of the food on the plate to run to your studio, think twice now that you know how much effort people put while cooking” I laugh, “And I make it seem easy for you, I don’t want you to see how difficult it is for me to cook for you, I’ve never handled this much raw food till I met you”

“And I love you even more for that” He says with kind eyes and his now permanent smile.

Again, it doesn’t take me too long to finish my plate. Jared take the dishes back to the kitchen and takes his time to return with dessert.

“You made this too?” I ask surprised, seriously considering getting on my knees and bow to him.

The dessert in front of me is a chocolate tart decorated with raspberries, the piece is quite big and I’m more than certain that I would eat the whole thing.

“No, mom made it” He confesses, one of his hands running through his hair, “I didn’t know what to do for dessert, so she offered to bake that for me”

“It would have been too perfect to be true if you were the one who baked this” I giggle, and after my first bite I feel like I’m heaven, “Your mom’s hands are a gift from the gods”

Jared laughs at my comment before giving his first bite, realizing I’m not overreacting.

“Jesus…” He mumbles, “This is so good”

Jared finishes before I do and gets another piece of tart, when he asks me if I want more, I don’t let him finish when I’m already handing him my plate.

After my second piece I’m afraid that I would end up wanting more, so I take the rest of the tart to hide it in the kitchen before returning to the dining room. Jared is resting on his chair, his hand over his belly and the other cleaning his mouth with a napkin. I take the hand on his belly to pull him up and give him a hug.

“I love you, thank you for this” I whisper against his chest and I feel how he leaves a small kiss on my forehead.

“I’ll clean tomorrow” Jared mumbles, taking my hand to take me upstairs.

We are in our bedroom in no time, Jared kissing me all over my face, and my hands tracing all over his back. We fall in the bed and the kisses start losing the pace, before we know it we are both yawning, Jared hiding his face on my neck so I don’t see him.

“Maybe tomorrow” I whisper, my eyes starting to shut, “I ate too much”

“I feel like a grandpa” He yawns again, taking his shoes off, without getting up from the bed, “I’m too tired for this”

“Tomorrow” I repeat, molding my body to Jared’s, “You worked hard, you deserve some sleep”

“Sex too, but yeah… Tomorrow” he says holding me closer to him before falling asleep.