Mission Voyager

Pairing: J2

Rating: NC-17

Status: finished (possibly a verse in writing, I’m crossing my fingers for a sequel)

Word count: 130 000

Notes: Sci-fi AU, mentions of violence, mentions of suicide and suicidal thoughts, emotional and physical hurt/comfort,  minor character death, slow burn, pining, hurt!Jared, protective!Jensen, top!jensen, bottom!jared,

Summary: Earth has been colonized by a non-violent and pacifist race of aliens who have the ability to morph their bodies to look like humans and be able to live on this planet. But they believe real humans to be too violent and dangerous to keep around. It has been almost two years since Jared Padalecki ran to hide with a group of survivors since the invasion started, living in abandoned buildings and stealing supplies to survive.

But one night Jared and some friends are forced to go down to the nearest city when essential provisions are running low; yet it only ends in a disaster when they are almost caught and Jared has to pull a risky move to escape. It is right there, that Jared—sick, hurt and terrified—finds himself face to face with Jensen, an alien who works as a healer and has always felt a deep interest for the humans he was forbidden to ever meet.

When Jensen’s newly human body starts to develop all the “bad” emotions they were warned about since the moment he meets Jared—such as desire, possessiveness and all-consuming love—he has a hard decision to make: help Jared survive on a planet that not longer belongs to humans or report him to the Security Division so Jared is taken away before he can change everything Jensen is supposed to be.

My comment: This was a wonder to read! It was pretty darn close to perfect, to tell you honestly. As someone who enjoys sci-fi greatly, I really loved the plot and details of this. In general the universe itself and the fic overall was so well planned out. There were some of the romance parts that were too “everything is lovey dovey” for me considering the whole alien aspect, but then again I think most parts of this had great romance scenes (that took my breath away most of the time) and equally great action/thriller scenes that were definetly block buster worthy. If you love sci-fi and don’t have an issue with alien-who-looks-human/human sex, then you are going to love this. If not - maybe not, but it’s still amazingly written and really damn good!


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kXYJVMFZo0)


I love it, yassss.


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