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Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 63

“Follow me, baby girl.”  Jared said, stepping around me and heading towards the bedroom.

Turning to look over his shoulder, he was waiting to see HOW I followed.   Did I stay on my knees or stand and walk?   I knew the reason too.  He wanted to see if I remember the guidelines he had set previously.  Plain and simple.

By not offering his hand to help me to stand, or instructing me verbally any different, he wanted me to follow him on my knees.    I was happy to do that too.   His dominance was what I craved most.  

Crawling behind him into the bedroom, I stopped at the foot of the bed then turned around, putting my back against it.   Sitting upright on my calves, I neatly folded my hands, palms up, in my lap.  

As I found comfort in my place, I closed my eyes and my mind began to settle.  

Jared moved around the room rearranging things to where he liked them best.   I had set everything out but really had no idea how he wanted things placed, I just did my best.  

Coming to stand next to me, I felt him cup my cheek in his hand,  “You remembered.   Very good, baby girl.”  

His praise was both exciting and calming at the same time.  

Leaning into his affection, I kissed his hand,  “Thank you, Sir.”  

As his thumb caressed my cheek then moved gently over my lips, I parted them taking it into my mouth.   I thought he might pull away when he felt my tongue against the tip but he didn’t.   Instead he pushed further in.  

“Aren’t we eager this evening..”  Jared murmured, slowly pulling his thumb from between my lips.

He had no idea how eager I really was but would soon find out.  

Stepping away from me, he went to the linen closet and took two extra pillows from the top shelf along with a throw blanket.   After laying the blanket on the chair, he placed the pillows, one on top of the other in the middle of the bed.

I my eyes followed him as he walked around the room once more then went to his suitcase, opening it.   He moved some things around and I knew instantly what he was looking for.   The glass anal plug was the only thing missing.   Biting my lip, trying to not smile and give anything away, I waited.  

Loudly shutting the hard luggage case closed, he seemed frustrated as he looked one more time around the room thinking he must have missed it.   After not finding it in the bedroom, he went into the bathroom to check there again too.  

Unfortunately, Jared wouldn’t find what he was looking for in there either.  Nor would he find the black velvet box it was usually nestled in.   I was smart enough to know it was one of his favorite toys and he would go looking for it.   I ended up hiding the box between some bath towels on the counter.  

Knowing the moment of truth was fast approaching, I could feel my heart begin to race with excitement.    I have never done anything so bold for anyone else before.  

“Baby, I can’t seem to find that glass anal plug I love seeing you wear.”   Jared asked as he walked out of the bathroom,  “Do you know where it is?”

A shiver instantly pulsed through my body.  

“I do, Sir.”   I said, a slight tremble in my voice,  “May I show you?”

Jared extended his hand for me to take and helped me to stand,  “Thank you, Sir.”  

I had to move quickly before he realized what I was doing or it would ruin the surprise.   My knees were a bit wobbly from sitting the way I was and I hoped they wouldn’t give out.  

How embarrassing would THAT be?!  

Turning to the bed, I placed one knee on the edge then the other.   In one motion, I laid my hands on the mattress then leaned my chest forward bringing my cheek to the blanket.   In this submissive position, with my ass in the air, he couldn’t miss it.  He also couldn’t miss the wetness that was running down the inside of my thighs either.

“It’s right here, Sir.”  

I couldn’t see him but I could hear his shocked inhale as he realized what I had done.

Moving quicker than I thought possible, he stepped behind me, taking each cheek in his hands and pulling them apart for a better view.    

“My God, baby girl, you never cease to amaze me.”  

With one hand now flat on my lower back, pushing down, I felt the fingers of the other hand grasp ahold of the head of the plug.   Twisting it between his fingers then gently pulling it nearly out, I moaned as it passed through the tight rings that held it inside my body.  

“Ahhhhh,  Sir…”   I continued, my hands fisting in the blanket below me as he played with my body.  

Feeling fingers slip into my slick folds to tease my pussy nearly had my arms and legs collapsing in on one another.  

“You’re dripping baby.”   Jared said, using his fingers to swipe some of the moisture back to the anal plug.

Pushing the glass back into place, Jared slid his hand up my back to take a fistful of my long hair in his hand then yank me forcefully upright against his solid chest.   I could feel his heart racing, matching my own, against my back.   My scalp burned as he tightly held the back of my head to rest on his shoulder.  

Jared’s lips were against my ear.  I could barely hear him as he whispered through gritted teeth.  

“Your little unexpected surprise has made my cock painfully hard, baby girl….”

Without another word, he stepped back while at the same time harshly pulling me all the way back by my hair so I was laying backwards, flat on my calves.  My head was now at the end of the bed so he could stand above me.  If I wasn’t so flexible thanks to my yoga practice, this position wouldn’t have been possible.  

I was stunned, he moved so fast.   Using one hand flat against my forehead, pushing my head into the mattress in this pinned down position, he used the other to untie the string on his joggers letting them slide down his narrow hips.  

My eyes as wide as saucers, searched his.   I was trying to catch my breath but everything was happening so fast.   I had to though.  The look on his eyes told me so.  

Taking his steely shaft in hand, he pumped it once as he commanded me,  “Open.”  

I immediately complied, opening my mouth as wide as I could.    His cock was down my throat in an instant.    I wasn’t even able to take another full breath.  

Positioning himself so that both his knees bracketed my head, the pressure of his cock pounding my throat kept my head exactly where he wanted it.    He laid one hand in the center of my chest and the other on the bed next to me to hold himself up.  

“Uhhhh, fuck baby.”   He moaned.

My hands were gripping the blanket under me and I was doing my best to concentrate on relaxing my throat but he was really testing my gag reflex.  

“That’s right, baby,  ahhh,  keep your throat open.”  

As Jared continued to ride my mouth, he leaned forward taking my breasts in his hands.   Roughly pinching my hardened nipples between his fingertips then pulling them away from my body had whatever breath left in me coming out in a gurgled scream.   My hands grasped his wrists trying to push them from my breasts but he was far stronger than I was.  

“Let.  Go.”  

Tears pricked my eyes as I somehow managed to tear my fingers from around his wrists and take hold of the blanket under me instead.    Sensitive nipples were definitely a curse in this particular situation.  

Slowly easing up and gradually releasing my tender nipples, I moaned in both relief and pleasure.   That surprised even me because while going through it, it was far more pain than pleasure.  

Jared hadn’t cum but I could taste his saltiness against my tongue as he pulled his cock slightly back.  Leaving his tip to rest between my lips, I had no other choice but to breathe around him.  

Lapping at his tip, I savored his taste as I looked up.    My view somewhat obscured since he hadn’t pulled his cock completely from my mouth but as they slowly traveled up his tummy then his chest finally reaching his tilted back chin, I knew he was struggling for control.   Both of us still, I could now feel the vibrations coursing through his muscles as he tried to calm himself.  

Tilting his eyes down to me.  “Stay just as you are.”  Jared breathlessly instructed, finally pulling his stiff length from between my lips to move off the bed.  

“Yes, Sir.”  I said, my voice barely above a whisper.  

My chest heaved, trying to pull in as much oxygen as I could.   My legs were beginning to feel numb from being in this backwards, pretzel like position, I think this is the longest I’ve ever stayed like this before.  Wrapping my fingers tightly around my ankles, I fought the need to, at the very least, unfold my legs as I waited for Jared to return.  

While glad for a bit of a reprieve for my throat, the rest of my body ached for him.   Tilting my head back slightly, I watched him strip off his clothes.   Carelessly tossing his shirt in one direction and his pants in another, it seems as though I wasn’t the only anxious one tonight.  

Going to the wall, Jared dimmed the lights a bit lower before coming back to the bed.  

Standing above me in all his naked glory, I could feel the heat blushing my cheeks.    My GOD, I wanted him so badly.   I could feel saliva running down both sides of my cheeks just as much as I could feel anticipation dripping from my throbbing pussy.  

“I hope you’re ready, love.”  

I was already a mess but I’m not sure how ready I was, not that it mattered.  

“Tonight, your safe words will be green, yellow and red.  If you are unable to speak, I want you to snap your fingers.   Do you understand, baby girl?”  

He was stern and I could already tell what was going to happen tonight was going to be nothing like I’ve ever experienced before.  

Licking my lips as our eyes connected,   “Yes, Sir.”   I murmured.  

““Good girl.”

Falling to his knees, his hands cradled my face as he brought his lips to my forehead for a kiss far more gentle than I expected.  

Tenderly kissing from my forehead to my ear he whispered,   “I’m going to be rough and I’m going to test your limits.   You will need your safe words, use them.”

The Runaway


Slung over The Joker’s shoulder, Iris was carried across the foyer and down the hall. He had a strong hold on the back of her legs, making it impossible to move. Iris looked up through her hair and saw his men doing their best to act like they couldn’t see what was happening.

He shifted her weight on his shoulder, throwing her forward, Iris squeaked and pushed at his back trying her hardest to keep from falling. Her legs swung in front of his face as he stalked his way through the mansion. Only able to look at the ground, she tried to focus on that rather than the fact that The Joker’s butt was inches away from her face. She heard the sound of a lock popping then he opened a door, stepping inside he threw Iris onto the bed in the middle of a small dark room. 

Iris bounced up and down on the mattress, when she stopped she stared up at The Joker. He stood in the doorway looking down at her, his eyes traveling up and down her body.

“Sit tight, Kitten.” With a small bow he walked out of the room and shut the door. Iris could hear men talking on the other side of the door, then it all stopped. Iris jumped off of the bed and tiptoed over to the door, when she reached it she pressed her ear against the wood. For a while she couldn’t hear a thing, then someone began speaking again.

“Why do we have to stand here, man?”

“Boss said to babysit, so we babysit.” They were right outside the door.


Her hand floated up to the doorknob and she turned it. The door opened slightly and light seeped into the room. Through the crack she could see one of their legs, standing right next to the door. 

‘Where is the other one?’ 

“Get your ass back in there!” The door slammed shut in her face and Iris jumped back against the bed. 

‘He posted guards?’ 

Iris turned and looked around the room. Using the bed as leverage she spotted a vent high up on the wall. She ran to the other side of the bed and tried to push it to the wall.

‘Ugh, of course its too heavy.’

Iris looked around the room again, this time she saw a window and her hope began to soar. Spinning around in a small circle, she searched but there wasn’t anything to use, not a lamp or a chair not even a pen.

‘There has to be something that’ll break the window.’

Dropping to the floor, she ran her hands underneath the bed still hoping to find something to launch through the window . Just as she was about to give up her hand brushed against something cold and hard. She pulled it from under the bed, it was a gun made of heavy black metal. Looking down at the gun she had a thought and turned her attention to the door.

‘What’re you going to do, shoot through the door and just hope you hit the guards?’

Sighing she looked back down at the gun.

‘Everyone in the house would hear.’

“I could break the glass…but they’d get to me before I could get out.” Suddenly she had an idea.

Iris ran over to the window and tried the latch, it opened with ease and she decided to open up the window. She looked back at the door to see if the men heard anything; when the door didn’t open she stuck her head out and looked around for anyone posted outside.

Glancing back at the door, she swung her legs out of the window and jumped down behind the bushes. She glanced around once more, upon seeing no one, she made a break for it. Iris burst from the bushes and ran, at full speed, down the hill. When she reached the bottom she heard a man’s voice.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” Iris turned around and saw a man racing down the hill towards her. On instinct, Iris lifted the gun and pulled the trigger. The man fell to the ground with a yell and rolled the rest of the way down the hill. 

‘What have I done?’

The man finally reached the bottom of there hill and Iris stared at him until her moved. With a sigh of relief she continued down along the road. The gravel from the road bit into her feet making each step agonizingly painful.

‘You have to keep going!’ 

A car engine revved back towards The Joker’s mansion. Iris looked back and saw headlights appear over the hill. The car rolled over the hill and bearing down on her. She looked around and saw a more than convenient coppice. Leaving the road she ran towards the tree line, hoping to reach it before the car got to her. More lights flashed out of the corner of her eye, another car was heading straight for her from the other direction.

‘Oh shit!’

Iris ran faster, trying her hardest to get away; before she was able to dive into the cover of the trees, the car coming from the house cut her off. Someone on top of the car turned the floodlights on her, effectively blinding her. 

Squinting through the bright lights, she tried to turn and run the other way but was met by more floodlights, she was trapped. Iris watched as The Joker’s men filed out of the cars one by one, closing the empty spaces and completely trapping her. She looked around franticly for an opening but there wasn’t one.

“Fuck…” She froze when she saw him step between his men. His teeth glinted through his open mouth in the obtrusive lights. The weight of his stare was too much, it made her feel small and insignificant. As a last ditch effort, Iris raised the gun at The Joker hoping that it would stop him, but he kept walking.

Iris shut her eyes and pulled the trigger, instead of the loud bang she was expecting there was only a click. She opened her eyes and saw The Joker standing in front of her pressing his forehead against the barrel of the gun. Her eyes flicked between him and the gun; a devious smile spread across his face and disappeared just as quickly as it came.

With one hand he snatched the gun from her and slapped her with the other. Iris fell to the ground with a scream; holding onto her cheek, she had no time to react, he was on top of her in seconds, his hands secure around her throat.
Iris gasped for breath under his grasp. Somehow she was able to roll him over, once he was on his back she tried to get up and run but he grabbed her leg and threw her back on the ground. She landed hard scraping her arm and leg.

He was on her again but before he had the chance to wrap his hands around her throat again, she balled up her fist and took a swing, hitting him in the jaw. The Joker land on the ground holding his jaw in his hand. Smiling he motioned for his men to take her; two of them stepped out of line and went to pick her up, the one who made it to her first grabbed her by the bodice of the dress that Bruce bought her, ripping it.

“Take her back to the room.” The Joker said, picking himself off of the ground.

“Boss, are you sure, she already escaped once.” One of the men holding her said. Dramatically, Joker rolled his eyes and pulled out his gun, he shot the man who had questioned his judgement. The man dropped to the ground almost taking her with him, the other one holding her was the only thing keeping her on her feet.

Another stepped in and took his place. Then he aimed the gun directly at Iris’ head. She did something that surprised both her and The Joker, Iris stood her ground and stared at Joker, ignoring the gun. He laughed as he put the gun back in its holster.

“Go.” with that simple word the men holding her dragged her to one of the cars. Iris looked back, she saw The Joker smoothing back his hair with both hands and gesturing to the dead man on the ground. They forced her into the back seat and sped off back to the mansion, ripping up the grass around them.

She was yanked out of the car and dragged indoors. Iris jerked her body hard enough to free herself from both of the men, back handing on to give herself a chance to get away but the other caught her before she could run any further.

“He just murdered one of your friends and you’ll just do whatever he says!?” Iris screamed as she was carried back to the room, he opened the door and threw her on the floor.

“Ugh, you bastard!” iris jumped up and lunged at him. The man slapped her, not as hard as The Joker had, and threw her back on the floor.

“He wasn’t a friend and this is just business.” His partner walked into the room, He bent down and grabbed Iris’ chin roughly turning her head into the light.

“The boss isn’t going to be happy about what you did to his little toy.” She pulled her head away from him, he chuckled while walking to guard the window. The one who’d hit her looked away but not before Iris saw fear flash across his face. 

“There in no way out of this…’

Iris sat up and pulled her knees to her chest, staring at a small patch of light on the floor in front of her. She sat there, with her guards, and they waited together for what was to come next. 


The Kid of Mars – Chapter 75 – The walls that we built from bottles and pills

Later that day Catherine dragged herself to bed. She was really tired, with Jared absent she had been accumulating more and more responsibilities at work, some of them weren’t even directly related to her original functions but someone had to keep the boat sailing and she knew that the only people Jared fully trusted was she and Emma. Moreover, the fact that she was almost eight months pregnant wasn’t exactly helping her either.

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One Shot

I couldn’t help myself from staring. It was becoming a problem.

He’d just walk through the room and I’d have to stop whatever I was working on just to watch him. He was always moving both gracefully and with a kind of manic determination. It was impossible for me to keep my eyes on my laptop screen when I heard his voice echo in the hallway, knowing he’d soon be checking up on our work.

He always had us doing 5 million things at the same time.

“Did you call Scott to ask about that car I want to use for the film? We have to have that,” he asked off-handedly, never looking up from his phone. We were all sitting at our desks in the otherwise empty room, but Jared never sat down when he came to see us.

“And we need to do another contest where I’ll Skype with a fan. Someone tweet that out.”

He put his hand on his hip, typing a text as he paced along the tile floor. My eyes focused on a bit of skin on his hip exposed where his hand was lifting up his shirt.

His frantic pacing would have annoyed me if he wasn’t so beautiful to look at. He radiated a magnetic sexual energy even when he was bossing us around. I started to bite my thumb absentmindedly as my gaze drifted to the way his ass looked in his white sweatpants.

And then he caught me.

His eyes met mine. There was a flash of acknowledgement between us. His expression meant only one thing. Busted.

I quickly looked away and started pretending to type something on my computer.

This wasn’t the first time he’d noticed me looking at him. But I figured he was used to that. And it wasn’t like I hadn’t made it known to him – in the only work-appropriate ways I could – that I was interested.

Over the past few months, I had tried to make a point to touch him if he was asking me to do something. I’d talk a bit too loudly and run my fingers through my hair. It wasn’t hurting anyone and I wasn’t throwing myself at him. He made me too nervous to do that anyway.

Jared’s phone buzzed and I knew that was his cue to leave. “I got some champagne brought in for you guys, you should drink it tonight when you’re done with work,” he said. “Don’t say I never do anything for you.


It was 1 a.m. and I was still in the office. A plastic cup of $200-a-bottle champagne sat in front of me turning warmer and flatter by the minute. But I still had one thing I needed to figure out for Jared before I could start drinking.

I was in the zone in front of my computer when felt someone pull the headphones from my ears.


I knew before I glanced up whose voice that was.

“Oh, hey,” I said, trying not to look him in the eye. When he got this close to my face, the intensity in his blue eyes made me want to jump out of my skin.

“Hey,” he said softly. “Go home.”

He had his hand on my shoulder.

“I have one thing I still have to do,” Without even thinking, my eyes locked straight ahead of me on the laptop screen, I raised my hand up and graced my fingers along his.

He sighed and lifted his hand from mine.

“We need to do something about you always hitting on me at work,” he said slowly and playfully, bending down so his lips were nearly against my ear.

He was so close to me now. I was dying inside for him to kiss me but I couldn’t turn my head. I knew I’d be a goner.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t even think you noticed. You never had a reaction.”

“You work here. What kind of reaction did you want me to have?”

Too close. Too close.

As if I willed him to do so, he finally moved away from my face and started pacing the room.

I turned my chair around, my eyes following him despite myself.

“It’s just gotten awkward for me,” he said through a smile. “I think the only way to resolve this is I’ll just have to let you blow me.”

I burst out in a laugh. “What?!”

His phone rang.

“You heard me.”

He was serious. I think.

He answered his call and then sat down in a big loveseat in front of me across the room. His eyes were fixed on me and he smiled slightly to himself.

Then he proceeded to talk on the phone while staring at me for a good 20 minutes.

He had literally never sat on the phone in the office before. I tried to go back to work but whenever I looked up, he was looking right back at me.

My mind was racing. Jared, get off the goddamn phone and finish this conversation. Do you really want me to blow you, or are you just kidding around? If I act on whatever it is that’s going on here, am I going to get fired?

Every minute that he kept talking on the phone I was getting more and more anxious. I eyed the champagne in front of me, gulped it down and grabbed for the bottle to pour another. I slammed that one down too, the bubbles stinging in my throat.

 I had an idea. It was a crazy thought, but I realized I wanted Jared more than I wanted a job as essentially one of his office slave girls.

I decided to go for broke.

While he was still on the phone, I got up and went into the other room.

Before I could lose my nerve, I stripped off everything I had on except my plain black thong – I thought he might like it – and walked as confidently as I could back into the room and toward my desk without looking in his direction.

“I gotta go.” I heard him set down his phone before I could even sit down. I turned to look at him. I had his full attention at last.

“Come here,” he said in a whisper. Everything started to blur together as he pulled me down on to his lap on the soft cushions and ran his hands over my thighs.

He came in close, putting his forehead against mine and looking me right in the eyes. But he wouldn’t kiss me. His lips went right to my ear again.

“Turn around.”

He spun me around so my head fit into the crook of his neck and his hand had easy access to every part of me. His fingers just lightly stroked at my core and I was already so sensitive and ready to be touched that I loudly sighed.

I was surprised that he hadn’t even missed a beat. I should have done this a long time ago.

With every graze of his hand, I lightly moaned. It was mildly embarrassing how much I wanted him at this point and he knew it.

“Oh, you’re a loud one huh? Dirty girl.” He said, laughing.

I couldn’t laugh back because I couldn’t breathe. I was frozen there, waiting to see what he would do next.

He kept moving his fingers, first against me and then inside me. His other hand moved up to grip my throat.

“I really shouldn’t be doing this,” he said. “You could get me in trouble.”

“I won’t. I swear.”

I started to grind against him and I could feel he was just as turned on as I was. His erection was pressed up against my ass and I moved against him over and over as he stroked in and out with his hand.

I needed him to fuck me. He hadn’t even kissed me yet. I needed more.

I stopped him and climbed off the couch. I felt completely exposed in the moment – me fully nude and him completely dressed.

I got down on the floor in front of him, the cold tiles pressing into my knees. He worked his clothes down just enough to free himself from the fabric. I enthusiastically took what I could of him into my mouth, working fast. Probably too fast. I didn’t want this to be over but I just wanted so much to please him. I’d been thinking about it for so long.

Jared could read my mind.

“You’ve probably been dreaming of all this for a while,” he said, grabbing at my hair to pull me back up to him. “But you don’t have to fit everything into one go around, it’s not a race.”

“I want to put some thought into it,” he said.

“What?” I said back breathlessly, still kneeling in front of him, the burning inside me threatening to eat me alive. “Into what?”

“Into fucking you.”

And that was when I attacked him.

I climbed on top of him, my naked skin cool against his clothes, and pushed him deep inside me, pausing for a moment to take in every sensation. I was so close already I felt like I could climax right there without moving.

He was trapped under me, his hands grabbing at my ass hard. I started to move on top of him, slowly at first but soon I was desperate and moving fast. He tried to stop me, to force me to be more subtle by grabbing my hips but it was too late.

I had watched him for so long and wanted to do this for ages. I moved against him roughly, the tension rising again at my core.

He moaned against my neck and I could feel his sweat against me.

“Oh, fuck it,” he said. He started moving quickly against me as we sped our way to a tangled, loud, screaming finish line 

When it was over and I could breathe again, I lifted my head from his shoulder and he grabbed my chin to kiss me. It was a surprisingly soft, gentle kiss, his tongue just moving for a moment against mine.

“Next time, we can make out,” he said with a big, genuine grin.

Just like that, I was suddenly afraid maybe I was going to fall in love with him.

The Premier

The whole day was spent getting ready, hair, makeup, nails and the everything in between. It was your first premier with Jared, it was really your first public stunt with him and it made you even more nervous that the people would try and eat you alive.
Pictures have been snapped left and right of you two but this was official, this was going to be like your first real date in the spotlight, on purpose.
Your hair curled loosely and falling down to your middle back, the lipstick you wore was a deep red that contrasted your skin perfectly. The dress, a strapless chiffon. It was a deep purple that faded into a more lilac color at the bottom. You couldn’t afford a name brand like Dior and there was no way you were going to let Jared buy you a dress of that extent.
You were ready early, pacing the floors of your loft, nerves were evident and you couldn’t even to hide them. You weren’t even sure the curvy smile from Jared would ease your nerves but it was a wishful thought. Your phone buzzes in the small black clutch and it’s Jared letting you know he’s on his way, you didn’t even respond. You ran back into the bathroom and readjusted your dress and hair, fixing any minuscule detail of your makeup and the doorbell rings making you almost jump out of your skin.
Running your hands down your dress as you walk to the front door, your heels clicking against the tile floor as you make your way to the front door, breathing in deep and opening the door.
Jared stands there with a bright smile, his hair pulled back into a bun and his tux full black and white. The smile you gave wasn’t forced at all, despite what he was wearing you could almost forget where you were going.
“You look beautiful, amazing.” His voice was soft as he stepped up and pulled you into a soft hug, not wanting to mess up your attire.

“You too, I mean, thank you and you look nice. Handsome. You look really good. Holy shit I’m nervous.” You laugh into the hug and after he pulls away.

He laughs with you, rolling his eyes and taking your hand and closing the door behind you, “That’s expected but I won’t leave your side, you’ll be fine once we get there. It’s not as bad as it probably seems.”

Your hand twists in his, linking your fingers together as you walk to the limo, the driver holding the door open for you both. You give him a soft smile taking in what he says, believing it as you always believed every word he ever said and him not giving you a reason to doubt him.
The limo is dark, two glasses of champagne poured already and you smile in his direction taking one for yourself and leaving the other. You didn’t drink but given the circumstances he wouldn’t of poured the glasses if he didn’t expect you to take one.
You could feel Jared’s icy eyes on you, setting the glass down you looked over at him with a smile.

“What?” A soft laugh escaped you, the nerves calming down just a little bit.

“Did you do what I asked?” His hand moves over your lower back and to your hip furthest away from him. His fingers curl around the fabric of your thong from the outside of your dress, “Remember? I asked specifically for you to not wear this.” He pulls it and let’s it snap against your skin.

Your skin warming up from the mix of his stern voice and his warm hands on your body. You didn’t think he was serious though, not for your first premier and with all your nerves. The smile drops from your face with your eyes still on him, you stay quiet, not sure what to say because you see he’s serious.

“Go ahead, take them off now. I’ll hold them for you.” His eyebrow twitches up with his last word, his voice just as stern as before.

“Jared…” you give a nervous laugh, it felt so good to obey him but for something like this, you weren’t putting your foot down but you weren’t going to give in that easy.

He leans over, his eyes up to you and his lips pressing against your bare shoulder, “Its going to be a long night with some boring people. I want to make sure you’re taken care of the whole night.” One of his hands goes for the hem of the dress, his lips moving into your neck.

The smell of his cologne Dillon your senses with the touch of his lips and now hand moving up your calf had you biting the corner of your lip. You were sure he would wait till you were both back in the car for anything, it being to risky to pull a stunt like that in public, in this kind of publicity.
His hand moves to the inside of your knee where he gave you a firm squeeze, “I’m not exactly asking right now either.” His breath was hot against your neck, a new trail of kisses up to your ear, “I want you to be ready for me whenever I want you tonight.”

All you could do was nod your head and he pulled his hand and lips away from you, siting back against the seat, watching you. You scooted down on the seat and pulled up the dress to your thighs, your thumbs hooking into the fabric and inching them down over your ass. They weren’t soaked by any means but they definitely weren’t dry. You rolled the black lace down your calves, looking at him as you took one foot out at a time and then handed it to him.
His smile devious as he took them from you and balled them up to stuff in his pocket, “That’s my girl.” He smiled a little wider and kissed the corner of your mouth, not wanting to smudge your dark lipstick.

The limo comes to a stop, pulling you both up to the red carpet. A real red carpet event, he looked at you, seeing the nerves come crawling back to the surface and he grabbed onto your hand, “It’s going to be fine. Careful being so pent up though baby, it will just take you longer to cum.” He smirks at you, you push his arm with a light laugh and roll your eyes.

The underwear missing leaving nothing to catch how wet you were except your thighs. He had a way with words, when he wanted to be sweet, passionate, serious and when he wanted to be dirty. It became a crippling weakness for you and he knew it.
The door opens, Jared’s face is first and the flashes start, he lets go of your hand to step out and to the side, his hand peeking out for you to grab onto. Another deep breath and you grab onto it, stepping out of the limo as gracefully as you possibly can.
The flashes are just as blinding as you thought they’d be, his name being called left and right, which gives you no sense of direction where to actually look. Once you take a few steps he lets go of your hand at sets it at your hip, he nudges or points for where you should be looking. The nerves and decreasing and you know it’s only because of the rush of it all. It’s a constant move, stopping for seconds and the flashes go crazy and then you both continue with a few more steps.
You can’t even remember if you were smiling or not, it was over just as quick as it started but you smiled wide at Jared once you were inside the building. You bit your lip noticing his hand in his front pocket, the pocket your panties were stuffed in. You swallowed and felt your pussy walls clench from the sight.
It was a movie premier, the set up was round tables all over and a huge projector screen in the front. There were appetizers being served and you tuned them down as one of the waiters stopped in front of you, Jared did too and smiled at you before walking in and along the outskirts to find our place.
There were a few hellos to some of his friends and acquaintances, you were start struck for sure, barely getting a full hello out at some points. You finally make it to the table, taking your seat, Jared scooting his chair closer to you. His hand resting on your knee and you give him a sideways glance, moving two of your fingers to intertwine with his.
He keeps his hand still and You’re grateful, not sure how much you could take right now. A few people come on stage in front of the projector screen, they say a few words and you keep your attention forward even though you can see Jared’s glances at you in your peripheral view. You finally look his way with a bright smile, you were excited to be there, the hardest part seemed over every though eyes were still on you it wasn’t as obvious. He returned the smile and kissed your shoulder again.
The lights dim considerably, you can hear a few people adjusting in their seat and you get a little bit more comfortable, leaning your shoulder against his. He turns his head in your direction slightly, just enough for you to hear his words.

“You look so beautiful tonight baby… I can’t wait to take my time with you later.” His hand on your knee moves up and you can feel the jump in your skin, “I love how wet you get for me, do you think I could make you that wet right here?” His voice was quiet and directed at you.

Your mouth opened with a breath, closing it with a light smile not sure how to react, you didn’t answer his question though, your body and mind trying to catch up to each other.

“You didn’t answer the question baby…” his hand jerks up to your center, his four fingers cupping your pussy and the heat from his hand matches the heat your giving off.

You bite down hard on your own teeth and let a slow breath out of your nose, your shoulders tense up. “Yes. Yes you could!” Your voice hushed but frantic.

His fingers move against you, rubbing your now throbbing pussy over your dress. Your legs spread open a few inches and one of your hands goes to his wrist and the other holds the side of the chair. Your hips move slowly to rub against his hand, your veins warming from his touch, you look around the table and their eyes are still set on the screen, it’s just a preview not the whole movie and you’re becoming more desperate and more flushed by the second. Your hairs at the back of your neck sticking to your skin, your hips moving harder against his hand until he presses hard and pushes you hard to sit back in the chair.

“Jared…” You bite your lip, your wet, throbbing and desperate for him to move again.

“What? What do you want? Do you want me to slip my fingers into your tight pussy right now or would you rather have me find a spot so I can fuck you?” His arm was now on the back of your chair and his mouth near your ear.

He flipped his hand and was now holding your wrist, he brought your hand over his hardening cock and your walls tightened around nothing, your hips wanting to grind over the edge of the chair right now if you could. Your head snapping towards him, seeing the seriousness in his eyes as they fell on your lips.

“Take me somewhere, please baby.” Your words breathless in a whisper towards him, your hand moving over his cock, feeling the ridge of his head through his slacks.

He stands up quietly, running his hand over your shoulders for you to follow, you excuse yourself with a nervous smile and follow behind Jared casually. Not wanting to quicken your steps to catch up to him until you were out of the view of everyone. Your thighs wet once you stood up and a new rush came over you, you grabbed his wrist with a laugh to tell him to slow down.
His face let’s you know where his mind is at, his hand back in the pocket with your underwear and now trying to his bulge in his slacks. You smile at the few security guards around, he knocks on a door, there’s no label on it and when no one responds he opens it up and it’s a storage closet, there’s racks full of cleaning supplies and a few mops and brooms in a corner.
Jared looks back and forth before shoving you in, he closes the door behind him and you’re controlling your laughter when he slams your back up against the wall. His movements and hands are rough, needy and they have you falling into a puddle. His mouth connecting with yours and his tongue slipping into your mouth while he groans into you. His hand reaching under your knee, hiking it up to his hip. You bunch up your dress, pulling it up as your hips stay away from the wall, your heel keeping you at a height to feel his cock against you.
He wrapped one arm around your lower back, his other hand working his pants down, the sound of the zipper has you biting your lip. Your hands set on his shoulders, your nails already digging in from anticipation.

“Tell me what you want, let me hear what my dirty little slut wants me to do to her.” His voice quiet, he face only inches from yours.

You feel his soft head rub through your folds, he’s eyes look down and if the dress wasn’t in the way he’d be able to see what he was doing, “I want you to fuck me, daddy.” You bite your bottom lip after you speak, your eyes staring back at his.

His eyes alone were enough to make you feel things, feel what he was feeling or make you feel what he wanted you to. He didn’t even know the control he had over you but you loved it, you loved being under his spell.
He let out a hum of approval, you could hear the groan in his chest as he pressed his thick cock into you. You do your best to stay out but it’s really his arm around your back that holds you still as he inches into you. Both of your mouths open, breathing in each other’s air becomes intoxicating.
Your pussy accommodates him with a light sting, his hips roll back just to inch himself into you more. Your head back against the wall and his breaths hit the skin on your neck creating a haze in your head.
He keeps himself deep, just letting his hip roll into you with short strokes, your breaths already uneven, your ankle hooking behind his thigh and a loud moan escaping you without a warning. You can feel his soft breaths wash over you with his laugh and you laugh with him, pushing his shoulders back and kissing him at the same time his thrusts his hips deep. He keeps his mouth over yours to try and quiet the cry, biting your bottom lip with a groan before he pulls away and sets the steady and rough pace you’ve grown to love.
The supply closet is full of sounds, the breathing and the sound of his skin against mine, the groans and the occasional cries that slip out when he hits that perfect spot.

“Daddy, I’m so close, please don’t stop.” you don’t even care how loud your voice is at this point, all you want is this and him, your hips working to meet his movements, his pace relentless and hard to keep up with, the racks next to you become leverage as you grab onto one to lift yourself up more but it only lasts for so long before things start falling off.

“I need you to cum baby, fucking cum!” His voice so commanding it almost doesn’t feel like you have another option.

Your eyes close tight and your breathing stops right at the point of your climax, he keeps going until that first rush hits and he buries himself deep inside of you. Your body comes back alive, your walls tight around him and your nails piercing into his skin when you feel him release in you.

“Fucking take it you slut.” He groans louder than before and kisses you hard, your head hitting back against the wall.

It was euphoric, feeling every inch of him pulse into you, your leg planted on the ground almost giving out completely. His words making your pussy flutter around him again. He kept himself there for a few seconds, kissing your neck as he let his own high settle before he started pulling out and he stops just past his head.

“Now, you’re going to hold my cum in you. Understand? We don’t want that running down your thighs now do we baby?” His voice softer but his eyes still stern, you nod your head letting a soft “Yes.” Leave your lips.

He pulls out the rest of the way, your pussy clenching as hard as it can, sending another spasm through your body from it. His hand on your leg running up your thigh softly before letting it down and kissing you again.
You watch him adjust himself and you do the same, fixing your hair and dress, grabbing your clutch off the ground and adjusting your makeup which wasn’t that bad despite your lipstick. He opens the door and walks out, not even giving it a glance first, his hand on your back guiding you and every step you take it becomes harder to hold, you’re slipping and you’ve barley made it past the door. You let out a heavy breath, Jared looking over at you and you know he’s telling you to do it and if you don’t you know he’s going to make you pay for it later, which sounds a lot better than this.

“I have to pee.” You whisper but knowing what he wants you take off ahead of him and go into the nearest bathroom, closing a stall door and disobeying him, you bite you’re lip as your phone vibrates.

“You did that on purpose. Just wait until we get back to my place.” You read the text and your stomach flips.

You finish up and smile brightly at him, it’s half returned and you laugh lightly as he puts his hand back on your lower back to lead you back into the premier.

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 56

“But, but….Sir, umm…” I said, tripping over my words.

In any other circumstance, I would never push him away, especially if he wanted to go down on me. He’s absolutely amazing. But as it stands now, after just having sex with cum everywhere I felt self-conscious. I couldn’t believe he was going to do what I thought he was going to do.

Trying to halt his decent under the blankets, my hands gripped his shoulders for dear life, “PLEASE, wait!”


I didn’t even know how to word what I wanted to say without sounding like an idiot. As I struggled to find the right ones, he continued to kiss across my tummy to my other hip.

“Hmmm…why would I wait?”

I could feel Jared’s smirk even though I didn’t see it. He was enjoying my struggle.

As his lips drifted down, he pulled himself from my grip. He was making it hard to think and he knew it. Frustration and pleasure are quite a combination.

“God…I umm..”

After giving me another second to figure out what I was trying to say, he continued moving further down, now just above my clit.

“Sir…umm… I don’t… I mean, this isn’t..” I stumbled over every word that fell from my lips as his cool breath on my skin gave me chills.

So much for trying to not sound stupid.

Jared skimmed his hands down the tops of my thighs and I stiffened, pressing my head into the pillows. When I felt his palms slip to the inside of my thighs and begin to push them apart, that’s when I panicked and that panic immediately untied my tongue.

Picking my head up off the pillow, “No!” I cried, even too loud for my own ears, “It’s messy down there.”

I could not stress that enough. Like, it was REALLY messy. I don’t think he realizes and the thought of him being completely grossed out was mortifying.

Lifting his head up, he cocked it to the side as his eyebrow shot up, “No?”

His expression said it all. With one look, he very clearly got across that he was not pleased. It had me immediately backing down. ‘No’ was the wrong choice of word, regardless of the context.


“I’m sorry, Sir.”

I realized I could protest all I wanted, it wouldn’t matter. The fact that I didn’t want him to go down there face first had no baring on his decision. All I could try to do was sit back and enjoy, which felt like a pretty steep order.

Without another word, Jared bowed his head to my hip, only this time it wasn’t a little nip he gave me. His teeth clamped down hard as he roughly pushed my thighs apart.


Lifting his eyes to mine before going any further, “Now be a good girl and do as you’re told.”

As my pussy lips fell open, I could feel remnants of earlier dripping out of me. My hands covered my face, I felt mortified. I can’t even imagine what his reaction will be when he gets a mouthful of that sticky, gooey mess.

“Yes, Sir.” I mumbled, scrunching my eyes closed.

From my experience, men usually get so freaked out at the thought of tasting their own cum. That always seemed crazy to me, women taste themselves all the time and we don’t find it gross.

Jared never seemed to have much of a problem with a little here and there, I knew that. This was different though, there was way more than what was left in my mouth after he came in it.

Content I knew my place and would keep any further protests to myself, Jared settled himself between my open thighs.

Once comfortable, he used his thumbs to gently pull open my outer lips, exposing my most sensitive parts. Flattening his tongue, I could feel the very tip of it at the bottom of my opening, just before he licked from there to my clit.

My hands gripped the sheets as I moaned, “Ohhh Goddd, Siirrrr.”

I was really stupid to ever doubt he knew what he was doing. He did, as he always does. And as with everything he does, this was equals incredible.

Jared understood all my worries and made sure I could quickly toss them out the window. He knew I’d need to know he was okay before I could be comfortable enough with myself to enjoy the pleasure he was going to give me.

The only way to do that was to dive right in and that’s exactly what he did.

Using the tip of his tongue to slowly circle my sensitive bud, I had a hard time trying to be still. My hips were already moving and as my body began to tremble, he flicked it a few times more before zig zagging back down to the bottom of my opening.

“Ahhhh… Mmmyyyy… Ahhh…” I moaned, instinctively trying to spread my legs wider.

Fuck me. I don’t know how much more of an amazing lover he could be.

My walls began to clench as little bolts of lightening shot through my body. Every insecurity I originally had, long forgotten. I wanted his mouth on me and his tongue in me.

“Ohhhh… ohhh…” I moaned, my hands now twisted in the sheets, “Feels so, so good…”

After zig zagging over my opening again, his attention was back on my throbbing clit. It wasn’t until I felt him suck it between his lips, rolling his tongue around it then pressing two fingers into my pussy that my hands made their way into his hair.

As he worked my sensitive clit with his mouth, while his long fingers hit my g-spot with each thrust, I was in pure ecstasy. My fingers were woven so tightly in his hair, holding his mouth to me, it would be hard for him to pull away.

“Oh myy goddddd, Sir…” I cried out, pressing the back of my head into the pillows as I brought my legs to his back.

Jared’s shoulders held my legs open, despite my best efforts to close them. His tongue and fingers, the way he was sucking my clit, was all so intense. Part of me wanted to push his torturous mouth away and the other part wanted to pull him harder on me.

He commanded me to cum and I can say in complete honesty, my body was already racing there. I was so close but far from ready for this to be over.

Jared continued to work my pussy without abandon and I was teetering on the edge, not sure I could will myself to hold back much longer.

“Sir… I’m so, so close…” I said in a strangled moan, “Please, Sir, please!”

He didn’t allow me to teeter long.

Releasing my clit, and pulling his fingers from my pussy, I thought he was pulling away. Instead, I felt those same fingers circling my puckered hole.

My eyes shot open as I pushed my body up, “Ohhh ahhhhh…”

I was so turned on, so wet, as he pushed them into my tightness, my legs slipped off his back as I spread my legs wider.

“That’s my good girl..” I heard him say, placing his hand on my tummy, “Mmmm…”

With his thumb now teasing my clit, he dropped his mouth lower to hover over my pulsing opening. Using the tip of his tongue to rim the outer edge of it, then weave it between my folds, I was speechless.

My body felt totally out of control, I unconsciously began to rock my hips up, thrusting harder against his mouth as I rode his fingers.

“Ohhh myyy goddd, ohhh godddd…..”

Every muscle in my body tensed in anticipation and as soon as Jared felt it too, he drove the length of his tongue into my pussy. Flicking it against my quivering walls, fucking me, my orgasm ripped through my body so hard it knocked the wind out of me.


Licking and sucking as I toppled into bliss, I moaned in pure delight all the way down. Feeling lightheaded, Jared didn’t slow down until I did, allowing me to enjoy every second of this incredible ride.

Breathless, my chest was still heaving but slowly, my senses began to return. My fingers gently untangled from his hair though, his lips never left my skin. I could feel little kisses as he gently eased his fingers from my body.

“You are so incredible…” I said as the top of Jared’s head began to peak up from under the blankets, “I don’t know how else to say it..”

Trailing kisses as he moved, the last one was left on the center of my chest.

Jared was pretty breathless himself, finally coming to rest on top of me. With his chin on my shoulder, our arms went around each other as I pulled my leg to rest across his lower back.

“I can’t believe you did that..” I whispered, shaking my head while my fingers caressed his damp skin.

Pushing himself up so we were face to face, he asked, “Why not?”

“Because..” I said shyly, looking away.

“Look at me.”

Jared shifted slightly and I could feel his hard cock at my entrance.

“Tasting us turns me on.”

Biting my lip, “Me too.” I said as I spread my legs a bit wider.

Weaving my hands in his hair again, only this time gentler, I pulled his lips to mine. I could taste us on his tongue and knew exactly what he meant. I loved our taste too.

As soft kisses began to deepen, he gently pushed his cock into my pussy. His width stretching my walls made me flinch, “To sore, baby?”

“No, never…” I whispered, kissing him again.

Regardless of how sore I will ever be, I’d rather feel him inside me, connected, rather than not. Soreness be damned.

Once he was as far as he could go, we relaxed into each other’s embrace. Our arms and legs intertwined, both sighing in unison. These were our last few minutes before the chaos of the day began.

“The alarm is going to go off any second but this is a nice place to wait, baby girl…”

So, I’ve realized that I wrote quite a bit of Imagines :) and I thought it would be a good idea to put up a masterlist for you.

Feel free to send requests for future imagines, I’d be more than happy to write them.


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Non-Jared writing

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The Kid of Mars  - Masterlist (part 2)

Here you have the next 20 chapters. Sorry for my absence but I promise the new chapter will be out soon. 





















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It was dark outside but it felt darker in my mind.
I sat outside looking up into the sky, I became jealous of the twinkling light from the stars amongst the black background. I wished that’s what it was like, I wished that’s what it felt like in my mind, that even through all the darkness there were specs of light.
I pressed the home button on my phone checking the time, 2am.
I let out a heavy sigh and made my way back inside the apartment and back into bed. Bringing the blankets up to my chin and my knees curled to my chest, I close my eyes and try my best to fall asleep knowing I have to be up in four hours to start the day. 

I groan as my alarm blares from the bedside, I grab my phone and snooze it. I roll on my back, rub my burning eyes and lay there until your alarm sounds five minutes later.
I bring my feet to the cold tile and proceed to the bathroom in order to start getting ready for the day. I throw my hair in a bun and apply a little amount of makeup before heading out the door in black jeans and a black t-shirt.

I pulled up to the coffee shop I worked at and headed inside, I get behind the counter and throw on an apron. The store doesn’t open for another thirty minutes but I let a few special customers in early to beat the crowd, paparazzi and fans.
The knock on the front door is my cue and I go unlock the front door and let the two men in, wearing sweatshirts and sunglasses like always. 

“Good morning Shannon, Jared.” I lock the door once they are in. 

“Morning.” Shannon’s tired voice is deep and he yawns right after he speaks. 

“Good morning.” Jared is a little more awake as he pulls the sweatshirt off and tucks his sunglasses in his pocket. 

I get back behind the counter and start their usual order, the old manager used to do this for them and she let me in on the secret once she moved and left me in charge.
Jared comes and leans on the ‘pick up’ counter while Shannon takes a seat at one of the tables close by. 

“You didn’t sleep again, huh?” Jared keeps his voice low. 

I roll your eyes at him, “You look nice today too, Jared.“ 

He pats his hand against the counter softly to get my attention, “You know I didn’t mean it like that, you always look nice but I can see it in your eyes.“ 

“Here you go Shannon.” I place the drink next to Jared’s arm ignoring his comments but I can feel his eyes on my every move. 

Jared picks up the coffee and takes it to Shannon who gives me a nod with a smile.
Jared makes his way back to the counter and leans forward on it again. 

“Why didn’t you call? I told you it doesn’t matter what time of the morning or night.” He lets out a sigh as I give him the look to drop it. 

“Here.” I set his cup down a little harder than usual. 

“Look, I didn’t mean…” I cut him off. 

I move so I can lean against the counter as well lean close enough so he can hear me whisper, “I know, but you have to stop this. I can’t run to you when things are bad, you won’t be here forever.“ 

I come back around the counter and Shannon gets up and follows me to the front door, he pulls me into a quick hug and says thanks for the coffee, he starts walking up the street. Jared stops at the door and pushes it closed, I can feel his stare as he is waiting for me to look up at him.
I break my stubbornness and meet his icy eyes. 

“Everything will be fine, whatever is going on up there.” He uses his pointer finger to gently tap my temple, “Will be just fine." 

He goes and catches up with Shannon and I leave the door unlocked for the day.


I had just met with my manager and she had told me she was promoting me because she was moving, I was excited about the position and the new income but she mentioned a few special customers that come in a few times a week before hours and she wanted to introduce us before she left. 

"OK, so they are big time and they love the our coffee big time. It’s usually two of them, they are brothers but occasionally the older one comes in alone and vice versa.” Kerri, my manager, tells me to sit at the table with her using her hands to motion the open seat. 

“Oh, ok. So what, what do I do?” I can feel the anxiety start to spike inside me. 

“Just treat them like regulars, they are regular people and we have created a really good relationship and I don’t want to lose that. You know 30 Seconds To Mars, yeah?” A grin appears on her face probably in response to my own facial expression. 

“You’re kidding?” My mouth is hung open and I can’t configure another sentence. 

“No, I’m not sweetie. For the next month I’ll have you come here early and I’ll let you make their drinks and meet them. They come, they get coffee and sometimes talk and then they go before we open to avoid the crowds.” She hands me a set of keys for the coffee shop, “It’s yours now. You’ll do great, ok? Everything will be just fine." 

We both stand and she pulls me in for a hug.
I’ve been working for Kerri for almost two years and we have grown to become close friends. This move wasn’t just hard on the business, it was hand on me personally.

The next week the Leto brothers come in everyday, the first day I was a nervous mess and thankfully they were extremely kind about it. They stayed longer than usual to talk and get to know me a little bit and to make me feel at ease.
They both were pretty quiet about themselves which is understandable.
The next few days go by and it definitely got easier to be around them but not necessarily easier to look at them.
Jared with the long ombré hair and bright blue eyes, even first thing in the morning they were brighter than the sky.
Shannon with his darker demeanor and hazel eyes that are much more piercing in person than in pictures. 

The month passes and things are going just fine between me and my new customers. They come in pretty constantly but they both gave me their number just in case they decide not to come in so I could sleep in if I wanted, little do they know sleep is an enemy of mine.
My personal spiral started after the first month, once Kerri left, I noticed it but I pushed it aside because really there wasn’t much I could do.
I slept a lot less or didn’t sleep at all, went to work came home and sat in my bed till the sun was visible again.
I added more and more makeup to hide the bags under my eyes, I hated taking sleeping pills but I needed it.
Three times a week I would take one as soon as I got home and the other four nights were restless.
This night was far worse, nothing would calm the voices and a pill didn’t even dull me.
I got up and threw on a sweatshirt, my body ached with every movement. I barely remember driving to the coffee shop, I don’t even remember unlocking the door or going inside. When my mind finally let me remember it was me tucked behind the counter. I sat there with my knees to my chest, my forehead pressed against them and my fingers linked together on the back side of my head.
I was sniffling, my eyes were shut tight and I could feel the ache in my chest start to become unbearable. I take a deep breath in and it’s shaky, I hear the front door open and I freeze hoping whoever it is will leave. 

“Hello?” Jared’s voice rang out.

I curl my arms around myself hoping he won’t see me, I hear his steps getting closer and he leans over the counter.
I hear him gasp and he quickly jumps over the counter, he crouches down next to me and his arm drapes over my shoulder pulling me close to him.

“What happened? Are you ok?” He pulls me into him tighter. 

He smells good, like a warm day and he feels warm against my cold skin. As his arms wrap around me a sharp inhale leaves me, I press my face into his chest as I sink down into him. His hands are griping my arms and he hums a soft melody above my head. 
He doesn’t ask another question and he doesn’t let go.
He just stays there with me behind the counter until I shift in his grip minutes later. He releases my arms and I sit back with my head against the counter, I can feel his eyes on me but I keep mine closed. I wipe under my eyes with my hands and leave them covering my face until my breathing calms. 

“I’m fine.” I finally whisper.

He shifts closer to me and pulls my hands away from my face, “Do you expect me to believe that?” His eyes meet mine.

I feel like the tears are going to roll down my cheeks again as he stares at me, I pull my arm away from him gently and he lets go.

“Look, or, or don’t look at me but listen. I’m here, right here. I haven’t known you long but it feels like I have, and I can’t just leave you like this. Let me get someone to cover your shift and I’ll take you out for the day, clear your head. Is that ok?” His hand moves to rest it on mine but he stops himself and puts it back on the floor. 

I nod, that’s all I can do and let out a deep breath. He stands up next to me and he reaches his hand down to help me up, I take it and he pulls me to my feet.

“Who should I call?” He looks around for any kind of employees names or information. 

“I-I can text someone.” My voice is barley above a whisper.

He nods and walks around the counter and waits for me, I follow behind him and we both leave through the front door and I lock it behind us. 
We begin a silent walk to his place, he puts his hood up and sunglasses on and gives me a faint smile.
I return with a half smile myself, he seems so inviting all the time and his smile draws me in more. 
We don’t say a word during the walk but it doesn’t feel awkward, it feels nice. 
We get to his place and I try not to be blown away by the size as he holds the front door open for me. 

“I’m going to get a few things, I’ll be down in a minute. You can have a seat wherever or help yourself to anything, Shannon isn’t here so don’t be scared.” He lets out a bit of a laugh as he runs up the stairs.

I walk through the house a little bit but I still get the nervous feeling so I just sit on the couch until Jared comes back down the stairs.

“Ready?” He pops up around the corner.

I nod, “Your house is gorgeous.” 

“So are the things in it.” He smiles and opens the front door for us to walk out. 

“I’d love a tour someday.” I walk past him and wait to follow his next move.

“So would I.” He says in a low whisper.

He nods his head for me to follow him, we walk around the front of his house and he presses a button to unlock the black vehicle parked in the driveway. He open the car door for me and then closes it once I’m seated, he walks to the driver side and gets in. 

“So, talk to me. Tell me things about you. Where did you grow up? What are your dreams? Favorite desserts?” He laughs and smiles at me and I join him with a soft laugh.

The car ride is full of questions that we pass back and forth to each other, nothing too personal but it was nice getting to know some of the small details of him. He was even more interesting than he looks.
We pull up to a beach and it’s completely empty, he gets out of the car quickly and opens my door for me before getting into the trunk of his car and pulling out a bright red blanket.

“You like the beach?” He stops in front of me waiting for my response. 

I nod, again, and he grabs my hand and starts running towards the water, I stumble with the first few steps and laugh, Jared looks back at me with a grin on his face, before we hit the water he drops the blanket. 
He continues to run and the waves hit us, I let out a small scream from the water being colder than expected. Jared never lets go of my hand as we run into the waves till the ocean water hits my waist. 
We stop an stand there, my black shirt and pants soaked and my hair falling out of the bun I had this morning. Jared’s t-shirt clinging to him and his jeans falling lower from being so heavy. 
A smile spreading across my face as the waves hit us lightly and the sun hits my skin. I look over at Jared and his eyes were already on me, he gives me a nod to head back and with our hands still locked we turn around and fight the water to get back to the beach. 
I slip and fall and we laugh as he hold me up, his hand wraps around my waist and I try to ignore the sensation it sent through my body. 

Once we reach the beach I take my shoes and socks off and he does the same, he throws open the red blanket and we sit in the center of it, he grabs one side of it and I grab the other to wrap it over our shoulders. 

“Wanna talk about anything in particular?” He doesn’t look my way, we both stay watching the waves.

I take a deep breath, “Thank you.” 

He chuckles, “You’re welcome.” He puts his arm around my shoulder and I rest my head against him.

A few moments go by and I can’t keep my mouth sealed, “It doesn’t happen all the time, it just builds up and well, eventually I break and then start over again. Sometimes it can take months, other times it takes days. I’m a messy person.” I can feel the lump in my throat grow as I realize how much I just let out.

"You’re allowed to be messy. People find beauty in the mess and that’s everything you are. Beautiful.” He turns his head to look at me.

I try to keep my focus on the ocean in front of us but I can’t, I look at him and as soon as our eyes meet his lips are on mine. I don’t push in and I don’t pull away, instead I close my eyes. It’s a moment of bliss, my heart beating fast and my body feels like it’s somewhere else. He pulls away and I open my eyes to meet his again.

”I’m sorry.” He stutters out but doesn’t look away.

“It’s, uh, it’s fine. Really.” I try to find the right words.

He lets out a sigh and turns back to the waves. I’m thankful he left his shoulder around me because it was starting to get cold, he pulled the blankets closer around us once he noticed.
We stayed there in silence for a few moments until he finally broke it.

“Are you hungry?” He whispers. 

“A little bit.” I whisper back.

He stands up and reaches down for my hand, I grab onto it and he pulls me up. He picks up the blanket and holds it under his arm as we walk back to his car, he tosses it in the trunk and opens the door for me again, I get in and he follows to the driver side.
The car ride starts out quiet, nothing awkward, just peaceful. 

“I think everyone has their own mess. I’m a mess too, I hide it as well. I’m not trying to say that my problems are yours but I just want you to know that you’re not alone.” He pulls up to his house just as he finishes his sentence. 

“I. thank you Jared.” I whisper back.

And that was the start of it all. That was the start of me falling in love with someone so completely out of my league but also someone I still had to see almost every single day, someone who I would constantly have to push away. He always seems flirty, more caring but he’s like that with just about everyone, so again, I push him away.

I finish the day at the coffee shop and get in my car to head home, I have four missed calls from Jared once I check my phone and my heart sinks and I roll my eyes. I never know how to feel about him.
I quickly call him back.

"Jared? Everything ok?” I ask as soon as I hear him answer.

“I’m great actually! I wanted to ask you if you were busy Saturday night? Not like a date or anything, we have a small concert just doing a few songs and then I was thinking we’d all go get some dinner. If you’re free.” He clears his throats as he realizes how fast he was talking.

"Actually that sounds perfect! It’s been a while since I’ve seen you guys play and I could use a night out. Don’t get weird though.” I laugh.

“I’ll have a car pick you up!” He ends the call with a click so I can’t argue with him.

Saturday comes around and I dress is torn up black jeans and a blue faded t-shirt with black boots, I wear my hair down for the first time in a while and apply a thin winged liner and a nude lipstick.
I hear a knock on the door and I peep through window, it’s the driver. I open the door and he’s professional and walks me down to the limo out front. I laugh to myself and get in the back of the limo as the driver holds the door open for me. Once I’m seated I pull my phone out and text Jared.

“I said don’t be weird. And here I am sitting in a limo.” I put my phone in my pocket as I’m sure he is in rehearsal.

The limo comes to a stop and it’s the back of a building, a studio. I begin thinking just how small this gif is. The driver comes around and opens the door for me, he tells me to walk through the door he’s parked in front of and then take the second left. I thank him and walk inside and make the second left.
I walk in the small studio and there are about thirty chairs set out in front of the small recording area that has its set spots for Jared, Shannon and Tomo.
There are a few open seats and I take one of the ones left in the front. I smile at a few people around and then the lights get a little brighter, the three guys come and take their place and the crowd of thirty sounds like hundreds.
Jared makes a few announcements about the recording and the songs they are going to do, he asks people to stay quiet until the very end because they are doing a live recording, he makes some jokes and then they start to play.
About five songs in Jared stops and pulls his phone out, people laugh and he smiles and looks up at me, I know he just read my text.

“I always knew there was something about you. I just need you to listen to these words of this last song and then tell me what you feel.” He slides his phone in his pocket and stared at me.

I can feel his eye on me and I also feel my cheeks go red from his text, I nod towards him so he knows I got it and the show continues.
The music starts and I instantly know it’s one of their cover songs. My heart sinks once the first few words leave his mouth, my entire being feels like I’m having an out of body experience and I can feel my throats going dry from trying to hold back the tears.

“Stay” by Rihanna, that’s the song that he wants me to pay attention to and I do. I listen to every word that comes out of his mouth and with each moment it becomes harder and harder to hold myself together.
The words flow out of his mouth, his voice is soothing yet the words are breaking down all my walls. His eyes are closed as he sings and when it finally ends his eyes open up to me.
I can’t help it, I get up and walk toward him the guards try to push me back but Jared tells them to let me through. I run up to him, tears falling down my cheek, and kiss him.
My arms fall around his shoulders and his hands pull my waist into him. He kisses back harder, our lips pulling apart and meeting back together again. A smile comes over him during the kiss and he pulls away slightly.

“There is definitely something about you and I need you. I think about you everyday and I hope you’re ok every second I’m not with you. I don’t want to fix you, I just want to be there to hold the pieces of you till you’re ready to be put back together.” He whispers against my lips.

I kiss him again, “I’ve always felt this way about you. I just never knew, I didn’t know how..” I whisper back but he cuts me off.

“Lets get out of here baby.” He pecks me once more.

The small crowd is clapping and cheering, Jared walks by them and signs things for the fans but his one hand never leaves my waist.
We walk out of the small studio, his hand still on my waist.
My thoughts seem like a mess but beautiful things are found in messes.


Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 55

After two more brutal thrusts, Jared came with a grunt, spilling himself deeply inside me. Easing his grip on my throat as he rode out his orgasm, I was finally able to breathe a little more freely to catch my breath.

“Mmmm, God you feel good..” Jared said, his voice still trembling.

As his body began to relax, finally able to unwind after all that built up tension, his hand slipped from my throat completely so that he could use both arms to brace himself up. Now that he wasn’t helping to hold me against him any longer, I ended up falling forward as my arms gave out, face first in the pillow.

Resting his forehead on my back, each breath he took that breezed over me sent chills across my skin.

“Damn, baby..”

Placing butterfly kisses from the center of my back to my shoulder, the last kiss he left was on the bite he inflicted. Turning my head, I took another deep breath. This did not end the way I hoped and I was conflicted.

When I didn’t respond, Jared rolled off of me and asked, “Baby, are you okay?” I could hear the concern in his voice as he brushed the hair away from my face. “Did I hurt you?”

“No…no.” I tried to reassure him, “I’m okay.”

I smiled over my shoulder, not wanting him to worry because really, I was fine.

I got a little overwhelmed and now that I was coming out of my haze, I realized if I told him what happened, he’d be upset I just endured. I know he’d be angry I didn’t safe word or at least say I wasn’t ready. And telling him I didn’t want to ruin it for him wouldn’t justify it either.

I definitely didn’t feel it was a safe word situation. For me, what it boiled down to was that I just couldn’t get there. I was too wrapped up and maybe it was a bit of exhaustion too. My stamina wasn’t quite there. I don’t even know if I could really put my finger on one specific cause.

It’s not like what happened was an uncommon thing either, especially for a woman, but I don’t think he wouldn’t think that. He’d think there would have been something he could have done but in the moment, I didn’t want to ruin it for him. That was just a fact. My biggest fear was that he’d see it as some sort of failure, which would kill me.

On top of that, I had guilt for not being able to obey which stemmed from everything else. How could something so simple get so complicated?

If this were any other relationship, with any other man, there wouldn’t be guilt or worry.. My attitude would be, ‘I didn’t get there’, sucks for me. I know because like a lot of woman, it has happened from time to time. I wouldn’t be worried what he thought. With Jared, I do.

The more I dwelled on it, the more I wanted to view this as a lesson and let it go. After all, I am absolutely the type of person who can make a mountain out of a molehill. It’s a character trait I most dislike in myself and battle with it all the time.

I silently vowed that if I should ever feel I’m not where he wants me to be, I’ll speak up. All I really did was get in the way of my own orgasm which right now, seemed like punishment enough.

The conclusion; I needed to let it go. I wouldn’t lie to him but unless he asks whether or not I orgasmed, I wasn’t going to say anything either.

“Baby?” Jared asked again, as if it wasn’t the first time.

He caught me dwelling…that will certainly get his attention.

“Yes. I’m sorry…” I said shaking away the internal debate I had going in my head.

“What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?” Jared asked as he rolled off of me and on his side so we were face to face.

“Nothing…” I said, looking away, “I’m still a bit tired but I’ll be fine. When do we need to leave?”

I sat up, quickly swinging my legs over the edge of the bed. Trying to escape before his onslaught of questions, he moved faster. Before I could even stand, Jared grabbed my arm.

“You’re lying and you know how I feel about that.” Quickly pushing himself up, “Come here.”

His voice was so stern and serious. I didn’t resist as he pulled me by my arm towards him. Once I was laying back down, he pulled me into his arms.

“Talk to me.” His voice much gentler this time.

As I glanced up, I knew I had to spill. Even though I said that I’d only tell him if he asked whether or not I orgasmed, I knew he wouldn’t let it go. Jared analyses everything.

“I just….ugh…”

I hate that he’s so perceptive sometimes….

“Baby girl, tell me what’s wrong.”

I had to, it was going to be like a huge waterfall of words. Covering my face with my hands before I even began, this felt so embarrassing.

“I didn’t cum. I couldn’t. I was close but then somehow I got so wrapped up, I was trying to catch my breath and in that position, I don’t know what happened.” I said, shaking my head, “Then you told me to cum and I wasn’t ready but I didn’t want to ruin it for you so I didn’t say anything. Then after it was over, the more I thought about it, I was worried you’d be mad I didn’t say anything so I didn’t want to tell you. Then I was upset I wasn’t able to obey…”

Pulling my hands from my face he listened intently to my pathetic verbal diarrhea. I was speaking so fast, I just wanted to spit it out and be done. When I finished, I pushed myself against him, tucking my head under his chin. I didn’t even want to look at him.

“I’m so embarrassed…”

I really couldn’t handle it if he got angry with me, especially after yesterday. Silently I prayed my honesty wouldn’t blow up in my face.

“Don’t be embarrassed.” He said then stopped.

I felt him sigh, carefully choosing his words before he began to speak again.

“Although I wish you would have said something in the moment, I appreciate why you didn’t. I can’t be angry you didn’t get there, that’s my job. I can usually read you better. I’m not angry at you over that. However, I would be angry if you were in distress and didn’t safe word…”

“I didn’t feel it was a safe word situation at all!” I said strongly.

“You’re sure? Even in hindsight?”

“Even in hindsight, I’m absolutely sure. It’s not your fault either. I hate that you think that…”

See, this is what I was afraid would happen. He’d blame himself. Men are prideful but a Dominant man, even more so.

“I’m not going to debate that with you but next time I lose you, please tell me you aren’t ready. As much as I enjoy it, it’s far better when I know you’re with me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” I whispered against his collarbone. “I’m sorry.”

“Good.” Jared said, pushing me back against the pillows with his body, “Then we understand each other.”

Rolling on top of me, Jared used his legs between mine to wedge them part as he rested his lower body down on me. Taking each wrist in his hands, he brought them above my head as he braced himself over me by his elbows.

“What are you doing?”

Rolling his pelvic bone over my clit, I couldn’t stop the moan he caused from slipping from my lips. My pussy was still slick with not only my juices but his cum as well add the pressure to that and all I could say is it felt absolutely amazing.

“I gave you a command, remember?” He said, once again thrusting against me, “One I expect you to obey.”

Kissing my lips softly, he continued down my neck only stopping to quickly lick my nipple before he pulled it gently between his lips. Letting his hand smoothly rack down my arms, my hands weaved into his hair as he made his way down my ribs then my tummy one kiss at a time.

“What? I umm, but…” I stumbled, not knowing what to say, “Sir, wait, what are you doing?”

Stopping to nip my hip, he glanced up before his head slipped under the blanket.

“Cum for me, baby girl.”

Age Is Just A Number

Here’s the Imagine as requested (hopefully :) )

I tried my best to write it as it was suggested, so I hope you all enjoy it.

“So, Y/N, how are things with Jared?”, your BFF asked you hoping for some details about your and Jared’s relationship. You were not as open to share much information about the two of you, since Jared was so popular and it was best if everybody knew as little as possible. 

“Great, we’re having the best time when we’re together. He’s so charming, funny, handsome and great to be around.I swear the last date flew by so fast I felt we were out for 15 minutes, when we spent almost 6 hours together.”

“Are you gonna see him today as well?”, your BFF was so curious.

“I think so. He said he’ll text me when he’s done with the recording for today. Which should probably be any minute. It’s really late. They’re wrapping up with the new album so he’s pretty busy these days.”

Buzz, buzz

Wow, speak of the Devil”, you said and smiled as you glanced at your phone.

We have to talk. Can you come over to my place?”, it was Jared and you immediately felt a pit in your stomach.

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One More Dance - Joker x Reader Imagine

Masterlist | Requests

Prompt: I was wondering if you could do a joker X reader imagine were the reader is in a wheelchair because they lost their ability to walk & the joker takes interest in them I’m in one & I haven’t seen any with the joker I just think it’d be interesting

{A/N} I really hope I did this justice, the idea I got when I read your request was immediately very sweet to me. I hope you enjoy it, sweetie! P.S. I made the reader a girl, you said “them” so I wasn’t sure- but if you’d like me to change that, please let me know and I will right away.

Warnings: Slight fluff.

Imagine being at an opulent lounge in a designer party dress. It’s the most expensive place in town to be, with thousand dollar top shelf liqueurs and liquors, and a live orchestral band. It isn’t your usual scene, in fact it isn’t really your scene at all, but it’s your best friends birthday, and she just had to come.

You watch everyone on the dance floor, spinning and swaying, looking as though they were floating on air and you feel a pang of jealousy. You lost your ability to walk some time ago, and being in a wheelchair now makes you incapable of being spun around on your toes like the other girls. The only thing you can do now is watch and sigh, silently damning your predicament.

“It’s not so bad,” she says to you, knowing whats going through your mind already. “I mean, look at that guy over there, he’s totally eyeing you!” 

Oh, your best friend knew how to get a smile out of you, and you loved that about her the most. She always reminded you that it isn’t so bad, and you always felt better. 

“He is not,” you say, glancing over in the direction she’s looking. To your surprise, he is. His glacial eyes were on nothing but you from across the intimate room. He was staring at you like he’d been stuck in the desert for years, and you were a ocean of fresh water.

You take another look, longer this time. His hair is slicked back and bright green, complimenting his exuberantly pale skin and crimson lips. He’s smoking a cigar, the grey thick smoke surrounding him and his wish-they-were compeers. The smell is lovely to you as it wafts through the air, and you feel as though there’s no one else in the room but the two of you as you let your eyes fall on his again. 

It’s The Joker… you think to yourself, why on earth would he be looking this way?

“Here it’s my birthday, and you’re the one getting ogled,” your friend teases, clearly not knowing who the infamous man staring at you from the table is. “I’ll be back, I’m going to get us some more drinks.”

She leaves, and it’s just you and a half-empty - or half full, as you would call it most of the time - glass of Moet on the table.

It’s as if he were waiting for the moment she got up to leave. He gets up from the table curtly, not bothering to excuse himself from his conversation with the other men. Seconds pass before he’s sitting in your best friends chair, puffing on the cigar now only inches from you.

“Hi there, doll,” he coos.

Unable to grasp what was happening, you stare at him in all his perfection. Up close, he was even more gorgeous. The visible tattoos that covered his face and hands were harsh, but the danger about them covertly excited you.

“Hello,” you finally say, reaching for the glass of champagne before you, wondering where your friend went.

“Nervous?” He asks, lifting a faint brow before revealing his shining metal teeth in a wide grin.

“A little,” you say, all too honestly.

Well,” he started, drawing out the word before taking another puff and releasing it as he speaks, “I was wondering if you’d like to dance with an insane man.”

You can’t help the laugh that his words elicit from you. Shaking your head, you look down. 

“Can’t really do that.” you say, trying to hide the sudden emotion caught in your throat.

“And why not?” He asks, his tone harsh.

Looking away now, assuming this is some sick joke. “Listen,” you start, before you’re suddenly being swept out of the chair and into his arms.

Unsure of whether you wan to scream or smile as he carries you out onto the dance floor, you stay quiet, already calculating a plan to get out.

“You can do whatever the hell you want to, doll face,” he says, almost annoyed before holding you up in the middle of the floor as the band swings to their own music and the couples on the floor get lost in each others eyes.

“What are you doing?” You ask softly, now staring into his blue eyes.

“I asked you to dance, and you didn’t answer me.. So I took it into my own hands.”

You can feel his arms wrapped around your frame as he holds you up with ease, your feet on his as he begins to turn with you. Your heart begins to beat quickly against his chest, and all you want to do is hold him forever. This may be the sweetest gesture from the sickest, most twisted man on earth, and it’s all for you. You catch yourself smiling up at him as his eyes rest on yours.

“There’s that smile I’ve been dying to see..” he growls, and you feel like his breath of fresh air after being suffocated. 

“I could see that pretty, little, smile until the day Batman finally sticks me in Arkham for good.”

Hello, Baby. Part 1.

This is my first story, ever. So please be honest. I went kind of light on the smut and language. Just kind of wanted to get a feel for it. 
Im sorry its so long.
I love having details in stories and having the back story, so i just ran with it. 

Let me know what you love & hate.

You start walking home from a long night at work, thankfully you only live a couple of blocks away. But no matter what, you always walk past HIS club, morning or night. You just want to be able to see what everyone talks about. 

You want to see the green hair, the cool white skin that sends chills down your spine when you imagine it, and clear ocean blue eyes that you can see yourself melting in. You feel your heart rate increase just thinking about him. You were drawn to a man you have never met, have never even seen.

 You know if you could just afford to get in his club, you could see him. Touch him. You can feel the warmth between your legs grow as you think of running your hands all over him. It feels like the people around you can hear what you are thinking. You put your head down and head home. 

 You toss and turn as most nights when he is on your mind. The morning comes quick and you wake up unrested. Time to get ready for work. Your long black hair is tied up in a tight bun on top of your head. A light foundation, blush, mascara and a light purple lipstick. One last glance in the mirror before you turn and lock your door behind you. 

You start your walk to work and find yourself in front of his club again. Like it should surprise you. 

It is so mysterious. The outside is dingy and dark other than the double green doors and a tilted J at the top of the building. There are huge windows across the entire second floor and from seeing it morning and night they must be tinted or mirrored because you can never see in. You straighten yourself up as your mind has wondered far now and get back to your routine. 

Work is a small dinner; you never make much and rarely make any tips, but this job keeps a roof over your head so you keep the job until something better comes along. Your shift seemed to go by quickly, there were many people that came in from out of town. A huge smile starches over your face when you see the tip money tonight, rarely does this happen, but when people make this place their rest stop, the money is nice. You count it out evenly between you and the cook, you smile and say your goodbyes and head home.

 You were going out tonight! 

As soon as you get home, you throw off your clothes as fast as you can. You shower, wash your hair and shave everybody part you would want him near. The thought makes you tremble a little. Trying to calm your nerves you tell yourself ‘maybe he won’t be there tonight of all the nights I decide to go.’ You straighten your hair, letting it fall down to the small of your back looking like black silk. You find a tight black dress and some bright red heels that would match your lipstick. You spritz perfume on your collarbones and inside your wrists. You give yourself a small pep talk before heading out. “He will be there and I WILL meet him. Ugh, how badly I’ wanted this! I can do this. Be mysterious. And don’t drink. Well, don’t drink a lot.“ 

You walk up to the green doors and realize there are gold specs all over the door. The J at the top is lit up in purple that is so bright it almost hurts to look at. You hand the guy at the front door the cash. He looks at you questionably and you think he’s not going to let you in. 
He asks “you alone?”
Your voice is quiet from being nervous and taken aback. ‘Is this guy hitting one me right now?!’ you think to yourself
“Um, yes.” Your voice squeaks at the end.
He nods and let’s you in. ‘Weird’ you say under your breath. 

 It’s beautiful inside, huge chandeliers; elegant cage dancers, gold and purple cover the club so tastefully. It is far from what you expect a club to look like, it is well lit, almost like a dewy gold lighting. The dance floor is packed and it reaches all the way to the bar. Everyone seems happy or drunk, or both. Quickly you scan to the upstairs, more freaking Windows. 'I can’t see a damn thing!’ Frustrated, you head to the bar.
“One shot of any kind of vodka” 

You are stuck watching the cage dancers, glitter all over them; their hair is up like it’s in some sort of fashion show that no one would ever wear on a normal basis. They move effortlessly. The way the lighting hits their bodies and the glitter it almost makes them seem unreal. You immediately wonder how close they get to him. You shift in your seat trying to get the thought out of your head.

One of the girls gets off her platform, a large man in an all black tuxedo escorts her. 'Screw this, who the hell knows when I’ll get back in here!’ You say to yourself. You order another shot. You make your way through the crowd. You ask the guy next to the cage to help you get inside it.                                       “Do you work here!?” He asked “No I don’t. I…” You trail off thinking how crazy you seem right now. 
He brings you back from your thoughts,
“Do you want a death wish then?!” His eyes are wide.                                        
“I know what I do want. Him” ‘I just said that aloud. Yep, he heard me. Yes, I am crazy. Crazy for a man I have never even seen!’ You are screaming at yourself in embarrassment. 'What the hell am I doing!’ Runs through your mind for a split second. Too late, he pushes you up in the cage.
“Your funeral.”           

 You panic at first. People are starting to notice. There is a lump in your throat “Now or never, right!”                                              
You start moving your hips, your arms above your head, you let loose. You actually are having fun; you really let go and kept thinking how grateful you are for having rhythm. For a second you actually forgot about him. Only a second. You body sways with the music.                              
‘Time to shine baby!’ You are not sure if that’s you talking or the vodka. You drop down and slowly lift your ass facing the windows hoping that he is there, watching. You realize the man in the black tuxedo is opening the cage reaching for your hand.        
“Don’t make this difficult.” His voice is low and serious. You understand, you feel a rush of emotions flood you as he helps you out. You’re being thrown out and you didn’t even get a glimpse of him. The man takes you firmly by the arm, being gentle at the same time. He leads you away from the front door. Your heart feels heavy, almost broken. He brings you to an elevator and pushes you in before him. 

This is not out. A smirk comes across your face. The elevator opens up, it’s almost like another club up here. Definitely VIP, or people that do not want to be seen here. It’s a lot darker, a lot more secluded areas. Of course more cage dancers. As soon as the doors open all eyes are on you. 

You flush red. 'Shit.’ You keep your head high acting as if you are ok, even though your insides are screaming and wanting to vomit. You walk past the first section of people, second and third section as well… There is a thick purple curtain that is touches the roof as well as the floor. Your heart is racing. You feel almost like a surge of ecstasy has run through your veins. The man in black opens it up only enough for him to see inside.                                             “She’s here boss. Where do you want her?”                                                  
Your heart is pounding and you are sure the man next to you can hear it. Little does he know it is out of excitement, fear is the last thing on your mind right now. He looks at you and nods you in                                                            
“Mr. J would like to speak with you.”                                                                   'Mr. J’ you say repeatedly in your mind. You walk behind the curtain and the man is fast to close it shut behind you. 

 He is real. He is right here. Right in front of you. Right now. 

His back is to you and he’s looking into the club from the windows. His hair perfectly in place and bright green. You just want to run your fingers through it. The thought sends a warm chill through your legs. His pale skin drawing you in, the lights from the club giving him a sense of warmth. He turns to face you, still across the room, but you feel his eyes scan over you as you do the same to him. He is gorgeous. Your knees feel weak. There isn’t a single imperfection on him. He is better than any image you could of pictured.                                “Well, well, well, well.“ 

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He walks towards you. He is standing so close to you. You now notice the smaller tattoos on his face, his jaw line, the scars, the jewelry, the details on his coat, his scent. Oh, how he smelled. He smelled of cologne, sweat and power. It’s was intoxicating. Your eyes were trying to devour him, making sure you didn’t miss a single detail on him. He noticed.                                             
"Slow down.” His voice low,  
Your eyes snapped up and met his. He reached up and pushed hair behind your ear. His touch soft and cool. A strong shiver took course of your entire body. You wanted to reach up and touch him, you knew he probably wouldn’t like that and you don’t even know what side you are on with him.                                     “Did you enjoy yourself out there?” His eyes intense.                                         “I-I did.”                                                                                                     “Mmmm” he growled softly                                                                               “Do you go into a restaurant and just head to the kitchen and start cooking?” His stare was starting to burn but you couldn’t look away. You don’t want to seem weak, even if you were ready to pass out.                                             “No, I don’t.”                                                                                        
“Interesting. Why did you see that tonight’s performance was welcomed?”     He walked to his desk and gestured me to sit in the chair in front of him.        
“I-I just wanted to have fun, forget about… Everything.” You hope that sounds convincing as you take a seat in the cold leather chair.                                   “Are you sure? Don’t lie to me. I hate, hate, hate liars.”                                 “Well, I also wanted to…” You trail off and look away.                                      
His voice is frustrated now. “Darling, you can come into my club, take one of my cages and dance for all sorts of people, but you can’t tell me why. You will not keep my patience long. Try again.”                                                                 “I wanted to see you!!” You almost yell.                                                               He doesn’t seem bothered by what I said, nor does he seem to care.           “Why, why would you want to come pay a visit to the Clown Prince?”             You figure you are here might as well just tell him the truth. He will either let you live or kill you.                                                                                                    
“I-Im … I think im obsessed with you.”                                                              
He shoots you a sharp look and walks behind the chair your in. It takes everything in you to not let your eyes follow him. You can feel him so close to you.                                                                                                                    
He whispers in you ear “Obsessed?”                                                              
He moves the hair away from your shoulder and neck. He leans in even closer. You are able to feel his lips on your ear as he speaks.  
“Obsessed. Mine. Mine. Mine.”                                                                         You tried hard to not let him see how he affected you, but you were wet. He ran his cool hands up and down the sides of your arms and softly kissed your neck. “Answer me this Doll, have we met before? Do you even know who I am? What I am capable of?”                                                                                                
“I have never met you, I have lost sleep over you. Clown Prince, as you said before. Yes, I do. I figure I might as well be honest now. You will either kill me or let me live, but either way at least I was able to see you.” You keep your voice soft. You can feel that he is still close behind you.                                             He begins to rub your shoulder in a good way; it almost does help you relax but it not helping the fact that you are still wet. He reaches down and starts leaving small bites in your shoulder and neck, you cant help but let out a moan.   “That’s what I wanted to hear Darling.”                                                          
With that he reaches his hands down the front of your dress taking each breast in his hands. Your nipples are hard and he has his thumbs working them. You keep letting out soft moans, hoping this isn’t a tease.                                            
“Tell me, how is that?”                                                                                      
You let out a moan that is louder “Don’t stop. It feels so good!”                      
He takes one hand out and begins to reach up your dress.                         “Ahhhh, you have been waiting patiently.” He says as his fingers run up and down your slit. 

“Uh, Boss?” You forgot you were at his club. The voice pulls you out from your trance for a brief second.

“Moan for me.” He whispers in your ear.                                                          
He doesn’t stop, and neither do you. You keep moaning as his fingers circle your clit.
“Yes Jay!” he says sharply                                                                            
“Your business is here. What would you like me to tell them sir?”                
“That my hands are busy!!” his voice is full of sarcasm and switches back to serious in an instant. “Send them up in 3 minutes.”                                           He rams 3 of his fingers in you. Your back arches and your hands reach up to find his shoulder.
You dig your nails deep into his skin and you can hear him growl. “That’s a good girl.”  
You cum on his fingers and he licks them “So sweet darling.”                                The room is still spinning and you are trying to find your breath when he tells you “Get under my desk doll. You pass this and I might take you home with me.”                                                                                                                   You do as your told, your mind begins to race as you think you know where this is going. He sits in his chair and you can see the massive bulge in his pants. “Send them in boss?”                                                                                       “Yes Jay, send them in!” He responds quickly                                                       You take that as your cue. You start to unzip his pants as he tells them to take a seat. His dick is big. You let the spit build up in your mouth as your run your hand all over him. You can hear the other men talking but you aren’t paying attention to the words, just focusing simply on his reactions. You slowly take the tip and swirl your tongue around it, he reaches down and squeezes your arm. You keep doing it, adding more into your mouth until you cant fit anymore. You can see his eyes close almost all the way in pleasure while he keeps his focus on business. You grip the base as you nod your head up and down on him keeping your hand in sync. He grabs the back of your hair and you feel him tense, you push him as far back in your throat as you can and he lets go. He lifts your head up under the desk to look at you and nudges your mouth open with his thumb, you open up showing him what he wants to see. 

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He bites his lip and lets a grin appear on his face. You swallow. 

The voices of the men in the room sound nervous. He nudges you from under the desk to come up. A small sense of panic sets in as well as a rush of excitement. He scoots his chair back and you can hear the men in the room shift.                                                                                                             “Excuse me men, this darling here seems to need some fresh air.”                 You get up, lightly resting your hand in his lap and he lets out a small grunt. He pulls you by the waist and sets you down in his lap. The men in the room try to not let their expressions show.                                                                       “Now say hello to my Doll here.” The men all give off weak hellos.               “Nice to meet you guys!” you say with a bit of pep.                                        
You have no idea where that even came from. He smiles at you and gives you a slap on your ass                                                                                            
“Now let me finish this up and we can head home, ok baby doll?”                
You wink at him and leave the curtain. The man in the black tuxedo is right there, grabs you by the arm gently, and has you sit in the chair by him.         “You must be Jay.”                                                                                              He nods.                                                                                                          
“So friendly! I am Katrina.” You are on could 9 right now and your voice and attitude show it.                                                                                             “Don’t get too comfortable.” That’s all he says with a stern voice.                     “Is this nor….” 

You cover your ears from the sounds of gunshots and Jay has your chair pushed in a corner with him in front of you. Jay’s composure is calm yet protective, everyone else is calm as well. You are so confused.                           “What the hell just happened?! Is he ok? Should you go check on him?! Let me go see him!!” your heart sinks. You can feel your eyes start to water.
‘I just got to meet him. I felt so good with him. Why!’ you kept asking yourself question after question. It felt like hours went by but it had only been a few minutes.
“Where is she?!” His voice is loud but emotionless                                         “Got her right here boss.”                                                                                
You push Jay out of the way and run at him, you wrap your arms around his neck.                                                                                                             
“What happened! Are you ok?!” Your voice is shaky                                          
“I am fine doll, this is business. This is what I do. What I am capable of.”         He pulls you off him and sits you down and he paces in front of you. The others up there try not to look but are definitely listening.                                               “I don’t love. Never will. I will never love you. You are merely a thing, possession, possibly an obsession one day. I can live without you, I do not need you. Do you understand that? I am not a fairy tale. You cross me and I will kill you. I am a businessman, not a family man. Do you get that baby doll?” His voice is stern, almost angry.                                                                             “Yes. I have no intention on changing you.” Your try to keep your voice strong but there are hints on weakness across your face.                                            
“If I choose you, IF I choose you. If I choose you. Baby this life ain’t easy. Like I said, I don’t need you. However, if I choose you, you will be mine. Is that clear?” He is so hard to read. His face says one but his voice says another and you can’t tell which one he is hiding behind.                                                         “Yes.”                                                                                                                 “Jay pull the car around.” He reaches for your hand and you take it.             Once you are up, he places his hand at the small of your back and leads you to the elevator. ‘What did I just do?’ You keep asking yourself. He puts his jacket around your shoulders as you exit the club. Jay pulls up in a black unmarked car. He opens the door for you both and he lets you in first. Your mind and emotions are having a hard time finding a balance. It is not silent long.         “You can call me Mr. J, or J for short. Usually you have to earn those names baby doll, but you did one hell of a job in my office.” He gives off a smirk as if he is having a flashback.                                                                                
“Ok, Mr. J.” you reply with a full smile on your face.                                    
“What shall I call you darling?”                                                                   “Katrina or Kat, since I think you earned that.” You say it with such sarcasm. “Oh. Kat.” There was a small pause. “Daddy doesn’t think you have earned enough to back talk me.”                                                                               Before I could say anything Mr. J slapped me across the face. I could taste blood. I could feel my eyes well up from shock and pain. Before I could even speak again we pulled up to his place. 

Similar to his club it was very dark and dingy on the outside. It almost looked vacant, but im sure the inside would say otherwise. Mr. J opens the door and extends his hand, I take it. I’m not sure if it was out of fear or because I was still so confused. He brings me to his side and we walk inside. His hand never leaving my back. His place is perfect. High ceilings with big, beautiful chandeliers. Bright white marble floors covered the entire house; the décor was rich and warm but still felt like him.                                                               “You’ll be sleeping in my bed, is that a problem?”                                           “Not at all Mr. J.” You reply.                                                                                   He reaches for your face and you flinch a little. He ignores it.                     “Come here.” he says he walks toward the bedroom.                                      
“Ill be right back, do not move.” He went to go turn and stopped at the door. “Are you forgetting to say something Kat?” His voice is neutral, like he is tired. “Sorry. Yes, Mr. J”                                                                                              
He turns and keeps walking. He comes back a few moments later with an ice back and a purple towel.                                                                           “Change into this, we will get your clothes and everything else in the morning ok baby?”                                                                                                     “Thank you Mr. J” You slip off the little black dress and slip on the shirt he gave you. He lets out a small growl and you feel in in your bones. ‘How can someone that just slapped me make me weak with just a noise?’ You brush off your own thoughts. You glance up at Mr. J and his eyes are fixed on you.                         “Is everything ok Mr.J, did I do something wrong?”                             “Absolutely not baby. You are just on hell of a sight.” He sounds tired now.   “May I get in bed Mr. J?”                                                                             “Please do.” His eyes still glued to you.                                                          
You lay down and face inward. Your face still felt like it had a heart beat from where he slapped you. He brushes your hair out of your face and places the ice pack wrapped in a towel gently on the side of your face. You wince at the pressure. You look at him and he looks as if he wants to say something but doesn’t. A few moments pass by and your eyes are closing.                       “Good night my sweet.” He says as he kisses my forehead, still holding the ice pack on my face.

 “Good night Mr. J.”

Imagine having to choose between Jared and your fiancé

I finish sending the last email, almost throwing my laptop across the room so I wouldn’t have to answer any more questions about Jared’s schedule. It’s almost 6 in the afternoon and I should have been at home at five. Jared still hasn’t appeared and his inbox fills way too fast for me to handle it.

When I hear the front door shut, I sigh in relief, one more minute and I would have gone crazy.

“What are you doing here? People are going to think I exploit you!” Jared laughs, entering the room with bags from Whole Foods, “You look really tired”

I am. But I just forget about everything the minute his eyes lay on mine. I start playing with the ring on my hand, remembering why I can’t allow myself to get consumed by his gaze and the way his body reacts to my intent of distraction.

“Well, you look even prettier when you are tired” He says, leaving his bags on his desk, I can feel all the air in my body stopping, not being able to continue its course, “How is that even possible?”

You can’t, I start saying to myself, stop it.

“Sometimes, when you find something that lightens your day, even the most tired people can… Glow”

Oh no, you did not just say that. So silly.

I can notice a small change on the way his jaw tightens, I know I’m saying this words because of him, but he doesn’t seem to get it. His head points to my hands, and a forced smile appears on his lips.

“You going out with… What’s his name?”

“Kevin” I answer, even though I’m sure he knows my fiancé’s name.

“Right” He sighs, still on his feet by his desk, “What time? Because it’s already 6 o'clock”

I check the clock on my wrist, I have an hour and a half to go home and get ready. Enough time to be able to stay for an extra couple of minutes in here.

“7:30” I say getting on my feet.

We share another look before changing our gaze completely. I save my laptop on my bag, check my phone, put my jacket on, but I’m still not ready to go. Everyday was the same. I would be happy at home, spending the night with Kevin, waking up in the morning to have breakfast together. But then, I would have to come here, hating myself half of the day, not believing the way my heart would race whenever my boss was near me. And by the time I had to go home, go back to my fiancé, to my reality, I just wouldn’t want to leave.

“I’ll see you monday morning“ I mutter, adjusting the bag on my shoulder.

Jared is now sitting on his desk, displaying all his food. His head raises to look me in the eyes, a small smile appearing on his lips. I know I’m smiling too, and it makes me feel like an idiot.

You’re engaged, you’re engaged…

“Have fun tonight“ He says, but I can see in his eyes that he doesn’t really mean it.

I nod, spending at least a whole more minute just staring at him. I have to stop, this is becoming really creepy.

By the time I decide I really need to leave, my phone starts buzzing. Kevin’s name appears on the screen, and I ignore the phone call till I’m inside my car. He sounds so happy, as always, and I try to imitate his tone as best as I can.

Once I get home I start getting ready for my date. A quick shower, dry my hair, pick my outfit and finally make up. My mind should be busy with the task at hand, but I can’t keep Jared’s smile off my head. I start wondering about him. Is he eating alone or did he invite someone else? A friend? A… lover?

The thought makes me uneasy, and I try to find an excuse to just give him a call, something that I forgot to tell him, or something that I may have left on my desk. Anything. By the time I dial his number I still don’t have an excuse, but I’m doing it anyway.

“It’s almost 7:30” He says from the other side of the line.

“I know” I mutter, giving another look at my ring, “I’m ready”

“Loverboy hasn’t appeared yet?”

I stay quiet for a couple of seconds, processing his almost angry tone of voice and the fact that he just called Kevin “Loverboy”.

“He’s on his way” I mutter.

The silence that comes after my answer is awkward, and I just want to punch myself in the face for calling Jared before my date.

“So, why did you call?”

“I think I forgot my… my…” I stutter, trying to think of something, when the thought of actually forgetting something at his house takes over my mind, “My glasses, I think they are in the kitchen”

“Oh, let me see”

I hear how he stands from whenever he’s sitting; his steps, the sound of a door, more steps. My doorbell rings right at the moment I hear the sound of the phone being put back on his ear.

“They are here”

“Good, can I go pick them up?” I ask, starting to walk towards the door.

“Now?” He asks laughing, and the sound of the ring makes him shut, “I think loverboy arrived”

“I have to go, thanks, Jared”

I hang, avoiding hear him say goodbye. I sigh deeply before having the guts to open the door, and change my expression of disappointment to complete happiness.

I’m engaged, I repeat myself.

Kevin doesn’t notice how distracted I am during our way to the restaurant, or how I avoid looking him in the eyes. I feel guilty for having another man in my mind, for wishing it was Jared who was in the car with me. But the night goes on, and I hear him talk about work, and how Jay, his best friend, almost broke a leg trying to get a date with one of their co-workers.

In the middle of dinner, the topic of our marriage starts coming out. Kevin has found a venue and wants me to see it, he thinks that it would be a bit small for all the people we want to invite, but he thinks we can handle it.

I nod, feeling a strange pinch on my chest. Kevin starts to notice how distant I’m being, and I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. The bathroom is not empty, and the eyes of a girl go straight to my face. I don’t know her, but a smile appear on her lips.

“You escaped too?”

I nod, taking my phone out of purse, I have a text from Jared and I’m too on edge to read it right this second.

“I think my boyfriend is going to propose” The girl says, and the black mane falls covering her eyes when she lowers her head, “I’m not ready”

“Why not?” I ask her, leaning on one of the sinks.

“I’m not sure I love him enough to spend the rest of my life by his side” The girl confesses, and the familiarity of the situation makes me gasp, “I love him, I know I do. But what if I say yes and I end up finding the right one when it’s already too late?”

Why know? Right when my mind is already too busy with my own situation.

“If you say yes, and you find the one, what would you do?” I ask her, and I can feel the trembling on my voice.

“I don’t know, what else could I do but make the right decision for my heart?”

I nod, changing my gaze from the girl to my phone, deciding to read Jared’s message.

“Tell loverboy that if he doesn’t buy you champagne and strawberries, tells you how much he loves you, and ends the night with the best sex someone could ever offer, I’m taking you away from him”

“You’re crying” I hear the girl whisper.

I nod, “I think I have to make the right decision for my heart”

“Me too” She says, walking towards me to hold my hand, “Wish me luck”

“Break a leg” I mutter, squeezing her hand for a second.

The nameless girl leaves the bathroom, leaving me alone with my tears. I let them free for a few seconds, finally deciding it’s time to make the right decision.

I don’t even dry the tears, or reapply my make, before I get out of the bathroom. Kevin is finishing his glass of wine when his eyes lay on the state of my face.

“Oh my, did something happened in the bathroom? Are you alright?”

I shake my head, taking my seat in front of him.

I’m engaged, I tell myself, but I just don’t want to be.

“Please, tell me what’s going on, you’re scaring me”

I stay in silent, but my eyes fall to my hands. I play one last time with my ring, taking it off to place it in front of him. Kevin’s eyes dance from my face to the ring, and a nervous laugh escapes his lips.

“What are you doing?”

“I can’t do it” I whisper, “I’m so sorry, Kevin, I can’t”

I stand from my seat, leaving a quick kiss on his forehead before walking outside the restaurant. I’m shaking, my whole body is trembling and I just want to run away from there. I catch the cab I get a glimpse of, almost shouting the address to the driver.

I read Jared’s message another time, thinking of a way to answer it, but there are no words for this. So I just wait.

The driver announces that we have reached destination a few minutes after my almost breakdown. I thank him, giving him a generous tip for having to deal with me in this situation. I stand in front of the door, thinking of ways to explain what I’m doing there when I was supposed to be having dinner with my fiancé. Well, ex fiancé.

I decide that if I don’t right that doorbell right this second, I may end up taking another cab home. I can hear the footsteps on the other side of the door, and Jared’s image appears in front me. He’s shirtless, only wearing pajama pants, and I can feel my soul falling to the ground.

“Hey” I mumble, folding my arms over my belly.

“You came for your glasses?” He asks, and I can see the glimpse of a smile.

“Maybe” I answer.

Jared moves from the door to let me in. When the door shuts behind me, it’s just a matter of seconds before my back is leaning against it. Jared’s body is pressed against mine, his nose caressing my temples.

“Your hand is lacking something” He mutters, and automatically, both of my hands reach for his neck, “I like it”

I use both of my hands to make his lips crash with my own. The kiss is desperate, his thigh getting position between my legs. I can’t even control my body, letting it do whatever it wants, following his movements.

“So…” He whispers out of breath, breaking our kiss to grab my hips, making me fold my legs on his hips, “Loverboy didn’t have champagne?”

“No, he didn’t” I laugh, reaching for his lips again.

“Then, I’m allowed to take you away from him?” He asks, cupping my face with one hand.

“I think you did that a long time ago” I mutter, before receiving another one of his deep kisses.

The kiss rapidly transforms into something else, and right there on the door, his pajama pants falls to the floor, and my dress and panties follow them. We can’t stop kissing, we have a magnet on our mouths that makes them play with each other, even when it gets harder. A moan makes me part from him when he starts filling me. I can feel the growing sensation of completeness in my chest, his body feeling as the missing piece of the puzzle that is my life.

My hands take hold of his arms, finding a way to make me follow his rhythm. His eyes hold my gaze, biting my lips, his hands clenching on my hips. This is everything I wanted, everything I needed, and he knows it.

I can hear myself screaming his name, but at the same time thinking that this is nothing but a dream. But this is real. I know it. I can feel his orgasm and mine crushing in one single moment.

From the moment our lips touched I knew I had make the right decision. But now, looking at his eyes shine, his lips forming a smile just for me, I am completely sure I made the right decision for my heart.

The Doctor

Joker x Reader

{A/N} Hey there guys, I know it’s been such a long time, but I suddenly felt re-inspired last night and started writing! Your requests are all in my drafts still, and I promise I’ll get to them. I’ve just been facing some pretty crazy times right now. I hope you enjoy!
xo Harley

Warnings: None, maybe super light violence but that’s about it!

The doors swing open as you enter the ward that contains the infamous duo, Joker and Harley Quinn. Papers are being pushed at you, orderly are giving you updates, and you stop just before the doors of your office.

“Thank you, but today I think I may try a different approach,” you say, soft spoken and meek as always.

Every staff member in the wing knows you’re the sweetest psychiatrist there is, leading no one to understand just how you’ve been managing a position like this at Arkham Asylum. Sure, you preach kindness and compassion being a key component to making a break through in any patient, but the rest of the staff believes quite otherwise when facing Gotham’s most heartless psychopaths.

The crowd leaves you to yourself as you step past the doors into your office, gathering a small leather notebook and a black pen. You’re heading to your first session of the day, and quite possibly your favorite.

Your heels clack on the tile of the poorly lit and now empty hallway, faint screams and whispering fills the air. Being used to this now, you don’t bat an eye.

“Don’t do it, Doctor {Y/L/N}.”

This particular voice causes you to stop. Heart suddenly beating quicker, you blink a few times before taking a few steps back- now standing in front of a cell most would never dare to linger around.

“Excuse me..?” You ask, your curious {E/C} eyes scanning behind the bars and into the darkness of the room in front of you.

A small snicker comes from the cell before pale, slender hands press against the glass and slide towards the bars on the doors tiny window.

“He’s not gonna love you.”

You’re not sure why you’ve even begun to entertain this conversation. But something about it made you stay.

“I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about..”

The blondes eyes shown clearer than normal as they caught the dim light. The alley cat grin on her washed out lips grew wider. Orderly had explained to you already, that Harley had been cooperating more than usual lately- taking her meds, eating, answering questions better than before, but still no real answers. A thought flitters across your mind as you bring your notebook down to your side.

“How are you today, Harleen?”

She scoffs, rolling her eyes. Smile still plastered on her features.

“You think it’s gonna be all fun and games. That, you’re gonna go in there and help him out. Escape, even,” she pouts, then smiles again. “I need you to do something for me,” she says, mocking his gravelly tone. “And you’ll do it. ‘Cause you’d do anythin’ for Mistah J..”

You tense up, suddenly on guard and defensive. A lump slides down your throat as you try to swallow.

“Have you taken your medicine today? You’re being absurd, Doctor Quinzel. Well, more so than usual.”

Harley’s eyes stay locked on yours.

“I was in your position once too, {Y/N}.”

“It’s Doctor {Y/L/N}, Harleen. And I haven’t the slightest idea what you’re going on about.”

“You’re new,” she giggles.

In fact, you know exactly what she’s talking about. And you’re afraid her new found willingness of cooperation and taking of medicine has cleared her thoughts enough to see what’s going on. Almost afraid now, you clutch your notebook to your chest and shake your head. What could this bode for you? In love with the infamous Queen of Gotham’s king?

“I’ll be back to speak with you at around four-thirty for our session, Harleen.”

You begin to walk towards Jokers cell again, attempting to shake off what just happened.

“Tell my puddin’ I’ll be waitin’ for him..” you hear her whispering faintly, the sudden emotion in her voice sounding as though she were about to cry.

The last thing you wanted to do was have a clown mob hit on your head the size of Mount Everest. But you can’t help how you feel. He’d turned on that faucet the day you met, allowing it to trickle slowly, slowly until he turned it on further and further. This had been a long time coming. Harley Quinn was not going to change that for you.

Besides, she’s locked up and controlled, what’s the worst that could happen?

A smile brightens your face as you see his room. It too is damask and dark, but you know he brightens it up with his own smile. Your keys jingle as the rain beats on the window, (a request you put in just for him, thinking the light of day and possible sound of rain or wind could serve as some therapy) and you hear him groan softly as he stretches his legs behind the glass.

“Doctor {Y/L/N}!” He exclaims sleepily. “I was waiting for you.”

“I see that, Mister J,” you say with a light grin, stepping into the room and closing the door behind you. “Have a nice nap?”

“It was.. alright. It could’ve been better, with a nicer bed… Say, maybe even someone to share it with.”

A blush fills your cheeks as his cool eyes meet yours.

“Now, now,” your tone is soft with him. He brings out the compassionate side in you that no other patient has before.

You sit down, the straight jacket he dons looks extra uncomfortable today. You bite your lip briefly and sit down in the chair opposite his couch, (another gift) wondering if taking it off might be a good thing.

That would depend on his progress today, you think.

“Harley misses you,” you blurt out, quickly noticing your statement almost sounded harsh. You try to reel it back. “She’s doing so well. Taking her medicine, she’s even eating without force.”

You know you aren’t supposed to be discussing other patients, especially not Harley to Joker. It could be your job on the line. But you feel as though you have to gauge just what’s going to take place here today. And well, if all goes well, maybe you won’t need your job after all.

“Enough about her,” he says, leaning slightly towards you. “I knew she’d go back to normal, eventually. It’s just how she is.. can’t trust anyone,” he mumbles before pausing. “It’s you, Doctor, that I want to discuss today.”

You turn your face slightly, still meeting his gaze. His stare seems to pull every part of your soul from the depths of body.


“Yes, you. You’ve shown me such kindness since I’ve been here this time, doctor. You oughta know that it’s been.. playin’ on my soft heart..”

“It has?” You ask breathless, leaning in now. Your {E/C} eyes are doe-like, and you hardly know what you’re doing.

“Can I trust you, {Y/N}?” He asks, his grin endearing in your eyes.

“Yes, of course you can. You can always trust me. Always.”

Hearing your first name spill from his lips like honey into a jar breaks your composure. You’re leaned in closer, attention on him and only him, and you’d put a bullet between your own eyes if it meant he’d trust you.

“Would you be a doll, and.. take me outta this thing? It’s so.. so.. uncomfortable!”

“Yes,” you nod, carefully reaching over and undoing the belts on the jacket. You haven’t noticed your breathing is heavier, but he has. A smirk places itself on his lips as he watches your face. Even he thinks you’re gorgeous, but he’d never let you in on that.

“Ah…” he breathes as you place the jacket on the back of your own chair. Stretching his arms behind his head, he leans back again. Desperately, you want to be close to him. But you know you’ve got a job to do, still.

The notebook pages crinkle between your fingers as you turn them to an empty page. The pen glides across the paper, leaving a black ink trail of dots and lines before speaking to him.

You clear your throat gently. “So, how’s the windowed room working?” You manage a sweet smile again, coming back to your inhibitions.

“Great. The suns warmth, the rains beauty. It all reminds me of you, Doctor.”

The glass in your mind shatters all over again, and you pause momentarily before setting the notebook and pen down on the table beside you. Placing your hands in your lap, you look into his eyes with a longing.

“Let me help you, Mister J..”

He pulls back, the grin still on his face said nothing, but he seemed to almost know this was coming.

“Help me?” His voice bellows. “Just how would you plan to do that?”

You look around, the hallway was clear but you knew anyone could see or be there at any given moment with cameras and panic buttons everywhere.

“I.. I don’t know, yet. But I can. If you could just hang on.. a few extra days..”

The wheels in your head are turning as you try to think of a way to get him out sooner. You just can’t bear to see him in that jacket again.

Honey, if you give me a little more credit, I could bust outta here myself..”


“How? They’ll see you, J.. And God knows what they’ll do to you then..”

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about me.”


“I.. Can I come with you?”

You can tell the laugh that escapes from him did just that, escape. He tries to quiet himself before laying a hand on your cheek. The warmth was not something you expected, and you press your face against his palm softly.

He moves inches from your face. Fear, intrigue, lust and admiration all wash over you at once. Your obsession with him has gotten out of hand, and you realize this once he stands up before you, ready to leave.

You stand and turn to face him.

“I wouldn’t want a delicate little thing like you getting hurt out there, Doctor,” he coos, reaching under the table for a gun and ammunition that had been hiding there all along. You had no idea, but in the moment, this didn’t bother you, either.

You follow him out of the room, pain on your features. “I can deal with more than you may think,” you say quietly, trying to convince him as you both make your way down the empty hall. He loads the gun, the clanking echoing off the walls as he becomes careless to the noise. The emptiness while a patient is escaping is almost eerie as you think about the lack of security around.

“Puddin’!” You hear an excited squeal coming from the cell that had stopped you before. A wave of worry flows over you, and you think you’ll have no chance if he lets her out, too. You stop and lean against the wall as he steps in front of Harley’s door.

“Baby, I thought I’d never see ya,” you hear him say, his tone even more sultry than it had been with you, causing hurt to course through your veins.

They hold an exchange as you suddenly feel your cheeks growing hot. You touch your cheek now, looking at your hand in the dark. Tears. This mornings mascara melting down your face. Suddenly a loud bang clanks against the bars that frightens you, and you peek over at them.

“No! You’re not leaving me again!” She yells at him.

“I gotta new one of you, Harls. You’re becoming too… compliant, too… soft. This one though.. she’ll do whatever I want. Just for me,” he growls.

You straighten up as he walks over and grabs your arm, lugging you back in front of her door and wrapping an arm around you.

“Meet Doctor {Y/L/N}!” He laughs, pretending as though they’ve never met.

“What’s up with you and psychiatrists?” She grumbles, pouting.

“What can I say, the most sane specimens of the human race just, get me..”

Suddenly, her toned arms slide through the bars, grabbing hold of you and pulling you back against them, causing strands of your hair to fall from your styling that day.

You feel something cold and sharp pressed against your throat, and start to feel like maybe this wasn’t such a great idea as you can’t escape her grip.

“I’ll cut her throat, J,” she says in haste. “Then what’re ya gonna do?”

“Hmm.. find myself a new psych.” He looks at her through bold eyes, laughing.

“I told you this wasn’t gonna work, lady. I meant it,” she roars into your ear.

Has she even been taking her meds at all? How did she get that knife? Better yet, a new psychiatrist? You vowed in your own mind never to disobey him, if you made it out of here alive.

A wave of people began to flood in, shouting orders and commands to control the situation. One by one, he gunned them down with a smile and a laugh. Patients began to scream, and distracted, Harley loosened her grip. You break free and look at her through the glass. 

Emotion written all over her face, she stares back at you. She smiles, leaning in to lick the glass slowly before screaming and throwing her fist into it where your face should be from her view.

He begins to walk away and the better side of your sanity kicks in, almost causing you to feel sorry for her as you follow him again. A twinge of light allows you to catch a glimpse of a tear on her tattooed cheek before you go.

“Where to now, Mister J?” You ask, your breathing labored from trying to catch up.

A loud, cackle fills the halls, bouncing in and out of the cells you pass, and he cocks the now reloaded gun.

“The bat cave, darling.”

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189. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” J. LETO

“Come on!” Jared yells up at me from the bottom of the stairs. 

“I’ve got a lot of stuff, I am coming though!” I yell right back.

I hear him run up the stairs and he stops when he sees me, he lets out a laugh and pinches the bridge of his nose, “We aren’t camping out, we are just going for a hike.” He laughs again.

He comes to my side and takes the large backpack off my back and takes the duffle bag off my shoulder, I let out a sigh of defeat.

“What if we get hungry? Or hurt? I have a full first aid kit in there.” I motion to the slumped over backpack.

“I’ve got a few snacks, we will not be gone that long and it’s a hiking trail, you won’t get hurt.” He grabs my arm and I follow him down the stairs. 

We get in his car and he occasionally laughs at my overpacking as we drive to the middle of nowhere. I have never been hiking or camping or anything like that, I grew up in the city and I stayed there. Jared had been wanting me to go hiking with him and his few friends for a while now but I figured I would embarrass myself so I turned him down each time until I finally told him I’ll go with just him for the first time and after that I’ll consider going with a group. 
So, thats where we are now. 

We pull up in a designated parking area and it’s pretty empty. I can see a few different trail start out and then they wind up into the mountains, the view is incredible though and the colors of the mountains are far better in person than any of Jared’s pictures. 
I take a deep breath in and it’s almost like I can taste the air, it’s like being in a whole new world.

“Beautiful.” I whisper out and I look over at Jared. 

His eyes are dark and low, he is breathing heavy already and I can tell exactly what he is thinking but I chose to ignore it. 

“Let’s get going! I wanna see the view from the top!” I grab onto his hand and head to one of the trails with a green arrow. 

We begin our hike, it starts out pretty easy. Jared is pointing out different plants and some few animals we see, he tells me a few stories from the hikes he goes on with his friends and I can only imagine how steep those mountains get. 
Jared rubs my back a few time as we make our way up and continue on our conversation, he lets me in on what he wants the next album to be like and the sounds he is looking for, where he wants to tour and how he wants me to go with. 
We finally reach the top of the mountain about an hour later, I take in a deep breath trying to hide the fact that I’m out of breath. Jared hands me a bottle of water and i take a few sips before walking closer to the edge with him. 
I grip his hand tighter than normal, but I soon ease up and the view becomes overwhelming.
I can’t see a single person from the height but I can see the tops of the trees, I can hear the wind wresting with the branches and leaves and I close my eyes waiting for it to hit my skin. 

“Wow.” I breathe  out. 

“Yeah.” he whispers back and wraps his hand around my waist. 

I lean in close to him and rest my head on his shoulder as we stand there looking out above the trees. 
His hand runs up and down my sides and he squeezes me closer, I let out a slight grunt and he laughs in reply. 
He uses his other hand and lifts my chin so I am looking into his bright blue eyes, he leans in close enough for me to feel his breath against my lips and I close my eyes waiting for him to make the final move.
He does, his soft lips press against mine and like always a shiver runs through my body. It never fails when he kisses me. 
He trails his fingers slowly down my neck, over my collarbone, over my chest and down my stomach, he dips his fingers in the waistband of my leggings and waits there. 
He goes to pull away from out kiss and I bite his bottom lip before he gets away, I open my eyes and watch a small smirk appear on his face. 
His gaze meets mine and his eyes are much darker now, his gestures and more rough. 

“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” I whisper against his lips.

He leans in towards my neck and I extend it in the opposite direction giving him more room, his tongue touches my skin first as he rolls circles over the same spot before sucking that same spot between his lips. 

“Who said anything about a bed.” He gently bites down and I can’t help but moan in response, he bites down a little harder and I grab onto his hand that is resting at the waist on my leggings and push his hand further down. 

I can feel him smile against my neck as his teeth release me, his hand digs deeper into my pants until his fingers are pressing against my clit. 

“No underwear huh?” He kisses my lips harder this time.

I part my lips and his tongue gladly slides in, our tongues roll over each others and his finger runs circles against my clit. The more our kiss builds the more pressure he adds and I moan into his mouth and he groans back, his hips press against my leg and I can feel how hard he is already. 
I reach my hand down into his pants and begin stroking his growing member, he groans quietly into my ear and I can feel myself get wetter from the sound. 
He slides one finger in and I dig my nails into his shoulder, I stumble back a few steps and he quickly takes his hand away and grabs my waist. 

“You ok?” A smile appears on his face. 

I nod quietly and he guides me backwards until I’m against a large boulder, his hands slip down the sides of my leggings pulling them down to my ankles. 

“Jared.” I whisper and he looks up at me, “What if someone sees us!” I scan the area before looking back down at him. 

He runs his fingers up and down my slit and I bite back a moan watching him, “No one ever comes on these trails and we will be able to hear them.” He places a kiss on my slit, “As long as you’re quiet that is.” 

Before I can answer his tongue is pressing inside me and I lean my head back against the boulder, my one hand grabs onto the boulder and the other tangles in his hair below me. 
He begins flicking his tongue over my clit and I let out a moan louder than expected, he lets out a laugh against me and the vibrations run through my body letting another loud moan echo through the mountain. 
He places his thumb against my clit and he comes back up to kiss me, his tongue enters my mouth and he groans knowing I can taste myself. 

“Lets see how fast my little slut can get me off.” He turns me around and presses himself against me.

I place my forearms against the boulder and arch my back giving him a perfect angle, he grabs a fist full of my hair and tugs it back creating a deeper arch. I let a scream that I cut short by biting down on my bottom lip as he rams himself in me. 
He holds himself steady for a second trying to let me adjust to his width, he pulls out and slides in slower this time. Feeling every inch of him move in and out of me with each thrust he gives I moan back. 
His other hand gripping my waist while he keeps a firm tug on my hair, his thrusts are hard and constant. 

“Fuck, you are so wet!” He groans out as he keeps pounding his hips against me. 

He moves his hand from my hips to my shoulder creating less of a movement, every thrust he gets deeper and I can feel myself dripping down my leg. 

“Daddy!” I moan out as my words are hiccuped with his movements.

I begin to massage my clit as I feel my orgasm approaching, he can feel my tighten around him and he moans loudly into my back.
I scream out to him again and he covers my mouth and pulls harder on my hair, I close my eyes tight and scream out against his hand. 
I feel my hips jerk uncontrollably against him as my orgasm works through me and I can feel him pulsing inside of me.
He bites into my back as he finishes his high and he slowly pulls out of me. 

“Fuck.” I whisper as I rest forward against the boulder.

He stands back and adjusts himself back in his pants and then he kisses the backs of my thighs before pulling my leggings back up. 
I turn around and lean back, I close my eyes and shake my head with a slight laugh.

“What?” Jared questions and kisses my forehead.

“We have to walk back down.” I laugh a little harder. 

“We didn’t think this through but I’ll carry you if I have to.” He laughs with me.

I groan as I stand up and come to his side, he wraps his arm around my waist as we cautiously make our way back down the mountain. His grip on my waist tightens as my knees occasionally give out in the steeper parts, we both laugh and he kisses my temple each time as a sorry. 

“We make it down this mountain in one piece and I’ll make you any meal you want for dinner tonight.” He groans as he catches me as my foot slips.

I laugh out of embarrassment, “Pancakes. My last meal, I want pancakes.”

“You got it baby girl.” Another laugh escapes his lips as he catches me from slipping again.

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