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I’m as happy to see him as you are, ‘cause while you may be able to withstand my snapping apart your body joint by joint, can you watch it happen to Dean?


Word Count: 3133

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Language, Angst, Fluff, Self loathing, Recreational drug use, Alcohol use/abuse

A/N: Written for Bev’s ( @chaos-and-the-calm67 ) birthday challenge. My prompts were bar and jukebox. This didn’t turn out at all like I expected or hoped but…here it is. 

“You did this shit on purpose!” You screamed at your brother, shoving him in the chest. “You invited our parents because you think I’m a fucking head case who needs an intervention!”

“Y/N I didn’t…” Jared reached out, grabbing your hand. You yanked it back like you’d been electrocuted.

“Don’t fucking touch me, Jared!” You pulled away, grabbing your purse and keys, stomping down the stairs. “You know I haven’t talked to them in weeks! Not since mom called me a fuck up, again! I’m so sorry I’m not rich and famous like you, Jared!”

“That’s not what she meant and you know it!” Jared kept following you as you made your way to the door, bypassing Gen and the boys. “Where are you going?”

“Out.” You snapped. “I’ll come back and get all my stuff later. I’ll be out of your hair for good.” You spun on your heel and swung the door open, finding Jensen standing there with his hand raised to knock. You rolled your eyes and blew past him, your shoulder hitting him as you ran by.

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  • Harley: Did you take my gum that was in the car?
  • Joker: Probably.
  • Harley: I'm going to shoot you the next time you take my gum.
  • Joker: Shoot me? Really?
  • Harley: Yup. With a shotgun.
  • Joker: Jesus.
  • Harley: He can't help you now Puddin' ;)
Jensen in Green (Jensen x Reader)

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Title: Jensen in Green

Summary:  Jensen may or may not be jealous

Warnings: Jealous!Jensen (not sure if that really needs to be a warning or not lol)

AN:  I had posted the link to this story on here, but I realized that sometimes it’s annoying to be forced to go to AO3, so I decided to repost. I’m going to be doing that with a few stories that I have posted.

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Night of the Hunter! I love this song❤
Plus Jared wraping his neck 😥 and touching himself agh 😧🔥🔥🔥

I Dare You

Before you were set to film that somber event, when Sam’s in a coma, and Dean’s praying, you had pulled Jensen aside and whispered,

“Dare you to fuck this scene up as subtle as possible,” with mischief gleaning in your eyes.

“Bob will have my head,” he reacted and you shrugged, “do it, don’t do it, but we’ve been crying for a half hour Jense, we need to break the monotony up.”

He watched you walk away and he knew you were right. You were always fucking right.

Marks were set, filming started, and as Jensen, playing Dean was to place a tender touch to Jared playing Sam’s comatose self, he poked his muscular upper arm, and giggled, “Hey, Sammy, you in there?”

Jared tried hard to compose himself, but snickering could be heard and Jensen’s shoulders began to jiggle as he chuckled, pinching Jared’s arm muscle again.

“God damn it, Ackles,” Bob hollered, “get your shit together!”

“And you!” Bob turned an accusatory index finger your way, “I blame you entirely for effin’ up my scene.”

“Moi?” You feigned innocence, which caused Jared and Jensen to guffaw at the surrealness of it all. Bob was so pissed but YN had been right, this scene was taking a toll on them.

“The three of you, get out, go to makeup,be back in 30,” Bob called cut, and you clapped him on the shoulder,

“Blooper Reel here we come!”

“Out!” Bob was redder than a sun ripened tomato.

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anonymous asked:

Thank u for those sweet gifs, u r the best!! It makes me so happy to see that Jensen's touch really does have that make-you-feel-good effect on Jared, beyond the jokes and bad cover ups. I think we get to glimpse the real thing also because Jensen touches him so rarely at cons, so sometimes Jared's caught a bit unaware, but Jensen? Can u think of any time where his mask slips because of Jared's touch? And I mean something Jared initiated -Italian Anon

Hello again, dear Italian Anon!

Thank you for your sweet words. Can I start by rectifying a terrible overlook on my part? You wanted to see Jensen touching Jared’s hair and I didn’t think to add this very significant moment on the list.

This was during JibCon16, as you probably know very well. Being Italian, perhaps you were there to see it? To recap the moment very shortly, Jared apologized for not attending the previous year (due to his breakdown), Jensen wrapped him in a protective hug and touched his hair. I’m thinking he knew exactly what his boy needed at that moment to comfort him. From another angle you can clearly see how Jared closes his eyes and just melts into Jensen’s arms.

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Ahh, back in the day! Jensen looks absolutely giddy when his cute puppy of a boyfriend surprises him with a sweet hug and a pat on the head. These are the Heart Eyes™ we all know and love. 

I am not exactly sure where this is from. If someone knows the photographer, please let me know so I can credit. In any case, Jensen’s expression looks so soft and content that I can’t pass up the opportunity to bring this up. This is how I imagine him to react to Jared’s touches behind closed doors.

(Credit: Marie610) This little hug from Asylum 6 looks like it’s making Jensen feel a little dizzy. No wonder, Jared undoubtedly gives great hugs!

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I can’t not mention this classic. This gif is so well made! We see Jensen’s initial heart eyes before he pulls back with a small smile and turns to watch his boy go. Sometimes I truly wonder what Jared’s intentions were here - did he want to really kiss Jensen right there? He came in sporting a solemn expression, made a kissy face, gave him an out that Jensen took and took off laughing.

(Source: Fangasm) This is Jensen after he discovers Jared’s hand is hovering over his chest but before Jared pinches his nipple. I guess that was taking things a little too far. ;) This happened in Dallascon 2016.

Oh my… I think this got a little long. Italian Anon, you always have the most interesting questions! Thank you for throwing me a message. I hope your Monday was alright and Tuesday is even better!

I met Jared Padalecki at my new job i was training for on my first day. He asked for a frito pie (i work concession stand at a zoo), and i just froze as the lady that was training me made his frito pie. I then backed away from the window very slowly, with my mouth wide open like a creep would do. Then he gives us a $10 and i slowly creep back in view of him with my phone up and about to take a picture of him, he spots me, laughs, then says “Oh! Hello there! How are you today?” I mumbled i domy know what. Sentences were exchanged, and he asks “Do you want to take a picture with me? Lets do it! I’ll just lean in the window, and hug you.”


Picture is taken. Words exchanged.
I’m never washing that shirt again.
Ps, his hands are huge