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“Did you hear about y/n and Peter?” Henry came running into Mal’s room in a hurry barging in unannounced. 

“What? No, why on earth are the two of them even talking to each other? Peter is pretty rotten to the core if you ask me which is completely opposite from y/n,” Mal questioned knowing that it had to be some very news worthy thing Henry had to say judging by the way he charged into her room.

“They’re dating! Can you believe it?” Henry announced as he was just as surprised as Mal looked when he found out. 

“Dating? God, y/n really is as mad as the Hatter.” 

Imagine how everyone reacts to you and Henry dating. (I couldn’t help it with Rumple’s).

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Here’s something I noticed

So in the first episode of season 7, we find out that Henry was cursed to remember that his wife and child were killed in a fire.

Didn’t Emma lie to Henry about his father being a firefighter? About how he died a hero while he was rescuing someone.

Was that planned or a coincidence


Don’t get me wrong I’m heartbroken that Jennifer Morisson is leaving Once Upon a Time, which means I won’t get to see anymore new scene of Captain Swan (The Best TV Couple ever!).
But i am excited to see the Captain Cobra adventure we’re hopefully gonna see in Season 7, with the fact Henry all grown up looking a lot more like Killian than Neal (again, Sorry!) but he has a daughter, which means Killian a.k.a Captain Hook has a granddaughter! I definitely didn’t expect to get excited for the S7

Henry Mills x Reader

Part two of Close. Requested by: @justawildmarebearmcrbvbfob

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People say that ignorance is bliss. If that’s so then why do you feel so deflated? How come ever since that moment with Henry you’ve felt so torn? So broken? So… far away? Henry’s noticed this too.

At first he too stayed away but then he realised that it was impossible. It’s not possible to be able to stay away. There’s just something that keeps pulling you back. Something that’s keeping you close.

You wish you knew the reasoning. You’ve had this pain in your chest whenever you are away from him. Since the moment you chose to step back all you’ve wanted to do is move forward again. You want to be with Henry.

You never saw him in a romantic way. You never even thought about it, but then he tried to kiss you and everything changed. You thought you still felt distant towards him so you prevented the kiss, then when Henry left and you stood there feeling the cold against your skin where you once felt Henry’s warmth, you knew.

You love him.

But things have been difficult. More dark creatures have attacked Storybrooke and you keep getting separated from him. He hasn’t been injured since that night, thank goodness, but you feel like you have.

You haven’t been hurt physically by the creatures, but you have been hurt emotionally by them. This, though, you haven’t told anyone. You’re afraid that it’ll change things if you do.

One creature made it’s way towards Henry and you were so scared that you called out to it. So it changed its’ course and headed straight for you. Then Henry screamed. The creature turned back and in the faintest lighting available, you saw the creature smirk.

This dark creature had consciousness. It was created from dark magic that was tethered to the owner. So in fact the creature did not smirk but the creator did. And once it did it decided that it was going to kill you both. Luckily, though Emma and Regina defeated it just in time.

But that moment has scarred you. You never talk about it, but you always worry. Not about how it was so terrifying but about how it almost killed the two of you. And what would’ve happened if it only struck Henry? How would you have coped?

You find that books are your only medicine. They can cure you of any disease– mental, physical or emotional– and they help you escape the troubles you face. So you’ve decided that you should visit the town’s library everyday. And everyday you find a new book to read.

Today you’re reading a book based on romance. Belle had recommended it to you and so far you’re satisfied with what you’ve read. The story is intriguing and impressively detailed. It feels so realistic and at many times you find yourself relating to the characters.

Then you get the butterflies. Every scenario you relate to are the ones where the two characters can’t admit their feelings for one another. One of them even is scared to say that she’s in love. That character is exactly like you.

You’re afraid to admit that you love Henry because then it’ll become real. When it’s real then you’ll have to face things together. Even so… you want it to be real. There’s a terrifying truth behind it that makes you tempted to start it. To start accepting your feelings for Henry.

“I thought I’d find you here.”

Your eyes widen and your head shoots up. There standing by one of the bookshelves is Henry. His hair is messy from a day of stressful school work and his uniform shirt is unbuttoned slightly.

You quickly dab away the tears that wet your cheeks. You started to cry from the realization of your heart’s desires. Henry doesn’t seem to notice this and walks over to you at the table.

“What book are you reading?” He asks.

You can’t manage a word. Your mouth opens but nothing comes out. Then suddenly; a sound.



Your mouth quickly shuts. How come you asked him that? What was the purpose of it? What did you mean by ‘why’? Your heart starts to be beat faster.

“I don’t understand.” Henry admits.

You shake your head (mainly to shake away the feelings you’re starting to get) and close the book. Then you slide out of your chair and put the book back on the shelf. As you turn around you get startled. Henry is right there in front of you; his eyes seeping into yours.

“What do you mean?” He asks.

“I have to go…” You say.

“Why are you avoiding the question?”

“I need to get home.”

“Is this because of the kiss?”

Your cheeks flare up in pink blushes. You turn your gaze to the ground and scrunch up your hands into fists.

“We never kissed.” You say.

“So it is, then?” Henry says.

You shake your head even though that’s exactly the correct reason.

“I have to leave.” You say, and start to move away from Henry.

He doesn’t let you leave, though. His arm flies up and his hand hits the bookshelf making you flinch. He wasn’t being aggressive but his sudden movement was harsh.

“Please stop running away from me.” He says, “I never wanted to make you feel this way.”

“Neither did I.” You admit.

Tears form in your eyes. Henry thinks that he’s made you feel anger but that’s not it. He’s made you feel love.

“I’m sorry.” Henry says.

“I love you.” You blurt out.


Henry’s eyes widen and so do yours. Why did you just say that?? You begin to blush again and immediately push his arm off of the bookshelf and run away from him. That was so stupid of you to say!

Henry is quick to follow you, however. He runs after you as you pass bookshelf after bookshelf. Then his hand reaches out and he grabs ahold of your arm; spinning you around to face him. Tears spill from your eyes but his look at you in confusion.

“You love me?” He asks you.

You shake your head. Of course you love him, but now the reality you so desperately wanted you want to disappear. Henry doesn’t say another word but instead he moves closer to you.

You worry immediately and begin to back away from him, but he keeps moving forward. His lips are dangerously close to yours as he backs you up against a bookshelf. When your back hits the shelf his lips touch yours, but not in a kiss.

Then he stops. His lips are left hovering over your own and you’re back to where you started before. You’re back to where you made your first mistake; where you pushed Henry away and ran away from your feelings.

However now, you’re doing the same thing. The moment is being replayed. You’ve denied your feelings, ran away from Henry and are trying to prevent a kiss from happening. Even so, what makes this moment different?

Henry gazes into your eyes searching for the emotion you’re feeling. He won’t take that step if you’re not ready. But when you look into his eyes you only see your reflection and in a way, that’s his emotion. He’s feeling love and it’s towards you.

No more mistakes, then. You love him. It’s clear to you now that you’ve always loved him. So you decided to take the step yourself.

You close your eyes and lean forward, letting both of your lips touch, and you kiss him. You kiss Henry as if you’ve never wanted something so badly before. He’s not slow on the uptake and immediately wraps his arms around you. Your arms wrap around his neck.

Henry kisses you back with a passion you’ve only read in story books. With both your lips against each other you realize that this is how you want to be. You want to be with Henry.

You want to be close.

I just thought of a very SQ explanation for a 5B plothole.

Okay, so hearts born of true love (like Emma’s) can’t be removed by other people, right?

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But they can be removed by those the hearts belong to.

Otherwise, 3A would have been over a lot sooner.

So, why was Regina able to remove Emma’s heart in 5B?

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Unless Emma’s heart now “belongs” to Regina!


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Henry: “Mom, Mom, this is my boyfriend Carlos De Vil. He’s from Auradon and I really like him.”
Regina: “Well we couldn’t be happier for you Henry. It’s a pleasure to meet you Carlos.”  


Once Upon a Time: The Musical Episode Cast Interviews - Watch cast interviews from Jennifer Morrison & Colin O‘Donoghue, Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas,  Lana Parrilla, Rebecca Mader, Jared S. Gilmore and more as they discuss the Once Upon a Time musical episode “The Song in Your Heart” airing this Sunday on ABC.


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Carlos: “You mean there’s hundreds of different superheroes? All with different powers, some for good and some for bad. This is amazing.”
Henry: “ I have a bunch more if you want read them.” 
Carlos: “Of course I do, bring them out. These are awesome, I mean a scientist that turns into a green giant when he gets angry. Who comes up with that?” 

Henry Mills x Reader - Smut

Requested by cronedeityofdeath

Word count: 2,961

Working part-time in Mr Gold’s shop had its luxuries. Belle was always there even if Rumple wasn’t, which meant that she could help you around the shop, without the embarrassment of having to ask Gold himself. The work wasn’t too hard. You just had to clean and assort different artifacts and potions. You were actually beginning to get the hang of magic. You’re not from the Enchanted Forest so dealing with spells actually frightened you, but you understand them a bit more now.

Dusting one of the many potion shelves at the back of the store, you think of your boyfriend Henry. You’ve been dating for a year now, it’ll be two in June. He’s so sweet and kind to you that you almost feel like you don’t deserve him, or that you’re living in a dream. A really, really, good dream. But because now you’re too busy thinking about Henry, you don’t notice how clumsy you’re being with the duster. One accidental flick and a potion goes tumbling to the ground.

The sound of the glass bottle shattering is what brings you back from daydreaming. You look down and immediately get worried, fearing that Gold will kill you for this, so you try to scoop up all the glass shards as quickly as possible. Probably not the best idea without gloves, but you do it anyway. Scurrying to pick up all the glass shards, you get startled when you hear Belle call out your name.

“(Y/n)? Are you ok?”

“I’m fine!” You call back to her.

You quickly grab the last piece of glass but it slips between your fingers and cuts your skin. You wince as you drop the shard, and all the others that were already in your hand, to the floor and examine the blood dripping down your finger.

“Are you sure?” Belle calls out again.

“Yes!” You say.

Looking over at the couch on the other side of the room, you put your hands on the ground to push yourself up onto your feet, but your cut begins to sting and you realize it’s from the potion that you accidentally dipped it in. You curse yourself and walk over to the couch, taking away one of the cushions, and grabbing the first-aid kit. You don’t see any Detol or sterilization bottles so you make do with licking up the blood and wrapping a bandaid over your cut.

It still stings and by the time you go back to clean more of the glass up, you begin to feel dizzy. Your head feels foggy and you stumble around for a bit, until you’re leaning over a table for support to stand. Looking down at the broken glass on the ground, you realize that whatever was in that bottle is now effecting you.

You don’t know how you got here but you did, and now you’re knocking on the door expecting an answer. You can feel the potion taking effect on you, but you don’t know what kind of potion it is. For all you know you could turn into a mass murderer. You figured you’d talk to Henry about it. Before long the door swings open and Regina greets you with a warm smile.

“(Y/n), nice to see you. How are you?” She asks.

“I’m very well, thank you.” You reply, a soft slur to the end of your words, “Is Henry home?”

“Yes, he is. Do you want me to call him down?”

“No, it’s alright. I’ll just head up, if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.”

Regina steps aside and you walk into her house. You’ve always loved her home; it’s just so perfect. You can smell apples so you smile at Regina.

“I smell pastry. Are you cooking?” You ask.

“Yes, apple turnovers.” Regina replies, “But don’t worry, they’re poison free.”

You chuckle and head upstairs and down the hallway over to Henry’s bedroom. Knocking on the door and then opening it, you peek your head in to see Henry sitting on his bed reading a book.

“Knock, knock.” You chime.

Henry looks up at you and smiles, putting the book down on his bedside table, and walks over to you giving you a welcoming hug. You wrap your arms around him when suddenly you feel dizzy again and all of the sudden you have this urge to kiss him. Henry pulls back with a smile.

“I thought you were working today.” He says.

You look at his lips as he talks.

“I was, but I wanted to see you.” You say, completely forgetting your reason for coming here.

“You’re too sweet, (Y/n).” Henry chuckles.

You smile at him as you continue gazing at his lips. They look so soft, you could easily bruise them if you kissed him hard enough. Maybe you should try it…

“Hey, you ok?” Henry asks, waving a hand in your face.

You look up at him and smile.

“Yes, I’m fine.” You reply.

Henry chuckles again and walks over to his bedside table. You follow behind him, loving the way he walks, and take a moment to appreciate his shoulders. Were they always that broad? He looks so good right now. You walk up closer behind him, wanting to touch his shoulders now.

“I’m reading this new book that I think you’ll love.” Henry says.

“What’s it about?” You ask, but you again slur your words.

“It’s about this knight who has to stop this assassin from killing the King. It’s really good so far.”

“Got any romance in it?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t read all of it, yet.”

Henry turns around but gets startled at how close you are. Your eyes immediately go back to looking at his lips. He can see that you’re staring so he tilts your head up to look him in the eyes.

“Are you sure you’re ok? You seem to fade out every now and then.” He asks.

“I’ve just missed you, that’s all.” You say, “We should make up for lost time.”

Your hands immediately wander up his sides, beneath the coat he’s wearing, and stop at his shoulders. Henry looks surprised, not exactly in a bad way, but not in a good way either. Your fingers wander to his shirt collar and then down, unbuttoning his shirt buttons as you go.

“(Y-y/n).” Henry stutters, putting his hand on yours to stop you.

“What’s wrong?” You ask, gazing back at his lips.

“A-are you sure you’re ok?”

“I’ve never been better, why?”

“You’re acting strange.”

You look at him with the slightest bit of offense.

“Can’t I miss my boyfriend?” You ask, head tilted to the side.

“Of course you can,” Henry says, “but you’ve never acted this way before.”

“There’s a first time for everything.”

You move closer to Henry as you speak, letting your lips hover over his, and he backs up into his bedside table. The book he was holding falls to the floor and you smile as you let your lips brush against his and then down his jawline. Henry instinctively puts his hand on your waist, more in a way to restrain you, but you keep moving your lips down his neck until you stop where his throat indents.

You can see Henry swallow, his Adams apple moving as he does so, and you begin to kiss the hollow of his neck. To be honest, it’s not the first time you’ve kissed his neck. You’ve done so before a couple of times but it was in a cute manner. Like when you’d kiss him from behind, it’d be just a peck on the neck, and he’s kissed you there too, when your head moved away from his so he did it in an effect to make you laugh. It worked.

But everytime you two have kissed it’s always been sweet. Now, you want nothing to do with sweet. You just want to kiss Henry as much as possible and feel his hands on your waist. It’s like he read your mind because as you kiss his neck again, a bit harder this time, his grip on your waist tightens.

“(Y/n).” Henry says, but he sounds distracted.

You can’t blame him if he is, though. You hum in reply as you kiss his neck again, sort of loving the way he says your name. His hand on your waist moves up to your shoulder and pulls you away from him. You look at him with your eyebrows furrowed.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but you never act this way. Did something happen at the shop?” Henry asks.

The shop? Yes, something did happen at the shop. You were dusting and then you think something broke, but you completely forget about it again as your thoughts focus back on Henry.

“No, nothing happened.” You say.

“Are you sure?” He asks.

“Yes, I’m sure.” You gaze back at his lips and bite your own, “I’m tired of talking.”

Moving closer to him you kiss him on the lips. It feels so good so you go in for another kiss, but Henry pulls back.

“(Y/n), have you been drinking?” He asks, eyes only just opening.

“I’m not drunk.” You state.

Henry opens his mouth to speak again but you put your fingers over them to stop him, and go back to kissing his neck. He puts his hand back on your waist but you’re afraid he’ll push you away again, so you kiss his neck harder and push him up against a wall. He grunts and you pull his coat off, chucking it behind you, and put your hand on the back of his neck to pull him down for another kiss.

You’re kissing him passionately, wanting to get as many kisses in as you can before he pushes you away again, but he doesn’t this time. Instead he puts both hands on your waist and pulls you closer to him. You smile into the kiss and then slightly lose balance as Henry suddenly deepens the kiss. He’s either given up trying to stop you, or he’s feeling like you are. Either way you’re happy.

Your hand reaches back down to hold onto his shirt, probably going to leave a crease because he’s wearing flannel (he looks so good in flannel), but neither of you care as you kiss each other. Your other hand moves up into his hair and your fingers tangle themselves in his brunette strands. With a soft tug, a quiet sound escapes his lips as he pulls back for air, and then goes back for more.

You’re absolutely loving this, but for some reason enough is never enough. You want to kiss Henry, and even though you are, it’s not satisfying you enough. It’s like you want more but when you get it you want even more than before. Almost as if you’re on a high on Henry.

You push your body up against his, closing the gap between you two, and his hands trail down from your waist lower. One hand stops on the halfway mark of your hip but the other continues down, gently gripping your butt. As you’re about to let your hands wander as well, the sound of the bedroom door opening snaps both you and Henry out of your make out session.

“Hey, is anyone hung- what is going on?!” Regina shouts.

You pull away from Henry and step beside him, looking at Regina. You can feel your lips swollen and as you sneak a glance at Henry you can see his are aswell. But you laugh slightly as he looks dazed and his lips are still pursed.

“M-mum, uh.” Henry stutters.

“I don’t,” Regina starts, waving her hand in front of her face and looking away, “I don’t want to know.”

“Sorry.” You say quietly, hands behind your back in a guilty way.

“Downstairs right now. Both of you.” Regina says, “And put your coat back on, Henry.”

Regina leaves downstairs and Henry sheepishly grabs his coat from the floor and puts it on. You walk out the door first and as soon as Henry is out of your sight, you realize what just happened. You and him were making out. You both got out of control. Wait, but you started it. What’s wrong with you?

When you both make it downstairs Regina is by the door with her car keys in her hand.

“Where are we going?” You ask.

Regina just opens the door and waits for you both to walk outside. After she locks up the house you get in her car, but she makes sure Henry is in the front seat and away from you. Away from touching distance, at least.

You finally make it to Mary Margaret and David’s apartment. Inside they are along with Emma and Killian. They can instantly see the guilt in Henry’s and your face as you walk through the door. Regina stands in between you and Henry, but as if you’d start making out right then and there.

“What’s going on?” Mary asks, looking at all three of you.

“I think Emma deserves to know this, and we’re all family so it should be ok.” Regina starts, “(Y/n) came over today to see Henry.”

“I thought you were working at the crocodile’s shop.” Killian asks.

“I was. But I left early.” You say.

“When she came to my house I let her upstairs to see Henry. After some time I heard a thud,”

When you pushed Henry up against the wall. You look at Henry to see him blushing. He knows what thud she means as well.

“But I thought nothing of it.” Regina continues, “Then I thought they might be hungry so I went up to check on them to see them both against a wall kissing.”

You turn away to hide your blush but you know it’s not working.

“Mum,” Henry starts.

“Wait, what?” David asks.

Emma’s eyes slightly grow wide. You’re sure they’re not judging you because you and Henry made out, but they’re probably not comfortable knowing that you had Henry straddled. Killian sort of looks impressed, David a bit too but he immediately looks stern as Mary raises her eyebrow at him.

“You’re only teenagers.” She says.

“Sorry,” you say, “I just really wanted to kiss him.”

You immediately regret what you said. How is that going to make the situation any better? It just came out of you. Now you want to kiss Henry again. Why do you want to kiss him so much? Sure, you love him and he’s your boyfriend, but it’s like you can’t control yourself anymore.

It’s silent in the room for a while before Killian speaks up.

“(Y/n), what happened to your finger?” He asks.

You look down at your hand to see a bandaid wrapped around one of your fingers.

“I dropped a glass bottle at work. It’s nothing.” You say.

“At work? You mean at Gold’s shop?” Mary asks.

You nod.

“(Y/n), what bottle did you drop?” Killian asks.

“I don’t know,” you shrug, “some potion.”

Wait a second.

“Blimey.” Killian says under his breath.

“A love potion.” Regina says.

You squeeze your eyes shut for a second, thinking of how stupid you are, and then look over at Henry. Immediately that feeling of wanting to kiss him comes back so you look away. Emma can see how awkward you’re feeling so she walks over to you.

“You didn’t know it was a love potion. It’s not your fault.” She says.

“What did you do after you broke the bottle?” Regina asks.

“I started picking up the glass and I cut my finger. When I went to stand up I accidentally dipped my cut into the potion. There wasn’t any Detol so I just licked the blood off my finger.” You explain.

David and Mary sigh.

“But I was coming to Regina’s house for help! I went to go see Henry about it. I thought he could help and Regina too, but then I sorta got carried away…”

“I’ll fix this.” Regina says, before walking out the door.

Emma follows her out and Killian looks over at Henry.

“Did you at least have fun?” He asks.

“Killian.” David says.

“What? The boy experienced something new.”

As David and Killian continue arguing, Mary leads Henry up to his bedroom and tells you to go sit on the couch. As you do so you hope Killian doesn’t come over to ask you any questions. Who knows how you’ll respond.

It takes a while, at least three hours, before Regina and Emma come back with two small bottles of antidote potion. Regina goes up to Henry to give him his, like he’d need one anyway but it’s probably just to make sure, and Emma walks over to you and hands you yours.

“Here. I promise it’s not as bad as it smells.” Emma says.

You nod and open the lid of the bottle. Immediately the stench fills your nostrils and you have to block them to scoul down the potion. After you swallow it Henry comes down the stairs and you walk over to him with Emma and the others. They’re all waiting to see if it wears off.

“Hey, hot stuff.” You say to Henry, winking at him.

Henry widens his eyes and blushes because you’re in the presence of family. You laugh and nudge his shoulder.

“I’m only joking.” You smile.

Everyone sighs and then laughs as well, and even though it was a love potion that made you and Henry make out, you’re happy you did because now you know how he reacts to seduction. Not very well.