jared presley

Give me a badass looking boy with a wonderful heart, who would treat me really nice. (He could be stylish, might have a good taste in music, sharp jawline, messy hair, shiny teeth and good butt.)
[Or at least give me someone]
—  Me talking to whoknowswho

After Cas discovered Netflix he went to the Disney movie section and found Lilo & Stich, since than he can’t stop watching it and listening to Elvis.
So one day he goes to the Internet and searches for his songs and immediately loves the one “Can’t help falling in love with you” and plays it at loud volume in the bunker, in another room is Sam sobbing while Dean wonders what the hell is going on


New 16 Bit Arcade Bar in Over The Rhine in Cincinnati Ohio! Photo Credit to Jared Presley. The JMP initials really are mine! I got the high score in ROlling Thunder! The drink is the Hulk Hogan special I was told, and it includes the Popsicle. to stick it in.


Esmeralda Photoset

I really want to wear this cosplay again sometime soon. The wig is my favorite part <3 I’ll also be sure to tie the scarf on the correct side. Gah, still hitting myself over messing that up.

First seven photos by Greyroamer Photography. Last three by Jared Presley, William L Snyder, and Kevin Lillard, respectively.