jared padalecki is the best


my greatest achievement in life is somehow getting misha collins to smile like this in my photo op with him and jared padalecki. for a lot of the photos i’ve taken with misha at the two other spn cons i went to last year, he has NEVER smiled like this and i can’t help but feel so giddy every time i look through these memories.

the moment i walked up to the two of them, i smiled and looked both misha and jared in the eye and asked for a tight sandwich hug. jared grinned and surprised me by reaching out to wrap his arm around my front to drag me into him but i abruptly threw my arms out and struggled to turn to face misha (they were standing SO CLOSE). as soon as i turn and look up, i see misha smiling at me and the next thing i know he’s thrown his arms around my shoulders and i’ve got a face full of misha’s jacket. i huff out a laugh and drag my arms up to hug him and as i’m struggling to turn my face to look at chris and the camera, jared is crowding in behind me and pressing me firmly into misha and that’s about the time misha straightens his back and steps even closer and i feel the full length of his body against mine.

let me just say that is a memory i won’t be forgetting any time soon, god bless.

so i somehow manage to turn my head despite misha and jared attempting to remain balanced when chris takes the photo. i tell them thanks when they let go but i barely take one step before a creation staff approaches me and tells me they need to do a retake. i’m torn between laughing and crying (what a strange emotion). so she places me back in line a few girls behind the front and i’m left wondering if this was the universe’s way of giving me a good birthday present. after chatting with one of the iamalive volunteers (jokingly explaining to her how it was misha’s fault that i felt like i was having heart palpitations), i’m suddenly standing in front of jared and misha again. they each give me a confused look and i can only offer them a grin and a shrug and say, “apparently someone blinked?”

jared jokingly points at misha and when i look over at misha, he’s smiling and raising his arms for another hug. i grin and cling to him as he and jared get into the exact same postion as before (misha once again felt the need to curve into me and press as close to me as he could, dear god help me) but this time there was less off-balanced wobbling and a more secure ribs-crushing hug. chris snaps the photo again and i’m walking away with a whole new perspective on things.

i adore misha collins so much, he’s been the light in my life for years now. for my birthday, he’s given me one of the best gifts i’ve ever gotten: his beautiful smile. ❤❤❤❤