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So I recently went to SPN Vegas Con, and decided to get the Dr Seuss Supernatural book I made signed by J2M2.

I couldn’t decide what page I wanted Misha to sign, so I asked him which he would prefer: Cas in the barn, or beating up Dean.

“Oh! Definitely beating up Jensen, please!”

So that’s the one he signed!

Positive response from everyone who saw it. Jared told me it was great and he was a huge Theodore Geisel fan and it was very his style. My poor starstruck brain didn’t connect that’s Dr Seuss’ real name until he pointed it out!

Amazing feeling having my work seen by the people who inspired it. So going to have others sign it when I get to AHBL in May. Shame I didn’t think to put more characters in it!

Here’s a Jensen Ackles portrait I drew last year and the story behind it. 

I am a fan of Supernatural ever since the series began and meeting Jensen is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. When I went to JIBCon6 last year, my dream of meeting him finally came true. With an Angel Pass you don’t have to wait in line very long and I didn’t even have time to be all that nervous before I stood right in front of Jensen at the autograph session. I was with my best friend, because I’m usually a shy mess in front of people, especially if they are Jensen fucking-beautiful-human-being Ackles. I said ‘Hi’ and the girl next to him gave him my drawing. He greeted me and was just about to sign it, when I said ‘Be careful you don’t get pencil on your hands’. With a confused look on his face he looked at me and then at my friend, who was right beside me. ‘It’s a drawing’, she said. At first he laughed and I didn’t know what to do with that, but it turns out he didn’t believe it before he touched it carefully and had some pencil on his fingers. ‘Holy crap, this is amazing’, was his reaction. He was touched I made it for him and I was so incredibly touched that he actually liked it. I figured they see so much absolutely amazing fan art, mine must be pretty ordinary. But he made me feel so special and good. Long story short: Jensen is such a sweet, caring person who deserves all the love. 

Jared Padalecki is a gift (MinnCon 2016 auto story)

Although my Jared auto story is full of plenty of goofiness (including him throwing sharpie caps at me), there was something powerful I heard him say.

My sister was in front of me, and my mother behind. My sister said “i know you get this a lot, but you’re my hero,” to which he gave her a high five.

There was more joking around, and from what seemed like out of nowhere, my mother said, “your campaign saved my daughter’s lives.”

We both laughed and I looked down, turning beet red out of embarrassment that my mom actually told him that.

And kind of softly, I heard him reply with: “They saved themselves.”

I thought about this the whole ride home, all day yesterday, and into today.

They saved themselves.

I never realized how right he was.

People can help us. They can be a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, but at the end of the day, it’s up to us to decide if we’re okay. Not our friends, our family, no one. It’s all on us.

I think that’s the most important thing Jared has ever taught me.


This is a bit long but I needed to say it:

SO two years ago I got surprised with a Jared Padalecki autograph at Burcon. I was able to tell him that although I dealt with depression and self harm he inspires me to be happy. He got up from his seat and hugged me while I cried in his arms. He told me that this spn family is here for me that is here for me. Then he told me how beautiful I am. Which changed my life forever. If my inspiration thinks that I’m beautiful then maybe I am. At that moment I promised myself I would never hurt myself again.

A year later at Pascon I asked him to sign the word “beautiful” because him saying that changed my life and made me (at that time) a year clean. He wrote it for me told me how proud he was and that he loved me. Which encouraged me once again to love myself. Well now I’m two years clean of self harm.

I have finally gotten my tattoo that I thought my parents would never let me get. And I’ve shown Jared Padalecki my tattoo. I’ve never felt so loved when I showed him. He held me in a hugged and rocked back and forth and told me “You are beautiful don’t forget it” and every time he saw me he said “hey beautiful”. At autographs I thanked him again for the tattoo and how I want to help people now. That he inspired me to be therapist so I can help people the way he has helped me. He sat back in awe and told me “coolest thing i’ve heard all day hands down”. I usually cry at autographs but this time I was fine. I cry because i’ve never felt the love he gives me but this time…. i didn’t cry because I think I finally know that i’m loved.

So if you are in a dark part of your life just know IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET OUT OF THAT PLACE. you are strong and you can do anything. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Ignore my face because I messed up so bad but omfg. I asked if Jensen could like doodle over my face because I looked so stupid! But he looked at me, then looked down to the photo and drew a speech bubble. I was like “Oooooooh nooooo.” He started smiling and wrote “Who is this Person?” I was like oh my god nooooooo! And he was like “There you go,” and I couldn’t stop laughing! 

Also after everything had finished, I was exhausted and lying on the floor in the Boulevard of the Hilton and JENSEN ACKLES walks past, looks down at me and jokingly says “Don’t Get Up.” I reply with “I won’t! I won’t! ” He goes round the corner and i’m still on the floor. He then COMES BACK and says the same thing to me again and i reply with “I don’t think I can mate,” AND HE FRICKING LAUGHS AT ME!! What a way to end a perfect day!! (also i’ve been smelling like Jared’s aftershave for at least 8 hours…its so good.)


Everyone was super amazing this weekend! My favorite op is my solo Jared, where I asked him to give me a protective hug. J2 were sweet as always, giving high fives and great hugs. We had so much fun, especially at autographs.

My kiddo brought Jared some Harry Potter gummy slugs and pretended with him that they were real. He joked around that she better be kidding or she’d have to eat real slugs too. She finally said no, no they’re just gummies and he said he’d find her and get her if she was lying 😂 He’s such a good sport.

Jensen asked about her missing tooth and where it went and what the tooth fairy brought her, and acted surprised that she got a whole dollar. He saw that her other tooth is loose and goes “you don’t have to yank out all your teeth to make money!” He told her she could rake leaves, or find a partner for lonely socks, or do laundry and finally was like “just rip them all out” to which his handler gave him pretty funny looks. Kiddo then told him about pranking Jared with candy slugs and Jensen promised to laugh at him later about it.

Jared autograph story

I’ve decided to write a couple of stories about me meeting the supernatural cast this weekend and thought to talk about Jared’s first because it was a good laugh.

So when I managed to get a Jared autograph a few months ago I wasn’t sure on what I wanted him to sign, I had a good idea for Jensen and Misha but not Jared! A few days later I came across my New York Minute DVD while going through some stuff. If you don’t already know Jared was in that movie and kind of gets some shit from it from Jensen and the others so I thought it would be funny and different to get him to sign that.

Once I’m in the autograph queue a few months later I suddenly begin to feel very nervous, I hoped that Jared would take it as the lighthearted joke it was but I began to wonder whether Jared may get offended and embarrassed by it, which wasn’t my intention at all. Once I got to the front of the queue I was fumbling around with my ticket and DVD to the staff member with Jared borderline terrified that he wouldn’t like it, however the reaction I received was brilliant!

Once my DVD was slided over to Jared as soon as he saw it he just suddenly yelled “YES YES YES!!! COME ON YES THANK YOU SO MUCH!!” I was already laughing a lot but then Jared picked up the DVD and started calling over Jensen who was at the table next to him. After a few “Jensen, Jensen, Jensen, hey, hey, HEY ACKLES” Jensen finally responded with “what do you want Jared.” Jared then began waving around the DVD yelling “SUCK IT SUCK IT IN YOUR FACE IN YOUR FACE” to Jensen. Jensen then looked at me and just said “What? That’s my copy. I asked her to sign it for me that’s my copy.” Jared then began to look for his name on the DVD and circled it before signing his name and handing it back to me and saying “Thank you so much that was great”. Shocked at what just happened I thanked Jared and headed out when I heard Jared say to the staff member with him “YES!! NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!” Overall it was so funny and cheered me up a lot from some other stuff that happened so thank you Jared for being so cool!

Misha Collins autograph story here

A14 story time: Okay so, at A14, I was on my own when going for my autograph from Jared (I got my Jensen one earlier) I was so nervous, shaking and I felt sick. I was determined to say something to him. So when it got to my turn to have my photo signed, I said “Um, Jared? Can I just say that you’re so inspirational and the Always Keep Fighting campaign hit home. A dear friend of mine (cheekyjared) who I’m meeting later and who I love so much, has and is going through a hard time, so am I, and you’re helping us, my friend especially, through things just by being your awesome self. You’ve helped so many people and we’re so grateful. We love you.” Whilst I was saying this, he was looking at me right in the eyes and smiling. He put up his hand and motioned for me to put up mine. He interlocked his fingers with mine and said “Thank you. Everything is going to be okay, I’m here for you, here for you all, okay? We’re a family. ” I nodded at him, tears in my eyes and he smiled again as he handed me back my photo and we said “bye” to eachother :’) Jared Padalecki is an amazing person who deserves all the happiness in the world. I hope he feels better soon. Always Keep Fighting Jared. We’re all here for you. ♡♡♡

Jared Padalecki Autograph Story

Okay let’s see if I can get through this without bawling my eyes out.

I sort of need to set up a background for Jared and Jensen’s stories. So for Jared, he means so much to me. Don’t get me wrong I’m definitely a Dean girl but Jared literally got me through a terrible point in my life.

I started watching Supernatural in July of 2015, after years of begging from my friends. At this time in my life I was dealing with an unstable relationship. My ex-boyfriend tried to commit suicide and he put a lot of the blame on me. He sent me a horrible gruesome text and it really fucked me up. So during this time in my life I was struggling with hard core depression. I was suffering from an eating disorder because I was constantly being told I was “fat” by my family. I was scratching, starving, and hating on myself.

When I started watching Supernatural I was hooked. The show, cast, and everything about it brought joy in my life. I then learned about the AKF then and I fell in love. These men were there on my laptop telling me that I mattered that I needed to keep fighting, that they loved me and everyone else. That was the motivation I needed, I started eating right and losing weight. Listening to Jared and Jensen, I kept fighting.

My mom always told me that I needed to love myself before anyone else. And when Jared came out with his “Love yourself first” shirt I bought it immediately. Honestly Jared and every other cast member kept me going. From the beginning of the year I have lost a total of 35 pounds, and I’m getting closer to my goal everyday. And it’s all thanks to Jared.

Okay now back to the autograph story. I was a total mess. I was shaking and having a hard time breathing. Finally I got to the table and they handed Jared my poster.

Jared smiled at me, “Hi sweetie, did you have fun this weekend?” he began signing his name smiling at me.

“H-Hi Jared yeah I had a blast.” he started rolling up my poster, “I uh. . “ he stopped what he was doing and looked at me straight in the eyes, “I just wanted to say thank you,” at this point I’m fighting back tears staring at him. What I wanted to say was ‘Thank you for starting the AKF campaign it means a lot to me.’ instead I freaked out and said something I wasn’t, “Thank you for saving my life.”

I grabbed my posted and Jared pointed at me smiling, “I didn’t save your life that was all you sweetie.” He pointed to himself, “I was and always will be there to encourage you to never give up.” At this point the tears are welling up, I look like a tomato and he just smiles at me full of so much compassion, “So promise me you’ll always keep fighting, and you’ll never give up. Because remember I’m always there backing you up.”

I’m shaking terribly still fighting tears, “Thank you so much Jared I promise I will.” He grinned and blew me a kiss. “Bye Jared.”

“Bye sweetie, keep fighting!” He grinned and I walked away crying silently. One of the volunteers rushed over and hugged me tight saying it’ll be okay and that I got a family that loves me. I nodded wiping my face telling her thank you.

I know I’ll always be okay, because I have my family and my SPN family backing and believing in me.


So there is something super cool I wanna share with everyone that happened when I was in line to get Jared’s autograph. I made it close enough to where Jared was signing that I could see him through the mirrors on the theatre walls. I caught a glimpse of him and jokingly sang “youuuu aaaaaare soooo beautifuuuuul to meeeee” and the girl in front of me spun around and said “ohmggod please sing that to Jared EXACTLY like that” I burst into laughter and everyone around me was like “yeah! It’d be so funny!” So I said I would! I got up to him at the table and smiled happily at him. Jared is so cute, he wiggled in his chair and raised his eye brows at me like he was excited HE was seeing ME and than said “heeeeeeeey!” I laughed and he started his signature. He slid the signed photo towards me, I pointed to him, he jumped back wide eyed, and sat in awe as I sang to him. Without ANY warning he snatched my hand out of mid air and gripped me super tight than sang the next 2 lines of the song!! I was so happy!! Than he said “well you’re beautiful to ME” (*faints*) We laughed than he winked and told me to have a great night, I blew him a little kiss and he BLEW ONE BACK!!!

So than I’m in the line for Jensen’s autograph and everyone who saw me sing to Jared was like “you should sing it for Jensen too!!” I actually nodded, and said “maybe I’ll just really sing for Jensen instead” and that seemed to be their favorite idea! I got up to Jensen’s table and as soon as he turns to me he winks, smiles the BIGGEST smile, and says “HEY! Are you feeling better now?” I felt my whole face go bright red and he just giggled at me as I stumbled over my words to apologize, totally star struck AGAIN! Jensen finished his autograph and I said “I actually have to tell you something I couldn’t say earlier” he sat back all ready to hear what I had to say. I started singing the chorus of Caught Up in You by 38 Special, but changed “little girl” to “Jensen ackles,” and “Jensen baby”
The MINUTE I opened my mouth his jaw dropped, people in line, the volunteers, and even security guards, stopped what they were doing to pay attention to my voice. I finished singing and Jensen stood up with a look of total amazement on his face and said “wow! My god I didn’t expect a voice like that from you missy!” (HE CALLED ME MISSY AND HIS LITTLE SOUTHERN DRAW SLIPPED OUT - IT MADE ME WEAK IN THE KNEES - I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT!!) he hugged me again and rubbed his hands up and down my back. I told him I entered to ask a question but didn’t get picked and I was gonna ask if he would do a duet with me. He looked so let down, like that was the best idea he had ever heard! He said “oh my god! That would have been so fun! Are you coming back next year?” I nodded quickly as I grabbed the photo op photo and started to step away from the table. At this point Jensen and I’s conversation was while I was walking away, we’re like calling at each other as he tries to sign another persons picture. He said “hey sweetie, you stay strong now, bye bye” I (subconsciously bit my bottom lip) waved goodbye with a goofy, nervous, smile on my DUMB FACE and he blew me a kiss. So sweet, he’s a real angel.

Jared’s Auto Story

So here is my Jared auto story! Okay so we (my mom & i) won a Jared banner to have him sign, but we were gold so we had two other autos and I give him the banner to sign and this is how it went down:

JP: Hey!

Me: Hi! Okay so I know I don’t have a lot of time… *he finishes signing banner and is being hand my page* but you just such a big inspiration to me and I was wondering if you could write Always Keep Fighting for me because I want to get as a tattoo on my 18th birthday ( I start to break down in the middle of telling/asking him)

JP: *looks up at me and stares me in the eyes* Of course! And keep it up because your doing great!

Me: Thank you! (still trying not to full on cry)

JP: You are welcome!

I then start to walk over to the side to wait for my mom and I’m like trying to laugh it off

My mom: Isn’t she adorable? Wonder who’s kid she is

JP: Yes!! Can I have her? *gives my mom our pictures he signed*

Me: *interally screaming and yelling YES* continues to laugh off the tears from being overwhelmed.. Thank you!

Mom: Thank you!

JP: Your welcome! See ya later!

So that’s how my night went, lol! I was so overwhelmed I continued to tear up in Jensen’s auto line and had to tell my mom to stop talking about it because I kept crying and didn’t want to cry in front of Jensen. Anyway, Jared is such a sweetheart and he literally make you feel like your the only person in the world when he is talking to you!


Okay guys, let me tell you a thing about how wonderful Jared Padalecki is. I went to 2014 Burcon and had an autograph tickets to meet J2. I was already crying after meeting Jensen. So here I was a sobbing mess as I came up to Jared’s table. First he asked me how I was and I said that I was great but overwhelmed. Jared then proceeded to reach out his hand for me to take and ask “What’s your name, sweetheart?” I took his hand and replied, and he went and said “Hi, I’m Jared.” Let me remind you he keeps PERFECT eye contact. I was freaking out and giggling. He then dropped my hand to sign my picture. He then asked where I was from and if I was having a good time. The entire week I wrote and came up with a letter for him describing how he had changed my life and helped immensely with my depression. I also said “You continue to inspire and motivate me everyday.”, inside of it. Once I asked if he would take it, he said of course and then his eyes lit up and he said “Wait, is this for me to read later?” And I nodded. He said, “Thank you. This is very sweet. I’ll definitely read it.” He then placed it in his breast pocket on his shirt. I was dying and completely sobbing. Then my dad was next to me. Jared realized I hadn’t left and asked, “Do you guys know each other?” I replied and told him that he was my Dad. Then Jared stopped and set down his sharpie and looked my dad straight and dead serious in the eyes and said “You have a wonderful daughter.. Take care of her…” He then laughed and said “And keep those boys away from her!” Then my dad said thank you and shook his hand. I then proceeded to walk out of the con sobbing until I got home later that night. That same night, Jared tweeted and said “Y'all continue to inspire and motivate me.” And yeah, that’s exactly what I wrote in my letter… Not sure if he did that as a secret shoutout, but I like that think that.. That cast is just amazing…


I stitched this to use as my signing item at TorCon 2016. Signed by Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Osric Chau, Briana Buckmaster, Kim Rhodes, and Mark Sheppard. Will be framing it soon!

Cross stitched in black on white 22 count Aida fabric over 2 months.

I suppose I ought to tell my little Jared autograph story from SeaCon. 

Well, first I have to preface that, near the beginning of the day, I had been in the Jared M&G, where he and I geeked out for a couple minutes about Star Wars and generally had a lovely time. He’s such an enthusiastic and kind person, it was such a wonderful experience to get to nerd out with him. <3 He even mentioned how much he loved the Thrawn Trilogy!

Later, at the end of the day, I had my copy of the first book in the Thrawn Trilogy with me, a book I’d planned to have him sign for months. It was so awesomely coincidental; I was elated.

The problem, however, was that it was near the end of the day, after a huge autograph line. I expected him to be somewhat burnt out after working so hard all week and then going and going all Sunday. I mean, I would be.

When I gave my book to the handler for him to sign, though, he seemed just as lively has he had been that morning, I don’t know how. Then, when his gaze landed on the title of the book, his eyes lit up and he hit the table excitedly. 

“Dude! Really? Yes! YES!” he happily exclaimed.

Words cannot express how delighted that made me. 

I don’t remember too much about the next minute or so, save that we spoke about the book, how he had his own copy of the Thrawn Trilogy at home, and particularly how we each pronounced the word “ysalamiri.” Turns out, we pronounced the word the same way! How cool is that?

Anyhow, the long and short of it is, I walked out of that autograph on cloud nine, hugging my book close. It was one of the best experiences of my life, on what was probably the best day of my life. 

I can’t thank him enough for that, that and everything else he’s done for me and so many other people. What Jared’s done has always meant so much to me, especially AKF, and getting to spend time with him was a gift. I’m so glad I got to give back to him a few minutes of nerdy joy. He deserves it, it and so much more.

Long and short, Jared Padalecki is a sweet, lively, wonderful, nerdy person. I’m so glad I got to speak to him, and I can’t wait to do so again. <3

My Jensen auto story at A14

god this photo is so big and this story is so long I’M SO SORRY

I’ve been meaning to do this for the past week and it’s only now (conveniently when I have the first of my final year exams on Monday) that I’ve finally gotten around to doing it.

I think it’s better if I start with some background about me. If you know me or have read my #AlwaysKeepFighting story then you will know that when I was young I was a victim of sexual abuse. A couple of years ago I was struggling to cope with it as well as a number of other things. My mental health was at an all-time low and I was all over the place. At the same time a friend of mine lent me season one of Supernatural to ‘take my mind off things’ - and it worked. To see its characters go through hell (literally at times, heh) and keep going - it helped me a lot. I marathoned the then eight seasons in a single week. I learnt about the actors, their personal fights, stories and charity work. Supernatural and its actors, I can honestly say, is one of the main reasons I’m still here today.

Flash forward one year. Asylum 12. I was shitting myself. First con and I was completely alone. I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. I was too scared to talk to the cast or to other attendees other than a little ‘hi’ when it was necessary. I was still healing.

Flash forward another year. I was in university now. On a course I never thought I’d be accepted on. I’d been to Africa alone volunteering with elephants. I’d immersed myself in charity work and making people happy in my job. My confidence and self esteem had sky rocketed and I’d managed to save enough money to attend Asylum 14 in May 2015.

I’d sat in front of my computer for hours waiting for the small chance that I’d managed to preorder a Jensen autograph successfully due to limited numbers. When I got the confirmation email that I was successful I danced around my flat for an hour. I was going to meet Jensen Ackles. I could thank him in person. I could thank Misha and Jared too and tell them what they’d done for me. I decided to write a letter telling them my story. The problem was I didn’t know how to write it. I didn’t know how to put it into words and I thought I never would be able to.

Then it came to when I had to travel to Birmingham for Asylum 14. I was sat on the platform waiting for the first of my trains. The sun was shining and it was stupid o’clock in the morning but it was at that moment I realised how truly happy I was. I was so lucky to have what I do now and now I’m at a place where I can find myself able to help other people who need it. I grabbed my notebook from my rucksack and wrote the letter while sharing my breakfast with the pidgeons.

The next day, after already having the time of my life at the convention, it was time for my long-waited autograph with Jensen. There was about three hundred people in the queue and I amused myself by chatting with fellow con-goers and trying to plan out what I wanted to say to Jensen.

I was fine all the way done the queue and when I was just a few people away from the autograph table. I’d heard that any letters/gifts were meant to be given to their handler so when Jensen was talking to the person in front of me I handed my letter over as the person in front left the table. “I’m supposed to give this to you, right?” I asked. “Hell no!  If it’s for him, you give it to him!” She said, elbowing Jensen. “Jensen, you’ve got a letter here.”

At that moment Jensen saw me and smiled. “Hi!” He said.

I smiled back. “Jensen–” I said quietly. Then, I burst into tears. Well, shit.

“I just want to say that thanks to you and Jared and the show I wouldn’t be here so thank you.” I babbled, struggling to fight the urge to just turn and run. 

Jensen smiled at me then, big and bright. “Well,” He said. “I’m glad you’re here.” He signed my photo and then picked up the letter that the handler had slid across the table to him. “I will read this.”

I thanked him, picked up my signed photo and then basically ran out the room.

All down the hallway I was crying but I managed to keep some composure. I heard whispers all around me in the queue. “Why is she crying?” “What’s wrong with her?” “Is she hurt?”

I all but ran to the hall where I knew some friends of mine were stewarding and practically threw myself into a friend’s arms. I then started to hypoventilate and go into one of my panic attacks. I couldn’t get a good breath and around sobbing I began to shake violently. They sat me down and while I told them what happened someone ran to get me some water from the bar.

After a few minutes I managed to get some control of my breathing and I calmed down. 

“He said he was glad I’m here.” I whispered. “Jensen is glad I’m here and he’s going to read my letter.”

And here we are, a week later. This autograph and experience was amazing. Jensen and the other cast know my story. They know how they have helped me and others in their work.

“I’m glad you’re here.” Jensen said to me.

And you know what? So am I.