jared on the crowd

  • Dean: *In a crowded room and loses Sam* This calls for drastic measures.
  • Dean: *Cups hands around mouth and does a loud moose call*
  • Sammy: *galloping majestically through the crowd* Did someone call me?
  • Dean: There we go

Sam (In a crowded room and can’t find Dean) We need to do this fast.
Dean (making his way violently through people): wHAT SAM YOU CAN’T DO THIS MAN, WE’LL FOUND ANOTHER WAY!
Sam: found him! 

“Do you have any nicknames we don’t know about?”

Jared frowned, shaking his head. “I don’t think so. Y’all know all the names Jensen has for me, there aren’t any secret ones.”

The fan at the mic raised his eyebrows. “That’s not what your wife said at her panel.”

Jared bit his lower lip, narrowing his eyes accusingly. 

“What the fuck did Y/N tell y’all?”

Giggles spread through the hall as Jared’s expression became more worried.

“Oh nothing,” the fan said, grinning before adding, “Padabunny.”

The crowd finally let themselves laugh as Jared burst out laughing himself, surprised that you’d shared that name with everyone.

“Did she at least tell you why she calls me that?” he asked, and murmurs of ‘no’ came from the fans. “Okay, so. It started when we were teenagers…”

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Now that I’ve seen the Burcon panel video, my favourite part was Jared telling the crowd that he was expecting a little girl.

First, the crowd giving him such a warm round of applause and how genuinely proud he looked.

Second, Jensen’s reaction to the whole thing made me laugh.  He points and laughs at Jared.  Who fake cries.

This is just so hilarious to me.  Jensen is getting him back for all those times at cons over the last few months where any time someone congratulated Jensen on the twins, Jared would do the same- point and laugh at Jensen.  “Hahaha on the twins” (Torcon)

WHEN HE LITERALLY KNEW THE ENTIRE TIME THAT GEN WAS PREGNANT.  AND JENSEN DID TOO.  It was like they had this little private joke that they got to keep for months and Jensen got to get him back on stage.  Such a good moment.

Celebrity Crush

Thank you for your request! I hope you like it!

Characters: single(?)!Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Reader

Pairings: Jared x reader

Warnings: None

Words: 978

A/N: This is based on an alternative universe where Jared and Jensen are not married to their respective and lovely wives, I love Genevieve and Danneel

Forever tag: @deathtonormalcy56, @mamaredd123, @my-sharpie-sketches, @professionalfangirl03, @fangirl1802

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Originally posted by itsokaysammy

“Hello guys!” a girl said, she was wearing a Charlie cosplay and her eyes were framed by a pair of glasses, she seemed a bit nervous, yet managed to speak without her voice cracking.

“Hey! How are you?” Jensen and Jared said in unison, making the crowd laugh at how on sync both were.

“I’m good, thank you. How are you?” she answered, and gave them a polite smile.

“Great, do you have a question?” Jensen said and the girl nodded passionately.

“Yes, Jensen but this is for Dean number one,” she said laugh and Jared stood up, raising his chest and covered Jensen who just growled.

“So Jared, I was a pretty big Gilmore Girls fan and well you know that everybody ships “Rory and Dean” but to be honest I always felt like there was so much more chemistry between Dean and Billie, so I always thought there was something else. Then the show ended and years later you’re both working on the CW, do you guys hang out anymore?” she said almost breathless because of her fast ramble.

“Wow you speak really fast, but I got everything” Jared laughed and the girl blushed. “And yeah, we still hang out a lot, she’s really fun and a total badass, on screen and off screen, plus I love her role as the Black Canary” he said and returned to his seat.

“Oh cmon that’s everything you have to say about (Y/n)?” Jensen teased and Jared squinted his eyes.

“Alright, alright, she is my celebrity crush, are you happy?!” Jared said dramatically, then started laughing. “She is really great. Thanks”

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The panel was going great, you’d managed to get through the whole thing without embarrassing yourself, and you’d kind of tuned out once you realised the final question wasn’t for you.

You came back into the conversation when you realised what Jensen was talking about.

“…And there’s other times where she’s like, ‘Do it like Dean’.”

The crowd went wild, and you felt yourself blush, raising your mic to your lips.

“That was one time!”

You regretted it as soon as you said it, the crowd whooping and catcalling, even Jared looked surprised, and you hid your face in your hands.

You should’ve just denied it, fuck your mouth for not having a filter.

Admittedly, it was only one time. And who could blame you, really? 

Dean Winchester is hot.

But you didn’t really need the whole world to know that the two of you partake in kinky Supernatural roleplay sex.

“Well,” Jared interrupted the crowd, clearing his throat, “That was… unexpected.”

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Welcome to the Family

Title: Welcome to the Family

Paring: Jared x Reader, Jensen, Richard, and Rob

Word Count: 876

Warnings: talk of pregnancy, child birth, and fluff

Requested by the lovely @jared-padaloveme “Can I have a Jared Drabble where they are married and she is pregnant and her water breaks at a con in front of everybody? And like super fluffy! Please!!!!”

“Hi guys. How are you?”

“Good,” Jared and Jensen answer in unison.

“Congrats on the twins Jensen.” Everyone started cheering as he mouthed thank you and blew kisses to the crowd.

“And Jared, congrats on the little one on the way. Your wife is due soon right?”

Jared nodded, “any day now. She was due before Danneel and the Ackles beat us.” He pretended to pout as Jensen laughed and pointed at him.

“Haha loser. Way to be a Losechester Jared.”

“Hey! It’s not up to me! Ask Y/N, she’s the Losechester!” The crowd started to laugh.

“Oh am I?” you said into the mic. Both boy’s heads snapped towards you, Jared’s eyes going wide.

“Baby, I’m so sorry.”

“Smooth Jared,” Jensen murmured, “Y/N, you’re a saint for putting up with him and I will try to re-teach him to keep his head out of his ass.”

Everyone started laughing. “Thank you Jensen. We’ll talk later Jared.” You gave him a wink before heading back to the green room.

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Imagine letting it slip you have a thing for Captain America and Jensen showing up at a Con you have like this.

“Well… hello m’am” Jensen grinned cheekily at you, as you stared at him with wide eyes.

“AND THAT IS WHY I SHIP THOSE TWO!” Jared exclaimed and the entire crowd cheered shouting ‘Me too’s.

“Babies,” the fan at the mic blurted, and Jared laughed softly, his eyebrows rising.

“Care to expand?” he asked kindly, and she shook her head, embarrassed.

“Sorry,” she blushed, “I… We know that Jensen and Danneel are having twins soon, and we were wondering if you and Y/N had any plans to have babies?”

“We just got married, is there no pleasing you guys?” he teased, and everyone laughed along.

“So that’s a ‘not yet’?” the first fan clarified, and Jared shrugged, tilting his head from side to side.

“That’s an ‘our daughter is due in April’.”

The crowd went wild, and Jared smiled, looking down and playing with the microphone as he received shouts of ‘congratulations’.

“We don’t waste time,” he chucked, playing with his ring.

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Do It Like Dean

Title: Do It Like Dean

Parings: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 587

Warnings: none really, suggestive, mention of nudity, pretty PG-13 though

A/N: Hope you like it! Let me know if you want to be tagged in anything. Stay awesome everyone <3 

“Does Dean and Sam ever spill into your real life?” a young fan asked.

“All the time!” Jared was the first to answer. “I have to remember to leave Sam behind when I leave work and am home with my family.”

“Same,” Jensen added. “My girlfriend, Y/N, she’ll call me on it. She’s like ‘uh uh, you’re not Dean, stop that.’ Even though she’s an actress on the show. Other times though, she’s like ‘do it like Dean.’” He tried to imitate you as he laughed while the crowd hoots and hollers.

Jared laughs and puts a hand on his shoulder, “you’re gonna pay for that later dude. Y/N’s in the green room remember?”

Jensen’s eyes got wide, “oh shit!”

You couldn’t stop laughing at the terrified and embarrassed look on his face as you watched the panel on the green room monitor. You and Jensen had only been dating for a few months and this had been the first time he’d really said anything about your relationship aside from that it was going well and he was happy. Oh he would pay for this one, you thought, just not how he thinks he will be.

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Pairing: Jared x Steph

RequestSubmitting because I feel like you could turn this into a personal for me (pretty please)? Forget the goofy fist bump gif ;) I just have this urge to just sink my teeth into that hip! UGH! God-he just…why?! - @cyrilconnelly

Word Count: ~580

Warnings: implied smut, Jared’s hipbone (yes, that needs a fucking warning), this is pretty much a crack fic, but I did my best.

A/N: Also based on Jared talking about them filming last week’s episode and how there was no padding in their jumpsuits, then how that ended with bruises on his hips. (Man, he gives a girl all kinds of ideas)

The crowd went wild as Jared lifted his shirt to cool himself off. You watched from the side of the stage, nervous butterflies erupting in your stomach when you saw the skin. Thank God it was that side and not the other. Last night was crazy, and you’d left some suck and bite marks on his right hip bone. 

“Take it off, Padalecki!” Jensen smirked at you when he saw you gawking at your boyfriend with wide eyes.

“KEEP IT ON.” You demanded, pointing at Jared, then motioning to your hip.

“Yeah, I’m gonna keep it on.” He chuckled nervously into the microphone.

A collective “boo” bellowed from the audience.

“Sorry y’all, I’m taken.” He shot a smile in your direction before beckoning you onto stage with him. 

You were almost reluctant to join him, knowing that he and Jensen would surely have some jokes stuffed up their sleeves or smack talk to bring on about you. As you walked to Jared, Jensen stopped you and pulled you into a hug.

“I saw them earlier. Wanted to see if he remembered they were there.” Jensen laughed when he pulled away and saw your mortified reaction.

You swallowed hard and gave him a look saying ‘don’t you dare.’ He just laughed and pushed you toward Jared. Jared’s arms opened and he pulled you tight against his firm chest.

“Lucky I didn’t lift the other side, huh?” Jared whispered in your ear.

You nodded against his shoulder.

“Hey y’all, say hi to Steph!” He held you out for the audience to see.

They cheered loudly, shouting their happiness for Jared. The fandom never ceased to amaze you with their togetherness. Sure, they had their moments, but for the most part, they really were a family.

“Alright, we’re almost done with the questions, just one more.” The woman hosting the panel directed Jared and Jensen’s attention back to the task at hand as you walked off stage. 

After the question, the guys walked back over to you.

“Hey, no more bite marks, you two!” Jensen called over his shoulder as he was thanking the interviewer, catching a glimpse of the two of you running off to your hotel room.

You couldn’t help it, Jared just had this hold on you, and he told you he couldn’t keep his hands off of you. As for you, you couldn’t keep your mouth off of him. His body was gorgeous, that was plain to see, but actually having it all to yourself was something totally different altogether.

Watching him squirming under your touch gave you a sense of power. Seeing the marks you’d left on him the night before made your mind flash back to the way he tossed you around like his personal rag doll. Then an idea popped into your head.

“Hey, baby?” You crooned in his ear.

He hummed a response, his lips attached to your neck.

“Tonight is your turn to mark me,” you purred.

He took that as his cue, sucking and nipping at the sensitive skin of your neck until deep purple bruises appeared, visible even in the dark. He didn’t stop at just one. He kept going until you had a ring of bite marks around the base of your neck, almost like a necklace.

“Alright, now that everyone will know you’re mine, time for me to make you mine.” Jared growled in your ear before spending the rest of the night making you scream his name.

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The accent - Jensen Ackles x Reader

Title: The accent

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Could you do a comic con one where its jensen x british reader please and where its nerd hq and when they do an impression of mark they do the reader as well please thanks or do the same only on a panel didnt see the need hq thing thanks x

Originally posted by itsjustsubtext

“But- but the ‘Hello boys’ had a whole different vibe to it because- because his accent was so much more obvious thenand he was like-” Jared took on a concentrated look on his face “Hello boys.” and the crowd erupted into laughter, you and Mark laughing as well.

“And now- now there are the British Men of Letters and whenever whenever we like, have a scene, we always compare them to Mark or- or even (Y/n)! And like try saying this the way Mark would and-”

“As you understand it takes us double the time to finish one episode!” you cut off Jared, saying matter of factly and Jared and Jensen laughed.

“It’s a Supernatural thing anymore!” Jensen exclaimed and you all laughed.

“First the height thing and now the accent.” Mark shook his head “Being part of the supernatural cast- fun for the wholefamily!” he laughed and you nodded your head.

“But you- you saw the bloopers? Right?” Jensen spoke up as the crowd nodded their heads, laughing slightly.

“Ok so that- that part where Mark was speaking in that weird way? Well more weird that usual-” he chuckled as Mark glared at him.

“Excuse me?!”

“Anyway- he got us thinking- how fun would it be to have him play Shakespeare and incorporate that in Supernatural!”

“And- and (Y/n) too!” Jared exclaimed and your eyes widened.

“Oh no, no don’t you dare go there!” you pointed a finger at them but your best friend and boyfriend only laughed at you.

“Imagine- Imagine (Y/n) like in that deep British accent of hers going all Juliet and- of course we all know who would be her Romeo!”

“Heck yeah!” Jensen exclaimed with a grin, squeezing your hand in his “Wouldn’t dream of leaving her to any other Romeo.” he winked at you and kissed your cheek.

“It certainly would be fun! With her accent I mean!”

Jensen chuckled “I still remember the first time I met her. She looked so cute, although I didn’t dare say that out loud, and then we shook hands and I told her who I was and she told me her name and it sounded normal. But once I got her to talk to me I was literally blown away!” he grinned and you giggled, feeling the heat rush to your cheeks.

“Oh yeah, I still remember that. I was literally staring at her and blinking and thinking-” Jared spoke with a fond smile “What the hell? Did someone body swap her with Mark or something?”

“It’s a British take over man!” Jensen exclaimed and the crowd laughed.

“She was like-” Jared cleared his throat and took on a look, trying to focus “Hey, my name is (Y/n) it is honestly such a pleasure to be here and get to work with you! It has always been a dream of mine!” he said in a deep British accent that made everybody laugh and you as well for a moment.

“But my voice is not that deep!” you exclaimed with a small whine and they all laughed.

“Details.” Jared rolled his eyes.

“Well, truth is we’ve tried this numerous times and although he’s not here- you should definitely hear Misha try andimpersonate (Y/n)! He definitely has it!” Jensen grinned and you rolled your eyes.

“Oh gosh Misha! When he first got a hold of my voice he won’t stop saying things the way I would! I mean it’s not exactly the same but dang it!”

“He- he hasn’t used it against you has he?” someone shouted from the crowd and you giggled, shrugging softly.

“Well, to be honest-” you bit your lower lip to glance at Jensen who laughed, his eyes casting down.

“He may- or may have not used it to get to me about, well, relationship issues.”

“And by relationship issues he means their sex life!” Jared exclaimed as everybody laughed.

“How come I don’t know that? Am I that left behind.” Mark huffed and you laughed.

“Oh no Mark you don’t wanna know. Because let me tell my accent is not the only one he has perfected!”

“Oh wow I really don’t wanna know!”