jared monico

The Maine concert 2011.

So last night was my second time seeing the Maine, and I’ve fallen in love with that band all over again. Not just because there all extremely gorgeous (which there is no doubt about that) but that there music just gets even more amazing. They walk on stage and theres an instant smile on my face, just standing there taking in the music and the passion they put into it is incredible. There by far my favorite band, and will be for quite awhile. Last time we had to leave as soon as it was over so I didn’t get to see them, but this time was a whole different story. When the set was over we went and bought our shirts. Which I’ve decided it’s mandatory that I buy “the concert shirt” at every concert I go to from now on. And then we went outside and waited by the bus like the crazed fans we are. In about probably an hour pat came out and my sister almost had a panic attack, and we took pictures and talked to him. Then jared, by the time it was our turn there weren’t any people in line so we stood there and talked him, he’s seriously so sweet. I guess it’s kind of weird actually talking to people that you practically stalk on YouTube cough cough not that I do that.. Anyways then we met Garret and he’s pretty funny, and makes crazy faces while your taking pictures with him. (pictures coming soon). Then Kennedy it surprised me how much I really liked Kennedy his personality is just very likable (or maybe it’s just me), he made fun of my OCD because I asked him to sign so there’d be two signatures on each side and johns in the middle. Then we stood in the back of the crowd while I highly anticipated John to come out. When he finally did I probably could have passed out, I know, I know, I sound like those crazy Justin bieber fan girls that cries when they meet him. But that’s what it’s like, I feel so dumb saying “he’s my hero” or something like that, so I’ll just put, he’s my favorite musician to save my dignity. I was so jumpy in line and kept purposely letting girls go in front of me because I was nervous, so finally when he looked at me and smiled, I could have melted. He was like “hey” and me being to the extreme socially awkward person I am is just like “hi” sigh we all knew that was going to happen. I could tell he was looking at my hair (how could you miss it) and was like “woah I like your hair, it’s very liberating” and all I could say is, “it’s very red” facepalm of course the homeschooled kid says something dumb. and then as I turn around to take a picture I realize everyone circled around is staring. He puts his arm around me to take the picture and I’m flipping out. Then I practically run away. Then as I’m walking to the car I realize I just met the Maine, and I hit this sense of high and can’t stop talking about. I’m proud to admit I’m a crazy fan girl. All I can say is last night was the best night ever. Thanks for reading my rambling.