jared married her


What’s your favorite season?

Jared: this is easy season four because it when I met my wife and mother of my children.

The crowds awes and Jensen rolls his eyes.

Jensen: Really? You went there?

Jared (laughs):oh yea

Jensen: alright, season one because I met my wife first.

Jared: But you didn’t marry her till Season 10!

Jensen: I met her first, I win. Plus my wife’s still on the show (he coughs)

Jared: bc you killed mine off!

Jensen: she started the apocalypse

Jared: I think I see Chloe texting Gen backstage telling her “yea we got to divorce these guys…”

||Wedding Day||Jared||closed||

Sophia was being rushed around by everyone trying to get her ready. Today was the day that she would finally become mrs.leto. London sat in her little chair as she got her hair fixed. A million thoughts ran through her head as she tried to get her mind straight, but she was still starstuck by the fact that she was going to get married today. Jared would be waiting at the end of the aisle waiting for her. Thousands of butterflies flew around her stomach scared that something was going to go wrong. What if jared didn’t want to marry her any more? What if he left her alone there at the alter. she played with her hands nervously as she was being squeezed into her dress. Soon enough she heard her father at the door. “Sweetheart it’s time.” he whispered causing her heart to beat 10 times faster. She hooked on to her dad’s arm waiting for her turn to enter. 


I don’t know what I love more.
The fact that she’s polish like me, that her perfect bf proposed to her, that he did it on a 30 stm concert, that he did it on stage or that JARED SAID HE’LL MARRY HER TOO.