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“Did you hear about y/n and Peter?” Henry came running into Mal’s room in a hurry barging in unannounced. 

“What? No, why on earth are the two of them even talking to each other? Peter is pretty rotten to the core if you ask me which is completely opposite from y/n,” Mal questioned knowing that it had to be some very news worthy thing Henry had to say judging by the way he charged into her room.

“They’re dating! Can you believe it?” Henry announced as he was just as surprised as Mal looked when he found out. 

“Dating? God, y/n really is as mad as the Hatter.” 

So the group verse is actually gonna happen (I’ll have an official post and stuff later on) So far what has been confirmed is that it is a Broadway AU of sorts. Where they are all on Broadway (Dear Evan Hansen is the first confirmed show but if you want your character to be in a different show just hit me up) The casting so far is as follows 

If you would like to join just shoot me a message and I’ll add you to the list! (Also your character doesn’t have to be a cast member, they can be a set designer, choreographer, costume designer, director, whatever you want) 

Karlie Bearding in 2016  🕵🏼

I had been meaning to post this previously, but I kept putting it off. I have discussed my thoughts on this with mutuals beachwolf92 and whaler13bg, and tonight’s US Open ‘outing’ only reinforced my thoughts below …

The more I have read about Josh and the Kushner family (see X and X), the more I am convinced that Josh asked Karlie to re-up their bearding contract this year. If you recall, Josh was very rarely seen with Karlie in 2015. Then bam! Full throttle Joshie and Karlie in 2016. 

The 2016 timing of Josh suddenly resurfacing publicly with Karlie leads me to believe that Josh wanted Karlie ‘in his public life’ because he knew that there was going to be media scrutiny on the Kushner family due to the Jared/Trump connection. This anticipated scrutiny would also explain his social media cleanse (he deleted his public IG and most of his tweets in 2016). 

Seeing Karlie with Jared, Ivanka, Josh’s mal pal, Mikey Hess, and most likely Josh at the US Open tonight only adds to my belief that the 2016 Josh/Karlie bearding is politically and media related for Josh.

Josh would not want the media digging into his life. And, we have seen that they already have, causing him to release a statement that ‘he will not be supporting Trump despite his love for his brother’. This statement was released after Josh’s business relationships were said to suffer because of his Trump connection.

What an interesting story for the anti-Trump media if they knew, and could report, that the homophobic, anti-gay marriage, Donald Trump has a son-in-law whose brother is gay.

So I believe that Karlie is bearding for Josh in 2016. I have always believed that Karlie was Josh’s beard from the start (2012), and that Karlie and Taylor used the situation for their own benefits when they felt it necessary. 

Karlie is a great beard for Josh for so many reasons. Most notably, the promotion of his business and investments, and also her young age. Since she is so much younger than him, he can put off any marriage pressure by saying she is not ready.

This would also explain why Karlie and Taylor are pushing Kaylor lately, but also showing that josh is very much in the picture. Karlie and Taylor want to be themselves and seed the public about their relationship, but Karlie still has contractual obligations to Josh.

There is so much seeding for a Kaylor coming out in the not too distant future (likely within the next couple of years) that Josh needs to disappear sooner than later to protect himself if he wants to remain closeted. 

This is why I am predicting a Karlie-Josh ‘break up’ (end of the bearding contract) after the November presidential election. Josh needs Karlie until then.

The timeline makes sense because I do not believe that Taylor is coming out before her next album and tour sales, and probably not realistically until 2018. She stunted with CH for 15 months for a reason …. she wanted a male public muse for her next album. 

This also gives Josh time to secure a new beard, and it lets Karlie and Taylor play it as ‘best friends falling in love’ when they were both ‘single’.

As much as I would love for them to come out soon, I suspect that Taylor’s team would give pause to doing so before the next tour has wrapped up, so that parents cannot forbid their kids from going to her show. Sadly, such ignorant parents do exist. 😡 Also, by then Taylor will have hinted enough without confirming it to just say, “I thought everyone knew, and I trusted that my true fans all knew and supported me”. 

Taylor is so big right now that she likely will not take the financial risk before her next album and tour.


Requested by anon: (Crossovers are amazing, thank you for this.)

Henry: “Peter, I have no clue where you’ve taken me but I know we’re definitely not on Neverland anymore.”
Ben: “Welcome to Auradon Prep! We’re glad to have you here.”
Peter: “Auradon? What the hell is that? Where are we?”
Ben: “Auradon, home to all the heroes, princes, and princesses. You’re at our main school here.”
Henry: “I’m Henry and this is Peter Pan, whatever you might know about him though, is not true. He’s not this kind person, he’s the complete opposite.” 
Peter: “Watch what you say, Henry.” 
Mal: “An evil Peter Pan, interesting.” 
Ben: “Ignore her, she’s still getting used to the whole good thing.”