Dear fan fic writers

I just want to say thank you so much for putting so much time and effort on your work just to make us happy. You have no idea but your writing may lighten up someone’s day. Whenever I was feeling down, I found my sweet escape by reading my favorite fanfic and it just makes me feel like nothing else matters at the moment. I can just forgot about all the problems and actually feel happy. You have no idea how much your amazing stories mean to someone. And I just want to say thank you so much for putting a smile for my face even though we never met, we may just be stranger to each other but ya know what, it’s funny how your writing can make me feel 100x time better the way people around me could never. So thank you. You’re under appreciated

Cheating Joker x Reader “Go figure”

Oh my God, he did what?! You can’t believe it happened, but here you are. And you are not going to let it slide. Nobody does this to you and gets away with it. Including Mister J.

You’ve been debating if you should tell him or not for 2 weeks now. He probably wouldn’t want a child. You’re not sure if you want one either; with your crazy lifestyles it doesn’t make sense. At all.

You take one last look in the mirror before you exit the elevator. Home, at last. It makes you happy when you can get back earlier from your missions. You hope he’s here. You pick from behind the wall and you see the Joker in his sweatpants, pacing around the living room, muttering something to himself. He scratches his head, looking at the empty whiskey bottle on the coffee table, then starts walking around faster, clearly troubled. You smile. What happened now?

“Honey, I’m hooome,” you giggle, making yourself shown.

“Ohh,” J stops and stares at you, stunned. “Hi, Princess, you’re…early.”

You jump in his arms and kiss him.

“Muaaahhh, your black list is taken care of, they won’t bother you anymore. NEXT!” you try to be cheerful but he’s acting weird. “What’s wrong?” you ask, lifting his chin up and making him look into your eyes.

“Mister J, are you coming back to bed?” you hear the woman’s voice coming from the bedroom.

Your hands freeze around his neck while his grip around your waist tightens.

“It didn’t mean anything…ok?” he growls, noticing the visible sorrow on your face.

“Really baby?” you manage to articulate, speechless.

“Who’s that, Mister J?” the voice asks.

“Shut the hell up!!!” the Joker snaps, irritated. His unsettling blue gaze checks you with caution as you squirm to escape his embrace.

“Let go, J, let go!”

“It didn’t mean anything,” he whispers in your ear before he does as you wish. Is this supposed to make you feel better?!

“I can’t be here,” you shake your head in denial, trying to keep it together. You’re gonna lose your shit soon.

“Yes you can.Don’t move doll !” J points the finger at you, grabbing his gun from the couch and rushing in the bedroom.

**He wanted to tell you he was lonely with you gone for 4 days and got dead drunk even if he’s not supposed to. He wanted to tell you he doesn’t even remember what happened last night, he can’t recall if he slept with her or not. He woke up and she was there, cuddled to his chest. Right now he needs to deal with the issue the only way he knows how.**

You take advantage of the situation and run towards the elevator. You hear the gun shot and the so familiar body thudding to the ground.

Oh, yeah, that really took care of the problem.

The elevator’s doors are closing and you see the Joker rushing out to the living room, his eyes searching for you. He sees you and you just have time to flip him off and yell:  “Asshole!!!!” before the doors shut for good.

You kick and punch the walls in the elevator, yelling in anger, while you keep on repeating: ”I don’t care, I don’t care,” to yourself over and over again.

“I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care, your dad’s a jerk!!!” you scream towards your belly. “I don’t care, I don’t care, he’s so paying for this!!!!  I don’t care, I don’t care…”

You know he’ll run after you so you have to be fast and disappear.

The Joker took the stairs wanting to catch up with you, but he was too late. Your car was already gone from the underground parking. He sent you a text: “Daddy fucked up, come back.” You don’t bother answering, too upset and enraged at the whole thing. That’s why when you get to Gotham Bridge you stop for a few seconds to get out of the car and toss your phone in the river.

**You have several apartments around town bought under your numerous identities and J doesn’t necessarily know about all of them. Wise decision not to tell him everything. You got a new cell and new number and only texted Frost to let him know. Just in case J is going to nose around Jonny’s phone,( which he does, especially know that he’s been looking for you like crazy for the last 7 days), your contact is under My Little Sunshine, this way it looks like one of his girls. And after each time you message each other, he erases everything. Jonny would be so dead if his boss finds out you two keep in touch.

**You begged you friend Soranio to take you out so you can get revenge on J. You know he has spies and eyes everywhere, especially at the restaurant you want to go tonight that belongs to one of his business partners.

“Y/N, I’m not gonna say no because I owe you big, but as a most wanted hitman myself, I must tell you I really don’t need another bounty on my head. You know Mister J will issue one when he finds out.”

“What’s another one added to the list? “ you snicker, excited your former boyfriend  will get a taste of his own medicine.

“True, beautiful. Just tell Deadshot not to take on that bounty, OK?”

“Cross my heart, he won’t. I promise, you know I’m good for it when I promise something.”

Soranio takes you out and you actually have a lot of fun on your fake date. As planned, at the end of the evening he leans over the table and kisses you. He doesn’t taste like J. He doesn’t feel like J. You are annoyed you didn’t even savor it. That’s cursed Clown, it’s all his fault.

**Your phone vibrating in the middle of the night wakes you up. One message from Frosty:

“Boss found out about your date.  Penthouse is completely trashed, we have to remodel from scratch.”

A wide smile creeps on your face. It doesn’t feel good to be betrayed, does it? Second message is from Soranio:

“Mister J issued one million dollars bounty on my head. Deadshot better not be coming after me.”

“No worries,” you reply, “I already talked to him, he won’t. But he offered to take J out for free, ha! Be careful though, someone else will take on that bounty.”

“He’s the only one I was worried about,” Soranio texts you back before you turn your phone off so you can sleep on your little revenge. Man, it feels good.

** Frost told you J is going to be at one of his clubs tonight so you got on the roof of the opposite building to his and waited with your riffle, watching the entrance through the scope. You see Frost parking the purple Lamborghini and going inside to get the Joker. Four shots and now the car has two flat tires and two windows shattered. He’s going to be pissed, you laugh to yourself, waiting to see his reaction. Oh, was it worth it or what? He had a temper tantrum like no other and started looking around, crazed by rage, shouting your name.

“Y/N!!!! Y/N!!!!!!! I know you’re here, show yourself!!!”

You wish, you mutter, amused. Who’s that bimbo approaching him? The girl is trying to tell him something and he pushes her away. She touches his hand and that’s when you…BAM! Blood splattered all over his impeccable silver suit. Hahaha! He so deserves it. J opens his mouth in amazement, irritated to the max at the aftermath of this little scheme of yours. In the heat of the moment, he is seriously considering a bounty on your head. He has to leave abruptly, his fists clenched and jaw locked, fuming. That dead body by his wrecked car is attracting a lot of unwanted attention. Bummer, you wanted to have more fun.

**You blew up to of his warehouses yesterday. Another text from Frost while you are in the waiting room at the abortion clinic:

“Boss’s search for you intensifies. He wants you back badly. Be careful if you don’t want to be found.”

Yeah, I bet he does, he must be antagonized.

After your appointment, you get out of the clinic, upset and torn apart about the decision you have to make soon. You look for your car keys in your pockets when you hear the voice coming from behind you:

“Hello, Princess.”

Dammit, he found you. How?

“Hi, baby,” you say, turning around when you realized you called him baby. Shit! Old habits die hard.

He passes his fingers through his green hair, sniffling.

“What were you doing in there? Are you pregnant?” he blinks slowly, a mixture of vexation, relief and God knows what else in his voice.

“Nope,” you cut him off short, looking for the door handle behind your back.

“What were you doing in there then, hmmm? Tell me if you’re pregnant.” He is right in front of you now.

“Nope,” it’s all you say before he scoffs, not buying your lie.

“You know I can find out. What were you doing in there?”

“Girl stuff, regular checkup.”

“At an abortion clinic?!”

“Yeap, they do it all,” you gulp, wanting this conversation to end.

“Why didn’t you go another place then?”

“Why do you care about what I do? Go back to your girls and leave me alone!” you blur out, starting to get mad.

“There are no girls, I just fucked up once,” he tilts his head and his hands cupping your face and kissing you takes you by surprise. All these emotions and sensations wash all over your being. You feel you knees getting weak and you snap out of the little trance to find your hands locked around his neck. Dammit, the power he has over you, that’s…that’s… you can even think of a word. His lips feel so good and his thumbs caressing your face give you goosebumps. His intoxicating smell makes you a bit dizzy, how you’ve missed his cologne.

Suddenly, the Joker parts his lips from yours and softly lets out a nervous chuckle:
“I should really kill you for what you did. You’re lucky I’m addicted to my Pumpkin.”

“Then you should have kept it in your pants,” you hiss at him, remembering why you left. His hands go around your neck, but his grip is not tight. You feel his fingers shaking on your skin, he’s really trying to control himself.

“Don’t talk to me like that!” he snarls, then his hands go down to your waist, yanking you towards him. “Why do you always have to be like this, hmm?”

“I take after you,” you pout, confused on what you should do next. You realize you started playing with his gold chains so you take your hand away. He takes it and places it back on his chest.
“By all means, Baby Doll, continue if it pleases you.” His devilish smile makes you cheeks burn and you absolutely hate it when he starts purring at your reaction, delighted to see he didn’t lose his dominion over you. “Why are your hands so cold?” Before you can answer he takes both of your hands in between his and blows on top of them.

“Better? Are you getting warm?” How you would love to erase that Casanova smirk off his face, but all you do is stare in his blue eyes.

“Stop it, J “ you whisper but you don’t have enough will to do anything.

A lady passes by and she stops, gasping, definitely recognizing him.
“Can I help you? “ the Joker yells, blowing on your fingers once more to make them warmer. The lady backs out, then runs for it.

“I-I think we should go, she will call the cops for sure,” you avert your gaze, finally pulling your hands from his.

“Fine, let’s go. Follow me, we have a new hideout.” You nod yes and you follow his black car. He keeps on looking in the mirror every few seconds to make sure you’re behind him. Until…you’re not.

“Dammit!!!” he mumbles, pissed he didn’t make you get in his car. He tries to find you, but no luck. You sure know how to make yourself disappear fast.

**You are so distracted and baffled at all the things that are happening to you that you can think straight. You got caught and ended up in Arkham. Soranio is supposed to come with his men and get you out tomorrow. The commotion happening on the corridor makes you get up your mattress and look to see what’s going on.  Is he early? No matter, the sooner, the better.

You notice Frost walking towards your cell, followed by the Joker and a lot of henchmen, shooting everything that moves in their way.

No,no,no,no, why me?! You wonder, frustrated. You don’t want to see him.

You go and sit down in your corner, kind of panicking.

Jonny sees you first, clenched to your blanket with a wild look on your face.

“Hi, Y/N.”

“Hi Frosty,” you utter, watching him cut the thick bars with the electric saw. J sits by him, smiling.

“Pumpkin, did you get lost when you were following me?” he bites his lower lip with a sarcastic demeanor, but glad he found you so fast. “Let’s go, I don’t have all night.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you, please go away, “ you plead, aware his stubborn ass won’t listen.

“Frost, go get her,” he cracks his neck, rolling his eyes.

“Jonny, don’t make a single step,” you warn him. “I don’t want to fight you.”

“Frost, go get her I said!”

“Jonny, don’t you dare!!!”

Frost looks at both of you, puzzled on what he should do.

“Go away, J !!!! “ you ask one more time. ”I have someone coming for me soon, just leave me alone.”

“You’re useless, Frost,” he barks, pushing him out of the way and coming inside your cell. “Princess, do you have any idea of the resources I have to pull to come get you?! Hmmm? Every time we break out they make it harder to break in. I have 70 men with me. I’m tired as hell and I want you to come with me, NOW!!! Don’t make me repeat myself.”

“Go away I said!!!” you scream, getting ready to fight him.

“You-you pain in the ass…you -you stubborn mule,” he angrily stutters, reaching for you while you slap his hands and try to kick him. He grabs your wrists and forcefully pulls you up, tossing you on his shoulder. You hit him and try to bite and he spanks your butt, annoyed:

“Behave and stop this nonsense! We’re going home.”

**He made sure you rode with him and he didn’t take his eyes off you. He left you at the penthouse (which is remodeled and looks different but you like it) while he went at a late business meeting. He will be back in two hours or so and you are on total lockdown, this way you won’t run again. You bite your nails on the couch, going through his laptop to see what else he has scheduled for the next days. You plan to escape and leave Gotham for good when he will be away.

Oh, look, he never changes his password. It’s still dadysnaughtygirl36. You told him before it’s a good idea not to have the same password for years but he just laughed. Who would dare hacking my computer? he scoffed.

Well, it sure comes in handy now.

You browse the files and then you check his “Camera” folders. He loves to keep the laptop with the camera on in the bedroom at night, and you squeal when you find the older files with your wild nights. You cover your mouth, snickering, then smiling, then amazed on how flexible you are - which will go away soon if you decide to keep the baby.

“Those are some good moves,” you talk to yourself, starting to feel you knees getting weak again at the sight of the Joker making love to you. Full of regret, you take a deep breath and close the files, when something gets your attention: a folder with that date. Well, you surely are not in the movie, which means…do you really want to see him with that girl?It will probably help you get over him. At least you will hate him again because right now you kind of don’t and you don’t like it. You click on the folder and start watching. You see the Joker on the bed, staring at the girl that is stripping to her lingerie. Oh, God, you think closing your eyes for a few seconds, not sure if you can handle it. He is surely very drunk and your mouth opens wide when she sits in his lap and unbuttons his shirt.

“Where’s Y/N?” he frowns, expecting the young woman to answer. “Where’s my girl?” His words are slurry but still kind of clear.

“I can be your girl tonight, Mister J,” she whispers, getting his shirt off and squeezing him in her arms, kissing his neck tattoos. “I can be whoever you want me to be and I will make you feel good.”

Oh my God, you whimper, feeling your body starting to tremble.

“No, I want my Y/N. Where is she?” he furiously pushes her away and she falls on the floor.

“Jeez, mister J,” she complains, ”why did you bring me here for? Do you want to have fun or not?”

You start biting your fingers now, intensely watching the screen.

“I miss my girl…When is she coming back?” he sighs, not really listening to her bickering.

“Dunno, mister J, but I’ll take good care of you, ok?” she gets off the floor, getting in between his legs and pushing him back on the bed.

“I want my Y/N,” the Joker faintly mutters.

She takes her bra off too and you feel very murderous again, yet you still watch. She squirms on top of him, releasing her hair from the ponytail and then she leans over to kiss him.

Yuck, escapes from your lips and you are ready to close the file, feeling your heart shattering to pieces. Why are you doing this to yourself?

“Mister J?” you hear her inquire with a whiny voice and you watch again. “Mister J, are you asleep?!…What the hell?! Hey, Mister J!! ” He doesn’t move and she gets off him, annoyed. “Are you kidding me? He felt asleep?” she keeps on mumbling, parting the sheets and cuddling to him.

You close the file and for a few seconds you have no reaction, then you start anxiously laughing while tears roll down your cheeks. You cry and laugh in the same time, letting it all out since you didn’t have a chance being too busy avoiding him and avenging your broken heart.

The idiot can’t even cheat, you reckon with such relief that it makes you scream with joy towards your belly:

“Your dad’s an idiot, but in a good way, kiddo!” you caress your belly, wiping the tears that still stream down. “ He likes me, he really likes me,” you start bowling so loud you surprise yourself. You click delete file. If anybody ever finds it, including himself, it will be a serious blow to his Don Juan reputation and you don’t want that to happen, especially now.

** The Joker came home and found you asleep on his side of bed, with your shirt lift up and both hands resting on your pelvis.

I knew it,” he grins, getting in bed by you, nuzzling in your long hair. His arms pulling you to his chest wake you up and you start caressing his pale face, half asleep. He takes it as a good sign and kisses your forehead.

“You’re so stupid,” you whisper, smiling.

“You’re stupid,” he replies, sulking, having no clue what you are really referring to. “Are you pregnant?” he asks again, even if he figured out the answer.

“Nope,” you sigh, not wanting to go that direction yet.

“Nonsense, I know you are,” J pouts, getting on top of you.

“Then why do you ask?” you indirectly admit to it, digging your nails in his back.

“You- you’re such a stubborn mule,” he exhales, exasperated, lifting your t-shirt so he can kiss your belly.

“And you’re an idiot,” you let out a chuckle, ticklish to his lips that you missed so much.

He lifts his head for a second, smiling:

“Perfect couple, don’t you think?” and he goes back to kissing your skin, making you moan. “Want me to turn on the laptop?” he winks, “It’s gonna be a good show that we might wanna re-watch for future reference. Hmmm? ”

“No, not this time,” you yank at his hair to make your statement stronger.

“As you desire, Princess,” he groans, pulling down on your pants with his teeth.

If he only knew.

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No Longer Crying Alone

A/N: Ooh, this one was so interesting and exciting to write. This was my first ever request and I couldn’t be more grateful to that Anon, so thank you so much, babe, for getting me and my blog started, I love you and I hope that this is everything you wanted x.

Request: Hi! If you’re still doing requests I’d really like one where the reader has been kicked out or run away, etc, and accidentally bumps into Joker and then agrees to be his because they don’t have anywhere else to go or anything other to do.

Warning(s): Swearing, slight (non-direct) child neglect, little violence, kinda

Word count: 1,871

Pairing(s): Joker x Reader / Joker x OC (Original Character)

Watching the raindrops trickle down the glass from her seat on the windowsill was always her favourite thing to do. Looking at all the people rushing past with their hoods over their heads, splashing in deep puddles or eyeing the different types of umbrellas that sauntered past with couples huddling together underneath a single one. The fireplace burning whilst having a cup of hot chocolate in between her folded hands, taking tiny little sips of the liquid just in case it would be too hot and burn the surface of her tongue only then having to stick it out and breathe heavily in order to cool it down before she could take another gulp and burn it again. However, her daydream was cut short due to the sound of a plate smashing onto the tiled floor in the kitchen and screaming from her mother and father could be heard, echoing through every room in the house.

She sighed in frustration. Nearly everyday this would occur and nearly everyday she had to calm them both down.

She was an only child, you see, and being the odd one out in these arguments meant she was also the peacemaker.

But this time was different.

She had heard insults being thrown across the room she had never heard before. She had heard dishes being smashed on the counter for the first time.

Creeping down the stairs, she stayed hidden for a while behind the banister and listened to the fight she had since grown accustomed to.

“I swear to Heaven above, I never wanted that girl we call our ‘daughter’, you bastard!” Her mother had a sharp tone while her heart sank to her stomach.

“Oh, I’m sorry? You think I wanted her either, you fucking slut? Out of all the one night stands you had, it just had to be me!” The sarcastic voice her father used was something she had never heard before. Her parents were always so sympathetic towards her whenever she had just a small injury. They had never raised their pitch while talking to her, even when they were angry.

Her heart felt heavy in her chest, pierced by the fake love and condescending smiles she had been showered with by her family all these years. Choking back a sob, she retreated back into her bedroom and closed the door. A hand was raised to her mouth as she tried to muffle the sounds of her cries while sliding her back down the door until she hit the floor.

Her thoughts were clouded with the sudden realisation her parents never cared for her, never loved her. All the family trips to amusement parks when she was young. All the family holidays to exotic and exciting places. All of them, artificial.

Still trying to process how much of a burden she now was to the only two people in the world she thought she could always rely on, she stumbled her way towards her closet and pulled out her black suitcase. Her clothes and necessities were all neatly packed inside within a span of 30 minutes. The drops of warm, salty water falling from her eyes left stains on a few articles of clothing. The sound of the zip being done up on her suitcase and her sniffs were the only noises that could be heard throughout the area, her parents giving each other the silent treatment as they always did after a heated argument. She sat on her bed, her head in her hands and the rain still falling, tapping on her bedroom window. She found it oddly comforting. She never understood why some people loved the rain so much. But now she did.

Sad people always love the rain because they are no longer crying alone.


It was 12:27am. Midnight. Ish.

The downpour of Heaven’s tears had now decreased into a slight drizzle, clouding the atmosphere with a light, moist mist.

She sat, still, on the edge of her soft mattress and stared straight into oblivion at her cream-coloured wall.

Should she leave? Or should she not?

She had been weighing out the pros and cons of leaving her childhood home for the past few hours. The home she had grown up in. The home she had so many memories in.

The pros she had thought of were: -

• She never had to be a burden to her ‘loving’ parents ever again.

• She could have complete freedom. She was old enough to be married, for God’s sake.

• She could make her own way in the world. Have a chance to make something of herself instead of an accountant in the local bank.

But she had also considered the cons: -

• She only had the money left in her savings account. Which wasn’t nearly enough to see her through the first month of rent in a decent apartment.

• Forget about having enough money for a place to stay, if she could even find a nice apartment in this city would be a miracle.

• What about food? Travel? How was she going to do anything, let alone be anyone, by herself in an unfamiliar part of town?

She had racked her brain over the issue for hours upon hours until she took a quick glance to her already packed suitcase sat behind the door, looking like it had started to collect dust for how long she had left it there that day.

Her mind was made up.

She tiptoed down the carpeted stairs, using all of the strength in her being to lug the heavyweight of her luggage down with her whilst trying not to make any sudden sound that would indefinitely wake her parents up. Once finally situating herself on the floor of the living room, memories of her family came flooding back and she had to lean her head back to keep the water in her eyes from flowing down her face for the second time in one day. She straightened her posture and grabbed the handle of her large suitcase before sighing deeply and walking confidently out of the front, mahogany door, closing it as gently as she could and stepped into the cold, damp air. The bustling city was lit-up with sparkling lights of tall buildings and skyscrapers. She had never really appreciated the beauty of her city before, only looking through the raindrops that dwindled down her window making the vast spread of land beneath her blurred. Now she could actually take it all in and absorb what it had to offer.

Taking a step forward, she turned on her heel to look up at the house towering over her. This was no longer her home, just simply a house she used to accommodate. Moving swiftly onwards, her feet dragged slightly from all her energy being used up by crying and screaming into her pillow. She had been walking for about half an hour, the air surrounding her beginning to decrease in temperature and she could see her breath on the wind in little puffs every time she would exhale. Wrapping her coat tighter around her in attempt to conserve what heat she had left, a gunshot sounded from an abandoned alleyway. She let out a scream in shock and stopped in her tracks, the luggage she was pulling hitting her ankles. Slowly, she started backing away as she wasn’t the type of girl to stare danger in the eyes and face her fears.

In a way, it was a blessing and a curse. She didn’t have to worry about getting hurt but she also didn’t have an idea how to defend herself if she ever got into trouble. Which was a situation most likely to occur now that she was alone, in the middle of the night.

Come to think of it, she realised her genius idea of running away from home wasn’t exactly the best thing to do when it was 1am.

Turning away from the scene, she made a beeline back the way she came. When morning came around she would try this whole ‘running-away’ thing tomorrow. That is until, of course, she felt the cold, metal barrel of a gun pressed against the back of her head. Her jaw went slack and a gasp emitted from her lips quietly and her feet stopped moving.

“Now, where do you think a pretty little thing like you is going?” A familiar voice erupted from behind her, followed by the infamous laugh of the man she had only ever seen on the news. She gulped and took in a deep breath as she spun around to meet his icy, blue eyes, the weapon in his hand now resting in between hers.

“Just wanting to go home.” Her voice defied her by shaking, her intention to remain fearless in front of him obviously not coming through.

“Ooh, doll, you should know that I don’t like liars.” His metal girl shining underneath the streetlights. “You wouldn’t lie to me, now, would you, darlin’?” A shake of her head made the gun sway side-to-side on her skin which seemed to amuse the clown. “Good. Let’s try this again, shall we? Where would you be going at the fine hour of 1 in the morning,” he glanced at the suitcase perched behind her, “with a luggage full of your belongings?” The question was asked a second time.

“I ran away…” A hesitant reply was mumbled. A rush of confidence overcame her once she, in fact, stared into the literal eyes of danger for the first time in her life. “Do it. Shoot me, Joker. I have nothing to live for anyway.” A tear was shed and his eyes switched from looking into her glistening ones to watching the liquid roll down the red cheek of the woman standing in front of him.

Just as the drop of water fell from her chin, similarly, drops of water fell from the sky to the ground and soon both the people standing in the middle of the street were dripping, yet neither of them made a move.

He didn’t know what made him lower his gun, maybe he would never figure it out, but seeing the obviously hurting girl start to sob in the rain ignited a feeling inside him he never understood. He didn’t want to hurt her any further than she already was, not physically, nor emotionally.

She covered her face with shivering hands, embarrassed she had let herself go in front of the most wanted criminal in the city before dropping to her knees, the exhaustion finally catching up to her. Arms caressing her body gently under her legs and around her back alarmed her slightly and made her start to struggle, but to no avail. She had hardly any strength left in her and the man picking her up would’ve easily overpowered her on a good day anyway.

“You’re alright, baby girl, we’re gonna go back home. You’re staying with me.” She felt his chest vibrate as he spoke, her head resting on his shoulder and arms wrapped around his neck.

She closed her eyes and tried to calm her breathing as she realised she needn’t be sad from hereon out.

She was no longer crying alone.

9th Advent Joker Imagine

Originally posted by i-mitacja

//Sorry this sucks and it’s late. I’m just dealing with a lot of stuff now, but I’ll write. Xxx

Your P.O.V.

I was bored so I decided to kill some time. After doing a lot of criminal things, being outside on a wild ride and dealing with the world, I thought it was fair for me to be lazy and get my pc. I was in bed and I found a game called ‘the impossible quiz’. That’s what I was trying to solve and it had been twenty minutes of frustration already.

I had one life left and I had a completely idiotic question ‘ are my candy girl’ and the answers were ‘1. Sugar 2. Jam 3. Marmalade 4. honey’. Since I had no skips left I decided to choose Jam. It was wrong. 

‘’Fuck you!’’ I yelled at the pc as I lost the quiz again. Then I shut it and nearly threw it away from me. It really pissed me off. ‘’What’s upsetting you?’’ I heard Joker who had walked in without me noticing. I turned to look at my shirtless boyfriend who found this amusing. ‘’That fucking game or quiz..whatever’’ I muttered and crossed my arms. I was so done with that thing.

‘’Still playing the impossible quiz?’’ He asked me while sitting down in bed with me. I just nodded and took a deep breath. ‘’Well at least it’s name is fitting’’ He snickered and thought it was a good idea to make me more angry. I rolled my eyes and faced away from my boyfriend who knew how to be a total dick sometimes.

‘’Don’t be so angry doll, it’s just a game’’ He sighed after laughing. Then he touched my arm softly, causing me to look at him. ‘’I dare you to play it without losing your temper’’ I said a little encouragingly. His red smile froze and he glanced at the pc. ‘’Fine’’ He accepted the challenge.

It didn’t take long until we were both frustrated with that game.