jared k fletcher


SPIDER-GWEN logo process

Here’s a breakdown of the Spider-Gwen logo from my sketchbook all the way to the final design. I switched up my process quite a bit for this logo so hopefully this might be interesting to a few people.

I always start in my sketchbook. You can see where I was playing with the idea of dotting the i with the spider and I forget at which point I threw that out the window. But from the start I knew I wanted a rough brush look to the final design since I thought it would be a nice compliment to Robbi’s art. I started out playing around with some of the digital brushes I have loaded in Photoshop but after a lot of experimenting, I wasn’t getting anything close to the results I wanted. I was losing all of the dry brush analogue feel I was going for.

So I went back to what I know best which is Adobe Illustrator. I built out four different designs using a combination of various fonts and a lot of custom work with the pen tool. Then I ran these sketches past Marvel to give them an idea of where I was going. Once they were cool with the direction, I changed these sketches to blue line and starting laying them out on some 11x17 pages. I printed off six of these spreads onto some nice paper and got to work with a few sumi brushes. So I ended up with a dozen inked versions of each design to pick from.

I scanned in the inked pages into Photoshop and cut together the pieces I liked from each inked logo and narrowed it back down to four finished designs. I ran those logos through the trace in Illustrator which converts them to vector art and then I cleaned up everything with the pen tool. These four blue proofs were then submitted to Marvel for approval.

Once we picked a winner from those blue proofs, I built a better spider to use in the final black and white logo. The last bit was the webbing and that somehow took me forever. I got way too obsessed with the amount of webs and the overall look of them. Both the spider and the webs done in Illustrator using some custom brushes that I’ve built up for myself over the years.

• It was supposed to be a straightforward mission for the team: go
into a foreign country at war with its neighbor, discover the tunnels
that the enemy had created and get rid of them.
• Unfortunately things have gone extremely wrong and now a vengeful
Egyptian goddess has been set free, and the first people she’s
targeting are X-Factor.