jared jigging

Jared Kleinman x NB! Reader

-just to start Jared was an asshole to you, like kinda friendly asshole but still an asshole nonetheless
-y'all had an…..interesting dynamic
-he was a douche, and you would try slamming his body parts in locker doors
-it was when he went too far that your dynamic changed
-some things were said that shouldn’t’ve been said but were
-and you were legitimately upset for once so instead of trying to slam his hands in a locker door you kinda quietly shuffled off with watery, angry eyes and he knew right then he fucked up
-you didn’t show up to school for 3 days and he was starting to freak out??
-when you finally came back you looked the same but when you saw Jared there was no banter or bickering you just brushed by him keeping your eyes to the ground and away from him
-you had a crush on Jared and what he said to you hurt you a lot but also confirmed of what he thought of you when in reality he had only taken his playful teasing too far
-you ignored him for weeks, even Evan, Connor, and Alana started noticing
-you usually sat with them but when Jared came over or you saw him at the table you usually left the cafeteria all together
-everyone was upset when Jared explained what he last said to you and told him what he did was low and shitty and he felt pretty shitty for the first time in a while
-after trying to think up an apology he finally finds you and speaks to you and apologizes for what he said and you’re still kinda wary but you kinda allow it and you’re still distant but you at least acknowledge him and he’s at least happy for that
-Jared is oddly supportive of you and your identity after the incident
-before he didn’t bring it up and kinda didn’t really speak about it unless he was poking fun, but now he corrects people when they use the wrong pronouns when addressing you and he’s actually more willing to talk and get more information about being nb
-you kinda just “whoa??”
-Jared actually likes your clothing style and thinks it’s actually pretty cool
-you and Jared still poke fun at each other but you guys are careful about what it is if you can help it
-Jared asked you to prom and after that night asked you if you wanted to go out on a date with him, you agreed and you were pretty glad
-after you guys date for while and get comfortable and actually start referring to yourselves as partners/significant others/lovers/etc. he’s actually very loose around you going as far as to wear only his boxers and a tank top if you guys hang out inside
-you guys steal each other’s clothes, Jared loves stealing your jackets and you steal his button ups and boxers
-he has a pair of boxers that just has Pepe on them and you don’t know wether to be disappointed or proud
-explaining to his parents that you were nb wasn’t a bad experience?? They were mostly just confused as to what being nb was and were just like ’??? Okay but Just stay safe’ so you both took that as a victory
-you guys get dumb couple shirts that are gender neutral as all hell and it’s great
-Conner likes to paint your nails because it’s the only time you guys can have a feels jam session and Jared wanted in but Conner pulled out black nail polish and painted “fuck you no” on Jared’s nails
-“why can’t I joooiiiinnnn”
“Because you called Connor a school shooter”
“It was a joke!”
“Maybe you should work on your material, love. Not to mention this has been me and Connor’s tradition since like freshman year, you’d be trespassing on sacred ground”
-y'all eat a shit ton of junk tho and you kinda just cuddle and eat garbage food
-if you feel dysphoric tho, Jared is really bad at comforting, he’s never actually dealt with the situation so he hopes you understand that this is all new too him and he’s trying his best
-he’ll probs call someone up who probably is way better at dealing with this like Connor since you guys have been friends for a long while so he probs know what to do and will literally take notes
-you and Jared are cryptids, and you guys can and will be spotted at McDonald’s at 3 am cause y'all are hungry and can’t sleep
-Jared is a very supportive Bf and he works hard to make you comfortable and validated, but remember it’s a learning experience for him and he’s trying