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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Prompt: Imagine being stuck in an elevator with J2 during a con.

Word Count: 2.5k

A/N: I had fun writing this. The start was easy but I decided to leave the ending open for a possible sequel depending on if ya’ll like it. Please leave me comments, I would greatly appreciate it! Much love.

Disclaimer: Single!Jared and Single!Jensen for the sake of this fic. I sincerely adore Danneel and Gen but I saw this fic going easier in an AU!Universe.

Warnings: Major fluff, alcohol use, I think one swear

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“I’ll see you tomorrow!” You shouted out after your new friend.
She smiled and almost tripped doing a 180’ to reply. “Bright and early,” she called back, then turned around and left.

You were absolutely elated. Saturday Night Special was more than you’d imagined. The atmosphere was pure joy, radiating excitement and a little drunkenness. Most of your favourites were there tonight. R3, M3 and J2 joined Louden Swain, with Briana, Ruth, Osric, Mark, Timothy and Gail joining them. You even got to hear Jensen sing, which was one of your dreams for years now.

You danced and sang right next to the stage with 2 friends you’d made earlier that night. You even got a few opportunities to take selfies and videos with the cast as they wandered over and chatted/sang with each one of you. All in all, it was a perfect night and now you were exhausted.

You pressed the button to the elevator and sighed in contentment as you waited. It had been a long night and you were beyond ready for bed. You glanced up as the elevator dinged and the doors opened. You walked in and leaned against the far mirror but not before the doors closed, did you hear loud footsteps approaching the elevator and deep, raspy voices calling “Hold it!”

Your arm darted out to stop the doors and you were soon met with 2 pairs of beautiful, yet somehow familiar eyes; hazel and green.

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silentmoviefoolery  asked:

Tell me more about your user name, do you think Jared might have had a goth phase?

Yes, my headcanon is that Jared had a goth phase during college.

Although he spent his teenage years with his foster parents who’re super nice and supportive, Jared was still very afraid of being himself and he always tried to fit with the adults and to be proper. Then he went to college and he saw himself being free to be whatever he wanted. And that’s kida scary.

Probably he had a goth roommate who was super nice to him and noticed that Jared NEVER flinches while watching horror films even the most nasty ones. They watched “Hellraiser”, “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, “Suspiria”, “Bettlejuice”, “The Craft” and other flicks. (I’m pretty sure he watched “The Hunger” and fell in love with Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie at some point.) (Seriously, he loves glam rock and Bauhaus and the Velvet Underground and Joy Division. Not necessarily gothic I know, but good music is still good music.)

He was the nicest person that we all know and love, still very polite and clean, but he’d wear black clothes and eyeliner, and he could be very dark and very protective of his friends if he wanted to.

He still has his leather jacket preciously and primly kept somewhere from his college years. After college, Jared knew he had to leave his goth lifestyle and sometimes he’s sad about it, but now he has Pied Piper and Richard and maybe someday he’ll wear his old jacket again.

Supernatural season 10 gag reel highlights

Hello again! It’s time to take a look at what the gag reel for season 10 has in store for those of us with shiny hats. Without further ado, let’s get on it.

Ten seasons and the boys are still a pair of adorable dorks. Never change. <3

It’s fun to tease a guest star who accidentally drooled a little earlier. They must be a blast to work with, seeing as how nobody ever says a bad word about them!

Jensen messes up a line and we’re awarded with two smiles that rival the sun. Please, keep messing up and showing us the resulting footage!

Hooo… An “I love you” appears. I live for this. They keep saying it at conventions, but it never gets boring.

Here’s an eternal favourite. Jensen has the heart-eyes thing going on while Jared just dives in to peel off that tape with his mouth. Yes, mouth. Think about that for a while, will you.

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Oh boy. Just.. oh boy. I like the way you think, Jensen! I bet you nailed him good once you got home.

Watch the entire gag reel here! I hope you enjoyed this series. I still have one more left in store, so check back tomorrow if you’re interested.

This is for @trisscar368 for my Nini’s 600 Celebration-Gif/Pic Angstification

Just a load of angst. Sad reader, dumb Jensen, angst. 



God, y/n hated these things.

Of course, she was still going to attend them.

She had to.

She needed to show her support for Jensen so she went to basically every little TV appearance and convention he was scheduled to go on.

Though she hated being there.

It was full of women screaming for him, for Jared and Misha. And all the other cast members.

She usually would’ve been one of those women had it been her favourite actors, but when it was her man they were fawning over, well that just pissed her off.

It made it worse that these fans often had photo ops with him, usually hugging him tight or having him stare into their eyes.

It was weird.

She just hated it.

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