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Sincerely, Me Thru Google Translate

Dear Evan Hansen
We have lost touch too
It is very crazy
And we do not talk like her to suck
But I tell you, I miss you every night
I rub my nipples began to complain

Did you write this?

I only want to tell the truth

This requires perfect. the email to prove that we are true friends. I will do

I must tell you, without you life is difficult


that is bad


Have a very rough


I miss life and other things

very special

It’s noisy!

I love my parents

Who said that?

I love my parents
But another day of war
If I stop taking the drug
so everything

the use of drugs?

Just fix it!

If I stopped smoking crack

Crack? !

If I stopped smoking pot
so everything
I’ll need your advice
I’ll try better
I turn
Wait and see

Because everything needs little renovation
If you give your attention, it’s easy to change
All you need to do is be sure you can be that you want to be
Sincerely, I

We finished yet

I can not e-mail them. I want to show that we are good friends, you know?

Oh, God.

Dear Connor Murphy,
Yes, I miss our conversations
Stop doing drugs
Just trying to take a deep breath, walk


I send you a photo of the most beautiful trees


So obsessed with all my skills in forest

Not at all.

Buddy, I’m proud of you
Only continue to promote
your turn
I can see

The long wait to see!

[Evan and Connor]
Because everything needs little renovation
If you give your attention, it’s easy to change
All you need to do is be sure you can be that you want to be
Sincerely, I

my sister hot

I go to Le!

my fault.

Dear Evan Hansen,
Thank you to send all notes

Dear Connor Murphy,
I’m proud to be your friend

[Evan and Connor]
friendship beyond where we are
your average bond

But not because we are gay

No, not because we are gay

[Evan and Connor]
We are close, but not so
The only thing I loved my father

All right!

You better and better every day

I improve every day

[Evan and Connor]
We improve every day

Hey hey!

Because everything needs little renovation
If you give your attention, it’s easy to change
All you need to do is be sure you can be that you want to be

Dear Miss

Sincerely, I
Sincerely, I
Sincerely, I
Sincerely, I

connor murphy headcanons (that no one asked for):

uhhhhh so i did the same thing with jared but here comes another special boy:

- hes actually super fucking blind and he has contacts (he only wears his glasses when hes in Dire Need Of Vision™)
- he plays the ukelele ! he and jared sometimes have jam sessions with their instruments
- he has an undercut but his hair is always down so people forget but then he puts his hair in a bun and people are like “WHAT THE FUCK” (it has an nice intricate triangular design)
- he gave himself multiple stick n poke tattoos throughout high school that have (mostly) faded away but he has a J and E still on each of his ankles
- he knows how to cook hella well (bonus: he owns an apron that says “kiss the chef”)
- hes very clumsy he trips over his own two feet and walking up stairs at least once a week but tries to play it off every single time
- he uses way too much vanilla lip balm (for christmas evan got him a 5-pack of vanilla lip balm and he used all of them up by the time summer came around)
- he plays just dance really fucking well (bonus: one time he threw the remote at the tv by accident when he got too into the dance)
- his laugh is kind of really endearingly ugly its all giggles and then snorts and then dies down to giggles again and some weird wheezing
- hes a rollerskating pro (people expect him to be a skateboarder but one time he got on and it slid from under him and he fell and just laid on the ground for an hour)
- he didnt tell jared and evan his birthday until a year into their friendship (its october 3rd by the way)
- he has a collection of snapple bottlecaps because he thinks the facts are cool and its his most prized possession
- when he was 12 he had a cats phase and zoe has never let him live that down (he starred in a one-person production of cats in his living room for his parents and zoe and its still on film somewhere)
- let him be happy blease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

feel free to add more to this and/or my jared headcanons too!!!!!!!!

I can’t imagine what it must mean to Jensen to have Jared by his side, specially at this con. 

two years ago, Jensen was singing to Jared, alone on stage, and he started to cry in the middle of the song because he was also hurting so much since Jared was in the hardest place of his life and he couldn’t be with him. He missed Jared so much, he almost lost him (as we know now for sure after reading Jared’s chapter). 

and now his boy is by his side, happy and alive, and he can sing with him and celebrate their life. He can hug him tight and sing in his ear “don’t you cry no more” 

they’re carrying it on.


OK so this is Jared while Jensen is saying nice things about the show (and about him). Two points: (1) HANDS. (2) I was all “why is Jared so awkward and standing off to the side looking into the distance” but after extensive rewatching (see [1]) I THINK HE IS TRYING NOT TO CRY! Jareddddd! (1:07 here)

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for Jared, Connor and Evan dating someone w a lil bit of chub on their stomach?


- Jared adores your stomach, bc he has a lil bit of chub as well.

- You both take turns lying down on the other person’s stomach, because you’re both so soft and squishy.

- Jared loves making you feel special. He loves you so much, and he treats you like a queen.

- He loves kissing your stomach, and it makes you go really red in the face. Jared finds it absolutely adorable.

- “Jared, babe!” “What’s wrong?” “Stop kissing my stomach, it tickles.” “Never!”


- Connor is on the skinny side, but that doesn’t stop him from loving you.

- He really loves cuddling you. Like, a lot.

- “But I’m, you know, a little bigger.” “Bigger just means there’s more of you to cuddle, so shut up.”

- Connor loves resting his head on your stomach, and in return you play with his hair. You both love moments like this.

- You always take Connor shopping with you, bc he seems to have a really good eye for clothes that’ll fit your body.

- “Hey, babe, what about this?” “Jesus Christ, Con. How are you so good at this?”

- Connor loves hugging you because you’re just so warm and soft, and my god this boy is in love with you.


- You get really insecure about your stomach, because people have often teased you about it. Evan, however, could not love it more.

- Evan loves you so much, and it really hurts him when you’re not having a good self esteem day.

- “Y/N, I love you. You know that right?” *pause* “C'mere. Do you, uh, wanna cuddle, maybe? If you don’t want to, I totally get that but.” “I love you Evan.”

- You really love hugging Evan, because he just holds you really tight against his chest, like he’ll lose you if he lets go.

- Evan always makes sure that you feel good about yourself when you’re with him. Whether it’s cuddles, or simply watching a movie with your head on his chest. He is so in love with you.

Big Things Have Small Beginnings (pt. 1)

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x YouTuber!Reader

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles,  Misha Collins… Mentions of David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, and Gabbie Hanna

Word Count: 752

Warnings: Angst… kinda

Summary: Jared Padalecki, costar of Supernatural, had been divorced for two years and his way of coping is watching Y/N L/N, a vlogger on YouTube. Not necessarily for the content, but for her. When Jared won’t suck it up and talk to her, his best friend Jensen takes matters into his own hands

Notes: This was a request from @sassyspn67. I decided to make it into a mini series with a couple of parts so I hope you enjoy part one! Request are still open guys so ask away.

The request was:

Sassyspn67: HEY I LOVE U, AND YOU BLOG AJDKDJSK  So I was thinking maybe one with Jared Padalecki where the reader is a youtuber like David Dobrik, with blogs and stuff (if u dont know him i would kill u, and the u would have to watch him) and he just can’t stop watching her, so he tweets and ajkdnxjdind.  This would be one where he is divorced (i love gen 💖) and bakdhakxnid.  Ps: but seriously, watch david dobrik vlogs now 🔥  I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF REQUEST ARE OPEN AAHHAHAHSHDUSHDHKSFOSNFJ *dies*

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Happy wouldn’t be the word to describe how Jared was feeling, it was too simple a word. He was enveloped in complete euphoria, he was ecstatic, the muscles in his mouth never stopped forming a smile. Any mention of your name made him forget every worry. Your voice made him feel safe during the scariest moments of his life. How he wished he could to talk to you.

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Special counsel is investigating Jared Kushner’s business dealings
By http://www.facebook.com/matt.zapotosky

Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller is investigating the finances and business dealings of Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, as part of the probe into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, according to officials familiar with the matter.

FBI agents and federal prosecutors have also been examining the financial dealings of other Trump associates, including former national security adviser Michael Flynn, former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Carter Page, who was listed as a foreign policy adviser for the campaign.

The Washington Post had earlier reported that investigators were scrutinizing separate meetings that Kushner held with Russians in December — first with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak and then with Sergey Gorkov, the head of a state-owned Russian development bank.

That meeting with Gorkov was notable because the Russian government claimed Gorkov was discussing investing in Kushner’s family business via Vnesheconombank. When journalists pointed out that the bank is under sanction and it would be illegal for Kushner to do business with it, the Trump Menagerie then claimed Kushner was meeting Gorkov in a diplomatic capacity. The problem with that excuse was that neither Kushner nor Gorkov are diplomats. Further, if Gorkov was a diplomat, he should have been meeting with someone from State, not the president’s son-in-law.

Jared fans, hear me out!

Hi everyone! :)
I’m working on a little project for Jared to hand over to him in a few months, and I was wondering if you guys could tell me what it is about Jared that makes him special to you. It could be anything regarding his personality, his acting on Supernatural and/or in other shows/movies, or the impact he’s had on your life. Anything that put into words why you love him, basically.
If you could share some words about him then that would be absolutely perfect.
Please keep it light and happy for Jared’s sake. Thanks! :)

Note: You can add your words here if you want, in a direct message or to lefebvre_girl@yahoo.com.

Also doing a project for Jensen here!

sunday morning - jared x reader

tw/ curse words @cananybodysea

The scenery of dawn on a Sunday morning could have been framed and sold to an art museum for millions of dollars. Blues and reds swirled in beautiful spirals. The sun peeked through the horizon, inching higher and higher shyly. Almost as if Van Gogh painted the sky and placed it into their world, except, well, you know, he’s dead.

“Why did you ask me to come here Jared? It’s literally five in the morning.” The sunrise was quite intriguing, you had to admit. You smirked to continue on with your next sentence. “You do realize it’s bad luck if we see each other before the wedding on our wedding day?” You raised an eyebrow at him as he sat with his knees tucked in. He shrugged, not truly caring about rules like that.

He chose the perfect place, the perfect time. It was the hill that overlooked the town, it wasn’t well known but it was the most scenic place ever. Jared took you here on your first date and the following anniversaries since you started officially calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. Five years of going to the hill once a year. He insisted it should only be an annual thing just so it could stay special to you. 364 days without the hill was tough. The first week after the first time going to the hill was the absolute worst. Every time you went, you two would stay there the whole day from sunrise to after sunset and stare at the dark sky and the twinkling stars. That was your place. That was his place.

“One last date? As boyfriend and girlfriend, as an engaged couple?” Jared patted the grass beside him. Both of you wore pajamas; yet another tradition while on the hilltop. You nodded with a smile on your face, doing like him and tucking in your knees and wrapping your arms around your legs. “We’re getting married today. Kind of fucking surreal, isn’t it?” He chuckled after that. He tried to play it off cool, but you knew he was just as excited as you were.

“Yeah, it is. We came along quite well from twelfth grade, didn’t we?” Your smile widened further as you stared at his side profile. He stared into the center of the sky. It wasn’t much like Jared, since he enjoyed keeping things for as long as he could, but he bought new glasses just for the extremely special occasion. Nothing different about the style, they were the exact same model of glasses, just not broken and mangled like his usual pair was. But he wasn’t ready to part with his glasses yet. He had too many “good times” with this pair. You wouldn’t exactly call sitting on them on multiple occasions good times, but whatever floated his boat, floated yours too.

“Well, I liked you since freshman year, so that’s an extra three years.” Jared shrugged with a smile on his face. He acted so nonchalantly about it but you could tell he was proud of the fact that he A) liked you for that long and B) kept it in for that long. You gasped, clutching onto his shoulder nearest to you so that he’d actually look at you.

“Yet, you never said anything to me about this until now?” This was news to you. He never told you about this, but it looked like today was going to be of full experiences. “I mean, we only had two classes that year, and then we had geometry in tenth grade. In eleventh, I sat next to you in digital arts and I complained to you the whole year that they should’ve put me in a music class instead. What possibly could you have pulled away from that?”

Jared spoke without barely any hesitation. “That you’re a passionate person? I mean, Jesus Christ, Y/N, you’re the most passionate person I know.” You still had a confused face painted on, so he elaborated further. “When we actually started talking to each other as seniors, it really proved it. We went to the animal shelter to volunteer once, and I mean once. You wouldn’t stop talking about the dogs and how you loved them. If that’s not passionate, then I don’t know what is.“ Jared snorted. Although he could be very romantic in private, he was not him unless he used swear words and snorted.

“Sure.” You dragged out the last letter of the word, still unconvinced. “I still can’t believe you’ve liked me for three more years than I have.” You thought back to your horribly awkward phases, like your dyed hair, contacts, and capris. Now, you had your natural colored hair, you have glasses all the time, and you either wear shorts or pants; no in between. How could he have liked you then?

“I remembered thinking to myself, if I just stick it out for one more day,” Jared could sometimes read your mind and think of the right words to say. “If I could just stick it out for just one more day, then maybe you’d notice me. Clearly, the first two years, nothing happened, but I kind of stopped wishing and just letting things happen as it went. And then eleventh grade happened and then twelfth grade happened and five years later, we’re here.”

As desperately you wanted to hug him for saying the cutest things ever, you didn’t want to make physical contact before the ceremony. It was an unspoken rule that went along with not seeing your significant other before the wedding. “Jared,” you couldn’t help but to feel admiration for your soon-to-be husband. It was almost typical of him though. He was a persistent man who always showed love, maybe not in public, but definitely in private. Some were even surprised that Jared was getting married; he didn’t seem like the type to hold a commitment and stay in a relationship, let alone a long distance one for a year and a half. “I can’t believe you were hung up on me for that long. I can’t even imagine, but, Jared, I’m really not that special.” Well, rules were meant to be broken, so you interlaced your hands with him and put your head on his shoulder.

“Not special? God, Y/N,” he literally snorted and laughed and almost couldn’t stop. He let go of you and you watched him laugh. You laughed awkwardly along. He tried his best to stop himself by cupping his hands over his mouth, but it encouraged the efforts even further. He did that a lot. When he finally calmed down, his whole face was flushed and red. “Y/N, you’re the most special person in the world, and since I’m your husband-to-be, my opinion means the most over everyone else’s.”

“Of course you’d be cocky about it.” You teased him as he smirked with his arms crossed. “I love you, my husband-to-be.”

“And I love you more, my wife-to-be.”


Lana & Jared behind the scenes of the mine scene from 2x22.

“Sweet Kisses and Candy Hearts”

Summary: Jared wants to do something special for his and Y/N’s anniversary, but knows he won’t be there the day of.

Characters: Jared x Reader 

Warnings: Fluff!

766 Words

Y/I- Your Initial 

Originally posted by darlingcap

You rolled over in bed, the warm sunlight woke you up from your deep sleep. You felt the cold, unoccupied sheets beside you and frowned slightly, your fiancé, Jared, must’ve taken an overnight flight back to Vancouver. 

You had told him that it was completely okay with you that he had to film on your one year anniversary. As much as you wanted to spend all day with him, you didn’t want to keep him from his job.

You sat upright in bed, and let yourself soak in the golden rays before you noticed something on your bedside table.

A card addressed to you was propped up against a heart shaped container, filled with heart-shaped m&ms. As you picked it up you noticed that the lettering was changed to your and Jared’s initials. 

You couldn’t help but grin as you popped a couple of J & Y/I’s into your mouth. 

How did you get so lucky?

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