jared is special

I can’t imagine what it must mean to Jensen to have Jared by his side, specially at this con. 

two years ago, Jensen was singing to Jared, alone on stage, and he started to cry in the middle of the song because he was also hurting so much since Jared was in the hardest place of his life and he couldn’t be with him. He missed Jared so much, he almost lost him (as we know now for sure after reading Jared’s chapter). 

and now his boy is by his side, happy and alive, and he can sing with him and celebrate their life. He can hug him tight and sing in his ear “don’t you cry no more” 

they’re carrying it on.


OK so this is Jared while Jensen is saying nice things about the show (and about him). Two points: (1) HANDS. (2) I was all “why is Jared so awkward and standing off to the side looking into the distance” but after extensive rewatching (see [1]) I THINK HE IS TRYING NOT TO CRY! Jareddddd! (1:07 here)

Jared fans, hear me out!

Hi everyone! :)
I’m working on a little project for Jared to hand over to him in a few months, and I was wondering if you guys could tell me what it is about Jared that makes him special to you. It could be anything regarding his personality, his acting on Supernatural and/or in other shows/movies, or the impact he’s had on your life. Anything that put into words why you love him, basically.
If you could share some words about him then that would be absolutely perfect.
Please keep it light and happy for Jared’s sake. Thanks! :)

Note: You can add your words here if you want, in a direct message or to lefebvre_girl@yahoo.com.

Also doing a project for Jensen here!


This was such a special performance and everybody in the audience FELT it. NOBODY was expecting this to happen and it was so awesome of Jared to share his first time performing on the guitar with all of us at AHBL8. You could see how proud Jensen was of him not to mention the members of Louden Swain who literally glomped him right after the performance. Jared’s pretty outgoing but when he gets all shy like that and hides behind his beanie, I understand COMPLETELY why people want to glomp him! Anyways, I feel really blessed to have seen this live.

ps. I also thanked Jared for the performance during auto and he said he had not heard any feedback on it (probably because they were super busy and hadn’t stopped yet at that point) and that he hoped people liked it and went on to praise Jensen’s singing and Louden Swain but I made sure to tell him that they all were GREAT and so was him and his guitar playing  :-) 


Lana & Jared behind the scenes of the mine scene from 2x22.

“Sweet Kisses and Candy Hearts”

Summary: Jared wants to do something special for his and Y/N’s anniversary, but knows he won’t be there the day of.

Characters: Jared x Reader 

Warnings: Fluff!

766 Words

Y/I- Your Initial 

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You rolled over in bed, the warm sunlight woke you up from your deep sleep. You felt the cold, unoccupied sheets beside you and frowned slightly, your fiancé, Jared, must’ve taken an overnight flight back to Vancouver. 

You had told him that it was completely okay with you that he had to film on your one year anniversary. As much as you wanted to spend all day with him, you didn’t want to keep him from his job.

You sat upright in bed, and let yourself soak in the golden rays before you noticed something on your bedside table.

A card addressed to you was propped up against a heart shaped container, filled with heart-shaped m&ms. As you picked it up you noticed that the lettering was changed to your and Jared’s initials. 

You couldn’t help but grin as you popped a couple of J & Y/I’s into your mouth. 

How did you get so lucky?

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