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I will never ever be over Jared’s ability to change his entire, I dunno, aura, whenever he plays different characters: Sam, Meg, Lucifer, soulless!Sam, Gadreel… you can tell just by a gif who that is, even though it’s the same person on the same show, and it’s just so amazing ;;

All I want for Christmas is you (JokerXReader)

Merry Christmas to everyone out there! :D I hope you all are having a great time with your familys and friends! <3<3<3 And since I announced it 19 days ago here is my Christmas present for you guys, my personal JokerXReader Christmas Special One Shot. :* I hope you’ll enjoy it and I wish you all wonderful Christmas days! :** <3

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All I want for Christmas is you

  (JokerXReader Christmas Special!)

„Where are you going? What about the Christmas dinner?“, Dick asked irritated as I was about to leave Wayne Manor.

„I’m sorry but I won’t stay for dinner this year. I have to visit someone special this year“, I said with an apologizing smile.

„You mean the same person that you visited last year, am I right?“, he asked frowning.

„Maybe“, I smiled.

„And don’t you wanna tell us who it is?“

„Nope, that’s a secret“, I responded cheerful.

„Oh come on, don’t look at me like that, I’ve spent literally the whole day with you and Bruce. I really have to go now and don’t even think about following me, Dick Grayson. I wish you two  Merry Christmas. By then!“

„Yeah but … (Y/N)! Wait!“

Dick gave up on calling my name as soon as I sat in my little white car, that wasn’t even visible under all that snow which was surrounding the entry of Wayne Manor and of course whole Gotham City by now.

After fastening myself I looked down at the little present that I placed carefully on the passenger seat, smiling to myself I remembered the last Christmas …


„Miss I’m sorry to ask but shouldn’t even you be home on Christmas Eve?“, one of the guards at the Arkham Asylum asked as I was about to enter the great entrance.

I was clothed in my usual (d/c) dress, black stockings and (s/c) shoes, my hands were wrapped in a pair of (g/c) gloves and my eyes were covered behind a black mask, the one I was usually wearing when I was out working with Batman.

But this time I wasn’t working with him.

It was Christmas Eve and I decided to visit someone very special today.

„I could ask you the same question“, I smiled.

The guard sighed and led me through the Asylum.

„Really, I wouldn’t want to deal with the clown on Christmas, you’re not exactly a lucky one, aren’t you?“

„Hey, it’s my job“, I just commented his statement.

„Well than, have fun“, the guard said sarcastically, opening the door to the visitors room and then closing it behind me.

I made a face at the man which was standing behind the door now, then I turned around to the man that I was visiting.

I smiled slightly at the Joker.

He seemed a little puzzled even though he didn’t really show it, but I could see it in his eyes.

„Merry Christmas little clown. I know you’re probably not in a happy mood right now, stuck in this hell hole, but I thought it would make a difference if I’m here as well, spending the last hours of Christmas with you … …“

I fell silent for a moment, because he wasn’t answering.

He just stared at me, like I was some kind of hallucination and I was wondering if they had given him some tranquilizers to avoid that he would do something terrible on Christmas Eve.

„I know that you kinda wanted to spend Christmas with me, before they arrested you …“

A few hours ago he had been a free man and was about to lead whole Gotham City through his own Christmas with the Joker TV Show.

Including kidnapping the police Comissioner James Gordon, his right hand Detective Bullock and Gotham City’s most annoying reporter Summer Gleeson.

All because he wanted me to find him, of course he didn’t say it, he disguised his actual purpose in a lot of hidden words.

At first everyone thought he just wanted Batman and the entire city to have the most horrible Christmas ever, with dozens of dead people and stuff but as soon as we nearly arrived at his hiding place I remembered all the things he said in his live coverage.


„Batsy it would be clever to bring reinforcement before you’re trying to bring me down …“

„Everyone in this city even the criminals are spending the day with their lovely, lovely familys but because I don’t have any family, I decided to steal one HA HA HA! Maybe little (Y/N) wants to be my family, when she’s here, what do you think Jim? Sounds nice, doesn’t it?“

„Bats what do you think, I blow you up with this whole city and (Y/N) and I are spending Christmas together!“


„Oh really did I?“, Mr J asked now grinning at me, like this was all just a joke.

Of course he wouldn’t admit it, he was the Joker after all, he wasn’t someone who’s loved or who loves back, even if they were feelings that started to make him feel uncomfortable in his own skin.

„I know you did.“

He fell silent again, after he realised that I was serious.

„Here, that’s for you“, I finally said and shoved a little present towards him.

„So thoughtful …“, he whispered and looked at the present then back to me.

„What is it?“, he asked.

„Just some Christmas biscuit, since the food here is so bad“, I smiled.

„You wanna try one?“

„If you’re willing to feed me, doll“, he cackled insinuating to his straightjacket.

„I guess I have to, poor baby“, I giggled, opening the box and shoving one of the biscuits into his mouth.

„They’re homemade aren’t they, princess?“, Mr J smiled widely after finishing the biscuit.

„Yes“, I said with reddened cheeks.

„How lovely, spending the whole day in the kitchen just to make biscuits for a criminal lunatic like me. You really are a good girl, (Y/N). And you know what good girls get from Santa J, hm?“

I shook my head.

„Tell me“, I said.

„Come a little closer, angel“, he purred.

„Close your eyes.“

I did like I was told and just a second later, I felt warm lips pressed against mine, followed by a tongue and the sweet taste of Christmas biscuits …


Yes it was true, last year right at that time I fell head over heels for the Joker.

Gotham City’s most notorious criminal.

But to be true, I never really saw him as a villain.

Yes I’m still working with Batman and Robin against all the criminal lunatics in this city but with him it always had been something else and I knew he was feeling the same way even if he would never admit it.

We had fun with each other whenever Batman, Robin and I were after him.

It had always been a game to us and now I knew why.

I was on my way downtown Gotham, the place where the underworld was ruling over the city.

But tonight on Christmas even the streets oft he gangster alleys were empty, everyone was at home no matter what kind of criminal they were, everyone was enjoying Christmas, all of them but one.

I shook my head in disbelief as I saw the golden entrance of his club full illuminated even though no single soul was here.

He couldn’t be seriously sitting in there, and waiting for Christmas to end.

A sigh left my mouth as I parked my car and stepped out into the snow white night of Gotham City.

It was cold like hell and the way from my car to the entrance of the club made my hands froze on the present that I was carrying.

Not even one of the bouncers were here.

I opened the door and found myself standing into an completely empty club.

Really no one was here, not even a bartender.

Slowly I walked towards the VIP area remembering all the times I had been here playing little games with Mr J or sometimes just showing up for fun, but this was the first time I was here without my masking.


„I got it, got it, got it. It’s Christmas no one is coming today, calm down Frost.“

I grinned at Frost after hearing J’s annoyed voice.

He really wasn’t a big fan of Christmas, but last year he really had seemed to enjoy it, maybe I just had to refresh his memory a bit.

„No, boss. I was just trying to say that you’ve got a visitor“, Frost said.

„A visitor? And who Frost who could that be on such an important day?“, J asked obviously not amused.

Well this day really must have pissed him off.

Carefully I stepped into the VIP area, smiling as I saw J’s facial expression turn from anger into his big signature grin.

„Oooh, what do we have here? Originating a new tradition, how lovely. Come over, doll. Sit on daddy’s lap. Frost why are you still standing there? Go bring the lady some … what was it that you used to drink on Christmas, doll?“, J asked.

„It’s called tea with baked apple and cinnamon flavor“, I smiled.

„Yes that one! Go and get her some of … that stuff“, he said and gestured for Frost to leave the place.

„You really hate Christmas“, I laughed after doffing my white whinter coat.

„I don’t hate it, doll. I just don’t like it“, he simply said, then pulled me onto his lap, after I came closer to him.

„But last year you liked it“, I mocked him.

„I didn’t like it, I liked that you came to visit me“, he corrected me.

I blushed at the sudden use of this words.

„What’s that?“, he suddenly asked pointing at the present box in my hands as if he wanted to distract from what he just said.

„That’s for Frost“, I said and couldn’t hold on myself after seeing his facial expression change into an „He’s dead“ look.

„Just a joke, open it, it’s yours“, I smiled and gave it to him.

„Oooh you little minx, you“, he said cackling and opened the box.

„I know you’ve lost yours last year, so I thought I’ll get you a new one“, I said after he saw the gold and purple jackknife.

I watched him as he flicked the knife open in fascination and I knew he was probably fantasizing about the next victim which would die by the blade.

„Where did you get it?“, he asked looking me deep in the eyes.

He wouldn’t say it but I could see in his eyes that he really appreciated this gesture.

„Just a few blocks away from here, there’s a small arms shop, I walked past it three or four weeks ago and saw it in the window. It reminded me of you, so-“

I was cut off by my sentence as he grabbed my neck and pulled me into a rough and passionate kiss.

That was his way to say thank you.

„Daddy has got something for you too, princess“, he purred after breaking the kiss for a second.

„Stay with your eyes closed.“

After a few seconds I felt something small and cold on my neck.

I touched it with my eyes still closed.

Was that a necklace?

„Open your eyes, kitten.“

I did and as I looked down I saw a small and subtle necklace laying on my exposed skin.

The necklace itself was made of gold and on it their hung a cute little pendant, it was a purple shiny little J with a tiny green emerald down the letter.

„J …“, I whispered turning my head to face him.

But before I could speak further he cupped my face into his warm hands.

„Do you know what this means, kitten?“, he growled, his cold blue eyes darkened in desire whilst speaking.

„It means that you belong to me. You’re mine and I won’t let you leave again. You’re not working for Batsy anymore, you’re all mine. Your daddy wants you kitten, and that means you’re staying with me, till the very end.“

He pulled me into an even more intense kiss but this one was soon interrupted by Frost.

„Miss, your tea“, he said.

J just glared at him for interrupting us, but I smiled at him apologizing as I saw that his shoulders and his suit were full of snow.

He must have been outside to get my tea, poor Frosty.

„Oh, thank you, Frost. Wait, I still have got something for you“, I said after J was about to send him back where he came from.

Frost stared at me a little irritated what was really something else in contrast to his usual stoic facial expression.

I pulled a little package out oft my coat-pocket and gave it to him.

„Thank you, Miss but that really wouldn’t have been necessary I-“

„Oh come on, just open it“, I smiled.

„Yes, open it Frost“, J growled behind me.

He wasn’t delighted that I really had a Christmas present for good old Frost.

Frost opened the package taking a brand new light blue tie in his hands.

And for the very first time I saw J’s right hand smiling.

„Thank you, (Y/N)“, he said, whilst J was growling behind me, because I wasn’t paying attention to him.

„Merry Christmas, Frosty“, I said.

„Would you please now do us a favor and leave“, J said waving with his new jackknife in his right hand.

„Yes, boss“, Frost said now with his usual stoic face and left as soon as he came.

„And you come here“, J growled.

I smiled and sat on his lap again, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him wildly.

He purred into the kiss as his strong hands slid under the white dress I was wearing, pulling seductivly on my panties.

„What are you doing?“, I giggled as his fingers made their way to my already wet pussy.

„You never heard of Christmas punishment?“, he growled, making me moan under his kiss and his touch.

„J!“, I squeaked after he slapped my ass.

He cackled now kissing his way down my neck, leaving bruises there to let everyone know to whom I belong now.

„You’re mine, remember that. All mine.“

Looking him in the eyes I rested my head on his shoulder, kissing the crook of his neck.

„Merry Christmas, J.“

„Merry Christmas, kitten.“

(All rights to this amazing gif belong to the lovely @ask-mistah-j I wish you a Merry Christmas as well, hun. <3)


Lana & Jared behind the scenes of the mine scene from 2x22.

All I Want For Christmas

Pairing: Jared/Jensen | Rating: NC-17 | Words: ~19k

Jared might be a little bit in love with a regular customer at the coffee shop where he works. Jensen, stressed to the max with his undergrad studies, is more than a little clueless about Jared’s attention and special treatment. By the time finals are over and Jensen has time to breathe again, will it be too late for him to see what he’s been missing?

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Jared fans, hear me out!

Hi everyone! :)
I’m working on a little project for Jared to hand over to him in a few months, and I was wondering if you guys could tell me what it is about Jared that makes him special to you. It could be anything regarding his personality, his acting on Supernatural and/or in other shows/movies, or the impact he’s had on your life. Anything that put into words why you love him, basically.
If you could share some words about him then that would be absolutely perfect.
Please keep it light and happy for Jared’s sake. Thanks! :)

Note: You can add your words here if you want, in a direct message or to lefebvre_girl@yahoo.com.

Also doing a project for Jensen here!

anonymous asked:

What makes Jared special to you?


Wow, you can ask me to write a fic about a character’s inner monologue, but don’t ask me to talk about my own feelings or I’ll write only nonsense! lol

But anyway, let me try. What makes Jared special to me, Anon, is basically just how… human and real he is? I mean, I’ve been on several fandoms and had a crush on a thousand celebrities. But no one ever seemed more like a person than Jared does. He cries, he laughs, he cares, he gets angry, confused, sad, happy, over excited, with things that any normal people would. That alone makes him special, coming from the place where celebrities come from. 

I feel like I’ve known Jared for years, even though I’ve never met him in real life. That’s another thing that makes him special, because he makes us feel special. I feel like he’s my buddy, someone I want to hug when something bad happens and someone I want to share a good time with, because he let us into his space, behind his walls, he let us know the real him. To feel like your idol is someone that truly cares about you is something special, because it’s not common. 

Jared’s a human being, a wonderful human being. I see him for what he is, flaws and all, and that’s exactly what makes him special, because he let us see him. He’s not afraid of shaking his perky ass in front of people, not afraid of making his lame jokes, not afraid of jumping around, or completely fangirl over Jensen and other dudes, not afraid of doing that adorable hand thing when he gets too excited, not afraid of showing his face to the world and deal with the consequences of that. He’s special to me, because he is who he is (a tiny precious princess) and he’s not afraid or ashamed of that. And you know what’s best? He probably was, one day, afraid of showing these things to us, because he’s human and have his own issues, but he worked hard and opened himsel to let us know that he’s got this issues and he’s dealing with them. He’s come a long way and I’m so damn proud of him for that, even more proud because he’s trying to help us go the same way. He’s still trying to help us learn to love and accept ourselves and that’s fucking beautiful. He’s a fucking beautiful human being, okay?

Jared is special to me, because he lights the whole room when he arrives. That’s not something I’m saying as a fangirl, but something so many people have shared after meeting him. He’s just a good person, you know those rare type of people that you meet once, at random, but that you never forget because of how good they are? Someone that spreads random kindness, that laughs too loud and makes everyone laughs with them, that hugs you tight and makes you feel safe, that have such a big heart they cry when they see you cry, because they just can’t stand watch other people suffer. Jared is a good person. He’s just full of light and love and kindness, he’s special like that.

Oh well, that’s a long answer lol I hope I was able to express myself and how important he is to me. I love Jared from the bottom of my heart and I know he deserves nothing less. He’s special to me and I feel very protective of him, because I know he’s the type of people that makes the world a better place for the people around him, and sometimes that’s more than enough. 

I hope you like my answer, Anon. Have a nice day/night! <3