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So today was the first day I met with my therapist. I tried to write a list of things I’d like to talk to her about down on a Google Document, but I got a bit distracted, as you can tell.

Let’s just say I didn’t use my notes during my session.

  • Person: Do you like musicals?
  • Me: *cough* Yes.
  • Person: Which do you like?
  • Me: ...
  • Person: Shi-
  • Me: EnDoFmaYoReArlYjUneIlovEPlaYrEHArsalBEcaUseitSthEbeStAlexAnderHamiltonMahNameisYouMakeMYBaLLsSoBLUEEE-WHynOwAREyoUpUllinGonMyDICKGOOdMoRNIngWoRLDAnDALLHELPlesssSaTISFEDDTwOPlayErGamESoWhENYoUMaKeANAttAckYOuKnowYougottaBrotherGonnaHAvEYOurBacKREINVentIOnIMaYnOtLiVeToSeeOurGlORyYoUHURTthemBadlyyYouAreMySOnMyDeaDgAYsONMiChAeLinTheBatHRoomAtAPartttyyyBREAkAVaseITsHAlloWEenPaRDOnMeArEyOUAnOtheRmIgRianeIstOLeMyOldErbROtherSjAsONmASKISitREallYTRueIMyouREfAvoRitePesONBoyF-WhAtDOesTHaTeVEnMeaN*BAcKpAckDinK*ANdPeGGy!
  • Person: What the hell...

Hi babes! This is my master list, but every time I upload I will add the fanfiction on here so everything is easy to find! Enjoy!


Connor Murphy X Reader:

Stop It

I’m A Freak

I’m F*cking Sorry, (Y/N)

Good For You

Why The Hood?

Late Night


The Quiet Game/A Pretty Picture

Sketch (prologue to The Quiet Game/A Pretty Picture)

Fake ID (smut)

Step-bros (BMC Crossover)

Jared Kleinman X Reader:

Not So Bad

Perfect Night



Evan Hansen X Reader:

Never Again



Bad Combo


Existential Crisis


Check Yes


Will Roland X Reader:

Never Have I Ever

With You

Ben Platt X Reader:

Dead Boy Walking (steamy af woa)

Freeze Your Brain


Jeremy Heere X Reader:

Mt. Dew Red

Michael Mell X Reader:

Stuffed Cat


Imagine Cuddling Jared Kleinman..

Imagine Cuddling Connor Murphy..

Imagine Ben Platt Taking Care Of You While You’re Sick..

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i’m not saying you should idolize larry murphy, i’m not saying you should love him. but i think before you go bash on him, you need to understand him.

the charcters in dear evan hansen are incredibily three dimensional, we all know that and we all acknowledge that. do they fuck up? yes, of course. everyone makes mistakes, and DEH focuses on the why. why does it happen? why do they do it? what makes them do the things they do?

we already know evan’s story well, we’ve seen many glimpses of jared’s, connor’s, heidi’s, cynthia’s. they’ve all made some mistakes. excpet everyone is so keen on blaming one person for this. that person is larry murphy. it might be because he has such a minor role in the musical (compared to characters like evan or heidi) or he just doesn’t do anything. he doesn’t do much, he doesn’t say much about connor and apprently people are angry with that. everyone’s so keen on bashing larry murphy, and i mean bashing. i’ve seen some pretty horrific attempts on humour circling around larry and the hate on him. ‘he should’ve taken care o his son like he did with his glove’. you hate on him because he ‘wasn’t there’ for connor.

but isn’t that exaclty what connor did? isolate himself? cause grief to his family, push himself away from cynthia, abuse zoe and ignore larry? you all see to forgive connor to easily, that you aren’t aware of what larry is trying to do? he’s quiet, he seemingly ‘doesn’t’ care’ about his son, but maybe because… he doesn’t know how? just like connor didn’t know how to talk to zoe, or make friends at school? how brash connor and evan’s first interaction was? larry murphy doesn’t know HOW to deal with anything. but he’s trying, and y’all just ignore that.

in ‘to break in a glove’, larry says:

‘or you’re just trying to do what’s best for a kid who’s lost control,’

he’s not trying to say that he did everything he could for connor and it’s CONNOR’S fault that their family is broken, he’s not trying to justify his lack of communication and say ‘it was the right thing for connor but connor didn’t listen’

he’s trying to say that he’s tried HIS best to help connor but his best wasn’t enough, and he KNOWS that it wasn’t enough. and he’s quiet, maybe not as close to connor and maybe that’s viewed as neglection. maybe he wants to talk to connor but he can’t. maybe he just doesn’t know what to say and is scared of screwing the entire thing up even further. or maybe, just like connor, he doesn’t know HOW to talk to someone. maybe, he’s just like connor. 

i’m not trying to justify his actions. i’m not trying to say that what he did wasn’t wrong. 

i’m just trying to get you to understand that there isn’t ‘one villain’ in this story. there’s more than one. villains are actions, villains are words, but in DEH, villains are not people. 

Reasons To Smile

-Thomas Sanders’ smile

-Thomas’s laugh

-Thomas exists


-Lin-Manuel Miranda exists

-Hamilton exists

-Be More Chill exists

-Heathers exists

-Dear Evan Hansen exists

-Terrence’s singing voice (Thomas’s friend)

-Terrence in general


-Daveed Diggs

-Anthony Ramos

-Phillipa Soo (Pippa)

-Jonathan Groff

-The original cast of Hamilton

-Ben Platt

-Meant To Be Yours exists

-YouTube exists

[Update: So many people wanted to put Mystic Messengers in here, so I listen. Here.]

-Mystic Messenger exists

-That Good Part Of Tumblr exists

-Heather McNamara

-The “jared eats bathbombs” thing exists

-Tumblr exists

-Musicals exists

Hamilton characters as Dear Evan Hansen lyrics

Alexander Hamilton: Can’t erase what I wrote in ink

Aaron Burr: I’ve learned to slam on the break before I even turn the key

Eliza Schuyler: tell me, how can I change the story?

Angelica Schuyler: sometimes you see everything you wanted and sometimes you see everything you wish you had

Peggy Schuyler: no one seems to care or stops to notice that we’re there

John Laurens: but not because we’re gay

Hercules Mulligan: If somebody’s in your way, crush them

Lafayette: Keep that grit, follow through

George Washington: it’s the hard way, but it’s the right way

Thomas Jefferson: this is gonna be a good day

Maria Reynolds: got a taste of a life so perfect, so you did what you had to do

Philip Hamilton: I never meant to make it such a mess, I never thought that it would go this far