jared got too normal

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What about a Connor x reader hc when it's Con's birthday and no one gretted him, and he's alone in the house,when he started to cry Y/N knocked on the door then comforted him and sOMETHING A PERSON WOULD DO ON SOMEOME'S BIRTHDAY.

woo! I like this one since my close friend’s birthday is close. sorry I’m slow updating, upcoming school stress.>

•He knows he doesn’t have a lot of friends but he thought that his close friends, or even family would remember. I guess he was wrong? When he woke up, everyone acted like it was a normal day. Maybe they’re throwing a surprise party?

•When he got to school, Evan and Jared greeted him like normal too, no “Happy birthday dude!” or something. Maybe they’re in on it too?

•No one, no one said anything to him. He kept to himself about it, too. He didn’t want to seem obnoxious, like “oOh! mY bIrThDaY iS tOdAy, bow down to me.” He just waded through his day.

•He hadn’t seen you yet, you had planned to come over after school since you guys don’t see each other during the day due to different schedules. (You know, A lunch and B lunch, AP and not, that thing)

•You had started to drive over to Connor’s house, when Connor got home himself. He immediately went to his room, realizing that everyone forgot. He locked himself in his room, and cried? Isn’t a birthday suppose to be special? Why not for him?

•When you had finally gotten there, his parents were home from work and Zoe was home from jazz band practice. None of them had seen Connor but they let you go to his room to check if he was there to find it locked. Your natural response was to think he was doing something bad to himself but that’s when you heard muffled crying noises.

•A wrapped package was in your arm. I wonder.

•"H-hey Connor?“ “W-what, what the fuck do you want?” “Con, it’s your girlfriend, you know?”

•After a second, you hear a thud and footsteps. Then, the door finally opened for you before you were greeted with Connor trying to run back to his original spot.

•You sat besides silently, before placing the wrapped box in his lap for him. He stared down at it, confused.

•"Happy birthday Connor, I love you.“ “No one remember but you.”

•You were shocked by those words. The fuck? Zoe? Cynthia? Larry? Jared? Evan? Alana? They all forgot?

•"Christ, that’s so shitty-“ "Don’t need to remind me.” “Uh uh uh, let me finish but then forgetting doesn’t mean they don’t care about you. Okay, yeah, that sounds shitty too. But maybe they had a lot on their mind, like a big test, or they stayed up late, or some shit. Either way, I’m so sorry, but let’s not droop around and go get ice cream, pretty sure some quality time can make this up.”

•You both loaded up into your cat to have a birthday date with your mind. He left his gift at home for his mom to find and fuck? she really forgot? oh no.

•After you dropped off Connor at his house and gave his parent’s a few choice words for forgetting his birthday, Connor felt better and better. Maybe the gifts he found at his door helped?