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hello! i was wondering if you knew any good resources about settler colonialism and antiblackness in the U.S and how these things relate to each other?

  Yup, so here’s a list of a few with a summary of the topic addressed (Links to the articles/books are provided if I have them)

Fanon, Frantz – Black Skin, White Masks - Addresses the effects of (settler) colonialism on Native Africans in Algeria. Also a ur-text for a lot of contemporary Black Studies literature.

Fanon, Frantz – The Wretched of the Earth - Addresses the effects and processes of colonialism and its intersection with anti-Blackness/White Supremacy.

King, Tiffany – “Labor’s Aphasia: Toward Antiblackness as Constitutive to Settler Colonialism”  - Amazing article discussing how the metaphysics of labor are disarticulated by Blackness and how anti-Blackness was a necessary part of settler colonialism.

King, Tiffany – “In the Clearing: Black Female Bodies, Space and Settler Colonial Landscapes” - Probably the best work in this list. King addresses how anti-Blackness shapes settler colonialism and how settler colonialism shapes anti-Blackness. It’s one of the better intersections of Black Studies and Native American Studies, in my opinion.

Sexton, Jared – “The Vel of Slavery: Tracking the Figure of the Unsovereign - Addresses the flaws in Native American Studies attempt to understand settler colonialism and how Blackness makes settler decolonization problematic. 

Wilderson, Frank B., III – Red, White, and Black: Cinema and the Structure of U.S. Antagonisms - Not all about the intersection, but the first three parts do address, to some degree, the intersections between Blackness and Redness.

Tuck, Eve, Allison Guess, and Hannah Sulton – “Not Nowhere: Collaborating on Selfsame Land”  - Interesting work on how Blackness can create a place of meaning. A work on the Black/Land Project.

Jackson, Shona N. - “Humanity Beyond the Regime of Labor: Antiblackness, Indigeneity, and the Legacies of Colonialism in the Caribbean” - Discusses how Black people can participate in anti-Red/Settler colonial systems and the problems of working through a labor discourse.

ASOTM (A Splitting Of The Mind) REACTION (Major Spoilers!!!!)

Before reading it



Beginning chapter 1:

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Group session:

Ben falls off chair:

Chapter 4:

Roof falls

Rest of the chapter:

End of the chapter:

Chapter 5-8:

Chapter 9-17:

Chapter 18:

Chapter 19:


Mikey: “It’s not batman! It’s my brother. It’s Gee-rard”.


Gerard crying:


Mikey *hugging Gerad*: “What-What-whatever you did, everyone forgives y-y-you”


Before starting chapter 20:

Frank visiting Gerard:

Skull and Jasper and Them:

Finishing  Chapter 20:

End of Chapter 20:


The last frank-gerard encounter was a hallucination:

After finishing:

Me Right Now:

Throwback-December No. 19

James Sirius and his “gang” Fred Weasley II, Frank Longbottom II, Marcus Bell and Jared Pharello after a night out while holidays.
James insisted that the group needs a cool name, like the Marauders, but this never happend.
Depends on the person you talk to they had different names, from “The God Squad” (some 3rd-years) over “prats” (Alice) to “The troublemakers” (Headmistress McGonagall).

Just imagine your fav celebrity being obsessed about you.

Him/Her spending every moment of his/her day fantasising about you.

Him/Her running a blog about you and stalking you daily on Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter.

His/Her heart beating faster when you post a new status or some art or just a post.

Imagine him/her dreaming about meeting you in real life.

Imagine him/her writing fanfictions about it.

Just. Imagine. It.


Jared Leto’s Joker - comic book comparisons and inspirations (Suicide Squad)

MORE INFOGRAPHICS about Leto’s Joker [here]!

To see the pictures in HQ visit the creator’s page below:

Credits: AnotherPrettyFlower



The creator of the infographs also had the Bowie-comparisons at the end, but I had wrongly chosen not to include them in my original tumblr post, sorry for that you guys. They later updated the info concerning Bowie, so I added it here as well!

The comicbook comparison infographic was created by AnotherPrettyFlower on March 2016, so it is very old BUT it is still accurate despite that! Ayer has now even confirmed the whole homage to Joker’s history through his clothes.

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Who You Hang Out With According To Your Birth Month
  • Brendon Urie: January
  • Frank Iero: February
  • Patrick Stump: March
  • Pete Wentz: April
  • Jared Leto: May
  • Mikey Way: June
  • Vic Fuentes: July
  • Andy Biersack: August
  • Gerard Way: September
  • Oli Sykes: October
  • Ashley Purdy: November
  • Ray Toro: December
Did you know The Punisher made the Joker Shit himself

Was reading the Batman vs Punisher Crossover Deadly Knights and I REALLY FRIGGIN LOVED THIS. The Joker never gets scared or rattled but when facing the Punisher who doesn’t play that shit

The Joker never gets rattled. When his plans are foiled Joker barely doesn’t curse aloud and shake his fist. He just laughs. 

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and Batman has rarely managed to make the Joker flinch. the Joker keeps laughing because he knows that Batman will never do what it takes.

But the Punisher isn’t Batman. 

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Not many things can wipe the Joker’s shitty grin off of his face, but Frank Castle The Punisher isn’t known for doling out second chances, especially for a homicidal maniac that has probably killed hundreds and will go on to kill thousands more. Joker recognizes the conviction in the eyes of the man holding the gun, and for once realizes the finality of his situation. He’s thinking: This man might actually close the DO THE DEED and it  aint funny.

Then Batman comes along, right on time.

Usually when the Joker gets away, it’s because of some BS and no matter how he escapes, the Joker is always laughing. But when he gets the chance to scamper away from the Punisher, there’s no trail of “HA HA HA"s; the Joker just feels lucky to get out of there alive.

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Another point to Punisher for making the joker piss himself

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