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So even being a Ruby, people still cant recognize her. I saw comments on her posts asking that.

She will forever be known as Jared’s wife. If she wanted to be known for something else, her management should have been keeping her alive after she took that year off after marriage. She should have been doing talk shows, magazine articles, radio interviews, red carpet events, all without Jared holding her hand the entire time. 

Cortese is Jared’s beard wife, that’s all. 

As brilliant as Jeffrey Tambor is, as brilliant as Jared Leto is, and all these actors who play trans women, when people who don’t know anything about trans folks and trans women see the very sexy Jared Leto and his beard accepting an Oscar for playing a trans woman, the message that it sends is that trans women are really men. So when men find themselves attracted to trans women they have anxiety about that because of their own internalized homophobia and transphobia, and they’ve gotten this message that trans women are really men, and then this leads to violence.
A grainy but heartfelt CRINGE. A study.

Let’s start with Jared’s obvious anxiety throughout the whole video. He looked tired and basically unwilling, his voice was so low and he was speaking slowly. Maybe he’s so tired of showing his family off for campaign purposes? Maybe he really doesn’t like being around Gen and pretending to be in love for two minutes? 

Then Jared introduces the family:

Jared: Hi guys, so Gen and Jared, Shep and Tom and… Baby Padalecki here. And sissy! Not her birth name, but…uh, her name for us (??)

few moments later

Jared: We’re busy with these dudes and…

Gen: Baby Odette.

did he just… forgot the baby’s name? He didn’t know, by the time this was filmed, what was the baby’s name? Or if they would announce the baby’s name on the video? Anyway, shouldn’t that be a couple’s decision he should be aware of? 

From the start of the video, Jared has his arm around Gen’s shoulder on the couch. But then Tom moves away and we see this:

He’s not touching her. No loving husband’s embrace, no comforting touching. He was nervously moving his hand and fingers like he was impatient. What does that tell us about their relationship?

He really sounds like he needs a backup, so Gen interrupts him to talk more about the campaign and the purpose of the video. Jared makes this face

 How many synonyms are there to the word D O N E?

Then Gen touches his arm and he was not ready for this /intimate/ touch, so he makes a similar face and looks down at her hand. 

When you have intimacy with someone, you basically give them permission inside your personal space. You don’t feel uncomfortable when they touch you, you don’t look startled, because you’re used to it and you trust them they’ll do no harm to you. This is not what Jared and Gen have, if a simple arm-touch is enough to make Jared look like this. Even not-so-close friends are allowed to touch an ARM. Again, what does that tell us about their relationship?

Jared: We really believe this is gonna raise money for a couple good causes that can spread love and acceptance and uh… Universal… just love and acceptance.

????????????? Does he sound like someone involved in the cause? Or in this campaign whatsoever?

ps: Gen tried to give Jared the famous heart-eyes, but to me it just looked like she wanted to punch him lol

That’s it, folks. This video was a disaster and I’m really sorry we got to watch it. I’m really sorry you had to do this, Jared, sweetheart. But it what it is.

Thank you! xx

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Beard, scruff, or clean ?

You really know how to ask the right questions, huh? I don’t know if I can answer this right away. I need some examples to help me pick…

First, bearded Jared (because Sam never has a beard….*sigh*)

GAH just look at that manly manliness. I LOVE THE BEARD

But what about scruff?

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This is hard…. the scruff is like the perfect combination of the manliness and his beautiful face. It frames it so well. Sometimes Sam has a little scruff too. And honestly it kills me.

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OK but also I can’t decide unless I look at shaven. Gotta have all the facts first, right? You can see his dimples clearly, the hard lines of his face, everything that makes him beautiful…

Wait… where was I going with this? Whatever. Can I just have them all??