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Happy We Found You

REQUESTED BY ANON: Could you write a spn cast fic where the reader (like late teens) is homeless as she ran from a bad home and used to live next to j2 when they were younger and shared a house and they see you and take you in and help you out. No pairing just cute comfort fluff from the cast and sympathy. Sorry if this is too complicated. Thanks. I love your fics X

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You do like you always do: walk around town, just trying to figure out what is going to be your next move. You left home three months ago, the worst months of your life, but maybe not as much as all the ones at your old house.

Your father is a drunk, hitting on you and then not remembering. Even seeing your bruises, he says that you went out and got into a fight, either way, he does not very care about you. Your mother, well, she abandoned you when you were born.

Growing up, it was only you, your father and step-mother, she was a good woman who did not deserve what happened to her. She perished to sickness, a breast cancer she was fighting hard. When she died, your father shut himself out, and did not see the reason to live happy.

The only way out of this miserable life was to run away, and you did it.

As you walk on the sidewalk, kicking a rock, you notice two voices that seem so familiar.

You turn your head towards the car, stopped at a red light and recognize them: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki. You stop dead on your feet’s, staring at them chocked. They are a lot older then the last time you saw them. Last time was when they were starting this show: Supernatural. They moved away after that and you never heard from them. You wanted to watch the show, but your father was always watching TV and you were always stuck in your room, bored or just crying.

In the car, feeling like someone is staring at him, Jared turns his head to see you. He remembers you immediately, you do look older, but you still have the same face.

“Jensen” Jared hits his arm “you need to park the car”.

“Why?” He asked.

He looks at the direction Jared is looking and understands it all, he looks at you copying Jared’s face. However the light goes green and they have to move, but Jensen parks the care in a restaurant driveway.

In the meantime, you stayed stood straight, didn’t move for a bit, like a statue. You watched them leave and now walking towards you with a worried face. You really never thought you could see them again.

“(Y/N)?” Jared called out.

You nod one time and look down at the ground, ashamed to be in front of them in that state. The last shower you had was a long time ago and the change of your clothes was three months ago. You had left without anything, you were arguing with your father and you just left the house.

“Are you okay?” Jensen asked.

Still keeping your eyes on the floor, you shake your head.

“You should come to my house” Jensen offered “we were going there, we can talk then if you want”.

A part of you wants to say yes, but another one wants to say no. You do not want to be a burden to them or use them to get some food and a shower.

“I… It’s okay…”

“Well, I’ll take that as a yes, come on” Jensen smiled mentioning to his car.

You bite your lip, cursing to yourself on how bad you interpreted this phrase. You meant ‘no, it’s okay, I’m okay’.

You decide to let it be that way and get in the backseat.

Arrived at Jensen’s house, your eyes widened at the sight of his place. His house is like twice yours and it is beautiful.

“Come on in, the kids should be there”.

You frown at Jensen, he has kids?”

You get out of the car and walk in the house, as beautiful as the exterior.

“Hey, babe” a woman greeted taking a kiss from Jensen “hi Jared!”

“Hey, Danneel”.

“And who are you?”

“She’s an old friend of ours when we were younger. She lived next to us and we found her about a mile away” Jensen said.

She smiles sadly seeing how bad you look, but changes it quickly to a beautiful one.

“You can go take a shower and stay for supper, it’s almost ready”.

You nod quickly and head upstairs, the only thing you want right now is to take a long hot shower.

When you get out the shower, you look at your dirty clothes. You sigh, but put them on, even though you feel like you want to vomit. They are so dirty and you are clean for once.

You get out of the bathroom to meet up with Danneel.

“I thought I could land you some of my clothes if you want” she offered “may be a little big, but better than what you are wearing”.

“Thank you” you said quietly.

You go with her into the master bedroom and look around her clothes, there is not really anything your style, but you picked up a white t-shirt and black jeans.

Changed and refreshed, you go down stairs and hear some laughing. You remember that Jensen mentioned kids.

You take a deep breath and enter the room, everyone is already sitting at the table: Jared, Jensen, Danneel, a little girl about four years old.

“(Y/N)” Jensen mentions you a chair next to him and his daughter “come sit”.

Food is already on the table, leaving a good aroma.

You sit down and stare at the food, waiting for the others to start before you can dive in. During the supper, everyone laughs and talks about some random stuff. You stay silent, listening and mostly eating. It has been three months since your last meal.

After the meal, you hang in the living room just sitting on the couch watching everything. Jared is somewhere and Jensen and his wife are putting the kids to bed. You learned that Jared has kids too, and Jensen has his little girl and twins.

“Hey” Jared enters the room and sits beside you “hope you liked the supper”.

“Yeah” you nodded “thank you, I’ll have to thank Danneel and Jensen”.

“Nah, you don’t” Jensen walks in sitting at the other side of you “it’s our pleasure”.

You smile shyly, it has been a while since someone took care of you like that.

“Though, we want to know what happened” Jensen said “why were you alone like that”

“I ran away…”

“Your step-mom and dad must-“

“My step-mom is dead” you take a deep breath “my father is a drunk because of that”.

“I’m sorry” Jared passes a hand on your back.

“I’m okay… well, better…”

“You know, I could talk to Danneel and you could stay here, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind” Jensen said.

Your face goes red of shock.

“I don’t mind” Danneel said entering the room.

You smile “I don’t want to be a bur-“

“You will never be a burden” Jensen said “I know you, I’m sure you didn’t change that much from when you’re a kid”.

“If there’s something, you can come to my house” Jared said “Gen and the boys will love you”.

You smile wider and nod.

A new life is showing up, and it makes you see the hope you had forgotten about.

“We have to show you the show too” Jensen passes a hand around your shoulders “twelve seasons”.

“Twelve!” You exclaim “I heard about it, but I never got to watch it”.

“Why don’t we start a marathon?” Jared proposes.

“I’ll get the popcorn” Danneel said walking out.

“I’m happy we found you” Jensen said takin you in his arms.

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From Good To Bad

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark S.
Words: 1324
Requested by Anonymous: Hey, I have a triggering requests, can you write a one-shot where the reader like 16 or 17 and she works with the Supernatural cast since Misha has been on, and one night she is leaving work and she gets grabbed and raped and the next morning Jared, Jensen, Misha and Mark S find her on set in her trailer seeing bruises and her wrapped slightly in a sheet and imminently run over to help her and she just breaks down in there arms and explains what happened. If it’s too triggering that’s okay. 

Warning: Please read the request above…this could be pretty triggering. There isn’t a lot of graphic detail, but just in case, please read with caution.

        “You did great today, Y/N,” Misha said as you were heading offset from filming your scenes for Supernatural. You had been part of the cast for a while and loved every second of being on the show. At seventeen, you were the younger member of the cast, but they treated you like family, so the age didn’t matter.

           “Thanks, Misha,” you smiled, “You guys staying?”

           “Yeah. We gotta a little more to do,” he said, “I guess we’ll see you in the morning, right?”

           “I’ll be here,” you nodded.

           You said your goodbyes to the other guys and headed to your trailer to get your things before heading to your apartment for the night.

           “Y/N?” you jumped when you heard a male voice come into your trailer after you had closed the door.

           You turned and saw a man you didn’t recognize, “Umm … may I help you?” you asked, backing away from him slowly.

           “Oh, I’m sure you can help me with quite a few things, Little Girl,” he said, walking toward you, “I’ve been watching you,” he said.

           “What … what are you going to do?”

           He reached for you, “You’ll see.”

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