I made my first spell jar today! I had the intent for a home warming jar, something to make my home warm and full of love and protection.
I added feathers, for home, dried rose petals, both red and white. The red being passion, strength, and courage. The white being light, truth, balancing the aura and eliminating doubt. Then I added purple flowers for insight and clarity, and overcoming depression. And lastly I put in rosemary for unwanted nightmares and cleansing. Then Basil for happiness, a steady mind, love and peace, and sea salt, for protection. Then I burned a vanilla incense for calm, kindness and love, and white candles, surrounded by some of my crystals; rose quartz, citrine, tree agate and amazonite.

the jar of maraschino cherries says the serving size is one cherry 

If I was going to be that stingy why would I BUY MY OWN?

my actual serving: at least three plus pouring extra juice into my breakfast dreamsicle BECAUSE I AM AN ADULT fight me cherry jar 

or don’t, because that would be messy and I’d rather eat another cherry

oh wait I started this post for replies. whee?

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oh ps friends

uh, so tomorrow i’m going to see my family for the first time since i started T and uh
it’s gonna be interesting???

like my grandparents last saw me when i was awkwardly trying to drop hints that i Wasn’t Cis and like they’d come to terms with the wearing mens clothes and putting on a beard for cosplay etc but god knows how they’ll deal with ‘deep voice + facial hair +overall Changed A Lot’

my sis has talked to them some about me being trans but idk you know how dealing with family is

uh, if i post Kinda Negative things have patience with me and thank you

Music Tag

I was tagged by @devilishoblivion (thx sis) and my music taste is generic pop so here we go

Rules: put your music library on shuffle. list the first ten songs that come up, then tag ten people.

  • Buttons - The Pussycat Dolls
  • Cherry Red - Ida Maria
  • Pulses - Karmin 
  • Boombayah -  BLΛƆKPIИK
  • Straight Up - Paula Abdul 
  • Favourite Colour - Carly Rae Jepsen
  • Mood Ring - Britney Spears 
  • Like This - JOJO  
  • Yayo - Lana Del Rey  
  • Lucozade - ZAYN (I never even listened to his album but I got it anyways lmao he’s hot so he can take my $$)

I tag @wild-pixel @simduction @simmerapple @turquoisecc @cmpixels @ivo-sims @bratsims @idk-who-else-does-tags-cause-idk-who-does-tags, so I will also tag @britneyspears @she-is-TOO-relevant and @Your-Name-Here 

Toddler Thief

I know I look 2 but I’m actually 3
Im going on a robbery
Its going to be very far
Ill have to find a getaway car
Ill need the blueprints to the place
I’ll have to be ready for the chase
With binoculars (theyre really cool)
And all the latest gadgets and tools
Then I’ll take out my lucky crowbar
To break into the cookie jar

-poem I wrote in elementary school


Chapter 2: real vs fantasy

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How do I eat this chunk of steak.…I pondered to myself, while trying to slice through this meat. It’s supposed to be a high class restaurant but how can this chunk of beef be so tough. To add on, I am trying to be very demure– in this private room where there’s only the two of us.

“You don’t like it?” He asked, the man who asked me out the first time speaks beside the first word he spoke to me tonight – which is a ‘hello’.

“It’s alright… a little tough” I answered.

“Hm…” He nodded and continued to eat his portion of steak.

“I expected a different reaction” I mumbled to myself.

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“This is why I don’t date my fans” He replied and looked up at me. “I have a sharp pair of ears” He shrugged.

“Don’t get me wrong…” I started.

“But you thought exactly what I think it is” He rebutted.

Fine… he’s right. I kept quiet.

“Don’t take this dinner the wrong way. It’s to apologise for my rude words. There’s nothing else to it”

“But it seems like your words gets more cut-throat than the previous one. Does that mean you’ll ask me out for dinner again?” I questioned.

He looked up with a moutful of beef inside his mouth; as he looked to me with that doe eyes. clearly quite surprised with what just came out of my mouth. But just as surprised as he was, he returned back to his plate– totally ignoring what I had just questioned.

“TOP…. I know that I might have expectation that’s different from your true self. I mean, I cant deny that. That’s what a fans do. But what…. what differs between a fan and someone who love you is that… i am willing to see the side of you that I have never expected, and embrace and accept it. I-”

“Give me your plate” He said, cutting my words off.

Huh? Why? 

“I still want to eat….” I muttered. I am still hungry.

But he swiftly took my plate and brought it over to his side; elegantly cutting that damn piece of meat. Oh? I thought he doesn’t do this … He returned the plate back to me. 

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“I had bad experience dating a fan” He admitted.

“I heard….but I didn’t know it was true…”

“I don’t want to face the same thing again” He made his point. “Please try to understand”

“So this meal was really just an apology dinner?” I felt the pinge of disappointment creeping up all the way to my heart. Tell me it wasn’t just that… 

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He gulped his drink, then a firm nod.

“I am not able to give you what you want” He added.

I felt slightly offended. What does he know? Does he know what I want? Because if he know, he wouldn’t say these. 

“What do you even know?” I rolled my eyes and stood up. If he can’t get what I am trying to tell him, then I’ll show him. My courage level increased, and for the record, when this happens; impulsive things happen too.

I went over to his side and pulled on his collar, swiftly my head reached out to his thin lips… and… before I even realised, I had kissed him first. 

He pushed me back, eyes big and round– surprised. Clearly evident. Turning away to rub away the lipstick stain that was planted on him abruptly.

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He looked down in silent, not saying a word. His ears getting a little red. 

And thats when it hits me.

“Shit” I muttered, after regaining back my normal timidity. “I’m sorry” I quickly took my handbag, and ran out the room.

if you experience depression, reblog with your opinion on:

  • plain tortilla chips eaten with nothing on them
  • eating cereal by the handful, straight out of the box
  • cold, 4-day old leftovers
  • peanut butter straight out of the jar
  • eating two slices of bread