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☽Empath Protection Jar☾

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I needed a jar like this for my gift for sooo long, being an empath is such a blessing and a curse. I’ve lately suffered through more problems taking in negative energy and I feel as though I need to add some protection regarding that. And I so did!


  • A jar(small preferrably)
  • Chamomile infused olive oil - Peace and Security
  • Taglock of yourself (hair, blood, nail clippings)
  • A pinch of:
    • Salt - Purification
    • Black pepper - Protection
    • Basil - dispels weakness 
    • Cinnamon - Strength
    • Sage - Purify
    • Clove - banish Negative forces
    • Coffee - dispel negative thoughts
    • Dandelion leaf - healing and defeating negativity
    • Bay - Healing, strengthening psychic abilities.

1. Invoke your deities or anything that can help you create it.

2. Put all of the ingredients together and while doing so you recite and repeat:

“I protect myself,
As this gift can harm,
Shall I be balanced,
Give power to this charm.”

3. Once it’s together, seal it with wax (I chose black since it corresponds with absorbing negativity, purple works too.)

4. Visualize and meditate!

- Anabiel

A School Spell Jar

(sorry for the crappy image quality, I’m desktop only. also, the sugar and coffee mixed together, at the bottom. grrr)

soooo, this was my very first spell I made myself, and I’m really glad with how it turned out. I first made it back in December, just before school started back up. I knew I had a hard time with school, so I decided to do something witchy about it! At this point, I was still totally a baby witch, and I’m proud of how I was able to step out of my comfort zone and make a spell jar.

Now, for the spell jar;

Ingredients:                                                                                                         Sugar to sweeten the rest of the school year to me and me to school in general Coffee grounds for energy and courage to do better and not slink to the back Cayenne pepper to burn away old, bad habits.                                               Cloves to aid in seeking what is sought, good luck, friendship, and keeping negativity at bay                                                                                                  Rosemary for success                                                                                       Basil to protect against stress and, again, the courage to be a good student

also, I didn’t do this the first time I made this jar, but bc I had some extra space in the jar, I topped it off with some coarse sea salt, for cleansing and idk what else.

Beforehand, I cleansed the jar. Since I couldn’t find my cleansing spray, I rubbed some hand sanitizer on the jar to cleanse it. Then, I just kind of thought of my intent a lot, and as I was layering the herbs, focusing on what they would each bring me.

The last time I made this jar, it helped me get out of bed easier in the mornings and also go to sleep easier! This time, I’m not sure how it’s manifesting, but it’s only been one night.

Feel free to message, ask or dm, me and tell me how this works out for you! Add feel free to reblog/like to bookmark, and you have my full permission to use and alter as you see fit, just if you post your spell jar anywhere, please link this post/tag me/etc.

I’m tagging @cosmic-witch bc she mentioned that if you posted some original content, to tag her bc she wants to see it, so…yeah.

There and Back Again - Jar Spell

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The road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began
Now far ahead the road has gone
And I must follow if I can

For when you really really need a change in life, and want to bring in a new adventure. (Dwarves not included)

  • Ginger - for bringing adventure and new experiences. Be heavy handed with this one, it’s the main purpose of the jar.
  • Cinnamon - multi-purpose, it represents whatever your journey is about (spirituality, success, healing, protection, power, love, luck, strength, prosperity, etc. If it’s part of your personal journey, it’s probably a cinnamon correspondence)
  • Ground Coffee - to dispel negative thoughts, overcome internal blocks, bring peace of mind, and keep you grounded. Basically erase all doubts that might hold you back in your new adventure.
    • Also associated with happiness, and I always recommend having SOMETHING in your jar/sachet spells for happiness, because you do NOT want a new adventure that’s basically going to be walking through hell and back.
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice - for bringing a new beginning through banishment of the old. This is one of my personal correspondences, and you can skip it if you want to or don’t think you need it. I use it as an “out with the old, in with the new” ingredient. Like autumn, and the death of the old to make way for the renewal in spring.
  • Powdered Egg Shell - for protection. Because as I said before, the last thing you want is to invite a new adventure only to have it turn out to be hell.
  • Frankincense (essential oil or resin) - for successful ventures
    • NOTE: If using the essential oil, I create a salt first, since I don’t like adding wet ingredients to a dry jar when I can help it. See how I do it here.

I find it helpful to say aloud the intent of each ingredient as I put it into the jar, especially with something like the cinnamon, where there’s many meanings it could have.

“Heat of the Flame” Fire Jar Spell

A jar spell to empower your passion and motivation to reach for your goals and work on your talents.

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You Will Need:

🔥 A Jar with a lid/cork
🔥 Cayenne Pepper Flakes
🔥 Cinnamn
🔥 Basil
🔥 Bay Leaf (crushed)
🔥 Rosemary
🔥 Red Glitter
🔥 Garnet (recommended to use chips)
🔥 Calcite (recommended to use chips)
🔥 Orange Glitter
🔥 Sigil for Passion
🔥 Sigil for Motivation
🔥 Red Candle
🔥 Fire Safe dish/bowl
🔥 Mortar and Pestle 
🔥 Red Ribbon, String or Cord


🔥 Cleanse yourself and your space before beginning spell. Drink black tea or coffee to energize yourself before hand if needed. Prepare yourself however you like

🔥 In your mortar and pestle grind up all of your herbs especially your bay leaf until they are well mixed and fine. While grinding them up focus on your intent to motivate yourself and your passions

🔥 Add them to your jar

🔥 Draw your sigils onto paper, preferably with red ink if you can, and carefully light them on fire using a candle, matches, lighter etc. Place them in the fire safe bowl so they burn down to ash.

🔥 As they burn chant: “The burning strength of fire motivates my heart, motivates my soul, so I shall achieve my goal.”

🔥 Carefully add the ashes to the jar once no more smolders are left. On top of the ash add your crystals before sealing your jar tightly

🔥 Place your candle on top and light it and let it burn down until it properly seals the jar (don’t leave it unsupervised please)

🔥 Snuff or blow out your candle if needed then tie your red ribbon around the jar or the stub of the candle

🔥 Keep the jar in your favorite room or on your desk to help motivate you and keep your passions alive

Note: Recharge in the sun occasionally, cleanse with smoke or incense occasionally before charging. To break spell either break jar (safely) or break its seal.

my love knows no bounds spell

for amplifying your love energy, making its presence undeniable even to those who don’t like you.


☁️ small empty bottle

✨ mica shimmer/glitter to represent your undeniable flair and magic

💧 rosewater/moon water for abundance of love energy

🌸 pink salt for purity and cleansing

🔮 rose quartz to assist amplifying your love (will not go in bottle)

🕯 candle


  • cleanse all materials before beginning
  • as you add all the items to the bottle, you can speak your intentions aloud. for example, I silently affirmed this:

my love is radiant and present in every encounter.

it is impossible to ignore my love energy.

others can’t help but fall under love energy. may they, too, experience joy and love.

  • leave bottle by candlelight for a while to soak up additional energies
A spell to alleviate self hatred

I tag many things that have to do with self care on my blog as “self care is magick”. I believe this, wholeheartedly. After all, you are your most important tool. Here’s a little spell to help you with that.


(see bottom)

  • Celery seed
  • Fennel
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Cloves
  • Vanilla
  • salt
  • Amethyst
  • Rose quartz
  • Tigers eye


  • Sealable container
  • Wax
  • Pink candle (put a notch one      centimeter down)
  • Black birthday candle
  • A list of four things you      find beautiful
  • Sigils for self love
  1. Set up everything you normally do before working a spell. Do any grounding or cleansing you feel is needed.
  2. Pick up the black candle in each of your hands and pour everything that you feel you dislike about yourself into it. Down to the last thing.
  3. Take a deep breath and light the candle, saying:“as this candle burns away, so do all of my negative thoughts about myself. ”
  4. Release all of your negative thoughts as the candle burns away.
  5. When the candle has burned to the point of going out, shake yourself out.
  6. Pick up the pink candle and light it, saying:“I have things in myself that I can see as beautiful, such as"… say as many things as you can think of
  7. Put the sigils in the container as you say them
  8. Once the candle has burned down to the notch, begin to fill your container with the herbs, for every ingredient you  put in, state three     things that are beautiful about you, that you don’t like. (ex: if you have     freckles and don’t like them, say "my freckles are beautiful”)
  9. Add your crystals. For every crystal you put in, state three things you like about yourself for each. (ex:I just got my hair cut and it looks awesome, or, my makeup looks so good today)
  10. Seal the container with its     top.
  11. Kiss the side of it, saying:“let me know that I am lovely, for I know no one else like me. In every part of me I know there is beauty, because it is a part of me. I am beautiful because I am astounding. I am beautiful because I am amazing. I am beautiful because I am me, and only I can be myself.”
  12. Seal the container in wax and place in a place you will see it every day. (ex: hang above your bed, hang in front of a mirror, in front of a computer, etc.)
  13. every time you see it, say something you enjoy about yourself.

That’s it! At step 12, you’re done with the initial spell! Make sure you’ve cleaned up and snuffed all flames; now go relax, take a nice candle lit bath or drink some tea! Step 13 is very important, don’t feel bad about missing it a few times.

**about the herbs, if you don’t like these, feel free to mix and match what suits you!  This is just what I used! Its all behind the intent, you don’t have to use everything!**


Hullo everyone! 🌙 

Here is an illustrated set of instructions I made on how to make a Positivity Spell Jar for my illustration class this past quarter. 

What you’ll need:

A Jar


Salt- for protection

Glitter-for fun

Candle- light and let melt around edges of jar to Cast Spell

Rosemary- for mental strength

Lavender- to keep calm

Citrine- for abundance

Rose Quartz- for love

Blue Thread- for harmony


As you set each item into the jar focus on what they represent to you. Your magick and energy melding with each, coming from inside you and around you. Close off the jar and wrap the thread round the top of the jar. Light the candle, visualizing the flame as the energy casting the spell.  

This can be modified to make absolutely any type of spell jar. Use different ingredients and colors to symbolize different things.



*Please do not delete caption or take credit for illustrations* 

Hey, hey cuties. This little series is LGBTQ related magic, as a queer witch, I see a lack of magic specific to my community. So with the lovely group of folks I’ve had to advise me, I have managed to come up with quite a few things, as well as feature some work of other folks! Many of the topics in my little series here were requested. So before you go give me shit about what it is, it was requested, and your girl here always honors those requests!

So let’s get started. 

This week’s request was “To appear more masculine” as a request from a transguy, so this is focused on that particular request! So here we go!

JAR SPELL – from me ( @witchy-woman  )

sea salt - for protection
basil - for protection, dispels confusion, fear & weakness.
black pepper - for courage
geranium - for overcoming negative thoughts & attitudes, lifting spirits, protection & happiness.
holly - said to heighten masculinity 
cedar - confidence & strength
pine - new beginnings, resilience, growth & repelling negativity

Focus your intent for each and every layer, say your intent out loud (even over and over) if it helps! Meditate and focus your whole purpose for the jar, cork and seal it (I have a simple tutorial how to do so here). Don’t forget to stick it in the moonlight to charge it if you feel like it needs a kick!


I Bind Safely
by @witchywings

I Am Confident In My Gender
This Is A Trans Safe Space
I Am Safe While Binding

I Will Not Be Misgendered

by @gryphonknight

Dysphoria & Transphobia Trap Sigil
by @trans-warlock

Sigil For Being Confident In Your Gender Expression
by @pomegranateandivy

Protection of Trans and Intersex People
by @mistikovo

“Shapeshift” Sigil for Trans Glamours
by @stormwinged

Confidence Mirror Spell 
by @taurotrickster


Glamour Bottle For How Others Read You
by @thedandycrickette

Masculinity Scrub Glamour 
by @calefacientcatalyst

A Protection Spell for Coming Out As Trans
by @bottle-witch

I so hope that these were helpful! I love you all SO so much and I will see you next week with the next installment! You can find my other posts here and the other parts of this series here

Paint Water Creativity Spell

A spell that uses your paint water to bring you creativity and new ideas.

You Will Need:

🎨 Used Paint Water
🎨 Salt
🎨 Bay Leaf (crushed up)
🎨 Glitter
🎨 Stirring stick or spoon
🎨 Jar with a lid


🎨 Add your used paint water to the jar

🎨 Add in the salt, crushed bay leaf, and glitter to the water

🎨 Using your stirring stick, stir the mixture clockwise focusing on your intent to bring and promote creativity to yourself

🎨 Stir and focus on your intent until you feel satisfied

🎨 Seal the jar tightly. If desired seal it with wax, tape or a sigil 

🎨 Keep it on your desk or where you usually work

Note: Dump contents every week or two and redo the spell.

Bottle / Jar Spells 🍾

🍾what is a jar spell, and how is it different?

a jar spell is when the ingredients of a spell are combined or layered together in a jar, as opposed to a spell which would have varied and specific actions for each herb or stone. it is simpler and tends to cast a general effect or status, rather than bring about a direct action. 

🍾how to use

often after sealing the ingredients together, you can keep in in the house or on your person as a charm to benefit from its magical effects. as with a witch’s bottle, a popular jar spell, is sometimes buried or hidden on a property to grant the entire area its effects. if you feel a jar spell is wearing down, you can unseal it and recharge it with energy, from moonlight for example, and then reseal it. 

🍾there’s mold in my jar!

that’s because you sealed in moisture. to clean it, you way want to let some water/bleach combination soak inside it, or depending on the size of the bottle, wash it as with any dish or clean the inside with a q-tip and disinfectant. 

🍾how to dispose?

you can dispel its magical effects however you like, but often enough simply the act of pouring out the contents is enough to be rid of the spell. 


Here it is. The legendary jar. This jar helps me to FIND MONEY PHYSICALLY LAYING AROUND. For example, I found a fifty dollar bill on the ground today, laying beside a twenty, that I used to pay for my medication. Nice 😎👍🏻

Fill a small jar with nothing but small scraps of money. Paper money. Do NOT just tear the corners off of whole bills. You must find these small bits already torn off, all on their lonesome. Small enough pieces they won’t be usable anywhere. The larger the denomination, the better. It’s okay to tear up a bit to make it fit in the jar, but DONT just take bits off of full bills.

Then just kinda
Forget about the jar
Leave it laying around
When you find the jar, you can expect to find money later on. Let the jar get lost and found and lost and found. It’s the FINDING it that matters.

Happy witchin’!

Icarus’s Self-Love Powder

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This is something I made today, and hopefully will be including in a back-to-school spell bottle I’ll make later in the week. I was fortunate to have both time and ingredients on my hands, and figured I’d write this up for my personal reference. 

Self-Love Powder

Intent: to promote self-love, confidence, self-esteem, and comfort


- container of some sort

- Himalayan Pink Salt (self-love, purification, healing, Venus associations) 

- Dried Lavender (peace and calm, love, personal strong connection of home and comfort) 

- Nutmeg (protection, strong personal connection of comfort and familial love) 

- Cocoa (comfort, sweetness, love) 


Grind all of the ingredients together with a mortar and pestle. Make sure there’s enough of the pink salt in it that the color is still strongly visible. Keep grinding until it’s a powder, and then pour it into whatever container you have. 

I threw in some rose quartz beads I had, a piece of amethyst, and a clear quartz to help charge it, and plan to charge it tonight under the waxing moon. If you’re big on sigils, you could draw that on the container as well! Or whatever other charging methods you like. 

Spell Jars

Just a few things I learned about spell Jars
🌸if the spell requires you to burry the jar, think twice about it especially if your jar is glass. Find an alternative way to deal with it
🌙if you are trying to make a jar with a specific purpose, but none of the spells you find have things you already have, take the ingredients from each spell you do have and make your own!
🌸some spell Jars have to be remade after a certain amount of time. Take note of when the spell jar no longer seems to be working and renew it every time that it expires.
🌙you can put anything in a spell jar. Anything that will fit.
🌸you can write words/sigils of protection on the outside part of the spell jar so nothing negative comes into the jar
🌙you don’t have to use a fancy jar. A box, a water bottle or anything that has a lid to close it will work perfectly fine.
🌸a spell jar can have multiple purposes all at once if you chose it to
🌙You can make your own spell Jars with your own meanings to them
🌸Spell jars can be used as an offering or a representation of a spirit companion or deity you may be worshiping
🌙you do not have to seal a spell jar with candle wax in order for it to work
🌸depending on the spell, you can open the jar and close it if you want.

Sleep Protection Spell Jar

A jar spell to help protect you during your slumber and keep negative entities and dreams at bay.

You Will Need:

💤 Bay Leaf (bring positive spells, empowers spell)
💤 Sea Salt (general protection, cleansing)
💤 Cinnamon (general protection)
💤 Sweet Grass (general protection)
💤 Sage (general protection, peaceful sleep, prevents nightmares)
💤 Rosemary (prevents nightmares, protection during sleep)
💤 Rose Buds/Petals (protection)
💤 Spearmint (general protection)
💤 Lavender (sleep, good dreams, peace)
💤 Chamomile (peaceful sleep, prevents nightmares)
💤 Mullein (prevents nightmares, protection during sleep, keeps nocturnal demons at bay)
💤 Jar
💤 (optional) Sigil for protection or nightmare prevention (or both)


💤 Cleanse and wash out your jar before doing this spell. Make sure it is well dried.

💤 Inside in layers place your herbs, the order is unimportant. Do what feels right for you.

💤 Once it is full at the top if you are using a sigil add in the sigil or draw it on the lid.

💤 Screw on your lid tightly

💤 To seal the spell you may use wax (preferably light blue or white or black), an energy seal, a sigil, tape, or anything else that you feel will work for me. I used an energy seal placed with a kiss for mine.

💤 Place beneath your bed to bring you protection each night you sleep and keep negativity and negative entities at bay while you sleep.

💤 Cleanse and charge in the light of the full moon every month before placing back under bed.


I give you ………

🙌🏽Get Shit Done🙌🏽

this spell jar has 7 ingredients. 

🌿chamomile & lavender 

🌿a lil salt

🌿black peppercorn


🌿and beeswax with a few drops of rose essential oil

I made this jar as a motivational tool to get shit done… like actually putting this jar together in the first place. 😂 it’s a process.

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