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This DIY salad jar is the perfect lunch to bring to work or school!

Ingredients:(makes 2)
2 handfuls of baby spinach
1 small cucumber
1 small carrot
½ cup of cooked back beans or chickpeas
Pinch of herbal salt and pepper
1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon

1. Finely chop baby spinach
2. Grate cucumber and carrot
3. Cut avocado into cubes
4. Rinse beans or chickpeas
5. Mix in a medium sized bowl.
6. Using reusable jars, combine ½ of the ingredients of the salt, pepper and fresh lemon juice mix well.
7. Top with salad ingredients. Seal the jar and pack your lunch!
8. At lunchtime shake the jar! The dressing will combine with the salad & it will be ready to enjoy!

Bringin the salad jars back 👊🏼👽🍏
Paired with refreshing @purecocobella coconut water and ever so delicious #vegan @thebarcounter bars 👅 My favourite flavour is Raw Chocolate Coconut & Lacuma, so gooooood 🍫

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🥗🥗🥗Made a huge jar of salad dressing today. It is beyond delicious and only 20 cals a serving! This recipe makes at least 20 servings and I hope you guys dig this bad boy is much as I do! 1 tub ( 3-4 cups) plain vegan yoghurt 6-8 tbs yellow mustard 4-6 tbs syrup (I used maple) 2-4 tbs garlic powder Juice of 1- 1 ½ lemon 🍋 Salt and pepper to taste Dump in a bowl and whisk or stick straight into a jar and shake it up! I used it to top a mixed leaf salad 🥗 with carrots 🥕 , dried cranberries and mixed seeds . Such a healthy meal definitely calls for a vegan doughnut 🍩 to celebrate hahaha 😂😍🤤


It’s happened. I’ve actually decided to grow a pair and start this vegan thing. 

It is kind of scary, because I love bacon, oh how I LOVE bacon, but it doesn’t mean I won’t eat bacon again in a month or two. We’ll see how things go.

What’s in the jar, you ask? Why, it’s a delicious vegan gluten free salad! From bottom to top: Annie’s sesame ginger dressing, cherry tomatoes, jicama, bean sprouts, pea pods, green bell pepper, cucumber, clementines, garbanzo beans, tofu (fried with soy sauce and coconut curry sauce), and lettuce. YUM! I can’t wait to eat them. This is awesome, easy, relatively inexpensive (approx. $4 per day if you make 12 in total with a buddy and split costs!) and it ensures that you will eat a salad and some vegetables each day. 

Hopefully I can do this. It’s going to be hard… But it’s only a month right? :-D


Meal Prep Sunday: Mason Jar Salad

Since it’s starting to get hot, I decided to keep lunch this week light and airy! And something that required minimal “cooking”. How do u pull that off? …..Salad DUH. Lol

I bought some mason jars from Target about a month ago, and for whatever reason u can’t just buy ONE, u have to buy the whole pack of 12. Long story short…I have HELLA mason jars just sitting in my cabinets. Lol. I decided to put them to work this week.

The idea with Mason Jar salads is to build from the top to the bottom. Meaning your toppings go in first, then your protein and finally your choice of lettuce. So when you pour your salad out into a bowl or plate, your salad lays perfectly.

I made 3 BBQ Chicken Salads (Made with Organic Kinders BBQ) I carefully measured out how much I used to keep track of my calories/carbs. And I made 2 spicy lime shrimp salads. (Seasoned with Mrs. Dash)

How I layered my Salad:
Chopped Chives
Shredded Carrots
Sliced Strawberries
Sliced Zucchini
Red Onions
Broccoli Slaw
Chicken or Shrimp

BAM! All done!

Tip: Avocados, Boiled Eggs, Dressing, and other perishables shouldn’t be included in the salad until the day u eat it. (I learned the hard way! Lol)

ALSO! Crock pots are Gods gifts to those who hate slaving over stoves (especially during the summer). I used a slow cooker today to make my chicken breasts. Came out super tender and moist! And made the shredding process much easier!

Okay sorry for the über long post! Happy Easter!

Pesto Out! 😎✌️


Diesel Kitchen [Kitchenware]


Created for The Sims 4 

Set Content:

Diesel Kitchen Cart
- Diesel Industrial Shelf
- Diesel Slot Base Square
- Diesel Slot Base Rectangle
- Diesel Glass Jar Short
- Diesel Glass Jar Medium
- Diesel Glass Jar Long
- Diesel Glass Jar Lengthy
- Diesel Oil & Vinegar Bottle
- Diesel Dinner Plate
- Diesel Salad Bowl
- Diesel Rug

anonymous asked:

Hey Sam! You've talked about what your cooking a lot and you've mentioned stuff that you take to work for lunch, but I was wondering if you could elaborate on that a little bit - I'm going to be starting my first full-time job in two weeks and I'm not entirely sure what kind of things are good for lunch (sandwiches? leftovers from the night before?) Thanks!

Congrats on your new FIRST JOB! That’s great! 

I tend not to take sandwiches, I’m not really sure why – I’m not averse to them, it just doesn’t occur to me. I do take sandwiches when I’m traveling, but I guess I think of them as more of a road trip kind of food. Also remember that I basically don’t eat vegetables, and a nice salad is always an option if you do – one of my friends at work makes great mason jar salads, where you put the dressing in, then all the ingredients in layers, and you stir it up and shake it when you’re ready to eat it. Also fruit salad is nice, and it’s a light meal if you, for instance, get indigestion easily. 

I’m kind of a creature of habit so I tend to take the same handful of dishes regularly; they’re not really leftovers, technically, but they’re reheatable portions from the cooking I do over the weekend. So:

Baked beans with shredded chicken
Macaroni in red sauce with mini meatballs
Chicken enchiladas
Sloppy joe (beef hash) over rice (or any bbq meat or curry goes well over rice)
Diced chicken with stuffing (stuffing on top helps the chicken heat better)
Chicken Quesadilla sliced into wedges (optional salsa/sour cream on the side)
Cheese and chicken omelette (usually half of one I made for breakfast)

This is a lot of stuff that can be cooked in a massive helping, portioned into tupperware, and either frozen for the distant future or reheated with ease in a microwave.

Stuff that doesn’t need reheating includes: 
Greek yogurt with jam stirred in (and granola in a separate container)
Cooked ravioli tossed with butter and parmesan (can be reheated but perfectly good cold) 
Hummus and a bag of pita chips or crackers

I usually also throw in a hardboiled egg or a mini cheese for a bit of protein and a palate cleanser. Also if I’ve ordered pizza and have leftovers, I’ll chop the pizza into bite-sized pieces and put it in a tupperware to reheat – it’s less messy to eat small chunks with a fork. 

I also keep a tin of various protein bars (Luna Protein, QuestBar, RXBar, Think Thin) at my desk so if I’m snackish I’m eating something that at least pretends it’s healthy. Saves me a lot of money on the vending machine.

I hope the job is awesome! Happy eating!