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Bringin the salad jars back 👊🏼👽🍏
Paired with refreshing @purecocobella coconut water and ever so delicious #vegan @thebarcounter bars 👅 My favourite flavour is Raw Chocolate Coconut & Lacuma, so gooooood 🍫

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It’s happened. I’ve actually decided to grow a pair and start this vegan thing. 

It is kind of scary, because I love bacon, oh how I LOVE bacon, but it doesn’t mean I won’t eat bacon again in a month or two. We’ll see how things go.

What’s in the jar, you ask? Why, it’s a delicious vegan gluten free salad! From bottom to top: Annie’s sesame ginger dressing, cherry tomatoes, jicama, bean sprouts, pea pods, green bell pepper, cucumber, clementines, garbanzo beans, tofu (fried with soy sauce and coconut curry sauce), and lettuce. YUM! I can’t wait to eat them. This is awesome, easy, relatively inexpensive (approx. $4 per day if you make 12 in total with a buddy and split costs!) and it ensures that you will eat a salad and some vegetables each day. 

Hopefully I can do this. It’s going to be hard… But it’s only a month right? :-D

What You See, What You Know

I have discovered mason jar salads. It’s kind of fun to layer ingredients in a mason jar and feel like you’re making good choices. It’s less fun to eat one of the salads and think it tastes good but still feel unsatisfied. I don’t think I know what it is like to feel satisfied. I would like to find out. I’m working on getting to a place where I feel satisfied. 

I had lunch with the lovely Carolyn Kellogg while I was in LA. We went to this restaurant that tried really hard with the industrial chic decor, like Restoration Hardware vomited all over the place. These pulleys and such over a table were a bit much. Impractical. The food was great, though, as was the conversation. Outside, it was 100 degrees. Outside, it felt like I was walking directly on the sun. I enjoyed the heat because there wasn’t any humidity. 

I saw the movie Now You See Me 2 because I loved the first one. The franchise is a trilogy, in case you were wondering. The second movie was terrible. Incomprehensible. It totally lacked the charm and wit of the first movie. It was disappointing. Also, shouldn’t the movie be called You Still See Me?

After the movie, my friend Lisa and I watched the end of the NBA finals. It was great to only have to watch the fourth quarter–lots of action, everything at stake, minimal investment of time. One team won and the other lost but good news—the players involved are still rich and accomplished. 

It was a really good game.

I am enjoying a bit of downtime. I had the whole month of June off from events. My schedule gets crazy again on July 9th. I’ve enjoyed the downtime but I’ve also been reminded of what I have long known–I am not long for Indiana. Life is too short to live in a place you don’t like, isolated from everything that makes life bearable. Meanwhile, one of the things I do to pass the time is play with snapchat filters. I have literally been that bored. But real talk? That filter technology is impressive as hell. The future is unreal. Once Snapchat invents a way to get rid of double chins, GAME OVER. 

My trainer is kind of kicking my ass and by kind of, I mean he is thoroughly kicking my ass. It’s hard to keep at it when results come so slowly but results are coming. Weight loss is a pretty lonely endeavor because you’re the only one that can do it. Regardless, I am trying to make changes. I am trying so hard. But I refuse to say I’m dieting. Honestly, I’ve been dieting for like 25 years. I’m over it. I’m trying something different, this time around.

I was in LA and some friends and I went to this restaurant, Paley, that was a gorgeous space, with amazing drinks and average food. It was in Hollywood so it sort of makes sense that the food would underwhelm. People there don’t really eat. While we were waiting to be seated, I ordered an Aviation and the waiter asked, “On the rocks?” I was kind of thrown off because I’ve never seen an Aviation served on the rocks. A few minutes later, he brought me a glass of clear liquid with a huge ice cube. I said, “What is this?” He said, “Aviation gin.” I was like, oh bless this wannabe actor’s heart. Bless him for all of his life. I said, “Darling, I want an Aviation, the cocktail,” and he relayed this to the bartender and before long, I was given a proper drink. 

The point is, I learned that there is a brand of gin called “Aviation.”

Anyway, this was supposed to be “cherry cake.” I’m still confounded. There were cherries, certainly, but there was nothing in this concoction that could be construed as cake. It was just a bunch of shit that felt like granola and grossness. My mouth was SO angry about this dessert, which was supposed to be a “treat.” 

The point is, what you see, what you know, and what you are told are not always the same thing.

So,  bought a new pair of sneakers. The Steph Curry 2s, low cut. I know the Internet mocked them mercilessly but I was rather fond of them, so plain and unassuming, and on the heel, the phrase, “I can do all things.” Well, Steph, one thing you cannot do is design a good sneaker. 

I wore these shoes to the gym on Wednesday and by the end of the workout, I could not feel my toes because the shoes were too tight. They weren’t comfortable on any part of the foot. And though they looked cute, in a sedate way, while sitting on my living room floor, they did not look cute on my feet. I was very disappointed about these shoes and that disappointment lingers. I was really excited about them (out of boredom). This is what happens when I have too much downtime. 

I have some editorial notes on Hunger, so I am working on that and other projects. Lots of things coming up in 2017 and 2018 and 2019. My professional life is great. I am working on my personal life, fighting, waiting, taking care, loving, living.

The weather is often perfect in Los Angeles. At brunch, we were drinking mimosas and talking and trying to make the most of a gorgeous morning. The view was spectacular. And I’m not talking about the gorgeous scenery in this picture. That scenery was lovely, yes, but next to my companion, it paled in comparison. 

yeah but magical food:

  • pinwheel icebox cookies that you make using color correspondences to do different things 
  • compound butters
  • mason jar salads - witches love mason jars
  • having base recipes that you can make either savory or sweet based on the spell or intention
  • everyone always mentions sigils in breads or pie crusts
  • curses that use skewers and meat
  • magical morning smoothies to boost confidence
  • juice glamours
  • i mean, people already give casseroles to people who are going through hard times. who’s to say that isn’t inherently magical?
  • salad dressings
  • i’m literally just scrolling through pinterest at this point
  • freezer cooking meals at a time when you’re happy to have when you’re sad or depressed and can’t put actual effort into making dinner
  • morning tea and coffee rituals
  • overnight oats that you set with your intentions for the next day
  • enchanted sugar, shut up

Here’s another segment from the Meredith Vieira show on healthy recipes, where I talk about my obsession with Mason Jar salads.