jar of verses

I am angry,
Because I loved you hopelessly,
For so long.
And you never once,
Looked at me,
Seeing my true presence.

I was innocent to you,
And I thought that perhaps,
I could be,
Your ingénue.
But even that thought,
Didn’t tickle,
Your boyish perversions.

You would cast me away,
And pull me back in,
When you needed someone,
To make life a little easier.
I’ve always been the advocate,
You must’ve picked up on this.

You were such a confusion,
For when I was distressed,
You would appear from the blue,
In what I thought was an illusion.

You would suddenly speak,
So high of our friendship,
But you are no friend.
Because once life got easier,
And you didn’t need me,
To smooth its edges,
You left me on its ledge,
Never to look back,
While I would always question,
If you knew how I had felt all along.

—  Belle Jar
Mason Jars

I don’t know why
I keep them, when
I know 
I am better off than
I was before them, how
I know they’re there when
I am not, and 
I sometimes stand in front of them,
I wonder if
I should open them, if 
I should let them out, 
I shouldn’t have kept memories of
you in these mason jars on my bookshelf.
I know that now.

One of my favorite Scriptures!

Even though we go through trouble and trials and often endure hard pressure and crushing persecution, we do not lose heart and we do not lose hope. We are not crushed because we know that we are more than conquerors in Christ. We are not in despair because Christ has given us unspeakable joy. We are not abandoned because we have Christ’s promise that He will never leave or forsake us. We are not destroyed because we know that Christ rose from the dead. One day, we too will be raised to live with Him forever.

lokiwordsmith  asked:

"Are you trying to imitate the sad puppy we saw on the way home from the grocery store yesterday, or is something actually wrong?" (Idk, douchebag jar verse Loki wanted me to do this)

“Hmm?” Steve glanced up, suddenly aware of his own surroundings again, and of the man smirking at him from across the room. Loki had just asked him a question, and it took him a minute to process just what the question had been in the first place. He shook his head.

“Oh, I… No, there’s not really anything wrong…” He pressed his lips, almost immediately losing himself to his thoughts again before realizing he probably needed to continue explaining himself or it would seem like the opposite. “I’m just… thinking. I mean, not on anything important. I didn’t realize I was making a face at all.”