jar of smiles

Where She Went


pairing: daveed diggs x reader

summary: daveed and reader were high school sweethearts who had a bad breakup before they both left oakland. four years have passed and fate (and a well-timed cello concert) bring them face-to-face.

warnings: swearing. that’s really it.

word count: 2,504

a/n: day three of @hamwriters write-a-thon is lit day :-) based on the novel “where she went” by gayle forman which is actually a sequel to “if i stay” but i do what i want. this is in Daveed’s POV because the original book is in the guy’s POV, and i’m planning on posting a second part on POV day so be on the lookout for that. okay love u happy reading

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for flying with us today and enjoy your time in the Big Apple.”

Daveed unclips his seatbelt as the other passengers begin to file off the plane, standing to grab his carry-on from the overhead compartment. It’s the only bag he packed, because he’s only in the city for 24 hours. Tour starts in two days, and his manager had all but physically forced him onto the plane to NYC.

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Hi!!! So I just had to say I love your voltron family au!! So much in fact that I spent the last 3 days reading every single thing I could!! Also I was wondering how would the family react when they find out Hunk really wants to marry Shay??

!!!!! The fact you spent 3 days reading every single thing that you could makes me sdfhkjsdhfkjsdhf! I’m happy you love this au!! *u*

[The Voltron Family] Keith and Shiro were in bed, cuddling. They were talking about how their day went at work. They were, however, interrupted by a slight knock on their door. There stood their son, Hunk, looking hesitant.

Keith: *detaches himself from Shiro* *sits up* Hey, baby, what’s up?
Hunk: *bites his lips* C-can I talk to you both? *looks at them in panic* Or are you planning on doing something tonight?
Shiro: *looks at Keith* Keith, why didn’t you tell me you wanted to make love?
Keith: *monotone* *places hand on chest* I’m sorry. I thought my intentions were so obvious from the start, Takashi? Can’t you see? *waves at his body* I’m literally longing for your touches.
Shiro: Oh damn.
Hunk: *rolls eyes* Okay, okay. Sorry, I asked. No need to remind me of your sexuality, Daddy Keith.
Keith: *chuckles* Sometimes people forget, yknow?
Hunk: So can I come in?
Shiro: Our door is literally open every night since you were kids, sweetheart.
Hunk: I know. *fidgets* But we’re no longer kids.
Keith: Hmmm, that’s debatable. 
Hunk: *enters the room and sits on the bed* I was actually going to talk about that. *sighs* *looks at his dads* How did you know you wanted to get married?
Shiro: *smiles and looks at Keith* Well…
Keith: Don’t turn sappy, please, for the love of god.
Shiro: Awww, Keith. *pouts* Don’t be like that. 
Keith: I’m only like this because you’re like that.
Shiro: *coos* You love me anyway.
Keith: Never said I didn’t. *nudges Shiro and looks at Hunk* 
Shiro: *coughs* Sorry. *chuckles softly*
Hunk: *beams* No, no, it’s fine. I love looking at you being so in love with each other after what? 29 years or so?
Shiro: 31. *smiles to himself* *looks at Keith* Oh my god, Keith. You’re so old.
Keith: *slaps Shiro* Shut up, you’re literally grandpa age by now.
Shiro: *frowns playfully* Hey! I’m not that old!
Hunk: *coughs* So! Going back on topic… *looks at Shiro expectantly*
Shiro: Well, your Daddy Keith and I were together for such a long time. We both had stable jobs, had places of our own. I guess you could say I just can’t imagine spending the rest of my grandpa years *smirks at Keith* with anyone else. *squeezes Keith’s hand* I decided that I really loved him so much after 8 years and I wanted to put a ring on it. *chuckles*
Keith: Oh my god. *rolls eyes in amusement*
Shiro: We got married at the age of 30 and it was the best decision of my life. *looks at Hunk* 
Hunk: So you’re saying I should wait at least 8 years?
Shiro: Not really, no. It depends.
Keith: *stares at Hunk* *says quietly* Is this about Shay?
Hunk: *blushes and looks around* Um…
Keith: *gasps softly* It is about Shay. Hunk, are you—
Hunk: *deflates* I just wanted to make sure if I’m making the right decision. Marriage seems scary but when I look at you two… *smiles* I just can’t help myself to want that with someone, too.
Shiro: Awww, Hunk. *smiles softly* *looks at Keith* WE’RE MARRIAGE GOALS, BRO. *fists bumps*
Keith: Damn right we are, bro. *returns the fist bump*
Hunk: *rolls his eyes fondly* Dads, please.
Keith: *chuckles* We can’t tell you what is right or wrong, Hunk. *caresses Hunk’s hand* Your feelings are yours and yours alone. If you think marrying Shay is right, then go for it. If you want to wait a little longer just to make sure, then go ahead and wait. What your Daddy Shiro and I have is different from what you have with Shay. So you can’t exactly follow what we did.
Hunk: But—
Keith: I’m ace, Shay is not. Your Daddy Shiro and I waited just to make sure if he really wants to continue being with me despite what I cannot give.
Shiro: In the end, it’s really your decision to make and we’ll both support you.
Hunk: You guys… *teary eyed* Thank you. You’re the best. *hugs both of them and kisses them goodnight*

The following morning, during breakfast.

Lance: Oh my god. Hunk! Are you fucking serious?!
Shiro: *drinks his coffee* *doesn’t take his eyes off the newspaper he’s reading* Bad Words Jar, Lance. It’s too early for this. *slides the jar*
Lance: *nonchalantly fishes out some coins and places it in the jar* No fucking way!! *beams at Hunk*
Keith: Lance. *sips hot choco*
Lance: Oh come on!!! *puts more coins in the jar*
Pidge: *glares at Hunk* Dude, you’re gonna marry Shay?
Hunk: Well, more like propose to her.
Pidge: Same banana. *eats her bacon*
Hunk: She can still refuse though. 
Lance: *scoffs* Shay? Refusing your proposal? *waves his hand dismissively* No way! She’s completely fucking nuts about you! That’s true love, man.
Shiro: Lance. *still reading his newspaper* *taps the jar*
Keith: *smiles in amusement* 

Somebody else Part One(Anakin Skywalker x Reader)

Originally posted by cutting-my-fingers-0ff

Word Count: 905

Pairing: Anakin Skywalker x Reader

AN: My first Anakin fic! I don’t know why it took me this long since he’s literally my biggest fictional crush but I hope you like it :) you can read part two and three here

You had been Padme Amidala’s best friend ever since she rescued you off of Tatooine three years ago. The day she found you alone on the streets she couldn’t find it in herself to leave you there, her heart was too good. So she took it upon herself to find you a home, bringing you back to Coruscant with her. During the ride there you and Padme talked for hours, laughing at each other’s jokes. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

When you first arrived at Coruscant you stayed in Padme’s apartment as the big city you now lived in frightened you as you knew no one but her. A few months after your arrival the she offered you the chance you become her apprentice. To study and learn from her in hopes that one day you would to become a senator yourself. You gratefully accepted the offer and have been working as her assistant ever since. 

Right now you and Padme were waiting in her apartment for two Jedi to arrive. Someone had been plotting to assassinate senator Amidala so the Jedi council called in Obi-wan Kenobi and his padawann Anakin Skywalker to protect her. You had never met Anakin, but had heard stories about him many times from Padme and Jar Jar that made you eager to meet him. Padme thinks of Anakin or Ani as she likes to call him as a younger brother.

You were nervous about the Jedi’s arrival, you had only met a few Jedi in your life and you were nervous to be in the presence of two in barely a few minutes. You’d always admired the Jedi and often caught yourself wishing you were one. Padme must have noticed your nerves. “Don’t be nervous Y/N. Obi-wan and Ani are very kind and old friends of mine, you have nothing to worry about.” She placed a hand on your shoulder, sending you a reassuring smile.

You nodded a little embarrassed at how you were acting, it wasn’t very professional. “Sorry, Jedi are just so cool and I can’t help how nervous I am right now.” Padme laughed at her friend finding her admiration cute. 

Just then doors opened to reveal your friend Jar Jar Binks, causing you to smile. “Jar Jar it’s so nice to see you.” You rose from your seat and rushed over towards him, almost knocking him over with your hug.“Y/N! Meesa missed you so much! I heard that Ani and Obi are coming.” 

Padme made her way over, not being able to hide the huge smile that appeared on her face at the sight of one of her oldest friends. “Yes, they should be here shortly. Lovely to see you Jar Jar.” She also greets him with a hug making Jar Jar feel welcomed home. 

The sound of the doors to the elevator opening and Jar Jar’s excited squeal caught you off guard a little.  He was looking at something behind you and you could take an easy guess at what, well who it was. “Obi! Ani!” 

“Jar Jar Binks, it’s been too long.” An older voice greets seeming happy to be reunited with his old friend.

You gulp nervously and finally turn around to see the Jedi. Padme is already hugging her old friends and you’re kind of just standing there. My gosh that boy was attractive, you assumed that was Anakin as he looked significantly younger to the man beside him. His dark hair was grown out so it just touched his shoulders and a small scar ran down the right side of his face probably from a battle. His jawline was sharp and his smile was the purest thing you’d ever seen, you found yourself becoming lost in thought looking at the boy.

”Ani? My goodness, you’ve grown.” Padme gushes as she cups his cheeks.

“So have you, grown more beautiful… for a senator, I mean.” Oh he definitely has feelings for her you thought. 

Padme laughs at the teenagers response as she pulls her hands away from his face.“Ani, you’ll always be that little boy I knew on Tatooine.” Well if that didn’t clarify that he was in the friend zone I don’t know what does?

Anakin looked a little disappointed at her statement, the older Jedi notices this and speaks up to change the topic. “I believe we haven’t met before miss. I’m Obi-wan Kenobi, the Jedi in charge of keeping the senator safe and this is my padawan Anakin Skywalker.” You realized he was talking to you and sent him a polite smile as he shook your hand.He seemed like a very kind man, someone that you could trust.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Master Kenobi, I’ve heard many great things about you. I’m Y/N, Padme’s assistant.” A snort escaped your best friends mouth at that statement, she hated when you introduced yourself as her assistant. “Oh please, you’re also my best friend Y/N, you’re more than just my assistant you’re family.” She smiled, placing an arm around your shoulder.

You realized you hadn’t spoken to the other boy, clearing your throat and sending him a smile. “So you’re the famous Ani I’ve heard so much about, it’s nice to finally meet you.” 

“You too, I look forward to getting to know you Y/N.” He sent you a smile causing you to go weak at the knees. The things hot boys can do to you. 

Falling to Pieces

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Word Count: 1,429

Request: @frickin-bats:  Hi! I was wondering if you could please write one with Spencer, where the reader is his pregnant wife maybe they have a family already too and it’s centered around him going to jail/ his trial ! Lots of fluff/angst if possible! Sorry that was super long and confusing! Thanks! 😊

A/N:  For this imagine, I’m using a third person pov instead of second.  Let me know if you like this better or worse from me!  Just experimenting with my writing.

PS, I’m sorry for the delays of requests, I ended up having to work for Spring Break but I’m going to get through them as quick as possible.  Requests are still open, so send them in!

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The Coffee shop Au that every ship has but doesnt need

Sorry that this prompt took a few days, it’s exam season and I’m also incredibly ill, so I’m trying my best to get prompts out but they’re taking a few days right now. I promise they will get out faster once I’m feeling better and settled in. 

It was 22 year old Betty Cooper’s first day as an intern at the Riverdale Register. The newspaper had spiked after her father’s passing and her mother’s takeover. Probably because they had finally created an online version of the newspaper, few read paper newspapers anymore. She tightened her honey blonde ponytail in determination and pushed open the door.

Approximately 15 minutes later, she pushed the door open for a second time. Coffee orders, typical intern work. It wasn’t what she wanted to do, but she knew she had to start from the bottom, no matter how good she was it couldn’t seem like her mother was giving her preferential treatment, so coffee orders it is.

Someone at the Register had told her that a new coffee shop had opened up in Riverdale. Weird, she thought, no one moves to Riverdale, let alone tries to start a business here. She reread the coffee order as she pushed open the door.

It was a quaint little place, with hanging bare bulb lights and dark maple tables. It smelled of rich coffee and the sweet smell of syrup that permeated the entire little town.

She walked up to the counter, repeating the coffee orders in her head, she didn’t want to mess up on her first day. When she reached the counter, she could hear the soft whirring of the stainless steel machines that sat on the other side of the elegant wood counter.

“Hi, welcome to Blue and Gold coffee shop, what can I get started for you today?” A deep voice asked.

Betty looked up from the coffee orders written on her hand. Her mind went blank and her mouth dry, as she took in the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

He was tall and lean, but not lanky, she could tell by his exposed forearms that his body was covered in a thin layer of muscle. He had soft blue eyes and a single black curl peaked out from beneath his dark gray, crown shaped beanie and swirled above his eyes. He reminded her of the ocean on a calm day, gentle, dark, and deep. She no longer resented having to get everyone’s coffee.

“You ok?” the deep voice asked.

“Yeah sorry,” she squeaked out, looking for an excuse for her staring “just got lost in thought?” she offered up lamely.

“It’s all good. It’s not like there’s a line.” The man said, gesturing around the empty shop. “Name’s Jughead by the way.”

“I’m Betty, I work at the Riverdale Register up the street. I’m an intern so I have to get everyone’s coffees.”

“Speaking of coffee, what can I get for you?”

She rattled off the coffee order as he nodded, punching it in on the ancient till. She handed him the cash and placed all of her change in the tip jar. He smiled at her as he made the coffees. It was a stunning sight, seeing him whirling around, doing a million things at once, his slender fingers pressing button after button, his brow furrowing in concentration as he made art in the foam. He handed her the coffees, helping her place them in the cardboard tray, holding it down with one hand so they wouldn’t spill. Before placing the lid on the final one and putting it in the tray, her tilted it slightly to show her the art on top. It said Betty in the most beautiful cursive writing she had ever seen.

“How did you know that one was mine?” she asked, a blush growing on her face.

“You seem like a caramel mocha type of woman.” He shrugged lightly.

“You were right.” She smiled brightly at him, before turning to practically float out of the coffee shop.

This became a daily routine, her coming in to get coffee for the Register. They began to chat as he made the coffees. She learned that his mother had grown up in Riverdale and after his parents split, she had moved back and Jughead had followed because he didn’t want to be too far from his sister. He spoke highly of his sister, JB, she was 18 now and heading off to university in the next town, she listened to classic rock and was the “coolest kid around” according to her doting older brother. He told her how he started up the coffee shop because he’d always loved food and coffee, and realized after coming to Riverdale that there was no good place to find coffee. She told him about her sister and her beautiful, but annoying, 8 year old niece and nephew. Though each conversation lasted only about five minutes, as summer the summer leaves began to fall and the wind grew chilly, Betty truly felt that she knew the dark haired man behind the counter.

One day she decided to visit the Blue and Gold on a weekend. Marching out of her house, she tugged on her gloves and tightened her ponytail. She walked through the streets of Riverdale, smiling slightly to herself the way she always did when she knew that she was going to see Jughead. She pushed open the door to the cafe, hearing the familiar bell dinging. However the sight behind the counter was far from familiar.

In place of Jughead, a dark haired girl with the same deep blue eyes stood behind the counter.  Betty bit her bottom lip in nervousness, before approaching the counter.

“Hey, welcome to the Blue and Gold, what can I get started for you today?” a bored voice drawled out of the dark haired girls mouth.

“Ummm… I was wondering if Jughead was here today?” Betty asked nervously.

A smile lit across the previously bored girls face.

“I’m JB. You must be the reason my brother has been so smiley lately.” Betty blushed heavily, only making JB’s smile grow.

“Here,” JB said, pulling a pen from behind her ear and scrawling something on a paper baked goods bag, “That’s his address, seriously, go kiss him before he drives me nuts with how antsy he is.”

Betty smiled through her deep scarlet blush and turned, clutching the address in her tight fist, to go make good on the promise she had made to herself the last day of university….

She was going to be happy.

a note for fashion website creators: please. please. you are trying to sell me the dress. you are charging 10,000+ dollars for this dress. please. take a picture of someone smiling while wearing the dress. give it decent lighting. just…don’t use a photo taken at a runway event. runway models are essentially mannequins that walk around; your customers, however, are not mannequins that walk around. take a good looking photo. i know you can because you do and it’s really jarring to see “smiling woman in studio wearing dress” surrounding “runway model”

also, that’s a hideous dress. what the fuck were you thinking.

Show & Tell

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Genre: fluff, smut, slight angst

Pairing: Moon Taeil x Reader

*REQUESTED* “Hi! Can you do a scenario with taeil and you being acquaintances. You’re both shy so you get to know each other and become friends. He wants to get together with another girl so you help him with that by experimenting with intimate activities 👀but you realized you have feelings for him”

Summary: Taeil likes a girl that you have class with and, as your friend, he asks for advice. Being shy and slightly inexperienced, he asks you how to please a woman. So you decide that showing is better than telling.

The university was huge. You were sure to get lost. When your roommate suggested going to explore campus, you decided not to. That was a mistake and now you were lost, definitely lost. People walked past you, confident in their strides. You were sitting on one of the wooden benches, looking left and right, right and left. Cooper Building? Where the hell was that?

You were standing across from the cafeteria, but you had no idea how to get to class from here. Taking out your phone again, you looked at the campus map again. It made no sense to you. A few minutes later, you were still walking around campus. By now, it was pretty empty. The only people that were left were people who either didn’t have class or the people that were running late. You were positive that, right now, you looked like the clueless freshman that you were.

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It’s been harder to smile lately. Perhaps I have finally ceased to want to live in a screen. Perhaps I have grown tired of the constant marketing, of myself. How can I sell a product in which I don’t believe to anyone else?
—  Belle Jar
Let’s Travel Back

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

As requested by @kjs-s:About the birthday celebration how about the reader will take him and maybe Steve to a trip to Brooklyn so they can see how it changed and tell him some stories during the day. And at night they can have a small party.

When Bucky woke up, he didn’t find you lying there next to him. His brows furrowed in confusion. He looked at the clock on the bedside table and read that it was 8:30 in the morning. Knowing you, you didn’t like to be awake before 10. As he was about to get out of bed, you came into the room wearing one of Bucky’s shirts and holding a tray of food.

You smiled as you already saw him him, “Oh! You’re awake!” Bucky sat up against the headboard and you set the tray on his lap. You gave him a kiss on the lips, “Happy Birthday, baby.”

Bucky smiled, “Mmm. Looks good, doll.” He played with the hem of your, well, his shirt, “And I’m not talking about the food.”

You rolled your eyes, “Stop it. Eat. I got some plans for you today.”

“Does one of them involve us being naked in bed?” Bucky asked with a smug smirk as he scarfed down a forkful of waffles.

You chuckled, “It’s a surprise.”

“Can you give me a hint?”

You shook your head, “Nope! And seducing one out of me isn’t going to work either.”

Bucky snapped his fingers, “Dammit!” He giggled as you gave him a soft shove.

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Gally x Reader

“Hey (Y/N), here let me give you a hand.” Thomas smiled as he grabbed one of the baskets you’d been carrying.

“Thanks, so how’re you settling in the first couple of days are always hard.” You smiled as you set the baskets down so Frypan could sort them out and headed back to the gardens to fetch another basket.


“Yeah it’s a lot harder than you guys make it look, pretty sure my backs going to hurt tomorrow.” He chuckled and you let out a laugh.


“(Y/N)!” You turned to see Gally waiting for you to come over to him and patted Thomas’ arm.

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Tenacious (Haechan Scenario)

↳ characters: Haechan x reader

↳ genre: fluff

word count: 1,304

↳ summary: [requested] “can I get a scenario for haechan where he asks the reader out, but the reader is scared of relationships so they decline but he’s persistent and they eventually end up together? ?? this sounds rushed aaaa ty in advance!”

author’s note: omg hello I’m so so sorry this took so long for me to write, I promise I’ll work on requests sooner I’ve just been a bit stressed lately. Also please tell me your thoughts on how I did! Send me an anon :’) This was so close for me to write because I lowkey have a fear of relationships too ??again I really hope you like it I’m sorry I’m such a terrible writer, though!!

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When i first heard of Jamilton i though of Ham holding up a jar of Jam and smiling, cause he's in a Jam commercial.

Why are y'all like this???

EXO M’s s/o getting weaker because of her diet

MAJOR Trigger warning folks:

This will be dealing specifically with someone is not taking care of themselves because of their diet which ties in with their weight. Please read another one of our posts that do not involve this if this will trigger you in any way. 

Your mental health is important and we want all of our readers to be happy and healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

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Peanut Butter

Prompt: Hey i was wondering if u could do an imagine w/ jack wilder and the reader secretly liking each other, but either of them dont know how the other feels and merrit find outs and plays a trick on either one of them, hypnotizing them to do something embarrassing in front of each other, but in the end they both just share their true feelings about each other?

Pairing: Jack x Wilder, Merritt

Warnings: None

Word Count: 403(sorry it’s so short, I still hope you love it!!)

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Family (e.d.)

“Hey Y/n, we leave for the party in about two hours. You should start getting ready.” My mom states knocking on my bedroom door lightly making me sigh to myself.

“Okay.” I call, typing the rest of my text and hitting send before I push myself off of my bed. I pull out the dress and heels that I’d bought specifically for this occasion; excited to wear the dress but dreading going to the party with my family. We always have these end of the year parties with my family in which we rent this really nice venue and dress super formally so we can get together as a family to close out the year in our own way. I used to thoroughly enjoy them when I was younger because I could spend time with my cousins while the adults drank and did their thing, but now I absolutely dread going to them. As I’ve gotten older, these parties have been more about the adults trying to one up each other with their latest accomplishments than anything else. To say the least, the tension is always high by the end of the night and there’s always an argument that leads to this long and drawn out rift in a relationship that lasts until everyone has forgotten about it. To say the least, there’s always some kind of drama and it crushes the loving atmosphere really quick.

I perfect the finishing touches of my makeup and put the brush down feeling satisfied with how I looked.

“Y/n, it’s time to go!” My mom shouts up the stairs as I take a few full body mirror selfies. I quickly grab my heels and clutch before I hurry down the stairs, clumsily sliding my heels on at the bottom.

“Oh my goodness y/n, you look absolutely stunning.” My mom gasps smiling brightly, “Look at her Y/D/N, doesn’t she look beautiful? Jarred is going to be speechless when he sees you.”

“Excuse me?” I ask wiping my smile off of my face. “He shouldn’t even be there, this is a family event.”

“I just thought the two of you could use some time together. His whole family is coming, not just him.” She explains making my eyebrows furrow together.

“That doesn’t make it any better mom, their whole family acts like they’re better than everyone else. Wait, is this why you wouldn’t let me bring Ethan? Because you invited Jarred?” I question trying not to snap at her.

“I just figured maybe if you spent more time with Jarred you’d-”

“You’re ridiculous. Why can’t you accept that I’m happy with Ethan?” I

“Let’s go, we’re going to be late.” My dad cuts in, interrupting before anything else could be said. “After you,” he smiles at me gesturing towards the door.

The car ride was pretty tense and almost silent the entire time. I decided I was going to let myself cool off so that I didn’t damper any spirits as soon as I walked into the room.

I take a deep breath and curl my lips into a smile as I walk into the building where our party is being held.

“I expect that you’re not going to be rude when Jarred and his family get here.” Mom states as we walk down the empty corridor.

“And I expect that you’re going to start respecting the fact that I have a boyfriend and am not interested in Jarred,” I ask smiling at her knowingly. “Wait, this is one of those times that we both say things that we want but know are not going to happen isn’t it?” I give her one last glance before walking towards my cousins.

“Hey Y/n!” They greet, taking turns to hug me.

“Hey guys! It’s good to see you.” I smile, sliding into the table with them.

“You really went all out, this doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that Jarred and his family are coming tonight does it?” My cousin Maddison (sorry if your name is Maddison, I’m just picking names) asks wiggling her eyebrows at me.

“I didn’t even know he was coming until about thirty minutes ago,” I reply rolling my eyes as she giggles.

“Girl, if my parents were going out of their way to try to hook me up with him I’d be all over it. You’re lucky in my opinion.” She laughs setting her chin in her hand.

“Well, you can have him. Actually, I’d love if you swooped in on him honestly. It would get my mom off of my case.” I admit making her roll her eyes in amusement.

“Talking about me again are we?” Jarred asks slipping into the chair across from me smiling smugly.

“Hey,” I state, flashing a fake smile at him. “Well it’s always a pleasure to see you, but I’m going to go get some punch.” I push myself out of my seat slowly and head towards the table with refreshments.

“Hey y/n, how’ve you been?” My uncle greets as the other adults at the table turn their attention towards me.

“Really good, thanks.” I smile, grabbing an empty glass off of the table.

“How’s that boyfriend of yours doing?” My aunt questions, sipping her wine.

“Ethan? He’s doing great thanks fo-”

“Oh, you’re still with him? I thought you’d came to your senses and dumped him.” She says bluntly making me look at her in surprise.

“Nope, I’m still with him and am very happy.” I smile, biting my tongue.

“Really? I mean, I’m sure he’s good looking but I think Jarred is more your type.” She presses. I pour punch into my glass and sigh quietly, knowing that she isn’t going to drop the subject.

“I actually couldn’t have said it better myself.” Jarred cuts in slinging his arm over my shoulder.

“Oh really? That’s funny because I actually couldn’t disagree more.” I state with a simple smile on my face. “Now, if you’ll excuse me…” I trail off, walking away from them. I stalk towards the bathroom silently, trying not to feel guilty about what I’d said. I’m just so tired of everyone making my relationship sound so small and easy to replace. The majority of my family members have been rooting against my relationship with Ethan since it started; I just wish they’d be more supportive towards the things that make me happy.

I lock the bathroom door and slip my phone out of my clutch, pressing on Ethan’s contact.

“Hello.” He answers cheerfully making my lips curl into a smile.

“I need you to pick me up.” I whisper quietly as if someone was going to hear me.

“What, why? Are you okay?” He asks, the tone of his voice changing immediately.

“I’m fine, I just need to get out of here. I promise I’ll explain everything later.” I mumble, fiddling with my dress.

“Okay, text me the address and I’ll be there as soon as I can.” He responds, and I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding in.

“Okay.” I breathe closing my eyes. “Ethan?”


“I love you.” I stare quietly and I hear him laugh softly.

“I love you too baby, I’ll see you soon.” He smiles before the line cuts off. I smile to myself and text him the address before swinging the door open.

I looked around before my eyes locked on Maddison, and I hurried towards her.

“Hey, you’re not going to be too mad at me if I ditch are you?” I question, whispering so that no one heard me.

“I think I’ll be okay, we’ll get together soon to make up for all of the lost time?”

“Of course, I promise I’ll make it up to you!” I exclaim, hugging her tightly when my phone buzzes in my hand. I look down at it to find a text from Ethan.

From: Eth💞

I’m waiting outside

“Ethan’s here, I’ll see you soon.” I giggle as she rolls her eyes in amusement watching me sneak away yet again.
I carefully look around, double checking that no one had followed me before I quietly push open the door and hurry outside. I stop briefly and slip off my heels so that I could make a faster getaway. I jog down the sidewalk and smile when I see Ethan leaning against his parked car waiting for me. He looks towards me when he hears the soft sound of my bare feet hitting the pavement, a big smile forming on his lips when he sees me.

“Hey beautiful.” He greets, pulling me in for a gentle kiss. “You look…wow.” He breathes stepping away from me and grabbing one of my hands as I slowly spun around to give him the full view.

“Thanks,” I blush tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

“So beautiful.” He whispered hugging my waist and pressing a light kiss against the crown of my head.

“Well as much as I’d like to stay in this moment, let’s go before my mom realizes that I’m gone.” I state making him bid in agreement and pull away.

“Of course, I almost forgot.” He laughs turning around to open the door for me. He lets me in and then quickly jogs to his side, speeding off down the road. “You’ve told me that you guys dress up for these things but I didn’t think you meant that you go all out.”

“Yeah, it’s been kind of a tradition. Don’t worry, you’re lending me clothes when we get to your apartment. So you don’t have to feel underdressed or anything.” I joke patting his thigh lightly.

“Of course, but we’re getting pictures first.” He laughs sliding his hand into mine.

“Okay.” I giggle rolling my eyes at him.

“What? I like to show you off a little.” He explains, turning into his parking spot at the apartment building.

“Alright, those are all cute. Can I please change now?” I ask leaning my head against his back, sliding my arms around his waist lazily.

“Of course, you can go pick out what you want to wear. You know where everything is.” He responds politely watching me walk off towards his room.

“So what happened tonight?” Ethan asks after we curl up under his blankets, the light from the window illuminating the room softly.

“My family,” I sigh playing with his hand as Ethan scoots closer behind me.

“What about them?”

“They’re just so unsupportive. I feel like they’re against everything that makes me happy.” I mumble, his hand combing through my hair comfortingly.

“Would I happen to be one of those things?” He asks stopping his movements.

“Yeah.” I whisper, tangling our fingers together and pulling our hands into my chest. “I feel like everyone is against our relationship.”

Ethan stays quiet for a few minutes and a part of me is nervous about what he has to say.

“I guess we’ll just have to prove everyone wrong. I mean, it’s our relationship, not theirs. Who are they to decide whether we should or shouldn’t be together?” He finally answers, making me sigh in relief.

“Us against the world.” I murmur into the darkness, making me smile to myself.

“Us against the world.” He repeats in agreement, sinking into the bed behind me before we drift asleep together.

Is This Your Card? (Josh Faraday x Reader)

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Warning: A sexy cowboy flirts via magic card tricks. 

It was amazing how a place with all these so-called “rough and tough men” could be easily startled. Every damn time someone entered the saloon, the whole place went quiet, save for the soft rustling of hands resting themselves on gun hilts. Usually the person who came in was looking more for a drink than they were trouble, and after a minute or two of tension, the bar would go back to normal. It was almost impressive how this group of strangers had learned to unanimously stop time at will, and as annoying as the constant pauses were, you were still somewhat proud that you were part of the movement.

Today was a slower day. Only two people had interrupted your piano playing, and one was the owner of the local drug store, who was beginning to double as the town drunk. He showed up an hour after the saloon opened. The second person, however, caused a bit more of a stir.

You’d never seen him before, which was a pity. He was a good looking man. Tall, dark, and handsome with a good looking body. You kept him in the corner of your eye as you played. There were no bar stools open, which meant either he would be going upstairs with the prostitutes or sitting down at the empty table to your right. You hoped to god it was the latter. And it was—sort of.

He tossed a few dollars down for a bottle of cheap whiskey and strutted to an empty seat off in the corner. The view wasn’t the best, but at least if you strained, you could overhear what he was saying.

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