jar of honey

the signs as Fanon Homestuck characters i experienced in fics over the years because i Love being in Pain

ARIES: goth girl that never smiles. has no friends for some reason?? probably sleeps in a coffin. theres bones all over the house oh my god they are everywhere. “I can see dead people.” jokes

TAURUS: “uHHHHHHHHH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,” s-s-s-s-stuttering mess. shy apparently? constantly bullied. also has no friends?? looks like they’re 9. im in pain just typing this

GEMINI: owns every bee and bee movie paraphernalia. will fix ur computer w/ a smile like a damn wizard. works at gamestop. has a cellar full of honey all their kitchen cupboards are nothing but jars of honey.

CANCER: doesn’t know any insult other than FUCKASS. all they watch is romcoms and literally does nothing else. 

LEO: probably owns a fursuit. fervently stalks couples displayed on their shipping wall and screams I SHIP IT when something happens. has no character outside of being friends with sagittarius

VIRGO: boring mom friend. in fact has already adopted u, they’re ur New Mom and cancer is ur new sibling. wearing ugly clothes? WILL make u an entire wardrobe without ur knowing to Surprise u

LIBRA: licks everything. doesn’t kno what personal space is. have they licked u yet? here they come dude u Cannot Escape. if they arent Licky McGee they’re eating a bowl of Red Chalk Cereal every hour

SCORPIO: either a helpless “i-it’s not that i like u, b-baka!” tsundere or the Violent School Bully Trope. there’s no inbetween my guy.

SAGITTARIUS: they live in a constant state of sweat. all they do is stand there have have sweat gush forth from their body. their friends are gone they vanished amidst the Sweat Lake, they’re the lonely island in the middle of the Sweat Ocean

CAPRICORN: Jared Leto’s The Joker™. 

AQUARIUS: sometimes on a moonless night… if u listen hard enough u can hear the distant cries of wwehs and nyehs softly on the salty sea breeze

PISCES: i can be your angle or yuor devil. owns a cuttlefish farm where homegrown GMO free cuttlefish are carefully handpicked from cuttle trees. distinct lack of fish puns

Honey Jar Spell

This is the very first proper spell I have conducted! It felt great.

The Honey Jar Spell brings sweetness into the relationships of yourself with others. Depending on the make up of the spell, it can mend broken relationships, cleanse past wounds, and offer renewed sweetness and friendship. Using simple elements and good intention will hopefully result in a sweeter relationship with person(s) in your life that you care about or want to fix a relationship with.

Now, I did modify some things to fit to what items I had as well as my situation. I Googled various Honey Jar Spells and found everything from very strict, long hoodoo spells to the simplest; honey in a tight jar with good intentions. Either way, my spell mirrored the basic Honey Jar spell with a few affordable and on-the-spot adjustments.

Here is my edited Honey Jar Spell.

What you will need:

-A Jar (Glass, Plastic, Anything That won’t leak) size is what you are comfortable with.




-Sea Salt


-Herb or Plant Leave (Preferably nothing too strong or poisonous)

-Paper and Pen


Light the candle with good blessings and light before beginning the spell. Yes, many use a red candle in this spell as this is the traditional way. But because I do not possess a red candle as of now, I took my Evergreen candle and lit it as a blessing of light. 

Steps (Modified):

1) Open the jar and pour in the purifying water. Imagine the water cleansing all of the mean and ugly moments in the past.

2) Add some sea salt, imagining the sting of those negative words and/or actions.

3) Add some cinnamon to begin sweetening.

4) Add a sprinkle of nutmeg.

5) On the piece(s) of paper, write the name of the person your spell is directed at. I wrote the name, and the following prayer: May this honey jar add sweetness to our relationship. blessed be. thank you. After writing this in pen, fold each paper three times to make sure the relationship is only thrust forward and not backward. Insert the paper in the jar.

6) Add a herb or plant leaf. I assume herbs are much better and hold power but because I could not get my hands on any specific herbs, I used lettuce leaves to symbolise the herb. I felt while doing this spell that the effort and positive intentions of this substitute helped compensate for lack of herbs. I have a strong feeling it will work. I felt the connection of a plant from the ground. 

7) Add plenty of honey. The honey is the strong sweetening part of the spell, so the more the better.

8) My jar was big and still had room to fill. Because I was doing more than one person, I repeated steps 1-7 in smaller amounts to fill the jar a bit more. Totally optional. I made sure to add plenty of honey at the end

9) Close the jar and tighten the lid. Hold the jar in your hands, close your eyes, and thank the universe for helping you with your good intentions. Think only positivity and embrace the idea of a sweeter relationship. Have hope.

10) After closing the jar, squeez a drop of honey on your finger and eat it, signifying your part of the relationship be sweet. (This is how I interpreted it.)

11) Optional: As an extra solidifying symbol, I took the tip of my index finger, where the honey was, and traced around the lid of the jar, symbolising the honey sticking the jar closed.

The positivity and light hearted feelings I got from this spell were amazing. To experienced witches, please feel free to comment and let me know if anything is inherently wrong. I am completely open to advice. Thank you to swamp-witch-from-florida for the initial spell writing that I followed and modified.

I have great hopes for this honey jar spell and I do hope that it serves you in the best way possible.

A Spell to Escape: “Get Me Out of This Mess”


o   An airtight jar or bottle.


o   A Copper Coin: For luck and prosperity so that you can afford to escape this mess.

o   An Unlit Match: For a sulfuric light in the darkest of messes.

o   Black Pepper:  For protection against those involved in this mess.

o   Honey: To sweeten the ears of though who can provide assistance.

o   Garlic**:  For the willpower and strength to get out of this mess.

o   Onion*: For personal growth, endurance, prosperity and protection.

o   Quartz: For the clarity of mind and strength to make it through this mess.

o   Red Pepper**:  For a slightly aggressive banishment towards those who are causing this mess.

o   Sewing Needle: To provide direction and a way for you to weave your way out of this mess.

o   Tiny Glass Shards:  A much more aggressive banishment towards those who are causing this mess; also a strong protective agent.

·*Tip 1: You don’t have to use a literal onion; dried onion, onion powder, onion skins, onion flakes – they should all work as well.

**Tip 2:  You can obtain red pepper for free in small packets at most pizza places; same with garlic & onion flakes.

§  Other possible ingredients:  Apache Tears (a type of obsidian), Bay Leaves, Flourite, Hematite, Labradorite, Moss Agate, Tea Leaves, Tobacco


Spell Steps:

Step 1:  Add each of your layers slowly (see below) and carefully, using a funnel if necessary.  As you add each ingredient, feel its associated energy flowing into and infusing your spell bottle with intent.

Step 2:  Don’t your dare injure yourself on that needle or glass.  Wear gloves if you have to.

Step 3:  Seal your jar or bottle tightly.  If you choose to say a few words with the spell, try:

o   “I’m in a huge mess, I need to get out, please help me escape what this trouble’s about.”

Hold your bottle and take a moment to really focus on your willpower and intent.  If your situation makes you angry, channel it into the glass.  Channel your desperation into the honey.  Use what you’ve got.

Step 4:  End the spell and ground yourself.

Step 5:  Put the bottle somewhere safe and close.  When your struggle is getting out of hand, take the bottle and GENTLY shake it while thinking of your intent, and reciting the words you used when you first did the spell (or as close to them as you can recall).


Ingredient Layers

Layer 1:  Cover the bottom of your jar with black pepper.

Layer 2:  Add in your garlic, onion, and red pepper.

Layer 3:  Add in your unlit match, sewing needle, and glass shards.  Be careful!

Layer 4: Drown the whole thing in honey.

(by tarigrove​)

Witch Tip

Don’t have enough money to buy bottles and jars for spells? Can’t find any small containers near you? Are you a closet witch like me and you don’t want a bunch of obvious spell bottles lying around? No worries, there are a lot of alternatives! Some things I use for spells/hexes/potions/etc. include:

  • empty water bottles or gatorade bottles
  • makeup containers after I’ve used all the makeup
  • ALTOIDS TINS (these are great because they’re inconspicuous and not see-through)
  • Gum containers like eclipse or mentos (also not see-through)
  • empty perfume bottles
  • reuse empty food containers (jelly jars, honey containers, etc.)
  • empty pill bottles/vitamin containers

Basically the possibilities are endless, just make sure to wash out the containers before you use them! Feel free to add to this post if you can think of any more.

The Honey Jar: A Witch’s Bottle to Make People Friendly Toward You


·         A Bottle- Any water tight container will do but something that feels “witchy” is of course best. I like glass jars cleaned of any previous labels.

·         Writing Materials- Pen and paper. I have a blessed ritual pen. Some people use special paper, or special ink.

·         Honey

·         Sugar

·         Cinnamon

·         Nutmeg

Pour a generous quantity of honey into the bottle. Add sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

         Any other sweet, pleasant things may be substituted, but this is my preferred mixture.

         Charge the jar, focusing on positive, friendly feelings and good intentions. Family, friends, holidays, celebrations.

         Holding the jar say the following:

         “Sweet as honey from the bee,

         Who’s name is here, be sweet to me.”

Write the name of anyone you need to be nice to you, and put them in the jar. As you add a name, whisper any specific things you need from them as if you were speaking to their subconscious. Tilt the bottle and watch the honey cover their name. Keep it in a safe place.

         This spell is very useful for anyone who has authority over you or has something you need. Good for enchanting employers, doctors, and government officials before an important meeting.

         As long as their name remains in the bottle, they’ll stay sweet. Unless you’re enough of an ass to overcome the power of the spell, so you need to be sweet to them too.

         You can add any number of names to the jar, but you may need to add more honey to ensure every name gets coated. If the jar fills up, start a new one. You may keep the old one, or bury it in a wild place, but do not empty it or the spell will end.

         If the jar is ever emptied, you may be able to rely on any friendship you have built during the spell, but you’ll be left to rely on your own actual social skills.

a witchy masterpost [updating 2]

this is my masterpost of all things witchy, and i’ll be adding stuff whenever i find something to add to this post, so it’ll slowly grow to be my ultimate witchy masterpost.  



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