jar of dirt

Sunset Beach

I kept
That sand
In a bottle
From the edges
Of Sunset Beach

On the morning
I knew
We had said it
And made penance
With our hands
In a jar -

In dirt
As we ventured
For a remnant
Of love
On that coast

And fragment
Of hope
In our difference

And feelings
Like lines
On that shore

As lovers
Through rainfall
Letting summer
Sing low
Of her faults

As the clouds
Of her sadness
Or gentle
As walks
Through her tears

The wide open
Of her distance
And vision
Of light
Through her veils

Like a sin
Of relative measure
And weight
Of the soul
I once gave

A mourning
Of loss
Come that August
And peace
Of July
Yet to pass

In grains
And pebbles
As earnest
Balanced as
The heart
I’d soon trade

Or offered
As lifetimes
Of promise
I’d held
Like that day
By the sea

You’ll remember
I meant it

Sad as
The glass
I have saved.

- J. Pigno