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oh captain my captain

There’s a meeting of admirals and senior officers on Yorktown, after. Everyone wants to meet the famous Captain James T Kirk, offer him their own thanks and congratulations. He’s not one for the pomp and circumstance, and Bones laughs at him when he tugs at the collar of his formal wear before he leaves. He usually avoids celebrations in his honor, and he can’t help the tight smile as he’s ushered into one of the grand halls at Yorktown Central.
The room is full of the typical grey and red of admirals and high-ranking officers. Jim floats through the crowd, shakes hand after hand, nods and accepts the pleasantries. It’s entirely too stiff and impersonal for his taste. He knows some of them from his Academy days, introduces himself to new and foreign ones (not that he needs to), feels the old ache when he thinks of how the only authority figure he’s ever cared about is missing.
He finds a spot to tuck himself away in not too far from the bar, where it’s relatively easy to see the room but avoid conversation. There’s a glass of some fancy formal alcohol in his hand, but he’s barely had two sips. It feels off, wrong, even, being here without his crew.
Thr stranger who ends up beside him startles him out of his thoughts.
“Captain James T Kirk,” he says, and the smile on his face is one for an old friend. Jim furrows his brows but takes the offered hand.
“Admiral…?” Jim’s never seen this man before.
“James,” he says. “Going to stay a captain, huh?”
Jim nods, can’t help the small smile when he thinks about his ship, his crew, his next mission.
“Yes, sir,” he says. “Admirals don’t fly.”
The admiral inclined his head, acknowledging the point. “Good for you, good for you. Biggest regret I made was this,” he says, gesturing vaguely to his signifying uniform.
Jim blinks, surprised, and he inspects the man a little closer. They’re just about the same height, and the admiral’s hair is styled nearly the same as Jim’s, only more grey. The more Jim looks, the more familiar the face becomes.
The silence has almost stretched to awkward between them. Jim shakes his head. “I thought I was ready to leave…needed to leave.” He shrugs. “But the black has a way of never letting you go, I suppose.”
The admiral hums in agreement. “There’s nothing like the feeling of your ship beneath your feet.”
“You were a captain?” Jim asks. He’s noticed how he turned his body towards the admiral, and finds himself rather intrigued in the man’s story. There’s a familiar kind of warmth in his speech, his stance, his presence, really, that makes Jim think of family.
“I was a captain, all right,” the admiral says, and it’s a mixture of fondness and regret. He checks his watch suddenly, as if he just remembered a previous engagement.
“Take care of the Enterprise, Jim. Treat her like a lady, and she’ll always bring you home.”
The admiral leaves, then, disappearing through the doors behind the table beside them. Jim looks after him and can’t shake the feeling that he’s a kind of kindred spirit, some sort of man who feels like a match of his soul.

when snape tells Harry off for being “easy prey” to Voldemort because he “wallows in sad memories and allow himself to be provoked so easily” during Occlemency, I just sit there like didn’t u torment an 11 yr old boy for looking like his father ???? and torment another boy because he’s not good at potions ??? and like wallow in ur own self pity because Lily Evans “friendzoned” him and like cut him off for completely justified reasons ??? like ??? Harry is 15 n ur almost 40 or whatever ??? like I just hate snape so much y'know ?

Otherkin memory recover and self-peace jar

requested by a Jupiter from WKTD!


  • celery (for focus & psychic abilities)
  • cinnamon (for divination, healing, & spirituality)
  • lemon peel (for memory & purification)
  • olives (for healing, peace & protection)
  • a token of a past life

The token of your past life can be anything you associate with it — an object associated with it, an image, your previous name written on a piece of paper, etc. Place the token in the jar before adding the olives, lemon peel, celery, and cinnamon. Then seal!

Keep the jar near the head of your bed to encourage the recovery of memories through dreams or meditation, and to help bring yourself peace with your identity. If you need to keep your use of witchcraft under wraps from people living with you I recommend placing the jar under your bed, out of sights!

i’ve got this suspicion that oingo and boingo don’t really understand stands at all

i mean, bad guys rarely show their stands to other people. and oingo and boingo both have bound stands, which aren’t super common

like. what if they just assumed all stands took the form of everyday objects or body parts bc there’s no evidence to the contrary

neither of them ever see a punchghost in canon. never. imagine how you would react to seeing a punchghost in real life and then multiply that by oingo’s general overdramaticness. imagine