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This anime is about a boy who has a brother and they both argue nd' stuff but they like fight nd' stuff nd' they have friends nd' stuff. So they go around town looking for their daddy, because chances are, he probably hates them. A blonde haired girl is both their friends and she has larger jugs than the average raccoon as displayed in some episodes. Oh, one more thing, they both have unique fighting styles and they tend to fight a lot (verbally). This is not a long anime but not a short one.


Happy Birthday Aimee Greaux!!! @everybodylovesaimee

Okay, where to start? One you’re amazing, in every single way. You always know how to make me smile, laugh, and even frown. Hehe don’t worry about the frowns as they make me feel for you even more. So I usually give people long birthday wishes, just huge paragraphs really, but I’ll do this one a little different seeing that you’re so special. First I’ll start off with the FIVE reasons why you’re so amazing.


You’re not afraid to be yourself. From the beginning you always stayed true to your friends and yourself, never have you changed or acted differently from who you truly are. A beautiful trait most people do not have. 


You’re smile. I know you may not think it’s that great or whatever you feel it about it, just know that, that smile can brighten anyone’s day. A genuine smile can go a long way.  


You are the CUTEST thing ever when you fan girl. It’s even more cute how you pout about a loss or bad news about whatever you fan girl over. Whether it’s the Jonas Brothers, The Heat, or anything for that matter, you show you have passion and love for something and don’t care who has an opposition to it.


You’re motivation. When you put your mind to something, you do it. It’s amazing how you motivated you are. An example of this is you trying to get your dream body. Instead of being like other people who complain, you get off your butt and do it. You set the example for others and even motivate me to do things to the best of my ability. You get stuff done which is so great.

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You’re not afraid to speak your mind. In addition to you being who you are and being YOU, when you have a problem, concern, qualm, or anything about something, you say it. Most people don’t like talking about what they like or dislike but you say what’s on your mind and that’s so important. People are brainwashed and don’t think they have a voice but you utilize yours, I like that. So high FIVES (see what I did there, you know because this is reason number five, no? okay :) for saying how you feel!

All in all, I want to thank you for always being there when I needed it. You are truly an amazing person who I am so glad that walked into my life. Happy Birthday, you’re finally not 18 lol. I wish you many more to come. Always remain who you are and never change for anyone, be yourself always because nothing is more beautiful than you. Happy Birthday Aimee, you truly mean a lot to me. <3

P.S. Birfday sex? ;) ;)

Okay now, wont get too sexual hehe