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Prompt Fills

I’m doing a series of masterposts on all the fics I’ve done in the last three years - collections and longer series will be posted separately. My posts were not showing on fandom tags until recently, so I’m taking the liberty of reposting!

So to start off with: Prompt Fills. These are all of the prompts filled on tumblr across three years, and there is a simply ungodly quantity! I have been posting a minimum of a fic-per-day for three years. I’m somewhere in the 2000 mark at last count…

Broken down into:

The 00Q Collection - All fills pertaining to, or centred on, 00Q. Of which there are over 700. Not including those that have continuations.

The Sherlock Collection - All fills in specifically the Sherlock fandom.

The Bondlock Collection - All fills that are Bondlock, of some variant. Most are Q-as-a-Holmes, a handful are other crossovers within those two universes.

The NSFW Collection - All fills that are NSFW. No, I am not kidding. All the porn, in one place. Go have fun. Almost all of it is 00Q.

The Random Collection - All the fills from other fandoms, or other pairings within the Skyfall ‘verse. Essentially, anything that doesn’t fit above.

The Short Stories Collection - All the fills that have continuations, usually two+ parts. I managed to label the chapters on this one, which makes life a whole lot easier.

The JAQ Collection - All JAQ fills, in a separate place for your convenience!

The Adventures of Lily Bond - Lily Bond, Q and Bond’s daughter, growing up.


“What do you say we get married on Saturday?”

“This Saturday? But we don’t have a church, or any flowers, and there would be no time to send invites or order a cake or…”

“We don’t need any of that. Just you, me, City Hall, this Saturday.”

“Yes! Let’s get married!”


Eden had spent the evening peacefully reading in bed, enjoying getting lost in a good book. It had been so long since he’d been able to get lost in a story and reading about the life of a woman called Cassie was a nice change from worrying about the wedding that seemed to be taking forever to plan. Just as he was getting to a very interesting smut scene the bedroom door flew open and Jonah stormed in, looking halfway between terrifyingly angry and on the verge of tears.

“I fucked up!" He cried and he flopped down on the bed, knocking the book from Eden’s hand as he fell.

"Jesus," Eden gasped as Jonah’s weight fell on top of him. "You’re not exactly light you know…”

“Eden, baby, I fucked up…”

“What did you do?" Eden relaxed a little from the surprise and carefully stroked Jonah’s hair.

"I was moving some funds out of my private account and into the wedding fund and… I may have accidentally bought a share in a llama farm…" Jonah sounded distraught.

"Oh my God," Eden cracked up laughing, trying not to shake Jonah too much. "How much was the share?”

“75%…" Jonah turned his head to look up at Eden. "I don’t know why you’re laughing! This is not funny! We now own 75% of a farm!”

“Oh sweetie," Eden smiled down at Jonah. "Calm down, it’ll be fine." 

Jonah buried his face in the covers again, letting his mind run at a thousand miles an hour. Panic was setting in, and he couldn’t stop thinking about that night when Eden revealed his life-long plan of living on a farm and raising orphans… His future seemed to be growing closer by the second. 


Jaq hadn’t felt settled enough to even think about drawing in months. The apartment hadn’t felt like home until Jonah had told Atlas and Jaq to stay there for as long as they wanted. “If it gets you out of my house, I’m happy,” were his exact words. Jaq broke out his sketch books and spent most of the afternoon just drawing what ever popped into his head.

“So you’re drawing again,” Ruben commented, appearing out of nowhere.

“Fuck,”Jaq jumped, drawing a hard line clean across his sketch. “Can’t you knock or something?”

“Knock knock,”Ruben smiled.

“Cute," Jaq frowned, desperately trying to erase the line across the page. "What do you want?”

“I’m bored,”Ruben pouted. “We should go and do something fun!" 

"You’re dead. You don’t get to do fun.”

“I’m not dead to you!” Ruben shuffled closer, before reaching out and taking the pencil right from Jaq’s hand. “Come on! I’m bored being stuck here with you all the time…”

“Why are you here with me?" Jaq looked up and met Ruben’s eyes. "I don’t get it. Am I a psychic or something?”

“Nope,”Ruben shook his head. “You’re just crazy." 

"Right…" Jaq nodded. "So I’ve just willed you into existence, is that what you’re telling me?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time." 


“How has this last week been?" Dr. James asked, reaching for his notebook.

"Fine," Jonah replied between gritted teeth.

"And you’ve both been discussing how you feel?”

“Some of us have," Eden muttered quietly.

"Some of us have better things to do," Jonah rolled his eyes. 

"If you’re not going to try, I wont be able to help you fix this relationship," Dr. James sighed. 

"There’s nothing wrong with us," Jonah laughed. 

"Wow…" Eden shook his head. "Are you just acting ignorant?”

“Excuse me?" Jonah finally turned to face Eden.

This is what’s wrong with us,” Eden frowned. "You just pretend nothing is wrong. Do you even care?”

“Of course I do!”

“I wonder sometimes," Eden felt his eyes begin to fill with tears. "You know, after all of those times you cheated on me, you haven’t apologized… Do you know how much that sucks? And all those weeks when you’d just vanish without even a phone call to let me know that you were still alive… Just because I’m still here doesn’t mean I’m not hurt.”

“I never knew…" Jonah reached out towards Eden.

"It’s because you’re so wrapped up in your ‘World of Jonah’," Eden said, shifting away from Jonah. "If it doesn’t affect you, you don’t care…”


“Come on Eden, you know this is a complete waste of our time," Jonah complained.

"Dr. James says that talking will help," Eden nodded. "Say something that you feel about me.”

“Eden, I’ve got more important things to - ”

“OK I’ll start," Eden smiled. "Today I feel annoyed at you because you’re not trying to fix our relationship.”

Jonah snorted.

“Now you say something about me," Eden gestured towards Jonah.

"Well, I feel like that haircut was a serious error of judgment," Jonah sighed. "You look like a twelve year old.”

“And I feel you’re wrong," Eden folded his arms. "We both know I look adorable with this haircut." 

Jonah couldn’t help but smile.