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Jaq had begrudgingly accepted a job at the motel. Since he was staying rent free with his brother, Jonah insisted that the least Jaq could do was help out with the business. She he reluctantly manned the front desk and did the laundry at the motel. Nothing exciting ever happened there. Elderly couples wandered through and spent the night as they were on their way somewhere more interesting. Young, and often forbidden, lovers staggered through the front door, slammed a fist full of money on the front desk and were off to their motel room before Jaq could even reel off the pool rules. Jaq had often asked for a TV to be installed in the reception but Jonah said it would be too distracting. So he wandered around, scooped leaves out of the pool and figured out how to get free candy out of the vending machine.

Hey, kid. A voice said to Jaq’s back. Got any empty rooms left?

Yeah. Jaq sighed, not moving from his seat on the desk. 

Good. I’d like to book a room. Indefinitely. He said, setting his bag down on the edge of the desk.

Welcome to Eden’s Garden. Jaq said, standing up, reeling off the same thing he did every time someone booked in. A place where all your hopes and dreams can come true. The bar is open from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. The pool is open during daylight hours but no under 11’s are allowed in… How long is indefinitely?

Until I choose to check out. He said with a shrug.

I’ve never entered ‘indefinitely’ into this computer before… 

Prompt Fills

I’m doing a series of masterposts on all the fics I’ve done in the last three years - collections and longer series will be posted separately. My posts were not showing on fandom tags until recently, so I’m taking the liberty of reposting!

So to start off with: Prompt Fills. These are all of the prompts filled on tumblr across three years, and there is a simply ungodly quantity! I have been posting a minimum of a fic-per-day for three years. I’m somewhere in the 2000 mark at last count…

Broken down into:

The 00Q Collection - All fills pertaining to, or centred on, 00Q. Of which there are over 700. Not including those that have continuations.

The Sherlock Collection - All fills in specifically the Sherlock fandom.

The Bondlock Collection - All fills that are Bondlock, of some variant. Most are Q-as-a-Holmes, a handful are other crossovers within those two universes.

The NSFW Collection - All fills that are NSFW. No, I am not kidding. All the porn, in one place. Go have fun. Almost all of it is 00Q.

The Random Collection - All the fills from other fandoms, or other pairings within the Skyfall ‘verse. Essentially, anything that doesn’t fit above.

The Short Stories Collection - All the fills that have continuations, usually two+ parts. I managed to label the chapters on this one, which makes life a whole lot easier.

The JAQ Collection - All JAQ fills, in a separate place for your convenience!

The Adventures of Lily Bond - Lily Bond, Q and Bond’s daughter, growing up.

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Today is what would be Bill Peet’s 105th birthday.

Besides being a well known children’s book author, Peet left an indelible mark as a master story artist at Disney. Joining the Studios on the production of Snow White, Peet’s role as a story artist grew over the years, eventually leading him to storyboarding and screenwriting the entirety of 101 Dalmatians and The Sword in the Stone.

In his artwork for the studio, Peet displayed a great range of character design as seen here: leading heroes and heroines like Alice and Peter Pan; adorable animals such as Gus and Jaq of Cinderella and Dumbo; dimwitted sidekicks and buffoons (Sir Kay of the Sword in the Stone, and Maleficent’s Goons); and hilariously wicked villains in Cruella De Vil and Madam Mim.


Eden had spent the evening peacefully reading in bed, enjoying getting lost in a good book. It had been so long since he’d been able to get lost in a story and reading about the life of a woman called Cassie was a nice change from worrying about the wedding that seemed to be taking forever to plan. Just as he was getting to a very interesting smut scene the bedroom door flew open and Jonah stormed in, looking halfway between terrifyingly angry and on the verge of tears.

“I fucked up!" He cried and he flopped down on the bed, knocking the book from Eden’s hand as he fell.

"Jesus," Eden gasped as Jonah’s weight fell on top of him. "You’re not exactly light you know…”

“Eden, baby, I fucked up…”

“What did you do?" Eden relaxed a little from the surprise and carefully stroked Jonah’s hair.

"I was moving some funds out of my private account and into the wedding fund and… I may have accidentally bought a share in a llama farm…" Jonah sounded distraught.

"Oh my God," Eden cracked up laughing, trying not to shake Jonah too much. "How much was the share?”

“75%…" Jonah turned his head to look up at Eden. "I don’t know why you’re laughing! This is not funny! We now own 75% of a farm!”

“Oh sweetie," Eden smiled down at Jonah. "Calm down, it’ll be fine." 

Jonah buried his face in the covers again, letting his mind run at a thousand miles an hour. Panic was setting in, and he couldn’t stop thinking about that night when Eden revealed his life-long plan of living on a farm and raising orphans… His future seemed to be growing closer by the second. 


“This place is a lot nicer than the last time I stayed here," Atlas smiled as he dragged in one of his cases.

"Thank you," Eden laughed, following after Atlas, hauling another of his huge cases. "I’ve spent most of my spare time down here making the rooms actually livable.”

“Well you’ve done a great job," Atlas dropped the case on the floor and turned to face Eden. "Really. It looks lovely." 

Eden felt his cheeks flush hot red, and he hid a stupid grin inside the neck of his sweater. Jonah had said the motel was looking better, but Eden had never received such glowing compliments before. He mumbled another thank you before scuttling back out to his car to grab another one of Atlas’s cases from the trunk. Eden hunched over the trunk for a moment, taking a few calming breaths. The rush of receiving a compliment shot through his veins, almost like an adrenaline kick. He hauled two heavy cases out of the car and carried them back into the motel room, carefully setting them down in front of Atlas.

"How strong are you?" Atlas laughed, knowing fully well how heavy those cases were.

"I’m stronger than I look," Eden smiled shyly. "I think that’s everything… I guess I’ll see you around.”

“Wait," Atlas reached out and grabbed Eden’s arm, taking them both by surprise. "Could you stay a while? It’s nice having some company…”


Eden had cautiously invited Jaq over, knowing that any conversation about the thing would be difficult to have. He wanted to trust Atlas with helping Jaq, but he just couldn’t leave his brothers well-being in the hands of a near stranger. 

“How have you been?" Eden asked as they sat down on the couch.

"Pretty good," Jaq smiled, looking around the living room, wondering how Eden got away with having so many vases of flowers. 

"So… I heard about what happened last week," Eden spoke nervously. "One of your friends called and said you locked yourself away in your studio for two days.”

“You know me," Jaq laughed. "Always burning the midnight oil.”

“She said you were seeing things again…" Eden swallowed hard. 

"Again?" Jaq smiled, looking down at Eden. "What do you mean ‘again’?”

“Don’t do this," Eden sighed, glancing up at Jaq. "Don’t block it out…”

“I’m not blocking anyth-”

“When you were eight," Eden cut in. "You said a new boy had moved into the orphanage and he was your new best friend. But there was no new kid… I played along cause I was only four and I didn’t know any better but… Jaqqi, he told you to start that fire, remember? He told you that you could fly! You broke your leg jumping off that roof!”

“You’re talking bullshit, Eden," Jaq said, moving to stand up. 

"Why do you always do this, Jaqqi?" Eden asked, staring after Jaq. "You always put up that wall that blocks it all out! I’m just trying to help!”

“I don’t need help, thank you," Jaq sang as he reached the front door. 

Eden slumped back against the couch and ran his fingers through his hair, trying to keep his cool. It was always the same. Jaq never opened up about anything. Eden only had a faint idea of what their parents looked like because Jaq refused to talk about them… Anything that was slightly difficult, he just avoided, or chose to forget…

[You have one new message]


I sent an email a few months back from a different address. I assume you received it and decided to ignore it as a hoax. I’m writing you again from my work email in the hopes you wont over look this.

I have been searching for you for five years now. I know I am twenty three years too late, but better late than never, right? Thankfully your name is very unusual and there was only one Jaq T. Rex Knox in the area. 

I am in Sunset Valley for a few days and I’d love to see you, and maybe even your brother. He’s been harder to track down… I hope he’s okay….

Please reply to this email, even if it is just a message telling me to get lost. I just want to hear from you…

All my love,

Your Dad.