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Prompt Fills

I’m doing a series of masterposts on all the fics I’ve done in the last three years - collections and longer series will be posted separately. My posts were not showing on fandom tags until recently, so I’m taking the liberty of reposting!

So to start off with: Prompt Fills. These are all of the prompts filled on tumblr across three years, and there is a simply ungodly quantity! I have been posting a minimum of a fic-per-day for three years. I’m somewhere in the 2000 mark at last count…

Broken down into:

The 00Q Collection - All fills pertaining to, or centred on, 00Q. Of which there are over 700. Not including those that have continuations.

The Sherlock Collection - All fills in specifically the Sherlock fandom.

The Bondlock Collection - All fills that are Bondlock, of some variant. Most are Q-as-a-Holmes, a handful are other crossovers within those two universes.

The NSFW Collection - All fills that are NSFW. No, I am not kidding. All the porn, in one place. Go have fun. Almost all of it is 00Q.

The Random Collection - All the fills from other fandoms, or other pairings within the Skyfall ‘verse. Essentially, anything that doesn’t fit above.

The Short Stories Collection - All the fills that have continuations, usually two+ parts. I managed to label the chapters on this one, which makes life a whole lot easier.

The JAQ Collection - All JAQ fills, in a separate place for your convenience!

The Adventures of Lily Bond - Lily Bond, Q and Bond’s daughter, growing up.

Today is what would be Bill Peet’s 105th birthday.

Besides being a well known children’s book author, Peet left an indelible mark as a master story artist at Disney. Joining the Studios on the production of Snow White, Peet’s role as a story artist grew over the years, eventually leading him to storyboarding and screenwriting the entirety of 101 Dalmatians and The Sword in the Stone.

In his artwork for the studio, Peet displayed a great range of character design as seen here: leading heroes and heroines like Alice and Peter Pan; adorable animals such as Gus and Jaq of Cinderella and Dumbo; dimwitted sidekicks and buffoons (Sir Kay of the Sword in the Stone, and Maleficent’s Goons); and hilariously wicked villains in Cruella De Vil and Madam Mim.


“What do you say we get married on Saturday?”

“This Saturday? But we don’t have a church, or any flowers, and there would be no time to send invites or order a cake or…”

“We don’t need any of that. Just you, me, City Hall, this Saturday.”

“Yes! Let’s get married!”


“This is fucking stupid,” Jaq sighed, watching as Eden retied his tie for the tenth time.

“Don’t swear, Jaq,” Eden snapped a little, finally happy with his his tie looked.

“I thought you wanted a huge church wedding, with like a million guests and like, a fucking choir,” Jaq peered around Eden to fix his own hair. “God knows Jonah can afford all that crap.”

“This is way more romantic,” Eden sighed happily. “Just me and him, oh, and you…”

“Oh, the pleasure is all mine,” Jaq laughed, messing up Eden’s hair.

“Quit it!” Eden squealed, quickly smoothing down his hair. “I’m getting married in a few hours, I have to look perfect.”

“You look great,” Jaq smiled a little, meeting Eden’s eyes in the mirror, his eyes filling with a few tears.

“Oh my gosh, are you gonna cry?”

“No…Shut up,” Jaq rubbed at his eyes.