jaq off


“Will you just come up to bed, Alec,” said Bond. “This is ridiculous.”

“It’s not,” said Alec, who was on his mobile in the sitting room, “and I think Q owes me an apology.”

“He’ll apologize in the morning,” said Bond. “He’s asleep right now.”

“Oh, of course he can sleep,” said Alec. “It’s not his arse-chewing in the morning.”

“Your mission was fucked from the word go, Alec. M will scold you tomorrow no matter what,” said Bond. “Besides, it’s not all Q’s fault. There’s no way he could have known that the girl was a double-agent.”

“No,” said Alec. “But he could have tried to stop me from sleeping with her.”

“You know that’s not his perview,” said Bond.

“Oh, fuck his perview,” said Alec.

Bond looked over at Q and knew that he had been listening the whole time. The man’s back was to him and his pert little arse was peeking out from underneath the bedclothes. “Oh, you should see his perview from here,” Bond murmured.

There was a pause on the other end of the line.

“Can you see the bite mark I gave him last night?” asked Alec.

“Um-hm,” said Bond in the affirmative.

Another pause.

“I’ll be right up,” said Alec.