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As it begun, Jaq wasn’t sure whether this was just another one of his fantasy dreams… He’d stopped by to try and convince Jonah to let Atlas stay at the motel for free, as a way of apologizing… The next thing he knew he was laying down on the bed, with Jonah kneeling over him, buzzing with anticipation. 

“I scratch your back, you scratch mine," Jonah said, reaching down and unzipping Jaq’s pants.

"Literally?" Jaq squeaked, still startled at the situation that he found himself in.

"Eden’s been so busy, we haven’t had sex for weeks," Jonah mumbled as he unbuckled his own belt. "Give me a little something, and I’ll let Atlas stay at the motel for free.”

Jaq swallowed hard and thought for a moment, before nodding. It took just seconds for both of them to be undressed and Jaq to be firmly held under Jonah’s weight. Everything was so much more… forceful than anything Jaq had dreamed about. Even though it was great, fucking finger-tingling amazing, it verged on feeling wrong… Jaq forced himself to ignore the smell of Eden’s cologne in the air, and every time he caught a glimpse of Eden’s picture that was sat on the dresser, he pinched his eyes tightly shut…

“Your friend can stay…" Jonah breathed, rolling off of Jaq and pulling on some sweats that were laying on the floor. "That was…”

“…Yeah," Jaq nodded, caught between feeling extremely satisfied and horribly guilty. 

Alright alright, Fem!Zimbits ya’ll
  • Erika Bittle and Jacqueline Zimmerman
  • Erika loves putting red bows in her hair, either as clips, or as a ponytail holder when she grows her hair out
  • Jacqueline “Jackie” Zimmerman my gosh she has hair in her face at any given second, no matter how much gel she uses
  • Obv, Erika still loves baking, but her specialty is muffins especially those with the maple cinnamon crust and OHHh boy send help Jackie’s way
  • You bet Jacqueline is a starting player on in the NWHL
  • As of now, the National Women’s Hockey League just had it’s first game on October 11, 2015 so the players really aren’t earning a whole lot and the organization is relatively unknown but look up Hilary Knight she will not disappoint you
  • By “not a whole lot” I mean like $15,000 on average
  • Yeah
  • So basically, Jackie still has to work a full-time day job at Erika’s bakery
  • They love it so much bc there’s not a ton of press-related issues so they have more time for themselves
  • Btw, Erika’s bakery is like, known pretty much worldwide so…

Also consider:

  • Erika putting butterfly hair clips in Jackie’s hair for fun
  • In dealing with catcalling:
    • Erika Bittle will not feel guilty about punching you in the face if you try to mess with her girl 
    • Jaq will literally murder you no doubt
  • Jaq loves Erika’s smol, soft hands and her sweet, soft hair, and everything about her is just so ahhhhh
  • Erika loves Jaq’s hugs bc Jacqueline is a 6 ft tall ball of warmth and safety and wowowow

And hey what about those monthly’s eh?:

  • Jaq runs off her period cramps and sometimes Erika will join her but most of the time she’ll lay on the couch and cry a little

Just… GenBend!Zimbits!!


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