jaq off

Alright alright, Fem!Zimbits ya’ll
  • Erika Bittle and Jacqueline Zimmerman
  • Erika loves putting red bows in her hair, either as clips, or as a ponytail holder when she grows her hair out
  • Jacqueline “Jackie” Zimmerman my gosh she has hair in her face at any given second, no matter how much gel she uses
  • Obv, Erika still loves baking, but her specialty is muffins especially those with the maple cinnamon crust and OHHh boy send help Jackie’s way
  • You bet Jacqueline is a starting player on in the NWHL
  • As of now, the National Women’s Hockey League just had it’s first game on October 11, 2015 so the players really aren’t earning a whole lot and the organization is relatively unknown but look up Hilary Knight she will not disappoint you
  • By “not a whole lot” I mean like $15,000 on average
  • Yeah
  • So basically, Jackie still has to work a full-time day job at Erika’s bakery
  • They love it so much bc there’s not a ton of press-related issues so they have more time for themselves
  • Btw, Erika’s bakery is like, known pretty much worldwide so…

Also consider:

  • Erika putting butterfly hair clips in Jackie’s hair for fun
  • In dealing with catcalling:
    • Erika Bittle will not feel guilty about punching you in the face if you try to mess with her girl 
    • Jaq will literally murder you no doubt
  • Jaq loves Erika’s smol, soft hands and her sweet, soft hair, and everything about her is just so ahhhhh
  • Erika loves Jaq’s hugs bc Jacqueline is a 6 ft tall ball of warmth and safety and wowowow

And hey what about those monthly’s eh?:

  • Jaq runs off her period cramps and sometimes Erika will join her but most of the time she’ll lay on the couch and cry a little

Just… GenBend!Zimbits!!


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